Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L164E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I met the hadoo or have they taken Allie Hatton God's middle of the from the earth, whom you and Sharon, home they young children, they resurrect the dead, have they taken beings other than Allah subhanaw taala as gods and these gods they have made many of the from the earth, meaning many of the, they have made these gods from the earth, meaning one from rock, another from mud, another from gold, another from silver, one from wood. So they have made all of these gods from the earth. And they believe that whom you and Sharon, that they will resurrect the dead, that they can give life to the dead. No, they cannot give life to the dead. True God is the one who has the control of life and

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death. Who has control over life and, and only Allah soprano Darla has that control, only he has that ability, the machine of Makkah they used to think that their gods can give life to the dead. But the truth of the matter is that they cannot do anything. Allah says Logan if he human, if there were in the meeting in the heavens and the earth if there were any hidden gods in the law except Allah. If there were other gods besides Allah in the heavens and the earth, then what would happen left faster data, surely they both would have been ruined, they would have been destroyed, they would have been corrupted, this perfect harmony, this balance that you see in the heavens and the

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earth would not be there anymore. The heavens and the earth would have deviated from their observed order. Why? Because counteractive forces would exist among such Gods because one would say, do this and other words they know do this instead. When they're multiple rulers, when they're multiple leaders when they're multiple in charges, then what happens? There is always contradiction in the comments. There's always conflict. There's always lack of consensus, which leads to chaos. So Lavasa, surely they would have been ruined. For silverhand. Allah He said Exalted is Allah of Bella out she The Lord of the Throne, on nicely foon about what they described,

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who is Allah He is a Lord of the Throne. And he is high above what they describe, Glorified is He above what they say about him, that he has children or that he has partners. So the universe that we see the perfect harmony and the balance that is in this universe, that is a proof that is an evidence of the existence of only one God. That is what it proves, that when everything in the universe is connected with one another, it is dependent on one another, everything functions together. The plants can not grow if the sun is not there, if the temperature is not of a certain level, if the air is not of a certain time. If plants and the sun and the air and the climate and

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the winds and the bees, they're all connected together in one system, what does it show that the God who ruled over the sun is the same God ruled over the planets and the same God ruled over the bees.

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So when all of them you see perfect harmony, perfect balance in this creation, what does that prove the existence of only one God? The discipline that is in the skies, that is in the celestial bodies in the sun in the moon, the discipline that is in the earth, that shows that everything is under the control of a loss of power.

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in Milan is 91 we learn Mata Holloman while adding one I can Mr. humann illa either they have a kulu illa him, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah here, I'm Maya sulfone. Allah has not taken any sun, nor has there ever been with him any date, he does not have any child and he has never had any partner with him. If there had been, then each day it would have taken what it created. And some of them would have sought to overcome others, there would have been conflict, there would have been power struggles, Exalted as a lot of what they described concerning him, lay us earlier on may have argue, he is not questioned about what he does. Allah has a question about what he does. Why? Because of his greatness, because of his sublimity because of the power of His power of His authority, because of the fact that he is the

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only God

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and because there is no one who is greater than him, everything everyone is lesser than him. This is why he is not questioned about what he does. And no one can encompass his wisdom. No one can encompass his knowledge therefore

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No one can question Allah, Allah, why did you do this? Why did you do that? Well whom he was alone and they will be questioned. Why? Because everything besides Allah is who is creation, for whom he was alone and they will be questioned by Allah because everyone is lesser than him and there is no one who is above him. So leave us alone, if I know for whom he was alone.

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Therefore if he gives life to someone, if he gives depth to someone, if he gives wealth to someone, if he gives poverty to someone, if he gives health to someone, and sickness to another, we are no one's to ask Allah. Oh Allah, why did you do this?

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For example, if someone dies, many people, those who are close to him, what do they say? Why did he die? Well, no, why me? Why my mother? Why my father, why my friend? Why me? This is what people question. Well, you were nothing before of law, you are his possession and he can do whatever he wants. Because the owner is not questioned about what he does. He has the authority. And besides, when Allah does anything, he knows the wisdom behind it and you and your limited knowledge, you don't have any wisdom. You don't know as to why Allah subhanaw taala has done what he has done.

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So when he is the owner, when he is the all wise, when he is the all knowledgeable, we are no one's to question his decree. We are no one's to question his commands even. We cannot question that why it has Allah given this command? Why has Allah asked women to do this? And why is Allah asked men to do this? Why is Alaska Muslims to do this? No, we are no one's to question because at the end of the day, we are His creation. We are small. We are nothing before him.

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Just like many times when parents when they tell something to their children, if the children say why, what do parents say because I'm telling you simple, I'm telling you, this is why you have to do it, regardless of whether you understand or not. Similarly, when you go to an institute, when you go to a workplace and you're working over there, you're studying over there, and they set certain rules. You don't want to say why I'm not gonna follow, I should have freedom free Well, I'm a citizen of this country, you're no one to impose your rules on me. You can't do that. You are at the end of the day, under someone's authority, and you have to follow certain rules. You might not know

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the reason but you have to. Similarly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a supreme authority, when he is your knowledgeable when he has given a command, when he has made a decree, we are no one's to object and the people they will be questioned.

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And so their hatred is 92 to 93 we learn foul up bigger than us and then no edge marine Americana we are Malone. So by your Lord we will surely question them all. All of them we will question about what about what they used to do.

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So this shows to us that only Allah has a right to question because He is the Creator and everything and everyone else is creation

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of the huddle. Where have they taken min Dhoni besides him earlier than Gods meaning instead of worshipping Allah, they're worshiping others besides

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instead of worshipping Allah alone, they're worshiping multiple Gods call her to say to them, bring your proof bring your evidence, how to is actually add to add to meeting all of you bring on Have you come with and the head the beginning is for them be it is for exclamation, just as happy happened to Ole. So her is for exclamation and add to is that you all come you all bring. So how to bring Veronica, your proof your evidence, produce your proof How are these beings gods? On what basis do you say that these beings are actually worthy of worship? Give some evidence. And remember that evidence is of two types. One is Arkley evidence, meaning logical evidence. And another type of

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evidence is not evidence which is textual evidence. So bring any of these evidences bring either a logical evidence or textual evidence, something that will somehow prove that these beings are actually gods.

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Allah says whether the meaning or prophets all of our listeners say that this Vic, this Quran is a this for an is a motivator for who Maria of who is with me, meaning my oma, were the crew and a message man probably have those before me. Meaning the same message was sent in the previous books as well. I have brought the same message. Why is this mentioned all of a sudden,

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that bring your proof? Okay, you don't find any proof here. This is the plan. What does the Quran say? There is only one God and

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The previous scriptures, what did they say? Again, there is only one God. So if you want textual evidence, you will not find any evidence that supports Schick, you will only find evidence that supports the heat have the Chroma Maria, where the crewman cubberly, balaklava home button, but most of them lay on the moon and have got they don't know the truth for homework alone. So they turn away. They don't know the truth that Allah is the only one worthy of worship. And this is why they turn away from the textual evidence.

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So they themselves have no evidence. And when they're given the evidence, they don't accept it. So what is the reason behind their schichten? It's pure ignorance, pure ignorance. And most people, they're happy to remain ignorant. They do not want to know they do not want to learn. Because when they don't know what do they say, ignorance is bliss, that you can follow your desires. You can do whatever you want, you don't have any tensions, you don't have any worries. You can do whatever you want.

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Woman or suddenly I'm in public, and we have not sent before you Middle School in any messenger in law, no hate la except that we reveal to him and know who led ilaha illa Anna Farah bodoni, that there is no god except me, therefore worship Me, meaning all of the messengers brought the same message which message the message of delay. So if you want to look at textual evidence, if you want to look at the scriptures, you will only find the evidence of what though he you will not find any evidence for sure.

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So all messengers, they convey the same message. Why? Because this is the purpose of creation worshipping Allah subhanaw taala only.

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So man should not think that this universe, the heavens and the earth are all created in vain know, Allah created them for a purpose that the human beings they worship have lots of data.

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Well, Carlota Hoda Rahman wala, and they say that the Most Merciful has a child. They ascribe a child to Allah. And remember the word whether this is sometimes it can be used for singular, as well as plural. It can be used for feminine as well as masculine. So they say that the Most Merciful has a child. What does the machine say? That Allah has daughters, who are those daughters, the angels. And it wasn't all of the machine Who said that? It was the boho Zara in particular who had this belief. And it wasn't just a machine who believed that Allah had children. It was also the hood in Minnesota. So we'll call it Tada, man.

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What does Allah say? So the Hannah who Glorified is He very bad, and we'll come on, rather, who are they in reality, those whom you claim are children of a law? They're actually the servants of Allah, their mukuro moon that are honored, that have been honored by Allah, why have they been honored by Allah? Because they're devout servants of Allah.

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So what does this ayah show to us? That Obadiah it negates when?

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When someone is a servant of Allah, then how can they be the child?

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Will you make your own child Your servant? Will you think about it? Will you treat your own child as a slave? That you don't feed him the way you'd feed the rest of your children? No, nobody does that. So the fact that they are the servants of Allah, the fact that they worship Allah, they were dependent on Allah, what does it show that they are not the children of Allah?

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So the angels are is a hustler, and Research Center. They're all servants of Allah who were honored by him who hold high positions of noble status. What does it show to us? That high rank, honor, highest status near Allah is for who?

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It is for who for those who are obedient to Him for those who worship been very bad on McCrone. Even about the angels earlier, what did we learn that a woman or ainda, who those who are near him, layer stuck below layer on layer two. So, honor is gained in the sight of Allah by worshipping Him because mentor well, Darla, but the one who humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will exalted so the one who worships Allah, the One who submits before Allah, Allah will elevate Him, He will give him a high rank. What do we learn that fee the crook of this Quran, in it is your mentioned meaning if you follow the Quran, you will become honorable, you will become noble and if you turn away, then you

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will suffer from disgrace in the dunya and also in the hereafter.

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So this is the status of all those who are devout servants of Allah. But what are the people do? They exaggerated the exalted ness of their status

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They said that, yes, they're very exalted in their status, but they exaggerated beyond reality.

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That is that they're so biased. They're so righteous, they're so good. But you know what, they also have power like that which allies and in fact, their children.

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This is what people have done Hulu, they have exalted the status of the righteous servants of Allah.

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And this happens even today, that if someone is very pious, if someone is very knowledgeable, people begin to think that they have knowledge of the ANC, that they can perhaps do things against the decision of a muscle, that they have the authority to change the law of Allah. This is what people believe. This is all incorrect, because well, Roberto mccrimmon

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in total Baccarat I 116. We learn we're Carlota ha de la vida de Silva, Hannah who Bella whom FSM, Allah to Allah cotulla. Who corny tune.

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They say that Allah has taken a sun Exalted is He rather To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth and all are devoutly obedient to Him. How obedient they are to him, that lay us bill Punahou bill Kohli, they cannot proceed him in Word will moon be Emery hiyama loon and they act by his command layers before nahu bilco. sabato yes we What does it mean? To go ahead of someone to do something before someone.

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So they do not advance him they do not proceed him in statement who they are the Mocambo that why are they moko moon? Why are they the honored servants of Allah? Because they give regard and respect to the words of Allah. They give respect to the commands of Allah to the statements of Allah. They do not precede him in Word. In other words, they don't cut him short. They don't interrupt the statement of Allah. They don't speak before Allah gives them a command. Whereas what happens when Allah subhanaw taala is instructing them, when Allah is telling them something, the angels for example, they do not dare speak, they listen attentively. With whom B and D I'm alone, and whatever

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command he gives them. What do they do? Em alone, they do it

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and be Emery, it shows that only his command, they do whatever they're told without asking, Why? Why me? Why this? Why that? No.

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So these are true.

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These are the true servants of Allah, who respect the word of Allah, who respect the statements of Allah.

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That when the word of Allah is being read, is being recited, they don't talk, they don't interrupt. They don't think that their speech is more important at that time. No, they listen attentively. Such are given a higher rank in the sight of Allah. And when Allah gives them a command to do something, they do it right away without questioning about the angels and sort of to him I number six, we learn layer Asana, la hammer, Amara home, we have our Luna minute model. They do not disobey Allah in what He commands them, but they do what they are commanded. They don't disobey any commander luggages. And you see, what is this is show to us one more thing that lies behind, who will call when does

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this happen when a person is listening attentively. And when a person listens attentively, then he will understand properly when he would understand properly, then he will be able to go home be somebody.

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If a person does not even listen, then Will he be able to follow? No. Listening is the first step. And this is the sign of the honored servants of Allah.

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yar Allah Ma Ma baina ADM wilmerhale. Foam he knows what is before them and what is behind them. What does it mean by this? Meaning he knows about their future and also about their best what they will do in the future and the actions that they have done in the past. Well, homie, mdvr Malone, yes, but he knows about all that they have done thus far and all that they will do in the future. Well as far owner and they do not intercede inlet except Lehman is double for the one whom he approves of. Meaning the angels there about the McCullough moon, not just in angels, but the other righteous servants of Allah even. Who will they intercede for? For the one whom Allah approves?

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What do people say sometimes that we believe in the prophets are the loudest and we respect him so much, we honor him so much. And he will intercede for us even if Allah does not allow him to. This is what people say. This is what people believe in. If you ever hear

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verses that they sing in praise of the prophets. Allah said I made such statements that where Allah has got Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will release that person, and where Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has caught the No one can release that person. These are the kinds of statements that people utter. But what do we learn that the true servants of Allah Who do they intercede for the one whom Allah allows for? Because the true servants of Allah, they keep themselves under the command of Allah. They give regard to the statements of Allah, for whom in harsh Yeti mushfiq Moon and they are apprehensive out of his fear. We're home in Hershey at Hershey is such fear that is based on the

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enormity of something greatness of someone. And it is also such fear that is due to knowledge. And her sheer is when you consider something to be great, someone to be great. And because of that you fear them whether they are great in reality or not. And wish Phil Cornish fell is to also have fear. But remember that each fall is a combination of both fear and love.

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But when the word ishfaq comes with min Mike over here, we're home min Harsha de mushfiqur. And then it gives a sense of more fear, instead of love. So a woman has sciatica mushfiq own meaning they have very love Allah, they have knowledge of Allah and because they are knowledgeable of Allah. This is why they have fear of Allah.

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And this is why they are humble before. This is why they're constantly worried, constantly anxious, and this is why they constantly engage in the worship of Allah. This is why they never think that they provide that they have done is enough

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that people have MCE they used to believe that these angels they're very close to Allah and because of that, they will intercede for them. Regardless of whether Allah approves or not. Instead of the Zoomer is number three we learn what Medina Tahoma dooney Alia What do they say that manner? Boom, inland your curry buena is Allah His refer those who take protectors besides him? They say we only worship them, that they may bring this near to Allah imposition. But what do we see over here?

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That the angels and the other righteous servants of Allah, they possess knowledge, they're obedient to Allah. They have submitted themselves before him, and they are fearful of him.

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So will they do anything that is against the will of Allah? No way. Do they have any authority against Allah? No way. They are the servants of Allah. And how are the servants that were mania coming home in the ILA Hoon, Minh dooney. And whosoever amongst them would say that indeed, I am God besides Him, meaning even if amongst these righteous and honored servants of Allah, if anyone claims that I am God besides Allah, Allah says for them even to z Johanna. Allah has so much authority and power over him, that even him Allah will recompense him with Hellfire, because gallican negitive lie to me, because that is how we recommend to the wrongdoers. So no matter what the status of a person

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is, no matter what the status of an angel is, of a noble servant of Allah is, at the end of the day, he is still the servant of Allah. He cannot claim to be God, if any amongst them claims to be God, then what is his end? Hellfire

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because only Allah is God, because Allah can adjust his learning. We learn incidentally an arm 88 as well, that were Illa mentions the name of so many prophets and then he says hello Ashoka the habitat on whom I can we are Moodle, if they were to worship other than Allah, then all their good deeds would have been wasted. That isn't the case of worshipping other than Allah. Now if they claim to be God,

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then that is much more severe than that.

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Instead of the Zoomer is number 65, we learn what are the UE ilica what illenium and oberliga law in Ashoka, they have a phenomenal quality akuna nominal hostility that it has been revealed to you and to the prophets before you that if you do shake, then all your deeds will be nullified and you will be of those who are losers. So no matter what the status of a servant is, no matter how pious he is, he cannot claim to be God.

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Like for example, he believes he wasn't a righteous servant of Allah. He was he was in the company of the angels. But when he refused to obey, and when he began calling people to his worship, when he began calling the jinn to his worship, what is his end? What is his recompense Hellfire?

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What do we learn that he believes also he calls people to his own worship. This is why he's called star who.

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Who is toggled

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rebellious power that stands up against Allah that calls to its own worship, instead of the worship of Allah soprano.

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So in these if we learn about the oneness of Allah, the supreme authority and power of Allah, and that everyone is under him, no matter how biased they are,

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and the sign of a bias, the sign of a righteous servant is that he is submissive before Allah, He is humble before Allah, He does not stand up against Allah. He does not say why, and I will do whatever I want and who are you to tell me no, he submits, he accepts and such a servant, Allah will give him high on in this dunya and also in the hereafter.

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lo gonna

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be long.

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we see that all of the prophets of Allah, what did they teach?

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from new artists, to most artists, Alam Teresa is an actor is aired as an actor Muhammad salada sort of all messengers that conveyed the oneness of Allah to the people they call people to the worship of Allah. But people did not get the right message from them. Instead of taking the message, instead of learning. They began respecting the prophets of Allah, the righteous servants of Allah to such an extent that they have exalted their status more than the status of Allah above the status of a mosque.

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And the reason behind that is because they themselves don't know. It's the lack of knowledge. Many times you will find people who are saying such statements about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they have no knowledge of the deen, why don't they have knowledge of the theme because they're busy, and

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they're busy doing other things. And they think when it comes to religion, all they have to do is believe and respect the profits not alone. Isn't that sufficient? nothing more than that as required. Whereas we see that for a person to be successful, he needs to worship Allah

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subhanaw taala home will be hamburger the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta the stock Luca wanted to be a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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