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At-Taubah 117-129 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 117

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Are you in the shade long overdue? Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 111 sudo to toga, I am number 117 to 129

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laka tabouleh where I lead the big one mohajir Rena, while onsolve

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Allah has already forgiven the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the margerine and the onsolve What did they do?

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And Latina terbaru who? Those who followed him meaning the more hygiene and the answer, who followed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam When did they follow him? FISA artillery seletti in the hour of difficulty,

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they followed him in the hour of difficulty

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mimbar the macadamia zero zerbo kulu Faria came in home, after the hearts of a party of them had almost inclined to die out. After they were about to give up, and they felt they couldn't go anymore. So matabele him, but then Allah forgave them in know who beat him raw Ooh, for Rahim Indeed, he was to them, kind and merciful.

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When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, announced the expedition to the book, when he announced the expedition to the book, there were three main groups of believers. First of all, there was a group of Muslims seen the sincere ones, those who immediately said lebay

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when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, we have to go to the book, immediately they came forward. And this included the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself, because he himself participated in the expedition. He didn't just send an army, he went himself

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and this also included the mohair jurien, and the unsolved

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the immigrants, as well as the helpers. But which Mohajer in and the answer, especially those who followed him for society.

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So this is the most Listen, the first group of believers, the second group of believers was a who the mortality thing. Those who acknowledged those who confessed later.

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So who are these, those whose hearts were a little shaky initially, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded them? Let's all go, what did they do? They were shaky initially, they were doubtful initially, they were not that short, which is why they became reluctant, they became worried, but then they repented.

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And this is a second group which is mentioned in the ayah. Member the makeda Jezebel kulu for a minute.

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So the first group is abou and nabee, while margerine while unsolved alladhina terbaru houfy Sara Taylor a slur and the second group is a vo that mimbar the mcheza zerbo kuruva for

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those people whose hearts deviated they almost deviated they were about to give up. They almost decided not to go, they almost decided to go back

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and the third group was after Mohan nephin, those who remain behind not due to hypocrisy, but due to procrastination, laziness, not giving priority to the religion of Allah subhanaw taala at that moment,

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so the first two groups are mentioned in this ayah and the third group is mentioned in the next day.

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Lacan tab Allahu Allah has already forgiven Dabba is from the root letters there well, but from the word Oba which literally means to turn back to return.

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And the word tober in respect of a human being means when a human being stops the sin stops the crime that he is committing, and he turns back to Allah seeking His forgiveness. This is Toba with respect to who? A human being

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but Toba with respect to a loss of data. What does that mean? Because over here Allah says Nakata below, it means two things generally. First of all, that Allah gives the fee to a servant to repent.

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Allah gives tofield to a servant to repent.

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electorates to the servant in mercy, allowing him to realize his mistake and turn to Allah seeking forgiveness.

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Secondly, it also includes acceptance of

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Over that when they repent, Allah subhanaw taala Dabba upon them, meaning he accepts their repentance. Because it's possible that a person seeks forgiveness but he is not forgiven.

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Remember, it's not guaranteed that just because a person seeks forgiveness, he will definitely be forgiven.

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It's the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala it his special favorite, which is why we should continue to seek forgiveness. Never think that if we have sought forgiveness for a particular sin once or twice, it's sufficient. Never think that we should continue to seek forgiveness until our last breath,

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law koterba law

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over here, what does it mean by this? That Allah has stabber, upon the newbie, and those people who followed him?

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It means that he has forgiven them. He has accepted their repentance. He has forgiven them. He has forgiven them for what for their minor mistakes that they committed for their initial reluctance or for any kind of mistake that they made. While they were on the journey.

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Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven them.

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And remember, that one Allah subhanaw taala turns in mercy to a slave, it does not just mean that he is forgiving him for a sin that he is committed. But it also gives a sense of that Allah is raising his project, he is bestowing his approval upon him. So Lapa tabouleh Whoa, it means he has forgiven and it also means he is happy with He is pleased with who and maybe the prophets autoloaders.

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What was he forgiven for? We learned that when the prophet SAW that a lot of them left for the book, some hypocrites they came to him seeking permission to remain behind before he left,

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and he allowed them to remain behind.

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So instead of the Toba 43, we learned earlier are from LA who are unka Lima and intellia home May Allah pardon you. Why did you give them permission to stay behind?

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So over here Allah says Nakata Allahu Allah NaVi mean the prophets, Allah Allah said and was forgiven for the error for the mistake that was committed on his part in allowing them when everything to stay behind.

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And also we can understand this as the hotevilla who are Island nibi that Allah subhanaw taala has honored his delegate even more.

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And Allah has also forgiven who will mohair dudina while

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the immigrants and the helpers. What do they do that they're being forgiven? Now, it could be their intention to remain behind. It could be further having delayed going for

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it could be for having committed any minor mistake on the journey. And similarly, taba also gives a sense of that he is honoring them, that he is bestowing his real law, his happiness, his approval upon them.

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But especially those who hygiene and the answer who and Medina terbaru, those who follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Pisa or saw

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what the Sami our

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and Elisa is from the reflectors, I ain't seen Ra. And Russell aerosol is difficulty, hardship, straitened circumstances, circumstances that are very difficult, that are very tight, it's difficult for a person to move on. Each step seems impossible to take.

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So the circular saw those who follow the profit sort of artists and they have been forgiven. What does this refer to this moment, this time of difficulty?

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It refers to the book expedition.

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As you know, that the army that went to the book The Muslim army, it is also described as j Sheila

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j she has what an army j should wrestle. And that time that expedition is known as artillery.

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Why is it called sarted? Ursula for several reasons. Because first of all, it was an extremely hot summer, it was extremely hot, the weather was very hot. We learned earlier where the monasticon they told the people that latinfeels will help don't go out in the heat. So this shows that it was extremely hot.

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Similarly, the journey was extremely long, a 500 plus kilometer journey.

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Similarly, there was also a lack of resources. They didn't have enough. They had a shortage of food, shortage of rides, shortage of people, shortage of supplies, all sorts of supplies. So this is why there was a lot of difficulty and it was also very difficult to go at that time in between

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Because it was harvest time,

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it was the time of harvest to pick the fruit or what have all of those day trees that were in Medina.

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But the believers they went for it with the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah.

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We learned that do people they would share one day.

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Just imagine, do people would share only one day 10 would share a camel 10 people would share one camel, and they would take writing turns. And at the same time to the three people would sit on a camel. And the heat was so intense that their mouths would dry up. And still they would have to walk in that eat. And there was a shortage of water, a shortage of resources, a shortage of food that we learned that they had to slaughter their camels which they were writing in order to get the water out of their intestines. Just imagine 30,000 people and 500 plus kilometer journey on foot. It was an extremely difficult moment. But these people they followed the prophets what a lot of them at

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that time.

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Because they knew that success is only in following the messenger. Success is only in following in obeying the commands of Allah, not in staying behind. They had to compromise on their comforts on their ease. They had to undergo a lot of difficulty. But they took it because the Prophet told them we have to go and they went. And because they went to What does Allah say, Allah has forgiven them.

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Allah has bestowed His mercy upon them. Allah has accepted the repentance. Allah is happy with them. He has approved of them of their efforts, and he has raised their damages because they follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the time of difficulty.

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And it was so difficult at that time that mimbar the after meeting they continue to follow the profits are a lot of sudden after man that gather it was about

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the word Cather is from the root letters gaff while that your capital Baku, Yahoo.

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Canada, it means caribou. When something is about to happen. It doesn't actually happen. But it's almost about to happen.

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So the hearts of some people, they were about to deviate, they had almost deviated. What does it show that they didn't actually deviate? But they almost deviated.

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Why? Because of the difficulty of the journey because of the difficulty of the expedition. Eventually they did overcome the state. But what was the state of their hearts being deviated?

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He is He who is from New Veterans Day. Yeah, lane Zelda is evil, which literally means to turn aside to deviate.

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Now, what does it mean by using Hoku? How are their hearts deviating? deviating in the sense of that they were inclined towards not following the profit sort of audience.

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They were inclined to not going along with the profit sort of all of a sudden to the book they intended to stay behind

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because of the difficulty of the journey that lay ahead.

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This was the behavior of some believers who initially decided to stay behind. But then eventually, what did they do? They left along with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Or they went afterwards, and they joined him. But they almost deviated they almost decided to stay behind mimbar the mecca the Jezebel kulu farrier came in.

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And if you just imagine, if you put yourself in their shoes, what would you do? If you're told that we're going to face an army, that we don't know how big it might be? Last time we confronted them? There were 100,000 there were 200,000 in number. We don't know how many they will be today. We're only 30,000 we just got a lot of money. We should be relaxing in our homes. However, it's time to go again. Put yourself in that situation. What would we do?

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If injury he reported that our dilemma our bus he said that or more imminent hapa was reminded of the Battle of distress. What was a battle of distress, the book and a model the learner said, we went with the Messenger of Allah in the intense heat for the book. And we camped at a place in which we were stricken so hard by thirst that we thought our necks would be severed

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Just imagine they were so thirsty, their mouths were so dry, they thought that our necks would just cut off, they would just come off. One of us used to go out in search of water, and did not return until he feared that his neck would be severed until he feared that he would die. So out of that fear, what would he do? He would stop his search and return to the camp.

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A person would slaughter his camel and he would squeeze its intestines and drink its content, placing whatever was left on his kidney meaning on himself to call himself so any liquid they could extract except for blood from the camel. They would squeeze it out and they would drink it just to survive.

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And anything from inside they could find that was cool enough, they would put it on themselves to become cool.

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Abubakar sad crowded on who he said, Oh Allah, His Messenger, Allah, the Exalted and Most honored has always accepted you.

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He has always accepted your door. So invoke Allah for us pray to Allah subhanaw taala for us, to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to hibou Delica Would you like me to do that? And I will back out of the learn who said, Yes, I really want you to do that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam raised his hands and did not put them down until rain fell from the sky in abundance. It rained, and then stopped raining for a while and then rained again. So the people filled their containers. And we went out to see where the rain reached and found that it did not rain beyond our camp. It only rained upon them.

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This was a loss of habitat as mercy upon those believers. Nakata Allah turned to them in mercy, because they put an Africa in the way of a loss of Hunter. They suffered so much heat, so much thirst, so much hunger, so much fatigue, Allah turned in mercy to them, because they responded to the call of the messenger at the hour of difficulty at the hour of need. At the point when there were so many people who are about to give up, who are about to go away, who were entertaining doubts in their hearts.

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And it happens many times, that people they will go out together to do something. And when the work becomes difficult, it becomes extremely challenging. Some people they become restless, and they want to give up. They cannot tolerate that difficulty anymore.

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For example, people go for Hajj together. And any person who goes for Hajj no matter what kind of group he's going with, he will definitely suffer some kind of difficulty. But what happens there are people who, when they're not given food, when they're out in the heat, they say never again, we cannot handle this anymore. This is getting too much mimbar the Medicare the isiolo Kuru the heart almost deviated the Sahaba they were different. So Allah subhanaw taala says that some metabarcoding him then Allah turned in mercy upon them. What does it mean by this?

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Earlier again, Tasha was mentioned now again Toba is mentioned that some metabo Allah and then Allah turned in mercy to them,

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meaning he turn in mercy to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, to those believers who went out at the hour of difficulty.

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And the incident that I just mentioned to you, like how Abubakar later on he requested that the prophets are allowed Islam should make dua and Allah subhanaw taala turned in mercy and he sent Rena panda. So meta Berlin alert turn in mercy to them. And it's also said that timetabling him, them over here in particular refers to the group, which group those whose hearts we're about to do it, they were about to give up. They almost decided to go back they almost decided not to stay with the profits.

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Not to go with him. But Allah turned in mercy to them. And he gave them the confidence to go on to continue to stay with the profits autoloaders

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because many times what happens in such difficult situations, people who cannot tolerate the difficulty they say, I'm sorry, I'm not with you anymore. I cannot go with you anymore. So who saves people at these situations are lost a lot turning mercy upon them. Because in the who beat him or over him indeed he is towards them, most affectionate and most merciful. But our office on the road cutters law Hamza, and what does not offend me. Kindness is kindness, compassion, affection. And basically

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is to strive to remove some harm to remove some difficulty from someone's

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For example, you see someone in a difficult situation you see someone hurting, you see someone in pain, but face that you are overcome with pity and you do something to help them. You do something to get them out of that difficult situation.

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Allah is off when the believers were in so much difficulty, Allah sent them his aid his help. And he's also Rahim, what is Rama? Rama is to strive to bring some benefit to someone. How is it different from what phase to strive to remove the difficulty Rama is to strive to bring to the store some ease, some benefit. So Allah is off. And he's also Rahim towards the believers. So what do we learn in this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven His Prophet, he has forgiven those Sahaba those companions, who went along with the Prophet sort of audios of them, whether they left with him, or they went later on and joined him, whether they left wholeheartedly, or they left with a

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little bit of reluctance. But Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven all of them. Why? Because they went,

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whether they went early, or they went later, whether they left immediately, or the left with a little bit of reluctance, Allah subhanaw taala, forgive them. What does this show to us? What is the lesson in this for us, that when there is some work to do some work of the where we are needed, where we must go, sometimes what happens? Immediately we desire to go, it's very good. But sometimes initially, we feel a little reluctant. If a person overcomes that state, and he goes, and he still continues, then for him also, there's a promise of reward. Because Allah subhanaw taala, has stabbed upon both these groups of believers, who went regardless of how difficult the situation was.

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Also, we learn from this idea that anyone who remains firm at the time of test at the time of difficulty, then it is only because of a loss of power that has mercy upon him.

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It is only because of Allah's mercy upon him, because it happens many times where people are undergoing extreme difficulties. And it happens in your house, in your family life, in your travels. Some people they remain calm, they can bear the difficulties other people, they begin panicking, they cannot come down. They cannot relax, they cannot enjoy. They cannot bear the difficulties. They keep thinking about what will happen and what we can do. And how come it's like that and how come it's not like that. So what is it that enables a person to continue even in difficult situations to remain calm to remain confident? It's the special mercy of almost a parameter.

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In the previous ayat, we learned about those believers who have sold themselves to Allah, what do they do? a salary who they travel. Why do many people not like to travel? Why? Because traveling is difficult, it is challenging. No matter how many reservations you've done from before No matter how much planning you've done from before you're bound to face some kind of difficulty. Many people don't like to undergo those difficulties and if they come across any difficulty they cannot remain calm.

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So what is it that gives confidence to a person to bear those difficulties? It's the mercy of almost a penalty.