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Luqman 12-15 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 14-15

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Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 213. So let's look man, we'll begin from number 14.

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What was slain al insana? Beware today he and we have enjoined upon men. What? towards his parents? What is it that has been enjoined sugar initially, while he waited a why because hamato mucho when Allah when his mother has carried him increasingly in weakness upon weakness, what we saw Lou fear our main and his winning together in two years. Therefore, initially when we worry they can either you'll mostly be grateful to me and to your parents, to me is your final destination. So what is the reason that is being given over here for being grateful towards one parents? What is the reason? What is the one and only reason that is enough

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that the mother gave birth to you? And your father also has taken care of you. This is why when we make the offer, then what do we say Rob Bahama, come out obey any silly just says they raised me up when I was small, because that is enough of a reason that you should be grateful to them.

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And how are we supposed to be grateful towards our parents in which way making the offer them before that? acknowledging their favor?

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Because many times we don't even acknowledge their favorites. We take whatever they do for granted. The father goes to work. The father buys a house. The father buys a car, all of that. Yeah, he's supposed to, isn't he?

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He pays for school. Isn't he supposed to? That's what we think it's their obligation? It's their duty? Yes, it is their obligation? And if they're fulfilling their obligation towards you. That isn't that a huge favor? Of course, it's a huge favor. So first of all, part of gratitude is acknowledging their great favors. There are many favors, because the first is what are often nirma.

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To acknowledge the favor, then after that is,

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is how to nirma and how do you do that with the cult and with the lesson and with the jawara?

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Because we learned a lot, we cried a lot. We smiled a lot. But what did we do?

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She took her mother out for an hour because her mother had been working overtime. And although she was busy herself on Sunday, but she took some time out for a mother, she took her out so that she could relax. And this is what she called with

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joy with the limbs doing something for the parents. What else did you do?

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If you did something and share? What did you do to be grateful towards your parents?

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You made breakfast this morning, typically what happens when mothers are making breakfast, we leave the dirty dishes, and we walk out of the door. And who takes care of them, the mothers. So it was the other way around to their handle? And they're very good. What else did you do? That right now her mother is halfway around the world for her she's very far away. So she couldn't really do much for her. So what did she do? She called her.

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Remember that? A good word is also charity.

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And calling your parents and talking to them saying good things to them, saying something that would make them happy is also a part of showing gratitude to them.

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And sometimes they just want to hear from you. That's it. They just want to hear from you. What else? Did your parents ask you to do anything? And maybe you did it or you didn't do it? Many times? What do we think she has to travel? Why do I have to do all the work? They're traveling? Why do we have to pack for them? Why do we have to go and shop for them? And Can't they go themselves cannot do all of these things themselves? Of course they can. But we are their children. And this is what we're supposed to do. What else?

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Your mama's not feeling well, so you take care of her. What else? You see many times we learn. we reflect in class, we cry, we smile. We write a lot of things. We make a lot of intentions. And then when we go home, what happens?

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What happens? We forget. Now this is something so important that we learned anishka Lee Wiley Wiley, they be grateful to me and also towards your parents. And if we could not offer any gratitude if we could not show any gratitude towards our parents these two days than what did we do?

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I'm surprised that only a few people are raising their hands and sharing what they did. Why is it that every single one of us did something for parents? Don't we have parents, every single one of us whether they're alive or they have passed away, still we can do sugar. Still we can offer some sugar for them. So what did we do? And if we did not do anything Why?

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And if we did not do anything so far, what do we intend to do to

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And handelian very good that her son was traveling, and he was going to go visit her parents. So therefore, she sent some stuff for her parents with her son. And when her son saw that she wanted to send stuff from her parents, what did he do? He took out some of his stuff, so that he could take care for his grandparents.

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Now, when can our children also have appreciation for our parents, when we show them that we are grateful to them, that we take care of them. And when we take care of our parents, then our children also will take care of us? Isn't it we have to be a role model.

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And handler, very good. You went over to see your parents. Because after marriage, typically what happens that girls they get so busy with their new families, sometimes with their husband, sometimes with their house, that it becomes difficult to take time out to go visit the parents. So Alhamdulillah very good. Because sometimes this is all they want to do. They just want to see you. That's it.

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They raised you, they saw you every single day of your life, and now all of a sudden you're gone. And then you don't show up for weeks, even if you're living in the same city. That hurts them

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very good, Mashallah that her mother also lives away from her. So she called her and she thanked her, and she made the offer.

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This is something that we should do making the offer parents, it's quite possible that we're not able to do anything for them. Why? Therefore, perhaps they have passed away. Perhaps we're not capable of doing something for them. So what can we do at least, at least make to offer them

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Rob Durham, Houma, Kamara, biani, Sameera that Oh, Allah make their work easy for them make their difficulties and challenges easy for them. Making the offer apparent, this is something that's very easy to do. It's not that difficult at all. Anything else?

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You spent your time with your mother. Typically, we find it very difficult to spend time with our parents sitting with them, talking to them doing work for them. And then when they're going somewhere, accompanying them, even that is a challenge for us sometimes. So handle a very, very good that you were able to do that.

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That sometimes all that parents want is that they want to see us. Simple. That's it. But what do we do when we're at home, we're in our rooms with the doors closed, sealed, so that nobody can dare to even knock. We're busy, we're studying, we're doing our assignments, somebody is going, somebody is coming. We don't care. So part of showing sugar to parents as well, that when they come home, we show our face to them. We go and greet them. When we come home, we don't just go straight to bed. We don't just go straight in front of the television. But what do we do? We go find them in the houses and answer them and then do whatever we have to do.

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typing up emails for your parents typing up something on the computer for them, calling your parents making the offer, then

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you shared the lesson with her very good. That's one of the best things to do. sharing something with them.

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Very good, Mashallah. She ended up in an argument with her brothers.

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And because she knows that her mother doesn't like it when they argue, therefore she resolved the issue. Why just to please her mother, just to make her happy.

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This is also part of what should go towards our parents, because nine times we do certain things that could make them unhappy, and we could do other things that could make them happy. So part of sugar is avoiding those things that would displease them that would hurt them, that would make them worried and concerned.

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Okay, now this was sugar towards parents. But before that we learned initially, we're grateful to me. So what about being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for the many blessings for the many favors that he has bestowed on us think about five unique blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed upon you. So what are the five unique blessings that you feel are special to you? And without them your life would be extremely difficult? What were they would anyone like to share and how you determine for them

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the blessing of getting large is the blessing of the Quran, the knowledge of Quran, the how Allah subhanaw taala brought you here from another country got you married here, got you settled here, and then gave you the ability to come and study as well, despite the fact that you were pregnant despite the fact that you had a child and hamdulillah you're continuing. So this is what a huge blessing of Allah soprano Darla on you. What else

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that despite the fact that you have such a diverse family, people from different backgrounds, but still you get along with them that you live in the same house, but still you're able to get along with them. This is a huge blessing of Allah. You know that because people sometimes are from similar backgrounds. They related to one another. They're living in the same house, but they cannot tell

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to one another, and what happens then

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life becomes misery, it becomes miserable. It's difficult to do anything at all. So it's a huge blessing of Allah a huge favor of Allah, that you are able to get along with the people who live in the house with you.

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Anything else, some unique blessing that is to you

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that you realize that a loss of power has given you the blessing of being able to memorize things quickly. And this is a very good realization, because many times what happens, we have such talents, we have such abilities, but we don't even think about them, we don't take use of them. So you realize that and you took advantage of that and you tried memorizing some things and hamdullah you were able to very good Mashallah.

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So the blessing of the, and I was actually wondering that nobody's going to share this. Who's going to say this, that the best thing I have a husband, who is supportive, who works, who provides, you're basically at home, you can do whatever you wish you go to school you spend, and what does he do? He makes money and gives it to you.

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So Isn't this a huge blessing? It's a huge blessing. So many women, what happens is they have to work. They have to work in order to support themselves, despite the fact that their husbands are working. But still, they have to support themselves. It's a huge blessing. And the fact that they're cooperating the fact that they're helping you do this, they're helping you study, they're helping you work. Isn't this a huge blessing? So if you realize that your husband is a huge blessing on you, what did you do for sugar?

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What did you do for sure, for those of you who do have husbands,

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maybe you cook something? Is that something nice? That you dressed up for him good from the law, what else?

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share something with him, forgive him, overlooked something in him

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that you shared these ayat with him.

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You see, many times, our husbands, they're busy working, doing one thing after the other constantly from the time they wake up until the time they come to bed Alhamdulillah we get so much time during the day to come and study and then to go and revise. And our poor husbands, they're working. Right? So isn't it our obligation that when we do talk to them, instead of complaining to them about what they have not done, sharing with them something that could benefit them, it could be in the car, even you're going somewhere driving, and you could share for five minutes even. And it would really help them, isn't it. So sharing something with them, increasing them and their knowledge and their

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understanding, that is also a part of being grateful to them that you're doing, you're benefiting them somehow. Anything else?

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The blessing of children, that those of you who do have children, that many times what happens we keep looking at the negative things in our children, that Oh, he has this problem, he has that problem. He doesn't listen to me, he has this disability. But if you look, as we discussed earlier that Allah subhanaw taala is very, very just that if he has deprived you in one way, he has definitely compensated in another way. And we should be focusing on what and what Allah subhanaw taala has given to us on the favors that he has bestowed and so that we can be grateful.

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Just the other day I went to visit somebody who recently ended up in a very severe car accident, and I was talking to them, and the entire family, they were being so grateful for everything that went right, despite the fact that they suffered so much. And not even once did they complain, not even once. And constantly they were being grateful or hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Allah saved us a lot of this, a lot of that, you know, everything was taken care of. And this is what is known as a veneer material. Because I had this, that when a disaster has happened instead of you know, repeating the story again, and again, this happened and that happened. What do you talk about? All those things

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that went right, this is what sugar is? All those things that went right. Sugar is what that you look at the positive things and not at the negative things. You look at what you have, and not what you don't have a look at what is right and not what is against you.

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The blessing of health, that the blessing of health.

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Just on this weekend only I found out that one of our very close family friends, their wife passed away.

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And it really irked me because she was quite young. And she died of breast cancer. And she has four children.

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And just the thought of her being gone and her husband and her children. It was such a shock for all of us. And I realized that this blessing of health that we don't have to suffer every day. We don't have to suffer from pain every day. Because since the moment that I've seen her the first day that I met her I've seen her you know

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coping with her illness constantly in pain, you could see the pain on her face, but she would obviously or hamdulillah never ever complained about it.

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But this blessing of health, that we're not suffering from disease or a major illness, we don't have to take so many, you know, medications every day or go for treatment every month, every week. This is a huge blessing, huge blessing

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and made us we're not grateful for it. We take it for granted. So what do we see in these is that initially, Wiley Wiley, they can be grateful to me and also towards your parents. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, la el Masri, why is this mentioned as a warning, that Be careful sugar for the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. So if you look over back in your life, it's quite possible that at certain points, you made decisions that were very, very wrong, but Allah subhanaw taala saved you He gave you the ability to make the right choices to make the right decisions. So should we not be grateful to Allah for that

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initially, while he validated it again mostly.

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Listen to the recitation beside

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what was going on?

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at harmala.

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Era me

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Additionally, you

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know, see.

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Now with regard to the parents, Allah subhanaw taala says, What injure Hidaka and if they do, endeavor,

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meaning if the parents, both of them endeavor, they strive hard, either upon and tertiary care that you should do should be with me that both the parents they are striving notice the word jaha Dhaka from Jihad? And what does that mean to put in one's utmost effort, utmost struggle in doing something. So both the mother and the father, they're striving, they're putting in their maximum effort, in order to do what,

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in order to pressurize you, that you should do schilke with me, that you associate partners with me, such partners that may lay silica here in that for which you have no knowledge of what does it mean by this, that you associate with me that which you have no knowledge of knowledge over here gives a meaning of evidence. All right, it gives me enough salt on that you have no evidence, you have no proof that there is any partner with Allah, that there is anyone who shares in the idea of Allah in the rubia of Allah, or in his a smile was the fact and to Shri kabhi Malay Salah Kabir, it doesn't mean that you know, there is a partner but you don't know about it. No, no, no, this is not what the

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meaning is. Malay silica beraten Marina over here means salon evidence. This is just like the statement of a loss of parent darling sort of the movie known I 117. That we're may hear the rumor of La Isla Han aha level Han Allah who be that whoever invokes besides a lot another day at then he has no proof for it. He has no evidence behind it. So my laser cover here in something that you have no knowledge of something that is far from reality. Something that is not true at all. Then what are you supposed to do at this point? Your parents are telling you they're pressurizing you. Allah says fella to their home so do not obey them. do not obey them in which regards

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in regards to associating partners with a loss penalty fella to their Houma notice it hasn't been said that let us in Houma that do not continue with your relationship with them. No. nor has it been said that do not give them their help. nor has it been said that do not do axon towards them. What has been said just don't obey them with regards to this matter. But everything else

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When it comes to maintaining ties with them, when it comes to obeying them concerning other matters, when it comes to being beautiful towards them when it comes to showing your son to them, that's something that you still have to continue. You understand?

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You have to continue the only thing is that you will not obey them in this matter what Sahib woman and accompany them fit dunia in the world, Marie Ufa in a good way, what does it mean? So I have women that live with them, accompany them, it doesn't mean you cut off from them just because they're telling you to do *. Because many times what happens when children are told something by their parents, which they don't like, immediately, what's the reaction of the children, they will stop listening to parents completely and they will start avoiding their parents.

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But what do we see over here? Well saw hibou method dounia maroof. I don't avoid them. Don't cut off from them. But rather when you're with them, be with them in a good way honorably with decency with beautifulness and kindness. And when it comes to the what should you do? Who should you follow? What beer and follow Sabina the way of men enter by a lay of the one who has turned to me? And which is this way? So often, Mr. Clean,

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Sabina man and Abba la the way of the one who has turned to Allah, which way is that the right way?

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If you think about it, the way of Allah, sometimes it is called Sevilla. Sometimes it is called Serato. Mr. Payne, and over here, it's called sabirah men and Abba.

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Because if you look at it, it's the same way. It's the way that is right. It's the way that has been designated by Allah soprano Dada, it's the way that takes a person to the pleasure of Allah. And it's the way that was adopted by who, by the righteous people as well, man and ever in a year of those who have turned to Allah.

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So whether you call it the way of the prophets on a lot of them, or you call it the way that leads to gender, or you call it the wave aboubaker the way of Ibrahim meloetta Ibrahim, it's the same thing. Why? Because all of these definitions at the end, what is it? the pleasure of Allah the approval of Allah? So what the various sebelah man and Abba in a year and who does this person refer to the one who has turned to me in the context refers to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but after that, any person who follows the deen

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so my lamb of Jericho, then to me is your return for una vo can be my content arm alone, then I will inform you about what you used to do.

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So web workers are the learn who he said that this verse was revealed about him.

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Sorry, even who costs Why? Because when he became a Muslim, his mother, she swore an oath, that leave this religion of yours, or else I will not eat, I will not drink until I die.

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So she swore this oath, leave this religion of yours. Otherwise I will not eat I will not drink and I will die like that.

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And he would literally force the food into her mouth that eat.

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But we see that where she was so persistent. He also did not give up. Right? He also did not give up. It wasn't that he became harsh towards her. He started yelling at her. He started scolding her. He said die. No, he was good towards her. But at the same time, he remained principled he did not compromise on his religion.

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And we see that this was the wave of our humanism as well. Wasn't that Ibrahim rolison his father, what did he say to him?

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That Don't you dare leave this religion? Right? Don't you dare leave the worship of these idols. And stop telling us. But what was the way we brought him Ernestina? Did you fight with him? Did he let him know? His father was one of those people who brought firewood in order to burn Ibrahim or listener. Did Ibrahima Listen, I'm sure any bad behavior in return? No. until the last moment, how was he good towards his parents? And even when he was leaving? What did he say? I still feel a copy. I will seek forgiveness for you from my Lord.

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Many times what happens that if our parents tell us to do something that goes against the

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that goes against what alasa panel data has told us to do? What is our way? We think well, we have to obey our parents. We also have to do ersan towards our parents, so therefore we have to listen to them, isn't it? But what do we see over here that the rights of parents is in one place, and the right of a loss of data has its own place?

00:24:54--> 00:24:54

You understand?

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

obeying your parents should not mean disobey

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

Allah, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is number one. And by the way, who told us to obey our parents anyway? Allah soprano died

00:25:12--> 00:25:53

many times shavon he attacks us out by making us set incorrect priorities, that you have to obey your parents, you have to please your parents, so obey them regardless, no matter what they say, no matter what they do, you have to obey them, you have to listen to them. Because Allah subhanaw taala solisti, isn't it, but she finally is making us set wrong priorities, incorrect priorities, the right of Allah subhanaw taala comes first, then comes a writer who parents, obedience to parents will always be in obedience to Allah, it can never ever be in disobedience to him

00:25:54--> 00:26:28

that were the right of the last panel Tada. That, obviously is an obligation on us. But at the same time, obedience to the parents is also necessary, showing respect them is also necessary. Because many times what do we think it's either obeying a law or it is obeying your parents. Whereas we see that both are important. Both are important. We cannot say that because we have to obey Allah, this is why we're going to disrespect our parents. No. What do we see over here? Just falletto terumo helaas. That's it, nothing else beyond that.

00:26:29--> 00:26:41

So and sometimes we think that obeying parents means even if you have to disobey Allah doesn't matter. This is wrong. This is not right. obeying parents should always be in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:26:42--> 00:26:47

Exactly that there is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the Creator.

00:26:49--> 00:26:52

There is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the Creator.

00:26:54--> 00:27:34

Now we find many other examples as well, in history, like, for example, abubaker of the learner his father, he said to him once, that, oh, my son, I see you freeing slaves, that you have so much money and you're spending it on who? Weak slaves, I mean, slaves whom you're buying, and you're setting them free. They're all weak people, they can ever help you. So and why would ever walk around to freedom, because they were Muslims. And they were being persecuted. So Baccarat dinner, you would purchase them and he would set them free. So his father would say to him that why don't you free some strong men who can defend you who can benefit you who can protect you? Right?

00:27:35--> 00:27:38

But abubaker the random he replied that I'm only doing this for the sake of Allah.

00:27:40--> 00:28:23

Over there, he didn't say Oh, I should listen to my father. No, he was not disrespectful. But at the same time, he did not obey his father, Fela to terumah. Similarly, we see that when Abu Bakr Al Delano, when he performed the hegira, with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he took along with him 4000 coins. And he took all of them with him. And his father did not want a worker, they learn how to take all that money with him. But a worker of the learner took it with him. Why? Because that money was needed for that journey, and even afterwards. So at that time again, what did he do, fella to whom he did not obey. Now, this is something extremely important that we must understand setting

00:28:23--> 00:28:33

the right priorities. Sometimes we think that one thing is so important that we have to compromise the other in order to do it.

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But we have to realize what is more important, what is more essential, what is more necessary, like, for example, just because we have to go somewhere, just because somebody has to come. Just because we have an appointment, what happens? we compromise and work on things that are more important. And we feel very good at at that point, oh, and giving so much importance to this guest, I'm giving so much importance to this person, I'm sacrificing my class for them.

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I'm sacrificing my homework for them. There is no good in this. Remember that? We think it's very good. But this is not the correct way of prioritizing. The correct way is that whatever is more important that should come first, it should come first whatever is your commitment, whatever is at the level of obligation that must come first.

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And many times we confused between what is an obligation on us and what is just better for us. What is an obligation on us and what is just better for us. That which is an obligation comes number one comes first and we cannot prefer anything else over them. And if we do, we're not doing something extremely great. This is just a general principle, a general lesson that we learned from this if

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you will listen to the recitation and

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What Debbie? Debbie lemon

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jiankou? owner

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What is the right of parents? What is it right?

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That you maintain ties with them and that you obey them? Right? This is their right? Who has given them this right? Allah soprano, but has a lot given them the right of being equal to Allah? No. So if you disobey your parents in obedience to Allah, where your parents tell you to do something wrong, then is that disrespecting your parents? Is that depriving them of their right? No, because your parents don't have that right?

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There right is that they're to be obeyed in maruf. Right? They're not to be obeyed, in disobedience to Allah. So if you disobey them at that point, that's not disrespect to parents. But if you become harsh towards them, if you become rude towards them, if you cut off from them, if you disrespect them, then that is violating their rights, you understand?

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So remember this, that Allah subhanaw taala has not given parents the right to be equal to him. This is why when you disobey them, in obedience to Allah, this is not disrespecting them. Because sometimes we get confused over here, this is not disrespect them because they don't have that right.

00:31:59--> 00:32:01

A lot of panel data has not given them that right.

00:32:02--> 00:32:25

And if you see over here, what is mentioned that instead of following your parents at this point, who should you follow whatever subelement and I have a follow the one who has turned to me follow the way of the prophets Allah said and follow the way of the righteous. Even if your parents are posed that way. You will not listen to them instead, who will you listen Who will you follow? Those who turn to Allah.

00:32:26--> 00:32:41

And so Malaya, Madeira calm, this lunia is not forever. You're coming back to Allah. For owner bill can be my quantum Dharma Lu. Therefore, be careful. Be conscious about the choices that you make about the decisions that you make. And the things that you do

00:32:42--> 00:32:43

that listen to the recitation of the same.

00:33:17--> 00:33:23

A Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Nesta Haruka wanted to boudic assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.