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Al-Qasas 44-67 Translation 44-67


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The speakers discuss their past experiences, potential opportunities for growth, and the importance of being a woman without a husband. They also touch on the cultural impact of warmer weather, the need for guidance, and the importance of men in the political system. The segment ends with a mention of a song and a promise made by a man named Lou. Later, the group discusses Marika's journey and establish a home for her. They also discuss the importance of being a woman and the need to be a woman in the future.

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mother in law sadly a lot of sweetie and Kareem and my birth father would be let him in a shape on Illa Jean Bismillah over him. Rubbish Riley is further away assembly and the Washington. Let me listen to your holy probenecid

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lesson number 202 pseudo classes I am number 44 to 67 Translation warmer and not Guntur you will be journey on side

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al-harbi the western it when Kadena we decreed Illa Musa Musa alayhis salam Umbra, the command warmer and not control you were men from a share hidden those who witness while I can now but indeed we and Shatner, we brought forth we produced

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to Ronan generations. Fatah favela so it became long

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our lay him upon them. I'll remove the life the age warmer and not contact you were Serbian, a dweller one who lives fee in

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people madeon of madeon that loo you recite or lay him upon them Athina our verses while our keener but we couldn't. We were mursaleen ones who send warmer and not content, you were be journey outside a tooth of the mountain or of the mount tude

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is when now Dana, we called well I can but rahmatan immersi mid Robic from Europe. Little enduro, so you weren't omen of people may not at our home it came to them men from Nevada in a warner men oberliga from before you there are no home so that they get other karoun they remember

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well, Ola, and if not, and that to see by whom it reaches them, mostly button a calamity. A difficulty Bheema because of what are the Met it sent ahead? ad him their hands for your kulu so they will say or banner or our up Lola? Why not auto CELTA, you sent Elena to us or sulan messenger fenetre Veera, so we would follow a chaotic your vs. When akuna and we would be men from meaning the believers.

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fellow man so when j a home it came to them, I'll have to the truth main from rendina near us ALU. They said Lola Why not? udia he was given mittlere like, ma what butea he was given Musa masala Salah

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do wa and lamb not yet furu they disbelieve the man in what butea he was given Musa Musa Salaam when abou from before Aloo they said serani do magicians de la hora. They both helped each other waka Lu and they said in indeed we be calling with each gaff your own one to disbelieve.

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Say for two so you all come back even with a book men from indie near Allah He Allah, Who it there is more guided men humor than these two attributes who I will follow it in if kuntum you were slightly clean ones who are truthful for inland f Lum not yesterday boo they respond Lucky for you, fire alarm, they know a number that indeed not but yet the V aroona they follow by what a home their desires, woman and who who is more a stray man then who is he followed, however, who has desire be a lady without who then a guidance when Allah from Allah in the law Indeed Allah lay the he does not guide and how the people avoiding mean the wrongdoing. what occurred and certainly was Sunnah we

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cause to reach. We connected law home

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For them apolar the word there are lahoma so that they get other karoun they remember alladhina those who attina whom we gave them, l kita. But the book makaveli he from before it, home, they behave with it, you know, they believe what either and when you declare it is recited or lay him upon them, or Lou they said, Amanda we believed the he with it, in know who indeed it will help the truth. Myth rabina from our rub in there indeed we can now we were men from poverty he before it, Muslim mean, Muslims want to submit

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Allah aka those you toner, they will be given at your home their reward, model attaining twice the map because of what suburu they were patient, where there are owner and they avert will have Santa with the good a say that the evil woman man and from what was Akane whom we provided them, unicorn they spend.

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What is that and when semeru they heard a lot what the vein talk about although they turned away on who from it will call you and they said Lennar for us our meluna our deeds while a comb and for you are my lucam your deeds. Sarah one piece la come upon you lair not necessarily we desire we seek Lj healing the ignorant ones

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in liquor, indeed you learn not Daddy, you guide man who

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you loved, while I can, but Allah Allah yesterday, he guides man whoever you're sharing He wills wahoo and he is our level is more snowing, Bill more 13 in with those who are rightly guided

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will call you and they said in if netherby we follow alhuda the guidance Marika with you know the hot off

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we shall be carried away. We shall be snatched men from arlena our land

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do work and lamb not know makin we establish

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the home for them. How long? How long? A century.

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I mean then secure

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YouTuber. He is brought.

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He is collected

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for huge bear. It is collected LA to it. Similar to fruits. Cali every Shay in thing. It is fun as provision men from Laguna near us while I can but a thorough home most of them are not here alone. They know. Welcome and how many luck now? We have destroyed men from Korea in a town badly like it became proud.

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It became reckless. Or it became thankless. marisha to her for its livelihood.

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fatica. So that Masaki no home their homes, lamb not to scan.

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It was inhabited.

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It was lived in

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Maine from birdie him after them Illa except a Leland a little while Kona and we were national. We all were in the inheritors warmer and not Ghana. He was Rob Booker, your Rob mahalik. One who destroys a hora. The town's had that until he ever I think he sends fee in Omaha. Its mother. Its foundation.

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Or sulan a messenger yet Lou? he recites I lay him upon them 18 hour versus warmer and not good now we were more lucky ones who destroy alcova the town's Illa except what elucha while it's people who are removed from doors

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warmer and whatever booty tone you were given men from Shay in anything firmer there. So benefit and Hyatt of the life adonia of the world was ina to her and it's adornment warmer and whatever are in the law is with Allah. Hi urine is better what abacha and more lasting

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fella do they're not there are a loon you will understand FM and is then who what are the now who we promised him Why are then a promise has another good for who so he left the one who meets it

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one who obtains it

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common like who materna who we benefited him

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matar benefit al-hayat of the life adonia of the world. So much then who he yarmulke gamma on the Day of Judgment men from Alma Marine, those who are presented

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were yoma and en de una de him, he will call them fire kulu So, he will say, I know where should I carry my partner's alladhina those who control you were does it remove you all claim?

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Color he said, a Latina those who have got

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it became deserving.

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It became Do you are laying him upon them alone the word robinair or our up? How are these alladhina are those who are wainer they misled us

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away now whom we misled them.

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Gamma just as Valena we went astray

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the bolotnaya we declared our innocence

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ilica to you may not ganu. They were Yana us yerba doon, they worship walkie and it was said either you will call shoulder care or comb your partner's further out. So they invoke them follow them so not yesterday boo. They respond la home for them. What a will. And they saw the punishment low if unknown. Indeed they can. They were Yeah, they don't. they obtain guidance. Why Elma and en de una de Him He will call them fire kulu. So he will say, Mother, what is that? A job, Tom, you all responded, well mousseline to the messengers, for Armenia. So it became obscure, it became blind,

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are laying him upon them and bear the news. Yo Ma, even that day, for whom so they are not yet alone. They will ask each other

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for ama so as for man who daba he repented? What am Anna and he believed? What are Mila and he did? So Allah Han righteous faster than perhaps on that yakun he will be men from a Muslim, those who are successful.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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balbina Paulina,

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Jimena. shahidi, in Walla.

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to see the

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meaning Balam

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Hold on.

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To be kita

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Debbie Runa

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da da

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da da mean

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go on?

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muslimeen una

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Andy Warhol Oh,

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top of me of Lina

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de la dee da da da

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da da da

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to scan

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Wyoming una de

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la Vina

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una una

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una de

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la Mancha.

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Mr. g