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– The Minor Migration

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Today we're going to finish off the minor migration. And that's what we're going to stop. next term we're going to pick up from major events in Mecca, such as Islam abolish the death of Khadija or delana. And then we're going to look at the major migration. But today, we're going to conclude the minor migration. Now, the believers were being persecuted. And so they're requested from the prophet to migrate. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed them to go with

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IB, sr, and the migration to ever Sr. happened twice.

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Migration there were two migrations. Chavez senior.

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The first involves around 16 people.

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And the second involves around 100 people. Now while we're there, too,

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because of a rumor.

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There was a river after the believers migrated to Ethiopia, and never senior, there was a rumor that he had accepted Islam. How did that happen?

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And by the way, I think you know, it's only mentioned one or two pages of the minor migration. So we're going to go into a bit more detail shortly. Why was that rumor coming up that Christ accepted Islam?

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What happened was when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam received sort of the najem, what's the najem? what's the what's the regimen? The STI, yes,

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he recited this surah and the believers and disbelievers were present. And

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to the last day of the solar is, first you do rely wobbu, prostrate to Allah, and worship Him. So what happened? Because the kuffaar were listening to this whole surah from the beginning, and they are so in tune with the ad. When the Prophet recited prostrate, what do they do? they're frustrated, they all went down into sewers, right? And you can imagine the institution thinking, what did we just do? Right? They got up and they just accused the Prophet, magician, magician, magician, right lies, they couldn't hack it, basically. So that rumor came about saying that awkward, he accepted Islam status, the believers who were in Abyssinia, they came back, it was Oh, false rumor. And they

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all went back again, and this time with more people. So amazingly, we said the source energy was called the star. So what did it do to the kuffaar? It made them starstruck literally, when they frustrated I was starstruck by it. So it's interesting that the name that was given to him, I don't know him. They didn't accept Islam. And when the believers migrated, did koresh topica hamdulillah we got rid of the you know, magician and the problems and the terrorists right now. I'm gonna stop them. They went after them. And that's a very important lesson sisters, that even if you stop your dog, even if you stop, they're not going to stop.

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Even if you stop calling to Islam, the kuffar not going to stop because their problem is not you as a person their problems with Islam. They want to try and extinguish Islam from the face of the planet

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where the believers are a threat to Quraysh. politically,

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religiously, no, economically No, though, in another country for crying out loud, but Allah, they want to go and chase them and bring them back exactly what the kuffaar do today, when the believers want to go and read themselves from the cover. I want to go to another country and live they're not they're not happy. Now we want to bring you back. Let's say love it or leave it right. They say love Australia leave it Okay, I'll leave it in a continent. Right? After they do exactly. I want to leave them You can't leave, we can't leave. So they sent the ace in the hole mastermind mastermind negotiator, professional diplomat, extremely articulate and knowledgeable. Who was it? I'm gonna

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blast. So Quraysh sent

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to go after them.

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Why as we said, smart, intelligent on the ball, very good with his words master negotiator, a diplomat. So he went first, not to the king.

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And what is was to lessen the believers to the king.

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Due to his justice, even though he was a Christian king, he was just and I showed you the importance of justice, even though Tamia said Allah will destroy a nation that's unjust, oppressive, even if it's a disbelieving, even if it's a believing nation, and Allah will keep a nation that is just even if it's a disbelieving nation.

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And he was just a panelist, so the Prophet, of course, sent the believers there, but not just for justice. But because Quraysh and the Arabs had ties with Ethiopia, Judah trade, that was another reason. And third reason was that a solo was, was influenced by the Ethiopian culture, who raised him early his amendment Halima, right. Ella habashi. She was missing ethos. He had a taste for Ethiopian culture, literally, he would eat their food. That's what when he was old, there was a prophet or a man came after him one day, and she said, I want you to try this. And also said, What is this? Right, she said, it's Ethiopian.

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can imagine what it was for so what is it what is this? But although it was halal, but Allah Allah what it was but she even afterward she would present him with foods and any dishes from Ethiopia animal him Tara sama chose if you appear for those three reasons but primarily he's justice the king the Kings justice secondly

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tradable familiar with Ethiopia

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correct he had some of course influenced by Ethiopian culture

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so I'm gonna ask he doesn't go to the king directly Who does he go to first

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yeah the no these officials basically the you know those who work for the king and the security and so forth he goes to them first and when he give them gifts he bribes them gift for you if you if you listen up, hand over the Muslims. I said look, we can't do so but we'll definitely put a good word for you said okay but don't allow the Muslims to meet this king. Why

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they he feared for an he fade the Muslim reciting some Quran on a joshy perhaps he'll become

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the kuffaar feed the Quran. And it shows you how even the disbelievers knew the power of the Quran back then even they knew it. If we're not using Quran in our system, there's a big problem. huge chunk of your Tao is gone. If you know us code and memorize code and use it in your dog. What better speech? Is it in the speech of Allah? For a lot of today, they focus on quotes from Shakespeare quotes from you know, some some guy I don't know. Right?

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Martin Martin Luther King, and even one day he said to be successful, we didn't have this trait of mine, Luther King and his tray of some other disbeliever. What? No, rasulillah have his traits. What are you talking about? Now? So Hey, babe, go figure. And this person, any of the below the stuff he does today is white. He has listened with men and women together. And this isn't even hijab. Imagine like brothers just you don't even know sitting next year, Medina is teaching in the laughing and giggling and cracking jokes the whole time. And what's that? A sandalwood? I don't know him. I don't know him. So

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he he then of course, he didn't want the believers to meet up with the king. However, when he meets up with the king, and he says, Look, there are some fools who have resided in your country, please hand them back to us. So we can deal with them. Exactly what Australia does when it speaks to the UN and other international councils, look, you know, Australians in our in your country, please hand them over. So we can of course imprison them for life. So the bishops are all the officials whether they say yeah, do what he says right? Because they will give some bribe. But what did the king say?

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He said, No, I will not hand over people who have sought protection in my land until I at least hear their side of the story. Look at that justice, more justice than many so called Arab rulers today, RG

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and of course, I haven't lost and I want this however, I had no choice. So the believers were called the Muslims will call for this meeting. And I'm Solomon aerates. And she's going to be the narrator of this hadith Islam. Listen, I'm here to tell you. She said we feed this however, however, we knew we had to do it. And we knew that we had to speak the truth. So they had a shorter and they elected to as the leader,

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Jafar. So it's our boss basically versus Java. And little does our boss know that he's actually going to accept a slim lead run, Java, even

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even a bit taller. So he's the brother of

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Ali Rolando. So Java is the brother of Ali. So he's elected as the image. Why, because of his wisdom, his knowledge, he's eloquent, and you'll see shortly. So Java is now in front of the king, the bishops or their their officials, or their hourglass and the father. And before I narrate this beautiful speech of Jafar, I want you to follow the structure of his speech, and listen to how he logically puts it in a cohesive argument.

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Now, keep in mind, who is Jafar talking to a king? That happens to be Christian? And does he have any knowledge on Islam? No. But to speak to one person who has only one of those qualities is hard enough right? To speak to a king is hard enough. And to speak to a person who is Christian is hard enough. Sometimes you doubt you're not really familiar how to speak to them. And to speak to a person who has no idea about Islam is also difficult. So he has to take all of this into consideration. How difficult is that task yet? He He's up for it. Listen to what he says. He says, oh, King, we were a people of polytheism. We worshipped idols. We ate the meat of animals that had

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died. We broke the rules of hospitality. We permitted things forbidden. We shed one another's blood and we completely ignore

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matters of right and wrong.

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Notice how he gave already from the onset the impression that look, we were at a chaotic stage. Then he said, so God sent to us a prophet, meaning the Prophet Muhammad from among ourselves whose honesty and trustworthiness we knew will. Now he's established credibility. So panels see how we lined him up perfectly. Okay, hello chaotic, barbaric. Now, talking about the Prophet, he's established credibility for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said he was from amongst us, and we knew him. And we knew he was trustworthy entries for the Jaffa continued. And brother if you want this, I can email it to you this whole

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is it that I didn't even realize. Then you go.

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Jaffer continued, he summoned us to worship Allah alone. Is this how he says it?

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He summoned us to worship Allah alone without ascribing any partners to him, to respect his rights of kinship, to under the right of hospitality, and to pray to God, the almighty the glorious, to fast for his sake, and to worship none other than Him, and to tear down all other idols that our forefathers worshipped, to be truthful in our speech, to keep our word to abandon things forbidden to abandon the shedding of blood, he forbade us to misuse the funds of the orphans, or to accuse women of chastity and piety falsely, he ordered us to pray, give arms and fast. So as you notice, Jafar, oh, Your Honor, he gave a bit of towhead and a bit of morals and a goodness towards the

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creator and goodness towards the creation. That's basically what Islam is built upon those two pillars, a famous Salah next,

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now, to second, so goodness was the creation, the solar and the gas for the creation, the people so creator and creation. So that's how you can summarize your vow to a non Muslim.

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And Can anyone disagree with what Jafar said? Truth honesty, uprightness, morals, no. So look at the beauty of his speech, look at his wisdom. And what he did he he took into consideration of the kingdoms or anything, might Islam and that's very important in your diary sisters. Sometimes we assume that whoever we're talking to knows well, what about No. Sometimes we assume that whoever we're talking to knows that Islam teaches good Now many people don't many people think Islam is about being barbaric and oppressive. No. So when you're speaking to a non Muslim, especially assume they have no idea about Islam, as though you're just basically talking to them like you're talking

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to a child. That's how he's presented it, just the basics. And he kept a brief, brief, comprehensive to the point. That's how it should be. Sometimes I'm in a hookah and the Imam is going around the world and around the world beat around the bush. I don't understand what the hook was about. And after a brother in law, I spoke to one of the brothers

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do you understand anything from

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me as brothers? was today's football about turtles? You asked your husbands? What was telescope about? I don't know. Have you had that before? happens? Sometimes you don't even know was rescued by that. Why? Because the malla bless older people in that way. But at the same time, we have to go back to see how the Sahaba and the Prophet did it. Keep it short to the point don't go around circles. Allah has done and sometimes Yeah, the KISS principle.

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Keep it simple, silly. Maybe not stupid. Like it was another word. I guess you can use maybe I think stupids a bit more a bit offensive.

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Okay, keep it short and simple. Even better. Keep it short and simple. I mentioned what you're going to talk about and not 101 topics in one. That's another problem as well. And as we said he didn't debate or he didn't, you know, make a debate out of it. I should tell you what we believe about Jesus, you know, he turns on the cross and he's the son of God he didn't turn it into a debate when you're giving Tao avoid argumentation and remember nozari said in our other lovely home inshallah further highlight him will gentle when men are humble, amen. If Allah was evil for people, he opened the door of argumentation, and who prevents them from implementation? A beautiful quote. Don't argue

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with people don't argue. You know, when people debate What do they want to do?

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When prove each other wrong, or the other wrong and crush their opponent, they just want to score points. Think of a like a game of soccer. You just want to score a goal. You just want to score a point for your team. Now if the other team happens to score the best goal in the world, right halfway, and it's a pigeonhole, right if you're into soccer, you know the terms right pigeonhole are right in the corner. It's an awesome goal. Are you going to say does that go ahead, and for that point, you just go to my team, I really appreciate it. No one's gonna say that. So even if you if you're debating and you come with a gym, you come with evidence and you come with something that's

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correct. They're not going to accept it. Don't make a doubt into debates.

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Then Jaffer continued with us we believed in Him, we trusted him doing all that he commanded us, but our people turned against us they showed aggression and harm does, seeking to take us away from our faith and return us to the worship of idols instead of God. It consider permissible the abominations we had previously allowed when they prevented us from practicing

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Our religion and they tortured us, we left for your country and we chose you Oh King above others. We design your hospitality and hoped we would not be harmed in your domain. Oh kings upon Allah beautiful ending Yani surely why he said, don't you think he's going to strike a chord in his heart? And he said yes. Because he's hearing, faith, worship, persecution sacrifice. It's reminding him of her.

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Try, they were persecuted as well. They were tortured. It reminded him about a Salah Salem. So surely it's affecting him. Surely he's gonna start feeling compassionate and merciful towards the believers. So this brought him closer to Allah, Islam and hamdulillah. Then Anna Joshi asks a very important question. He says, Did he did you bring anything from what he brought meaning the Quran? Did he did you bring with you some revelations? I can hear it? Jaffa said, Yes. Then he began to recite.

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What did he choose to recite from Merriam he could have chosen any surah Allahu Akbar, he chose Surah Maryam.

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And then he begins to recite, ohm selama who's done right of this hadith said, I swear that the research station was so beautiful and eloquent than a jazz she cried so hard his bead was soaked with his tears and all of his bishops cried so hard that they wet their Bibles. Allahu Akbar you can just imagine reciting is about a Sally Sam and Miriam Allison M and the sacrifice of race and on and on and on. And it just was so emotional that I brought them down to tears a lot but that's what the Quran can do.

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And he if you were to look at the difference between Islam and Christianity and how we honor a Sally cinema Miriam is big difference. suited Miriam Subhana Allah I how surah dedicated to Maria Maria Salaam in the Quran. You don't even have that same virtue for the Christians in the Bible. You don't have the chapter of Mary in the Bible, that is something that we have that they don't even have. And many of our listeners is the only woman mentioned by name in the whole clan. Miriam. You don't find any other female mentioned by name in the Quran. Rajiv amazing. Look how Islam has honored Miriam, and a solace to them. It's common practice for Muslims to name their children aisa. But it's very

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uncommon for the Christians to name their children, Jesus. We try to dress like him and his mother, modestly, etc. The men look like him with a beard. We pray like him in their Bible in the God of depravity. Jesus prayed frustrated for his forehead on the ground and sola. That's exactly what we do five times a day, Jesus was circumcised on the seventh day practice of many Muslims today. When we hear his name we say Elisa, and when I hear his name, they say nothing. Who is following a salicylic mo well, lights the Muslims. Well, hamdulillah Look how Islam has honored a Salah Salem and his mother. And we'll end with and this is something that even happens today. lmm Allah He was

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mentioning that one of his students, he used to be a taxi driver. And one day, who enters a taxi this man and he begins, you know, chit chat as many taxi drivers do. This man is basically from out of town who was a priest, and he came to San Diego for this convention. And so the taxi driver says, Look, I'm a Muslim and we believe in Jesus. And he's even mentioned in Akram, would you like me to recite something from the Quran? He said sure.

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He said it was late at night. And I recited these ads from the Quran about a salicin and his mother and I will translate I would recite I would translate the whole trip. That priest remained silent the hallway. He said at the end of the trip I looked behind me and I saw he was crying.

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I Giovanni even as is so powerful, they affected him. And any form of Christians will testify to this the words of the Quran and how it describes it as Ali Salaam and Miriam will lie. It brings a Christian to us and see it brings them to a state of humbleness and submission they begin to cry and he said he was so affected he gave me $100 tip as well. Okay benefited from his Deen and dunya ajeeb and so in the jar she said you are free to do what you want. You are free go you know I'm gonna but I was just sitting there like dumbfounded egg on his face. He walked out furious. And then he said, By Allah tomorrow I'm going to expose these Muslims his partner said what are you going to do

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tomorrow? He said, I'm going to tell the king that they say Jesus is a slave a servant. I'm gonna do basically the degrading

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now this I'm gonna blast believe in all this. doesn't believe but why is he doing this? fitness stir he just wants to cause problems. Just like the Godfather today. They bring quotes from the Quran. Well they want to do is cause problems. Like Pauline Hanson oaf says Bismillah and the fruit Allah. He doesn't believe in any of this, but you just say that cause problems. So he goes to the king and he says the Muslims claim that Jesus is a servant. Right? He's trying to of course show the how the Muslims degrading the Naja. She was worried he said I don't want heretics in my land spreading things about Isa that are true. Call them back. Home. Salah says there was nothing that worried us

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more about the second meeting within the Jewish

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Should we go? Should we lie to be covered up? Or should we do?

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We agree that we're going to speak the truth.

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Once again, Java, we thought it'd be standard for the king. Everyone's there. The king asked him, What do you have an ISA? He says, Yes, we say he's a slave of Allah. But we also say is a messenger of Allah. He is crucial law. He is the word that Allah cast upon Miriam

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Naja. She said, I believe everything you say, and there's no difference between what you say and what we say, you are free. Allahu Akbar, the Muslims Alhamdulillah once again victorious, and it shows you if we didn't learn anything from today, just remember this. Speak the truth will set you free. Speak the truth. Truth has endurance. Speed law has speed is although the light is fast realize it won't last. Many times people lie, they think they're getting away with it. But in the end, they're going to get caught up to speak the truth. Even if it's against you, as a professor Lawrence lm said, quoted halfway in Canada, moron, speak the truth, even if it's bitter. So you can

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imagine the believers went up to him and was saying, Yeah, right, who got you and we're afraid our boss was furious. But hamdulillah the believers were victorious. They were free to of course, they are senior. And there were many reasons why they went to a senior wasn't just fleeing for persecution or in with this, but rather to shake the Qureshi dynasty. So

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they wanted to humiliate Quraysh because there were many who migrated to one being punished. Like a like Ohm Habiba, who was the daughter of Abu sufian.

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Right, they were from the elite, they weren't going to get punished. But it was other also to shake the foundation of grace, which didn't embarrass them. So they didn't just flee for personal persecution. But they fled also to, to try and shake the foundations of chorus. And they also fled to protect the man in her pseudo last lesson and doesn't want to put the believers in a state that they can't handle. Now, not everyone can handle the torture of below. No rock can handle the torture of hubbub about but some have to go to protect the man that's very important lesson also sisters, don't put yourself in a situation where it's going to test your faith.

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If you know I'm going to walk out of here shaky and it's going to affect me Gretna avoid it completely. And then that's why once that companion came to the Prophet, he said, I give this in South Africa or the size of an egg of pure gold. rasilla was angry. He said, Would someone give all of their wealth and the next day coming, beg and ask for help. But when I will, bucker gave all of his wealth, the profit like it, he did, he praised him. Even though both competitors gave all of their wealth, the profits reaction was different for age, because not everyone can handle every situation. So be mindful of what situation you put yourself in. And finally, migration was the

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ruling on that many earlimart gave a different opinion some sites fault some sites was the hub. Basically in conclusion of this issue, which is a big issue.

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Go to a country where you can practice Islam the best and openly. Once you feel you can't practice Islam openly to the best of your ability. Go to a country where you can protect yourself first and foremost, and your family in the best way. So if you find it overseas, go wherever you can. And if you're in a country where you can't leave, then do the minor hedgerow within the country, for example, like Kenya is better than vocalism Monday. So there's a migration within right so go to a place in a suburb where you can practice Islam, the best among the Muslims. We ask Allah to protect us, Hamza, we finished Syrah next term was actually going to be the continuation of meccan period,

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but we'll finish that in probably a week or two then we'll actually take el Medina. Does that come along? and sisters you're free to go melasma just use a panic. Aloha Mohammed ignatia. Elana Yes.

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Yes, yes, it was said that they understood Arabic because it didn't make sense for them to hear the Quran and the Oh, crying. Secondly, in the translation also won't have that effect. But secondly, we said that Quraysh had a lot of ties with ever senior with trade. So they had learned the language as well. So there is a difference of opinion, but it seems they did know Arabic one hamdulillah and that's why I'm Habiba.

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It does it does, yes. So even if some didn't, I would have affected them. And we know I'm Habiba. Salah Javi habashi I'm a man who looked after the Prophet should communicate with the prophet and yes, so

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that's a good question Mallory.