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Al-Baqarah 122-129 Translation


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Hill Karim a mother earth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem. Are Bish roughly 30. Were silly angry.

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Letter melissani of koko de urban as in

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Lesson number 18 Surah Al Baqarah Ayah number 122 to 129

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translations translation

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Yeah, Benny are children is la isla of Israel you both Kuru you all remember, near Mati, my blessing and Lottie which and until I bestowed la come upon you, one knee, and that indeed I felt one to come. I prefer you either upon Allah either mean, the world's what Taku and you all fear Yeoman? A de la not that easy. It will reveal not soon any soul and from nothing any soul, Shea anything wanna and nor Yoko Balu it will be accepted men her from it are the loan any compensation any ransom wanna and nor done Pharaoh her, it will profit it shefa or to any intercession whether and nor whom they use our own, they will be helped

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him and when

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he tested Ibrahim, Ibrahim and his son, Rob boohoo his Lord, because he met him with some words for atom mahana then he fulfilled them

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on he said in need indeed I Jerry Luca, one who makes you Lynn nursey for the people, mm leader.

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Other he said women and from the Yeti, my progeny, my offspring. Allah He said, Let's not do it reaches are the my promise of Wally mean, those who do wrong? What if and when? Your Honor, we made elevator, the house method button, a secure place of return. Lin nursing for the people. What a man and a sanctuary. What does he do? And you all take firmly men from mock army, standing place, Ibrahima of Ibrahim earlier center, muslin, a place for prayer? Well, and our hidden, we took a promise Isla towards Ibrahima Ibrahim or his salon. What is Marina, and it's Marina or the center. And that for hero you to completely purify batyr my house litho even for those who perform power,

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while are Aquafina and those who do erotica, what rocker and those who do recover a sujood those who do such the

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what if and when Allah He said Ibrahim, Ibrahim and he said A or B Oh my rub. Adrian, you make Heather this better than a city? I mean, safe waters and provide Allah who its people mean from a thermal rot the fruits, man, whoever he believed mean home from them below in Allah while young and the day and the last caller he said, woman and whoever glyfada he disbelieved for all my dear who then I will temporarily benefit him or nealon a little summer then about Whoo hoo, I shall compel him either towards either punishment, and now of the fire or beat sir, and how bad and mostly the destination? What if and when you refer he raises or he was raising

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Ibrahim Ibrahim and his son, Al kawari. The foundation's

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Men from elevate the house, what is Mary Lou? And is married or the seller Bob Brenner or our Lord Dr. Bell you accept men from us in Mecca indeed you and you alone. A Sameer the always on hearing Arlene, the always annoying

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but I've been uh Oh our Lord, when you're alone and you make us Muslim mainly to who submit lukka for you, woman and from the Buddha yet in our progeny, our offspring omoton a nation Muslim at and submissive lacquer to you what arena and show us monastic honor our ways of worship What up and turn in mercy Elena upon us in Mecca indeed you and you alone at the word, the greatest acceptor of repentance of Rahim the always All Merciful but our banner or our Lord Weber and you raise you appoint fee him in them for Solon a messenger been home from them yet Lu he recites I lay him upon them a Attica your versus where you are limo home and he teaches them elk whatever the book while

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heck matter and the wisdom why use a key him and he purifies them in liquor indeed you and you alone under Aziz the

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and Hakeem he always always

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what a dv

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What is john

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he mamasan

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up no book.

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We're now

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the semi

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de Tina

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