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Al-Anfal 59-75 Translation 59-75

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Habana for him for beshara

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Sidley, MD

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kahuku Cody probenecid in Lesson number 101 similar to unfurl iron number 59. To 75 Translation wanna and should not? Yes abunda he definitely think and levina those who cafaro disbelief cyber coup they overtook, they went ahead in the home indeed de la not your G zone they make helpless. Well, and very Do you all prepare the home for them ma watch ever is that Artem you all are capable men from time within any power any force woman and from rebel to time a home of the horses terhi buena you all frighten be with it. Or do what enemy Allahu of Allah? Who are the workroom and your enemy? What else arena and others men from dooney him besides them last night Darla Muna whom you

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all know them? Allahu Allah. Yeah, and then we'll whom he knows them warmer and whatever. 10 people you will spend men from Shay in anything fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah you will forget will be given for the LA come to you what anthem and you all learn not to be alone you all will be wronged. We're in and if Jenner who they inclined listen me for the peace or for the Islam for Jenna, then you inclined Lucha for it. What What girl and you trust Allah upon Allah Allah in the who indeed he or he is a semir the always on hearing and Arlene the always all knowing

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are in and if Yuri do they want and that the oka dadc deceive you. For in less than indeed has Becca enough for you, sufficient for you? Allahu Allah.

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He is a lady, the one who a year that he strengthened you, Venus really With his help, will be will move in and with those who are believers, well I love her and he put affection bainer between cannubi him their hearts, low if in fact you spent ma whichever V is in an earthly the earth jamir altogether. Ma not enough that you put affection bainer between cannubi him their hearts when I can but Allah Allah, Allah for he put affection by in a home between them in the whole indeed he Aziz on always Almighty Hakeem on always always yeah you heard or you never use the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has broker sufficient for you Allahu Allah women and whoever it the burqa, he

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followed you men from meaning the believers here as you heard or you know bu the Prophet have with you earn you insight or not meaning the believers either upon the fighting in a yakun he is men come from you should honor 20 Serbian ones who are patient are ones who are steadfast. Yakubu they will overpower me a tiny 204 in and if he is men come from you may atone 100 you have a boo boo overpower elephant 1000 men from a Latina those who care for who they disbelieved. We enter home because indeed a common a people do not have Cahoon they understand. And Anna now puffer he lightened he made light. Allahu Allah, unconfirmed you well and alima Keanu, and that indeed, three come in you

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that often is weakness for him. So if your country is men come from you may atone 100 saw the rotten one who is patient, one who is toughest, young liberal, they will overpower me attain 200

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If your country is men come from you and phone 1000 year avaliable they will overpower and faint 2000 the enemy with permission Allahu Allah Allahu and Allah ma is with a Serbian those who endure with patients now not gonna It was leanbean for a profit I'm that your corner He is known for him I saw prisoners captives happen until Justina he sheds blood feet in the earth to return you will want our other temporary benefit of dunya of the world. Allahu Allah Yuri do he wants the hereafter? Allahu and Allah Aziza always Almighty Hakeem on always always learner if not kita been a decree men from Allah He Allah subhanho la Masako surely attached to you, FEMA in watch a headstone you all

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took either a punishment as a human one great.

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So you will eat mimma from what whenever you are gained as war booty halonen as lawful even as pure what the coup and you will fear Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah reformed on most forgiving for Haven and was All Merciful. Yeah Are you hurt? Are you and maybe you the Prophet? Don't say Lehman for you fee in a decom your hands, men from an ESA the prisoners in if yerlan pinos Allahu Allah Fie in como become your hearts, Hydra, any good you come He will give you higher and better member from whatever

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it was taken may come from you will fit and he will forgive laquan for you will know who and Allah Horford on most forgiving for human always owner civil war in and if they want clear Nautica your betrayal or to betray you for God then in fact, on the betrayed Allah Allah men from our blue before funkiness, so he gave control or so he empowered men home from them will know who and Allah or Lehman I was all knowing how came on I was always in indeed and Medina those who know they believe Waheguru and they immigrated which are herding and destroy of utmost be Amani him with their wealth while enforcing him and themselves. fee in sabini way Allahu Allah Wa La Vina and those who when

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they gave refuge they gave shelter when SRO and they helped and I echo those babraham some of them earlier clothes protecting friends bobbin of others when Medina and those who am I know they believed while um and not you had you they migrate mal not Lacan for you men from one area to him their guardianship, men from Shay in anything, Hector until you had you they migrate, we're in and if the students are local, they seek help from you fee in a dean religion for Aleikum, then upon you and not through the help except either against a woman or people during a con between you or bring a home and between them. Nice open a covenant will know who and Allah Bhima with whichever Dharma Luna

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you all do proceed on all resolved seeing when novena and those who follow their disbelief bow to whom some of them earlier or close protecting friends. Bow then of others in there, if not tough, I know who you all do it. The con it will be fitna tone a fitna a trial she in the earth fitna can also be translated as discord fitna through discord, three in the earth, or for certain and mischief corruption Kabir on great one Medina and those who are money they believe, and they migrated to and they struggled utmost fee in Serbia Allah He Way of Allah on Medina and those who are well they give refuge when a sorrow and they help

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those whom they are not meaner to believers.

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helpful in truth my home for them not forgotten forgiveness what is under provision karimun one noble for generous when Medina and those who am a new they believe men from Bardo after Waheguru and they migrated which I heard you and they struggled utmost Marco with you for alayka so those men come from you know and possessors or ham of the wounds by the home some of them

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are near the bobbin with some fee in kitabi book or decree Allahu Allah in Allaha Indeed Allah they call me with every shame thing or demon always all knowing

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presentation of desire

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to me, boo, boo,

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boo me

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please join me

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saw the man can arena de

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La Hoya Z's own hockey, Lola

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the Bengkulu wanting to

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Bhima una voz de Waal levena

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carry on

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