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Al-Anfal 41-58 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 54-58


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of Iran's actions against Muslims, including attacks on people and causing harm. They also touch on the negative consequences of actions that cause harm, such as causing destruction and causing oppression. The speakers emphasize the importance of respecting people's promises and not falling in love with someone. They also emphasize the benefits of working with others and visualizing end results to improve one's mental health.
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Cuz the early fear own, there is is like the custom of the people of Iran,

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who's the people of Mecca, the way they have been destroyed, seminary, the people of Iran were also destroyed. Can that be what is coming like, and that was from the ruthlessness, then Hamza, and that is basically literally it means to walk continuously. And from this, it is to engage in an action continuously constantly

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understand, when a person is constantly doing something, when a person is constantly walking, constantly on the phone constantly writing, when a person does something constantly, it becomes his habit, his usual practice, norm,

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isn't it becomes his norm. So, their norm their way, there custom is like that of the people of Rome.

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What was the custom of the people of Iran,

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that they continue to deny the message, they continue to oppose the messenger musasa they continue to do injustice against the believers, the money is for you. And then what happened? Allah subhanaw taala, pull them out of their homes, isn't it so?

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And they came up with a lot of pride. Because Allah subhanaw taala says that for 100. Now, when we brought them out from their houses, and their palaces and their treasures, and all that they had a master, all the people went forth, because you wonder that all the people went forth. It wasn't just the army, everybody left, each and every person because of which the entire nation of Iran was destroyed. Because you may wonder the entire civilization what happened to it? Everybody left? Why did everybody leave? in their arrogance and pride, all of us are gonna go catch money.

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And when they went, they reach the middle of the sea. All of them were drowned. Similarly, what did he do? What did the people of Mecca do? Was it just a few people who were sent to fight the Muslims know, so many of them 1000 people, and amongst them so many leaders, the best people, they left, and when they left, they didn't just take a little bit with them, they took with them a lot of their money, a lot of their resources. Why? Because like a Buddha said, so that this day is a memorable day, this day becomes a memorable day. They want to defeat the Muslims, but what happened, everything turned against them. All the money they had taken it fell into the hands of the Muslims,

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similarly, fit around what happened to him, he took everything with him, all of his people, all the people were destroyed, and along with him, everything else was destroyed as well. So their practice their custom there and is just like the end of who and if it around the people of Pharaoh,

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who also persistently rejected the messenger, oppose the messenger, dare to fight against the messenger. And they were destroyed.

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One Medina and those people who mean probably him before them before who, before the people of Iran? Who was that? The people of Norway, the people of the people of the moon? What was that cafaro pietila. Their custom was that they denied the Ayat of Allah,

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Allah and obey Him. So Allah sees them because of their sins. In the law, Korean Indeed, Allah is strong, and he's also shredded or copy is also severe in retribution.

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So the consequences the people of Makkah have ended up with, very similar to what the previous people ended up with

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their Lika that is, meaning, this punishment, this destruction that was inflicted upon the disbelievers on the day of brother is why be anila is because Indeed Allah lamea komova urine near Mehta.

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He is not one who changes a blessing movie.

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Movie here is one who does delete What does that mean? From one era to alter to change something?

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But does it mean to alter to modify?

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Malaya is one who modifies one who alters one who exchanges.

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So Allah would not change near Mithen a blessing which blessing that he had blessed either accounting upon a people

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so a people on whom Allah had bestowed a favor.

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What could that favor be? wealth, great numbers, many leaders freedom, prestige, power, skill.

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So a blessing that Allah has given to people. Allah never changes it. Allah never substitutes it

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With something harmful with something bad, have that until you like it or maybe and forcing him until the people change what is with themselves until the people change their own condition, or anila, Simeon or him and Allah is hearing and his knowing. What does it mean by us? That if Allah has given a blessing to people,

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it's not that Allah has a bias against them all of a sudden, that he just takes away that blessing and inflict harm on those people. No. It's when those people do something wrong themselves, that they bring about the punishment of a law on themselves.

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It's their own wrong actions, that cause for that blessing to be taken away from them. It's not that Allah is unjust towards them. It's not that Allah has a bias against them, no, nothing like that. It's their own doing. It's their own fault. Because if you look at it, the people of their own, you wonder they had such a great civilization, so much skill, so many people, so much wealth, so much resources. Why was all of that taken away? Is this the injustice of Allah, it's not the injustice of Allah, Allah did not change their state. It's their themselves, who caused those blessings to be taken away from them.

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We learned earlier that when they continuously denied musasa, Allah subhanaw taala, central one punishment upon them after the other, isn't it? The toofan and several types of creatures the blood, so many things were sent upon them Why? So that they would change.

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Allah had given them the blessings. But when they persisted on their cover, their blessings were replaced with what? With what? punishment. Similarly, the people of Mecca, they enjoyed many blessings. But when they themselves turned hostile against the messenger,

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then they met their own destruction. So they brought their destruction upon themselves. It's not a less injustice against them.

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So what does this ayah teach us that if people have been given a blessing, and they remain on obedience to Allah, then that blessing will remain with them.

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But if they have been given a blessing, and they begin disobeying Allah, then that blessing is going to be taken away from them. Because we learn in the Quran, Allah in Jakarta, let us either local if you're grateful, I will increase the blessing for you. Not that I will take it away from you. Similarly, we learn in sort of the shoulder i a 31, men are sobre, como si button, Fatima cassava ad con.

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And whatever strikes you of disaster, it is for what your own hands have earned,

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you have brought it upon yourselves in our center, our center only unphysical. When a sector further has rotted is what is number seven, that if you do good, you do good for yourselves. And if you do evil, you do it for yourselves.

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So the conclusion is that if Allah subhanaw taala has given a blessing to people, and it's taken away from them, then they should reflect on their actions, they should reflect on what they have been doing.

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You understand? If Allah has given a blessing to someone, and that blessing is taken away from them.

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That blessing is taken away from them. It could be any type of blessing

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could be money could be the love of a person could be the friendship with another

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it could be freedom

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could be happiness,

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good health. If it's taken away from a person it's quite possible that it's because of his own actions because a lot does not change the best thing until people themselves change their situation.

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There's it's like the custom of the people of Iran the case of the meccan unbelievers is just like the case of who the people of Iran 1 million amicably him and those people before them, who were they the people of New loot the people of God the people of the mood. What did they do? What was your custom that cuz that will be it Robbie, they deny the ayat of their Lord, for lack now whom we don't obey Him so we destroy them because of their own sense. Allah gave them blessings. But when they committed sins, Allah destroyed them because of those things. Were a lacuna and we drowned out a fit our own. The people that fit our own. What was it mean? And all of them were oppressors. All

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of them were wrongdoers. They brought this upon themselves, Allah was not unjust towards them.

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Initially, there were beer in the law, indeed the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah. The worst of living creatures, not shovel ness, not the worst of all people. what has been said, Shut the web the worst of all creatures.

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in the sight of Allah or who, and Medina Kufa, who those people who disbelieve, for whom lay me know, and then they don't believe.

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Why, what is it that makes them soul disgraced in the sight of a loss of penalty, that they're lower than the rest of creatures. Because as we learned earlier, that one a person does not use the faculties that Allah has given him, the eyes, the ears, the heart, when he's not being a human being, you understand, when Allah has given him the abilities, and he's not using them,

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then he becomes the lowest of the low, he becomes worse than other animals even. Because other animals at least they're being animals. They're using the abilities that Allah has given them, they're doing what they're supposed to do. They stay within their limits.

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But human beings, when they don't use their abilities, then they prove themselves worse than other creatures. Especially when a person rejects the ayatollah, especially when a person does cover.

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Generally, when people deny when people do go for the tank, they're very smart. Being an atheist, right is a sign of intelligence, being very smart, being very learned. But what does Allah say? Worst of creatures, worst of creatures? Because an animal even

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what does it do? It does only what it's required to do.

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So you as a human being whom Allah has given, aka whom Allah has given intelligence, you're behaving worse than an animal.

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So Allah, Vina cafaro for whom law you know, they don't believe we learned in South Africa, I have 44 that I'm an actor at home. Yes. morona. Oh, European, or do you think that most of these people hear or listen here or reason? Do you think that most of these people they hear? Or they use their mind? No, they don't. In home, illogical anon, they're not except like grazing livestock? Well, oberlo subida. Rather, they're more straight in their way. Because at least the animals the grazing livestock, they're using their ears. When the shepherd calls them, they respond. But these people, when the messenger calls them, they don't respond. When a law calls them, they don't respond.

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They're much worse than animals. And if you look at it, what's the main concern of an animal?

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What's the main concern? What are you supposed to eat, where he's supposed to live? When he's supposed to migrate? Right? This is what the animals are concerned about.

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Similarly, a person who does not have a purpose in his life, and that purpose is to worship Allah, soprano. darna, than anything else that he's doing is what animal like, for example, a person goes to school studies for years and years, then goes makes money. Why?

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So that he can feed himself so that he can get some pleasure, so that he can have some fun

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isn't just like an animal. It's just that you went through a much harder process, compared to an animal. But at the end of the day, the process is very similar, very similar. Both are struggling, both are traveling, both are searching for what food, pleasure, fun, excitement, and at the end, both are turned to dust. Both are in the ground. What's the difference between a human being and an animal?

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If a human being does not use his mind, his reason that Allah has given him

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and he does not use that, to find Allah to worship Allah to serve Allah.

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Allah Vina, I hate them in home. Who are these people, especially

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who are described in the previous ayah? They are those people whom are hurt them in whom you made a treaty with them.

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I heard it from the veterans, I heard that

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you made a treaty with them. But what do these people do? So my uncle Boehner the home, then they break their promise when fee Connemara, in every situation in every time.

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Every time they break their covenant, their treats that you made with them,

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while home lay a tone and they don't fear at all.

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So if a person continues to break his promises, what does it show?

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What does it show? He does not have to cover he does not fear of loss.

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Who are these people and levena Ottoman home? It refers to the hood of Medina and even our buffalo the Darren who says these are the hood of Medina, especially the manipulator.

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What was the promise? What was the covenant that they had made with the profit sort of officer.

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As you may have learned that when the profits are a lot of sort of migrated to Medina, he made a treaty dummy south of Medina and it was made way too, between the Muslims.

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The different tribes as well as the machine who were in Medina, as well as the yahood of Medina. And it was a treaty in which all the different groups were bound with certain responsibilities. And they were required to fulfill all of them so that the different groups could live in harmony in one place. Because when there are different people, following different religions, different cultures, different practices, when they're living together, then there must be some pact that creates harmony in the society, otherwise, constantly, there will be conflict. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made a treaty with all of these groups. And one of the clauses was that if someone attacks and all the

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groups of Medina would join forces and defend,

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as in all the groups of Medina, all different people will join forces, and they will defend Medina together, regardless of who the enemy is coming to attack, whether it's all of them or a particular group. But in practice, what would they do? They would go against the treaty, they would not side with the believers Rather, they would side with who, those people who were attacking the Muslims. So a Latina had them in home. So my uncle Donna home, then every time they break their promise, we call the mobile home later on, and they don't fear

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instead of siding with the Muslims, or with the side with the disbelievers. So over here, what did they do at the Battle of others, they gave weapons to the crush.

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They gave weapons to, to the courage. And when they were asked, Why did you do this, they would say, Oh, it was a mistake, renew the treaty.

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It was a mistake.

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For images of unknown so Allah subhanaw taala, guides the Muslims with regards to dealing with them. That if you gain dominance over them, where we'll help in war, that often is from their own collector's sense of self. And self is to perfectly perceive something it is to see something, to get hold of something, do fulfill something with perfection, and expertise.

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To understand, to perceive something to get a hold of something, do have control over it, to accomplish a task how, with perfection, meaning perfectly, as well as to gain mastery over something to gain control and power over something. So if you gain power over them, if you gain dominance over them, who does that refer to?

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What does that refer to the use of Medina where we'll help in battle?

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If you ever encounter them in battle, and you get to fight against them, if in future something like this ever happens, then what should you do? For shall it be him, man call for him, then disperse by means of them, those behind them Lumia the corona that perhaps they will be reminded? What does it mean by that foreshadowed? it? Shall it is on the roof fetters Sheen, all that. And shirat is when a horse bolts away when a horse runs away,

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and has read the shield buried is when a camel runs away.

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So basically, it is to deal with someone in such a way that other people run away. You understand? Like, for example, there is a group of children.

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And they're all being very mischievous. One of them does something wrong, and you give him a timeout. Or you tell him Okay, you're out of the classroom.

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So what's going to happen? other people, other kids are not going to dare to do what he's done. Early we read the word nicad. What is exemplary punishment, but shall it is to chase other people away from doing what the person did, how, in the way that you deal with them in the manner that you deal with them.

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So shall it be him Mahal for home, those people who are behind them, meaning in generation after them or other tribes, deal with these people in such a way that they don't dare to deceive you. They don't dare to betray you. deal so severely with them in battle that other people become afraid. set an example for the rest of the people that are Lumia the cone so that they can take a lesson and they will not even dare to do something like what their predecessors have done. What a mother has offered them in common and if you have reason to fear from a people, what Christianity and vitriol

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in matter how often if you fear and notice the word noon, the letter noon, what is the mean definitely meaning if you really have

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have a reason to fear.

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If you really have a reason to fear, it's not just a one. It's not just an assumption or a thought. But you're very sure

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that from some other people, you think that they're going to betray you here, and then you fear betrayal from them. So for example, you've made a treaty with them. Okay? And you know that they're heading towards betrayal, they're doing some things, which are against the treaty. So you're very sure of betrayal from these people.

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You made a treaty with them, and he's breaking it. What are you supposed to do this pretend everything is okay.

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Is that what you should do? No, because if you do that they're going to harm you. What's the objective of a treaty so that the different groups can live in harmony, there is peace, there is no war. You've made a treaty with another group. And you know that they're going to betray you, then what should you do? secretly planning in some no? firm bid? Then you throw back? known barrel number that what does that mean, to throw something away? So firm mithila him, so throw back towards them? What?

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The same retaliation? There are, the facts are less aware upon equal terms. In other words, openly dissolve the treaty,

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openly dissolve the treaty.

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It doesn't mean that if you know they're going against the treaty, you don't do anything about it. Because if you don't do anything about it, you're going to suffer?

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Or if they're going against the treaty, you also go against the treaty?

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If you know they're doing piano, then dissolve the treaty openly.

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Many times what happens if two people have made an agreement to do something? One person goes against the conditions, the other person takes that as a license for what going against the conditions as well.

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They're not fulfilling their promise, I will also not fulfill my promise. They're not doing their job, even I will not do my job. Both of us are in equal terms know, what does Allah subhanaw taala say to us, that if you know they're going against the treaty, dissolve the treaty, finish it off or less on equal terms, what does he mean by equal terms, that you know, the treaty is dissolved? And even he knows treaties dissolved? Both of them both of you know,

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why should you dissolve the treaty? Because in the law, halaya, horrible hardening Allah does not like those people who are treacherous.

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Don't think that if they're being deceptive, you can also be deceptive. If you do that, Allah will not love you. If Allah will not love you, He will not aid you, then what will you do without him? You are nothing without him. You can never be successful without him. So in this ayah, the beautiful teachings of Islam are given over here, that this is the o'clock that Allah wants to instill in us, that Allah wants us to develop within ourselves, that don't be treacherous, even in war, even in war, even in battle, don't be treacherous. What do we think? that everything is permissible in war, right, you can be treacherous you can be mean you can do whatever, everything is unreasonable, but

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rather what do we learn from here that Allah does not like to harini even when you are at conflict with another people still don't go against the rule of law has given you. So if you want to nullify the treaty, if you want to come out of it, then openly dissolve it. There is an incident of Islamic history that is recorded and Muslims, in which it is mentioned that Salim Ahmed, he said that more Alia to the Lauryn Hill, he was leading an army when he was a halifa. He was leading an army in Roman lands.

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So the Muslim Empire then there was a Roman Empire. So he was leading an army in Roman lands at a time the peace treaty was valid. So there was a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Romans at that time. And he wanted to go closer to their forces so that when the Treaty of peace ended, he could invade them immediately. And Mr. So while the peace treaty was still applicable, what did he do? He prepared the army

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so that as soon as the treaties dissolved, they can go and attack them.

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So an old man writing his animal, when he found out he said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, be honest and stay away from betrayal. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever has a treaty of peace with the people, then he should not untie any part of it, or tie it harder, meaning make more conditions until the treaty reaches its appointed term. You cannot alter the treaty until it reaches the term or he should declare the treaty null and void so that they are both on equal terms. So it's not that you have the peace treaty and you're preparing for war. You cannot do that. It's not permissible. So and while we all did our know was informed of the prophet SAW this in a statement,

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he retreated. Immediately he retreated his armies and they found later that that man

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Embassy, may Allah be pleased with them.

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So what do we learn from this ayah that if you have a promise of someone, you have an agreement with someone, then you're not allowed to betray, even if they are betrayed,

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even if they're betrayed.

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An example could be a treaty, a covenant between a husband and a wife.

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What happens, the wife finds out that Jasmine is deceiving me, Jasmine is lying to me. So she thinks even I can lie to him. Even I can deceive him,

00:25:35--> 00:25:43

the wife finds out the husband is not telling her things that are very important. So she thinks even she cannot tell him about things that are very important necessarily for him to know.

00:25:45--> 00:25:50

Our behavior towards another should not be based on how they behave with us.

00:25:52--> 00:25:57

This is not the way of a believer our behavior towards another should be on how Allah wants us to be.

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Like, for example, when it comes to joining relationships, so that what does it mean? That if the other person is good to you be good towards them? Is that your son, that's not your son that says the quality? What is their son, that when the other is bad towards you, you do good towards him? This is what your scientists that is what sort of arguments that you're trying to join relations with the other person, and he's not doing it.

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Generally, we think if they don't care, why should I care? Well, you should care because it's an obligation on you.

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And if you wish to end the covenant, if you wish to end the treaty, then do so openly and publicly. So that the other person is aware on equal terms, so that no one suffers. Because if you do so secretly, then they will suffer.

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We listen to the recitation of

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anybody walk on

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boom feel

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boom, whoa.

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Number 45 I was taking that it applies all the steps that have been given to us all the keys to success, these apply to us even as a Muslim Omar, because we are the chosen online, it's our responsibility to convey the message. So if we follow these steps, then we will be able to do it successfully inshallah. And also in number 53, we see that how our blessings are only taken away from us when we ourselves do something wrong. So I know somebody who, whenever a little things, we fell on them, they used to say it's magic. And now when they are learning the Quran, they say, Oh, we should do more stuff or whenever difficulty comes to their way. They think like maybe we are

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doing something wrong, and we should increase in average, or something we should all do. And we should all convey to other people as well. That when something wrong happens, we blame other people. Or we say it's their planning, if they're plotting against me, it's their jealousy against me. Or, you know, we just say okay, fine, whatever, or we're indifferent to the situation. But the fact is that a believer, he is awake, he is alerted everything that happens to him. But he's not like the animal who does not know why his master died him and why his master freed him. Right? he reflects on every situation. So whenever there is a problem whenever there is a difficulty, the believer always

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does differ that perhaps it's because of my sense that my neuroma has been taken away from me. Perhaps it's because of my own wrongdoing, that my blessing has been changed into a disaster for me, everything was fine. I was so happy, life was so good. And all of a sudden, there are so many problems now. So whenever we're in a difficulty, we should increase in our history.

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I was just thinking like, being a student of Quran and helping out others as well as Allah subhanaw taala has given us opportunity is a blessing as well right now. And though these verses are, of course, in the particular context of the Bible, but I was thinking, How can I take a lesson for myself here. So while we are here, me too, we instill all these beautiful abilities with Allah has mentioned in us that the survive me form, and then to sacrifice a lot a lot, for the sake of Allah only helps you to get this above on the sidewalk. Yes. And then if you keep reciting, only then you're able to remember what are the commandments of Allah so and then you are able to do the

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implementation. And this never happens until you don't get the patience. So Subodh doesn't happen until you don't have the patience. And the finally, what it hit me in the shell of the web in the login, let

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me know why they're coming across to the dour. You need all these abilities out there is so many people, they're in worse condition. So feel good for them, like, have a good feeling for them, affection for them in your heart, and instill in all these abilities so that you could help them out as well. And remember the shutdown in the middle because I was thinking to the Saran fall begin. He's not here until now. Because in the Sora era, we have been in detail got introduction how worst he works. So remember, he will come all the way in your ways to test you. How can you I always recognize

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I was thinking about the verse, For sure, Don is saying, you know, I can see what you can't see and you know, like where he leaves him alone by themselves. That is very good for dhaba because it sort of tells people that you know, the one you're relying on so much right now he's not going to be there when time comes to actually get retribution. And he's not going to be there to support you because he's gonna be like, I'm for your responsibility. Like I'm done right. So it's like really good to show them. This sort of

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Also for ourselves, that every time we attempt to do something, think of it. This is from Shere Khan. And on the Day of Judgment, he's going to abandon me. Because generally what happens, people say to us do it, I'll take the blame for it, I'll pay the price for it. People say that even Indonesia, I'll get the blame for it, I will pay the price for it, you don't need to worry about it. You know, I'll tell your mom, I'll defend you write this, let her talk to me. And that's it. But the thing is people who encourage you to do something wrong, when you're in trouble, they don't come to help you.

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They don't come to help you. They don't come to you at all.

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I was just thinking about how Platinum isolation was given the dream of seeing the people who are less than him and it just shows the importance of visualizing your end result and kind of helps you For example, like some of the sports players they tell you stories of when they got injured, and how they got back into their game and they tell you how they visualize each step and again Charles would help us

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over here definitely was a dream of Las Pantone and showed him that dream. And sometimes it happens with people as well that before the test they have a dream that you know this is coming in the test or this question is coming in the test itself from Allah

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Subhana Allah home Allahu will be hamberger Misha the one that either had Illa and the Sufi loca wanted to really assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Hebrew.