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Al-Anfal 59-75 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 59-60

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Are you going to shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 101. So little unfair number 59 to 75.

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Well, they are seven alladhina cafaro sobre coup in the home layer it is own. And let not those who disbelieve think they will escape.

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Why? Because indeed, they will not cause failure to Allah. They can never defeat the plan of Allah. Layer seven, he should never think like this. He should never assume like this, who alladhina cafaro those people who have disbelieved. They should never think that cyber coup, they have escaped

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several coup is from the roads that were seen back off. And Subbu is to proceed. It has to go to get ahead of someone.

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So basically, in a competition in a race, where one goes ahead of the other. This is what Sabha is

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of the same route as a quarterback, which is for a lesson. Why? Because with each lesson, you move forward, you go ahead.

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So the disbelievers should never think that they have gone ahead. What does it mean by this? That they have one against Allah, and the messenger and the believers by escaping the battlefield safely?

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Because remember, at the Battle of 1000, mushrikeen, King

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70 were killed 70 were taken as captives. The rest of them who were many number, they're being told over here that don't think you have escaped Allah.

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Don't think you have caused failure to Allah, that you have come back home all safe and sound No, never think that you're safe. Never think that you have defeated Allah and the messenger. Why? Because in the home layer, it is on indeed in reality, the disbelievers they can never make helpless, who Allah,

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they can never make the plan of Allah defeated. Your design is from your Jesus Arjuna your accuser, which means to make someone incapable to defeat someone else.

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So they can never defeat the plan of Allah, they can never avoid the punishment of Allah.

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So over here, indirectly, the believers are being addressed, that the might the multitude, the success of the disbelievers, it should not worry you the fact that they have gone back home safe, or the fact that they have so much money, the fact that there are so many in number, never think, never become grieved because of that. Never think that because of this reason they will be successful. Because momentarily, they are successful. They may have escaped, they may have saved themselves. They may have outstripped the believers with regards to worldly affairs. However, in reality, they cannot cause failure to the deen of Allah. Why?

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Because Allah has sent His Deen so that it overcomes all other religions. They cannot defeat the religion of Allah they cannot defeat the plan of of

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insalata Toba I number 33. We learned who one lady also Nawaz Sula, who bill who there were the National Hockey League heroes hero who are the DD Coleen well Carrie Hall machico.

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It is he who has sent His messenger with guidance and their religion of truth. Why? To Manifest it over all religions, even if the machine dislike this, even if the dislike the fact that allows religion is being dominant, even if they try to oppose it. So believers, never be impressed by the disbelievers never think that if today they're successful, they will always be successful. No success is not decreed for them. In the home layer it isn't.

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When people see the temporary defeat of the Muslims, what do they think that Islam will eventually be eliminated?

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It's a conspiracy against Muslims and Islam to completely eliminate the Muslims to completely eliminate their religion of Islam. But never get baffled by these incidents. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is setting us in the home layer so they can never defeat the plan of Allah. They can never become victorious they can never eliminate the light of Allah.

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So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, that the one who does wrong never prospers. Never.

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Even if

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parently in the worldly sense, he may seem to be successful. The one who does wrong never prospers. He never become successful. Therefore, never envy the person who is doing wrong. And despite that is prospering Indonesia, because sometimes what happens, we see someone who is dealing with rubber, who is doing something wrong. And we see they have earned so much money. They're so successful, and sometimes we become envious. For example, there will be two friends, three or four people who have studied together in school. Upon graduation, one of them does not care about what is halal, what is haram. He takes a job position in which the earning is completely Haram. He doesn't care. And he's

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making so much money and the other person, he restricts himself in the conditions that Allah subhanaw taala has given him and because of that, his options are limited. And he takes a job for instance, in which the earning is completely hollow. However, the money is not that much. so in this situation, he should never become envious of the one who is making more money. Never. Because that person is disobeying Allah soprano.

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So if momentarily the other person seems to be successful, despite his disobedience to Allah, never have this anger in your heart that this is not fair.

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That they're disobeying Allah. They're doing harm and look at them. They're so successful. And me, I'm struggling so much. And here I am still where I was before. It happens with many people. For example, girl art or take up your hijab, you get married, you look so beautiful, but she puts on her hijab, and when she does not get married for a while people to see it's because of your hijab. See, because you went into the alhuda course, because you studied the Quran, you don't have a career. What does Allah say?

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That don't get impressed by these people. Don't. Somebody who's doing something wrong? temporarily, he may seem to be successful. Don't be envious in your heart. Don't be upset in your heart. Because that person will never be successful, you will be successful. Even if right now you may have to suffer some harm. Because what Allah has in store for you is much better than what these people are enjoying right now through how long through unlawful means, through acts of disobedience.

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So never become upset, never become envious of those people who are doing something

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weird or insulted or uncovered. And number four, um, hazaribagh leadin, ar meluna sejati as the owner, sir, am I a common?

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Or do those people who do evil deeds think that they can outrun us? They can defeat us. They can defeat our plan. Evil is what they judge. Because never can a person who disobeys a law be successful. Never. What happened to Pharaoh?

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What happened to the people of Luke? What happened to so many people before? Each and every one of them was finished, was destroyed.

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So never be impressed by those people who do wrong.

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And sort of earlier Am I a 196 197 we learn, lay or run NACA takala bernadina kifaru fullblood been deceived by the movement of the disbelievers throughout the land that they freely move about, from this country to that country, this land to that land.

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freely, they're traveling without any problems. So it should not deceive you Why? Because it is metabolically ill and it is but a small enjoyment.

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So Mama, welcome Johanna wibit sent me her then their final refuge is hell and wretched is the resting place.

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So what if they can enjoy traveling today without any restrictions? And when you have to travel, you have to go through so much difficulty. So what what's the big deal? So what if you cannot go to one country? Maybe you cannot go to three countries? What's the big deal? The land of a lie is so huge. So don't be deceived by the freedom of who? Those people who disobey Allah? Because they can never be successful. never

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worried do the home and instead, you should prepare for them?

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Or do from the real factors that are that what does that mean?

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and era that is to prepare something for the future.

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And it is to fully prepare.

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When you are fully done with your preparation. Can you count the things that you prepare?

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Can you?

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Yes, you can because you're fully prepared. You can count them. For example, if you're having a dinner in your house and people are coming and you're fully prepared, what does it mean? You will have all the dishes counted

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Even the cutlery counter, even the chairs counter

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even the hangers for people to hang their jackets, people go to such details. So what does that mean? You're fully prepared.

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So do prepare the home for them. Meaning for fighting the enemy must authority, Min coverting whatever you are able to

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do your best to prepare yourself for war in the future against your enemy.

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The Battle of other was the first battle.

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And from this now the Muslims are being taught that for the future. Be ready. Be ready. This was just the beginning.

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This was just the beginning. In the future, there'll be many more contracts between you and your enemy. So right now, what are you supposed to do? prepare

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this battle of whether they went into unprepared isn't it? So the circumstances were created such that the Muslims, they were forced to do it. For the future, make sure you're prepared.

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what has been said over here, first of all, prepare whatever you're capable of whatever that you can muster. off what? Firstly, go strength.

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What does go with me?

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strength, power.

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And in the context of war, over refers to everything that strengthens you for battle.

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Everything that strengthens you for battle,

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whether it is something physical, or intangible.

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For example, when it comes to tangible when it comes to physical means of strengthening yourself for battle. What does it refer to?

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First of all manpower, you have to have the people.

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If you don't have people, then how will you go for that you have to have the people. Similarly, this includes weapons, military power military, my arms. Similarly, it includes training the people, because if you have a mob of people have a great number of people. And they're not prepared. They're not trained, what good are they? What are they not at all useful?

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And if you have a few individuals, even who are fully skilled and prepared, they're much better. So preparation tangible OVA includes training that is given to the soldiers and tangible includes of Ramy. What does army mean archery shooting

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to shoot from a distance or at a distance? What's the evidence for that that includes a roaming from a harness which is reported in say a Muslim, as well as a Muslim?

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It is recorded that way when Ahmed he said that he heard the Messenger of Allah said a lot is that I'm saying while standing on the member, and he recited this ayah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah in quwata around you, in the water around you, verily, strength is what? army archery. Now you may wonder archery is with arrows, right?

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So that was probably relevant at that time.

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Later on, when people don't use arrows, then what does it mean by avani anything which is a means of shooting, whether it is through guns or tanks, or whatever

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the robots are a lot of Selim said, that lands shall be thrown open to you, lands shall be thrown open to you, and Allah will suffice you against your enemies, but none of you should give up playing with his arrows. None of you should give up playing with his arrows.

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And our modal dilemma, he said the teacher children three skills, swimming, archery and horseback.

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Because if you know these three skills, then you can save your life. If you fall into the water, you can swim, if you can drive a car, and if you can ride a horse, then you can also save yourself again

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if you can shoot whether it is shooting at an animal or a specific target, throwing an error or throwing a net or throwing a rock or something like a rope or something like that, you can save your life with it. So these skills are necessary are very important.

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So, first of all, includes tangible code and secondly it includes intangible core and what is intangible or refer to the strength of the heart. Amen. skill, courage.

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So prepare against them cool.

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And this could be physical could be intangible. Whatever is ready.

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given to the needs of that time,

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whatever is relevant to the situation that the believers are in

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whatever is relevant to the air,

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woman rebellion, Heidi, and also from horses, but what kind of horses steeds of war,

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meaning also prepares deeds of war

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to develop its own their own country's law balpa and the verb is to tie something. What does it mean?

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To try to bond?

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and Elaine? What does Heil mean? horses rebel clean? is a band of horses.

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What does it mean a band of horses, steeds of war band of horses, cavalry.

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And rebels is also for guarding the borders. Remember, this bill, wasabi rabito. From that I told you about the meaning of the word rebels? What is it about me to guard the borders? And for that? What is needed horses?

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Isn't it?

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And if you're guarding the borders, you will have your horses ready. And your horses are tied up if they're ready. Sorry about the light, meaning your horses are ready. They're trained, they're tied up so that as soon as you need them, you just sit on them and go.

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So have your seeds of war ready? What do horses symbolize transportation, isn't it the symbolize transportation. Therefore, it does not just apply to horses, but all other means of transport for the purpose of battle for the purpose of war, whether it is in the form of jets, or ships, transport through land, sea or air.

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Whatever means of transportation, you can muster mustard altogether prepared together.

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However, remember that despite that horses are still very important because even today, horses are used to access certain areas, which you cannot access through your tanks or through any other means, isn't it.

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So the battle hype is relevant even in today's time and even in the future.

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A loss of habitat as many creatures and all of them they created for the benefit of human beings. Some we eat, some will look at, some are used for different reasons, and some are used for the purpose of transportation. And of all the creatures, the one that is of greatest virtue is the horse. There are many studies, which tell us about the virtue of the horse. For example, there's a hadith in which the prophet SAW the Lotus Adam said that good will remain in the foreign locks of horses until the Day of Resurrection. Good will remain in the foreign locks of horses until the Day of Resurrection, meaning it's died to horses, their means of obtaining good until the Day of

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Resurrection. So prepare your horses as well. Why should you have your car ready? And your horses ready? Why should you have your strength prepared as well as your transport prepared to the Hebrew Navy or the will law through which you frighten the enemy of Allah?

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To the Buddha from the rotators that all have?

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What does Rob mean to fear? So, when you are prepared for battle, even if you're not going for battle, what are you going to do?

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You're going to frighten your enemy? Where are the work? You're going to find who your enemy who is also the enemy of Allah.

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At the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what does it refer to? The machine of Mecca, the Kufa and later on anyone who opposes Islam. When you are prepared for a battle, when you have a strong army, when you have a strong group of soldiers, you're physically prepared, then what's going to happen?

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Your enemy is going to think twice before attacking you.

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What else Medina and also others, meaning they're also others whom you're going to terrify with your preparation for war.

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harinam Indonesia, any others? Where besides them? Besides Who? Who doesn't refer to?

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Or they will love? Where are the workers? Who are these people? This is the enemy that is hidden. That is unknown to you right now. The mushy kena Mecca, they had display their hostility against the Muslims. It was obvious that they were enemies to Muslims.

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Isn't it

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was quite clear. But there were some other people who were also enemies to Islam, but they hadn't shown there enmity.

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So when you are prepared, when you're always prepared for battle, whether or not you're going for battle, what is it going to do? You

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Your enemy is going to be scared of you. And at the same time, others who have enmity against you even they will be terrified of you.

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So you will be protecting yourself from the overt as well as the covert enemy, the apparent as well as the hidden enemy, you will protect yourself from them.

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And this enemy is such that let out a Muna, who you don't even know them, because they're hidden. They don't express her enmity and Who are these people? Who was his enemy who was hidden? It can refer to them whenever you call him the hypocrites. It can also refer to the hood. Because initially they had a treaty with the Muslims, isn't it so.

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And later on, they prove their hostility against the Muslims. So let everyone know who you don't know that, that there in reality, your enemy, Allahu Allah, Muhammad, Allah knows, and really well.

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Why not, Don't feel shy and whatever you spend, if anything, fees have eaten that in the way of Allah, whether it is a little or a lot, but over here, especially submitted that means for the purpose of battle, you are illegal, it will be given to you fully will and to lead to the moon and you will not be wronged.

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So when you spend in the cause of a law, when you give even a penny in the cause of a law, then it will be given back to you it will be returned to you were in the hereafter. And sometimes even in Estonia, and you will not be wronged at all. Because a person who spends even one thing in the way of a loss penalty, their award is multiplied for him. So there is no injustice done against him.

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What do we turn into little abakada 261. That method will Latina you and Phil Kona and ymmv Sabina la Kamath, le Hubba. The example of those people who spend their wealth in the way of a loss like that of a grain. And by that server scenario, if you could listen bulleting me to happen. It grows seven years, and each year has 100 grains. One is multiplied into 700 will law who you learn a fully raineesha and Allah multiplies our award for whoever he wills will love us here on arnim. And Allah is vast, and he's also knowing. So what do we learn from this ayah

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that the believers, after the Battle of butter, they were told to always remain prepared for battle.

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Even if they're not going for battle?

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Why do objectives so that you can cast fear into the heart of your enemy. And as a result of that, they don't dare to fight against you. And secondly, those people who don't even show their enmity to you right now, even they are afraid of fighting against you, they will not dare to speak against you.

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And from this, we learn for ourselves that we should take our protection, our precaution through whatever means that we can so that other people cannot dare to harm us in any way. It is a part of defending yourself. So it's necessary on the part of individuals that they must train themselves so that they can defend themselves.

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You understand? Train yourself in a way that you can defend yourself. Always be prepared.

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For example, if a woman takes a self defense course, what are you doing in that training as to how to defend yourself in a situation where somebody is attacking you? Is that necessary? You might say that no, it's not necessary for me. But it is very important because you don't know what might happen tomorrow. So if you have the skill, especially if you have the time and you have the skill then you must use it. If Allah has given you the opportunity to learn so that you can defend yourself because defending yourself saving your life is an obligation upon you.

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Then almost Pandora says we're Indian or who listen me and if they are inclined to a cell what the cell mean peace. Meaning if the enemy inclines to a peace treaty, then what should you do fudging Ah ha ha. Then inclined towards

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it is from the word dinner. What does that mean? wink, Jana, not Jenna. Jenna, wink. So what do you do with the wing bended? So if the enemy inclines towards peace, then what should you do? accept that offer? surgeon after what the worker the love and trust upon Allah in Nova, Sameer learned him indeed he's hearing and he's knowing.

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So what do we learn from this, that prepare for battle? Be ready. However, if the enemy offers peace to you can accept peace, because our religion promotes peace, not war. And this is the evidence of that. Be prepared but if the enemy despite being a very hostile enemy, offers peace accepted, and this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam accepted the peace treaty from which she can win

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at her davia

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

even though the clauses of that treaty were apparently against the Muslims, when he accepted them why because peace

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is better than war. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala teaches us

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the recitation of these verses,

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we'll do a quick review of these if and then we'll continue the lesson

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and prepare against them, whatever that you were able of power, as well as women, revolted hail, and have steeds of war. Over here, the believers are being commanded that they must prepare themselves for possible encounter with the machine with the non Muslims in the future in battle. What does this show the importance of preparing yourself for something that might happen for something that is inevitable for something that you've gone through recently, and right after the Battle of weather, which was the first major battle the Muslims are told, for the future, be prepared,

00:27:14--> 00:27:33

because at the Battle of whether the circumstances were made, such they were put into the situation at a loss of penalty ated and they came out of that successfully, but for the future, you have to be prepared, you have to be prepared and do things are told over here for preparation and what are they first of all,

00:27:35--> 00:27:42

muster up all that you can have, whether it is physical strength, or it is mental strength.

00:27:43--> 00:27:47

Because remember, COA includes tangible as well as intangible strength.

00:27:48--> 00:28:00

So, this includes having numbers having people who are prepared and skilled having arms having ammunition as well as people who have the strength of a man

00:28:01--> 00:28:20

because a person could be physically able, very able. However, if it is a man he is weak, then how can you fight only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala he cannot. Both are necessary. So Allah has to be there. And secondly, Ahmed rebuttal, which symbolizes the means of transportation.

00:28:21--> 00:28:41

Why should you do so even if you're not going for battle? taheebo Navy or do one law? through it, you're going to frighten who the enemy of Allah as well as what are the welcome and also your enemy? Because when you prepare, then your enemy will not dare to harm you will not dare to attack you.

00:28:42--> 00:29:12

Well Halina and also by this you will be able to frighten who others who are mean dooney him besides them Besides, besides your enemy, meaning the enemy who is hidden from you? Letter A Muna whom you don't know them, but who knows them? Allahu, Allahu. Allah knows him very well. And obviously, when you're spending your money, when you're spending your time preparing yourself for battle, then obviously, it's possible that some people might think that we're wasting our money.

00:29:13--> 00:29:50

Why do we have to spend because remember that when the Muslims would go to battle what money would they spend their own personal money, their own personal money. So over here, the believers are encouraged that women don't feel comin che infeasibility left, anything that you spend in the way of Allah, whether it is your time or your energy, or your wealth, whatever you spend, you have a lake and it will be given back to you what until latos law moon and you will not be wronged. So anything you spend in the way of Allah do not think it's going waste. Never think that what you're spending in the way of Allah is going waste.

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For example, if you're spending some time studying, a year to have studying the deen of Allah, don't think that time of your life is going waste or the

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money that you're spending to gain that knowledge. Don't think that money is going waste. It's a big investment, a big investment. Why? Because Allah is saying you will get it back when in the hereafter and you will not be wronged at all. Not at all. dislike when a person goes to university in order to get some worldly knowledge, he spent so much money but what is it all? It's an investment that you're making,

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isn't it? People will spend 1000s of dollars just to get one certification, one certification, they will spend so much money just to get one title. But what are they told? This is an investment in the future, you will make more money you will get more benefit. So anything you spend in the way of Allah, that is also an investment because Allah is saying you will get it back and you will not be wrong at all.