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The Surah tool is a way to protect yourself and respecting boundaries, with a focus on trusting God and not respecting boundaries. The rise of Islam in West Africa, including the use of "na covers," is highlighted, along with the importance of protecting individual time and not allowing anyone to come to the same conclusion. The transcript describes the rise of Islam in West Africa, including the use of "na covers," and the impact of the pandemic on the region. The segment ends with a mention of a book and a weekend event.

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Initiate on regime smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was early he was heavy on the surgery was still the Emory looked at the melissani kuqali robina TNF Antonio Hassan, our Phil ferati Hassan, Buffy nada salamati Kumara de la, he will want to get to go Welcome to the day. Today we are going to be covering the 10th Gers, which begins in Surah unfelt eye number 41 and ends at Surah tober iron alley to Surah unfurl is is Surah number eight, so begins at 841 and then ends at 992 surah. Number nine Surah Tauba actually extends into the lemon juice as well,

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which the remainder of it will cover then. But if you remember from last time, we did not finish or we do not actually start sort of unfold.

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We actually said we will started today. So we're going to pick up from the very beginning of pseudo unfurl, which is the eighth surah of the Quran. And it starts in the latter half or the latter quarter of the nine years we'll pick it up there just to keep the the content, the flow of the content intact. The Quran insha Allah is a very beautiful as the study is a very beautiful study today inshallah, I hope that you will benefit from the study of this sutra. before it began, I wanted to quickly mentioned something about the the translation that we're using, you might notice me using the translation of Maulana wahiduddin Han, he is a scholar from India. And today I actually

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learned that he passed away because of COVID. So we asked last month to have mercy on him. We asked last month to forgive his sins. He asked a lot of us wanted to accept him, you know, among the righteous and to enter into paradise and to accept this word that he has done for his book. I mean, yeah, but I mean, so this is just something I wanted to speak about today and make the offer him and I encourage you to also remember

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him and any other of the righteous who have passed away in your in your prayers. Okay, yes. aluna Daniel Anfal holy land value the law he was sold for that law slip through that avena komati or la hora Sula, when can too many meaning they ask you about the spoils of war, say they belong to God and His Messenger. So if your God and set things right among yourselves and obey God in this messenger, if you are true, believers, quick note about translations also is that if you were to use a more outdated translation,

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you might find let me just find like the outdated translation, maybe something like

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halali in Han.

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The the sometimes the translation would use about bounties or war or war booty, that's what's called. So we don't use that term because I think you know, the meaning of the word has kind of evolved over time, we're going to use as the spoils of war. That's the term that we will use for unfiled. And that's where the name of the surah comes for. And the spoils of war. They ask you about that. Get in the mail mina larina Edo chirala, who YG let's Paulo boom, true believers are those whose hearts tremble with our dimension of God was either too late early him it was either too he manner and whose faith grows stronger, as I listen to his revelations were allowed to be him.

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And they are those who put their trust in the Lord. They are the ones who regularly pray and give in arms out of what We have provided for them. Those are the true believers such other true believers will they go home we'll move on to hardcore law home the Raja to nine darabi him, they have a high standing with the Lord is forgiveness, and then honorable provision will be made for them. This is the beginning of surah tool Serato unfold. Now what is this? The theme of the surah the theme of the surah continues to be good versus evil, good versus evil. And if you are actually real, you know counting we actually did in the

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eighth Joe's we said it was a battle of good versus evil in the ages. And last month I spoke about you know the profits that Allah had sent and how this was a battle that raged between good and evil from that time beginning with Adam and Iblees and continuing with all the profits like who know who saw a lot of joy. Then yesterday we did you know good versus evil part two, which was the story of moose alesana

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Write the story of Musa versus that our own. And that was something that we observed in the, in the ninth just today in the temperatures, we have the same theme, good versus evil, but this time part three and the Part Three is the prophets alum against the Quraysh. And against the hypocrites, the people who pretended to be believers. But they were not believers. In fact, they were agents trying to disrupt agents trying to cause chaos amongst the believers and their ranks. So this is the theme of this surah and this juice as well. Now, as we are to explore this,

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there's a couple of things that need to be pointed out which is the use of the word and file in the very beginning of the surah. Allah Sparta uses the word file spoils of war and he says the ask you about the spoils of war. This is an interesting beginning it this the surah is going to speak about the Battle of butter. Okay. And the last panel will actually speak firstly about something that takes place after the Battle of butter. After the battle about the the Sahaba had a confrontation amongst themselves not armed confrontation or physical confrontation, but they had a dispute, and the dispute was about who gets to keep the spoils of war after this victory. In fact, we find this

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in the books of Syrah and tafsir that are rather inflammatory Ilan who narrates that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wrote about them in summit that follow that also was Lama elaborate. riffa lako Allah do the prophets of Salaam went to to Badger and they met the enemy we're just Polish furama has Allahu Allah who is about to import a photo minister mean, you have to Luna home

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to be rasulillah salam, when the Messenger of Allah went to fight his enemy.

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The grid is a group of people that went out and started to battle on the front lines. And there's a group of the Sahaba that stayed back with the Prophet Salaam, and, you know, protected the Prophet Solomon. The Battle of others, as we will see was a battle against all odds, the battle where the Muslims were going to go. And they were going to strike at a caravan a trading caravan, armed with maybe some basic security people, okay, what ended up happening is they ended up encountering an army armed to the teeth, the numbers were quite skewed in the army of Croatia, 1000 people, the Muslims were about 300, but not just the numbers 30 to one is a significant disadvantage. But

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cavalry, the Quraysh had over 100 cavalry. The Muslims had only two horses in cavalry, that is, you know, a, that's a disaster. That's a disaster. So now, as this battle was starting to, as the battle formation started, the post saddam and the Sahaba, were protecting him stayed a little bit behind, because they didn't want the police to attack and completely run through the Muslim ranks and then come and kill the provinces alone, that will be a disaster. So that was the case. Now, after the battle was done, and the people who were battling on the frontlines, obviously, they were the ones who Allah put the victory in their hands. And also, as you will see, there were angels that came

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down to help them.

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But you know, in a more physical sense, or in a in a more logistical sense, they won the war, right? They won the battle, the other Muslim stayed behind, and we're basically protecting the browser. So there was a bit of a, a dispute between the two parties. The party that was fighting and the front lines were like, National ladina talana ladu verbena, Fahim, Allah who was among they said, well, it's, we are the reason we're the ones who pursued the enemy and through us, Allah subhanaw taala, destroyed the enemy. So learn enough, all of this spoils of war is going to be for us. Right and those who stayed behind what's I know actually, we are going to get three will we should get these

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was a war because we stay with the Prophet, the ally and Allah ado, man men who were 1,000,001 that prompts them to get harmed at all. And this was now a back and forth back and forth dispute. And at that point, Allah sponsor revealed that yes, aluna Gannett and file police and follow the law he wore a suit. All right, that is the background that we find ourselves in when we are talking about this surah and this revelation and this idea. Now I want you to appreciate something here.

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Please, I want you to appreciate the Quran style. The Quran is you going to use a tangential method to Exeter to talk about the problem at hand. The problem at hand is not about who is going to get the spoils of war. The problem at hand is the Sahaba are deferring over worldly gains. They're having a dispute about worldly gains about money, right? Now, you could say, well, the Sahaba were in desperate situation, which is true, because the people that came from Makkah, and lived in Medina had almost nothing, right, they were barely able to eat. So you could not blame them for prioritizing these things, because they desperately needed any thing that they could get to sustain

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themselves. But that's still besides the point. The point remains the root cause is how come you are disputing about worldly material material gains, that is the problem. And that root cause Allah is going to address first, and then he's going to go and explain, you know, the ruling, the actual ruling about how this this war, spoils of war, how are they going to be distributed? So this is the tangential method the Quran takes, it starts by the question, but then instead of addressing it, first, it takes a tangent to talk about related matters, arriving at the root cause of the problem addresses the root cause and then comes back to the, the the problem at hand. So here, Allah's

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father first describes it number 124. Who are the true believers, they are the ones who you know, they fear God.

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For them, what matters is a last part Allah in fact, the word and file, right is from the word NFL, NFL is an optional thing, if you pray enough fill prayers. It's an optional prayer. And file is a secondary thing. The primary goal of you fighting is to, you know, protect Islam is to, you know, honor, the prophet Salam is to raise the flag of Islam, to you know, fulfill your duty not to gain a swells award. That's not your primary goal. And if it is a problem, that's a problem. It is not supposed to be. You also fear God and set things right among you. The true believers are the ones that when they're their hearts tremble with all add dimension of God. Right? Look how nice the last

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month was reminding them, your hearts should be trembling right now. And their faith should go stronger. As they listen to the revelations, your email should be going up as Allah is describing, as about to tell you what is going to be the solution to your problems. Your trust should be in your Lord, your trust should not be in these material things that you are getting grabbing, thinking that's going to sustain you, your Lord is going to sustain you.

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That is how Allah Spano starts off this thing and again, I want you to appreciate this is right after the Battle of butter, this is the best of the Sahaba yet when Allah subhanaw taala sees them doing something incorrect is going to step in and correct them through revelation in no and when they for what they did as what is praiseworthy, Allah is going to praise them, okay? The battle about the details of the battle are known. So last month is going to make, you know, references to it right, he's going to infer certain instances of the battle, assuming you already know the details so you can kind of piece together the puzzle. Okay, here are some inferences that the Quran mix

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number of Ayah number five, as it was your Lord who rightfully brought you forth from your house, even though some of the believers disliked it. They were disputed. They were disputed with you concerning the truth after it had become manifest as though they were being driven to their death with open eyes. This was something previous to before the battle took place. The harbor were quite afraid of going out to confront this this this caravan hope you know in the fear of a Qureshi are courageous will send an army right and last mother said this is that God promised you one of the two parties will fall to you either you're going to get the caravan or you are going to you're going to

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go and meet your enemy and in battle, okay, and you wanted it to be the one without sting. You wanted the easy way. But God wanted something else for you. He wanted to establish the truth by his words and cut off the root of those who deny the truth. You wanted the easy way out you wanted just the quick gains of the care man, the money that comes with it, and the easy fight, but Allah wanted you to go through a more difficult battle. Maybe slightly less material.

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Oh, looks like now you know what trusting last month. A lot.

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actually means you have lived it. And that is the most invaluable thing you can gain that is completely priceless. There is a mental preparation that took place for the battle I number 11 references that mental preparation when the believers were getting ready to fight Allah pantalla you know sent. Firstly, Allah, Allah told the person that he's going to send an aid, an aid of angels 1000 angels in succession, and they are going to come and fight with you. So now Allah tala has answered the prophets to offer help in this way. And this was one of the miracles of the prophets, Allah. But then the believers, they didn't see the angels until the battle had started. So now they

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are probably going to be if you're if you're if you're about to go into battle, and you are outnumbered and you're going to be outgunned, you are going to be extremely stressed out. But the Prophet says, the Sahaba and the prasada last month have put them into a deep sleep, just so that they can be mentally and physically ready for the task at hand, which was the Battle of butter the next day. This is a very nice thing he brought drowsiness upon you, to give you his reassurance and send down water from the sky to purify you right. This is what you know, a good night's sleep and a good shower in the morning will do it will freshen you and now you can confront your problems head

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on speaks about the importance of getting you know, meaningful rest. Yes, this is something we should consider as a way of recovery. So panela the Quran references that as well Allah would send angels to help as we mentioned, as the last one the Lord commanded the angels saying I would use to make those who believe stand firm but that'd be to Latina I'm going to strengthen the believers. Okay.

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A last part Allah

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you know, would make this right would make this a great victory. I a number

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17 Excuse me.

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This was a great victory from last party, but I'm talking to Lou Humala Kinsella patella, it was you did not kill them, it was God who killed them. And when you threw sand at them, it was not you amount of data in the data were lacking the law Rama was a law who to do so that he may confer on the believers a great favor for him from himself. Surely God is all hearing and all knowing that is what happened. And surely God will undermine the design of those who deny the truth. What is this talking about? This is talking about the beginning of the battle, the promise of them was commanded by a lot to take some sand and, and throw it at the opposing enemy. Now, if you take sand and you

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chuck it, saga, it's not going to go very far. But this sand went in.

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And each and every one of the disbelievers eyes a pour a piece of that sand went into his eyes. And the last one says this is not you who did it. It was Allah who did it. The idea is victory comes from Allah subhanaw taala this help came to you from Allah spawn Tada. So trust Him, trust him, why are you forgetting about this, and getting caught up in the spoils of war? Right? This is the problem here when you think you are prioritizing the gains of this world. When that starts to happen. That is a problem. The Quran reminds the believers all believers obey God and His Messenger and do not turn away from him. Now that you've heard all okay, don't be like those who say we hear

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but they pay no heed to what they hear, right? These commands that Allah is giving you is to help you, it's to make you better. It's for your own benefit. Don't be like those who hear and then kind of, you know, make it like they hear what you say, but they really didn't process it. Or they were interested in hearing what you have to say. Don't be like those people. all believers, you will see this expression repeats a lot in this in this surah Yeah, you are larina amanu believers obey God and this messenger when he calls you to what gives you life, either the outcome, the mahican Subhana Allah, the religion is what gives us our life. The religion is what invigorates us when Allah calls

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us and invites us to the practice of his faith that is supposed to invigorate us and give us life. Understand that and that's why you should respond to Allah and His Messenger by following the Quran and falling the Sunnah while mo and Allahu lubaina. Evil can be very, very, very tough. This is a very tough to

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understand that God stands for

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Seeing a man and his heart and you shall be gathered in his presence, meaning if Allah wanted to, very quickly he could, you know, misguide you, he could very quickly come in between you and guidance reaching your heart.

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so be cautious of that, be mindful of that respond before it's too late. Don't you know become stubborn or don't procrastinate because that could become a reason for the denial of guidance reaching a person's heart.

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Don't betray I number 27. A lot of you see like before Allah addresses the gives the answer to the question of what's going to happen to this was the war. Last month I was gonna give some reminders to the believers here that recalibrate your worldview here. You guys messed up? Let's let recalibrate your worldview here. Okay. Remember that you were weak, and few. But Allah helped you and I saved you. all believers don't betray God and His Messenger. Yeah, you know, the nine would love to hoonah La Habra soon What a whole new Amana tala moon, don't betray or violate your trust, we spoke about the importance of trusting sooner either, hey, you made the commitment to fight in

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this particular surah. It's talking about the fight of the Battle of other don't, you know, walk that back now you made some commitment. You honor that commitment, while mo Anima Amal Kumar, Allah config, that no know that your wealth and children are at trial. And that Allah there is an immense reward with Allah, in the level of

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Allah, and Allah in the education of him. There is an immense reward with God that is in store. The idea is, don't let your calculations about like the cost benefit of some action in the world.

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Don't let that stop you from doing what's right. Don't let that stop you from doing what's right. Don't let that violate you. Don't let that let you violate your your commitments or walk them back. Because that is going to be that now your wealth ensuring that analysis you're doing about should this is this worth it or not? That becomes a trial for you something that is taking you away from what's right. And again, as another reminder, yeah, are you in Indianapolis into Tacoma higher, you're looking for corner, all believers, if you are, if you are, if you fear God, if you're conscious of Allah, He will grant you for corn and for corn is when the word for raw farakka is or

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for guys to separate something for corn is the thing that separates, he is going to give you the ability to separate What's good, and what's evil, what's truth, and what's false hood, he's going to give you that ability. Right? The theme of this surah and the previous two Jews was good versus evil, right, a historical look at it, right? You want that ability to distinguish between good and evil, fear God, it duckula be conscious of Allah will know that he's watching you know, that he is going to if he chooses to hold you accountable,

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understand that and act that way and then Allah will give you the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood and any mistakes you make, we will go through the uncomfy article, he will forgive your sins we have a locum and he will forgive your sins twice this repeats right this expression repeats twice in two different extra two different sentences, he will forgive your sins and He will forgive you since what why would it this repeat twice number one is for better for for the sake of emphasis number two is actually say he add is perhaps his type of sins that is different than the type of sins being referred to here by your filler comm so he add perhaps our sins where

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you miscalculated and you earned but you did that and

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mistakes. And young fella Kumar says you didn't maybe out of being oblivious, not even even not even recognizing that perhaps now you've stepped you're overstepped your bounds He will forgive those as well all sins He will forgive as long as you have the guava loss font Allah In fact, this is a conditional sentence. If you fear God, then he will do number one. Yeah, looking for corner gives you the ability to distinguish between truth and falsity good and evil. Number two, he will forgive your sins, the big ones. And number three, he will forgive your sins, the small ones.

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All of those like all that is the den part. And the if part is if you fear God, because Allah is limitless in his bounty

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his and his mercy, a last one that reminds the Sahaba. And all of us by extension that allows pantalla can, you know help the prophets of Salaam or will help the president against all odds, he was alone, he was about to be assassinated. But alas, patata, you know, prevented him from and rescued him from that situation, a very interesting tangent from either 32 or 33, the Prophet and the police what a very interesting, dynamic Quraysh knew who the Prophet stone was, they saw him grow up in front of their eyes, they knew this is the most truthful person, the most trustworthy person, before the problem called them to Islam. His judgment was universally accepted by Polish,

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without any, any dispute, they knew he was not a man of prejudice, he wasn't going to just favor his own. They, that's how much they respected him. And that's how highly they viewed him. But then, as the process started to invite them to Islam, and told them that you cannot worship idols, you have to give up these idols. what he was saying to them also was that you have to give up a source of your income because the I this was a big source of income for polish, that people would come from all over the parts of the world and all parts of Arabia and the idols in the cab would be a source of business for Polish because these people will come they will do business and trade, or he will

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make money, right?

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You take away the idols, maybe these people stopped coming. Maybe there is no more the people coming to the Gabba are lesser of just because we embrace this. So the Qureshi, we're seeing this from a theological point of view, and they were opposed to that theologically, but also a financial point because they were businessmen, and they're like, this is bad for business. This is not going to be good for business. So last month, I said something very interesting about this. He said, when I taught law I lay him I do now

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all over the summer.

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When our revelations are recited to them, they say we have heard them if we wish we could produce the like, of them. We do this if you want to. They're nothing but ancient fables, fables of the ancients, in other in South Yarra Valley, they say Oh Allah, if this really is the truth from you, then rain down upon us stones from heaven, or send us some other painful punishment, but Allah is not going to punish them.

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While you probably somewhere in their myths, nor will Allah punish them. As long as they sought forgiveness Allahu Akbar, they asked for Allah, you know, racks to be unleashed upon them. Condition they're like, hey, if this is the truth, okay, Allah then destroyers and lots of other says he's not going to destroy these people while you were still in Mecca, because the prophets Islam is a mercy and Allah's mercy cannot be in the same place as Allah's punishment. Okay, so that was not going to happen. And then also Allah was not going to punish them because we're homeostatic. Varun, there are people amongst the Polish, who had secretly embraced Islam who are not, you know, coming out as

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Muslims, and they were making up for the forgiveness of their people. And the Prophet was being endora for the guidance of his people. So as long as that was happening, that kept Allah's punishment at bay.

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there, this is something that Allah mentions about the people of koresh, that

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their relationship with the process of them was a very, was a very strange one, going from someone from a relationship of full trust, to full animosity, and completely, you know, acting completely irrationally, if this is the truth, right? Look at this one, two sentences, if this is the truth and rain upon us punishment, should you just say this is the truth, oh, Allah allow us to accept it shouldn't have be like this. Isn't that the rational, you know, way of approaching it. So Quraysh really turned very toxic. And at that point, in this part of the province live, there was very little that they were going to hear from what the problem had to say, Hey, I remember 37 mentions

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that the good and bad that comes in life is a way for a lot to bring out the best amongst us. Right? The difficulties are meant to bring out the best or

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are meant to bring out the best of us. So this is something that I said that is important. This is a difficult trial that people are going through right now in Makkah and the people who recently migrate to Medina, but it's going to bring up

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Some goodness in it, you wait. And you see, and this is true for everything. All things that happen in life, there is some goodness that Allah is going to bring out through it. So just be patient until you see it. I remember

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I number 41 is where a lot of family answers the question of love with the Sahaba all the reminders about why they should reprioritize you know, fix their problem, their priorities focus on Allah and His Messenger obey Allah and His Messenger, don't get caught up in in just the worldly worldly gains, you know, honor your commitments be truthful, etc, etc. All

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three reminders, now law tells them what is the rule, or is 1/5 of your battle gains belongs to God and the message and the messenger to his close close relatives, and the orphans, the needy, and the travelers and the other four fifths are distributed equally among the entire army 1/5 goes to the prophets of Salaam for him to distributed to the orphans, the needy to his relatives, and for him to keep it himself because of how seldom is not actually working as like a shepherd or as a businessman, right? He actually, and the state of the Muslims doesn't have any income tax. So the profits from his pay the salary or something, that's not how it worked. So the profits are solemn.

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And the state's social welfare programs that take care of its orphans. You know, it's needy, it's travelers orphans, particularly because, you know, the men who died in battle who's gonna take care of their families, right, someone has to take care of their families, all of these people, they're supported by the spoils of war, a fifth of them, okay, and the other four fifths are distributed among the fighters equally, it doesn't matter who was fighting. What. So this is a very interesting thing. The Quran says about how, before answering the question, that question was asked an ayah number one, what about the spoils of war? But the question is answered in ayah, number 41. And in

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the middle of last month, is, you know, sending reminders to, to the Sahaba to reprioritize themselves. And this is something as a beautiful approach that we could take, if we are trying to, you know, do some conflict resolution.

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When whatever capacity, this is an interesting, a very beautiful approach to take, which is to address the root cause of the conflict to address the underlying problem, not just the surface level symptoms, and that's what the Quran focuses on addressing the underlying problems. First, and then the answer to the real to the actual, you know, question at hand. If surah Toba continues to give some reminders about the,

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to recall or to, you know, remind the believers about the Battle of butter how against the odds that victory was that which he was so against the odds that

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Allah Subhana Allah helped the believers through perceptions, okay, he showed them eye number 43 is unique Amalfi FEMA Anamika karela God showed them to you in your dream as a small number. If he had shown them to you as many you will have lost heart and disputed about the matter. But God saved you he has full knowledge of what is in the human heart, like the believers didn't see the full extent of the palatial army. And thus the perception was like this is not an impossible battle.

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That's very important thing if you're going into a battle if you're going into a fight if you're going into a test thinking and a fail, that's what you are going to fail. Okay. So here last month that didn't let them their minds go there. And he helped them this way. And on the flip side, he

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on the time of when the when they met What if you recall him it is quite a unique company in the menu when at the time of your encounter, he made them appear few in your eyes. It didn't seem like they were an overwhelming number. It seemed like this was manageable. It's within reach. And he made you appear few in their eyes when you call little comfy Ione him so they were like these guys are nothing This is a joke. They got overconfident. The believers didn't lose confidence and courage got overconfident and lost. My dad did that. The Jacobi Allah

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I'm Ron kanima fula so that it was so that God might Britain God might bring about that which he had been, which had been decreed, and everything returns to God, a very beautiful, you know, expression. It was the UK of the Allahu Imran ganim of ruler. This thing was already a done deal, Allah subhanaw taala was going to make it happen. This is how he chose to make it happen. Okay, a few reminders to the believers, you know about how you can be victorious, right? How is it that you can be victorious in life?

00:35:39--> 00:36:21

Number one, be firm, be firm right here in the context of a battle. By the way, when you think of a battle here, keep in mind the profitsystem was the general he was the commander in chief, as well as the Messenger of Allah, right. So the commands given to him and the Sahaba. It's like the commands given to an army, right? So this is now think of it like being told to the army of, you know, the Muslims, when you're in when you encounter a party, when you're about to fight, remain firm, and remember God much so that you may succeed. And this is a beautiful thing, the Quran always infuses this huskier this remembrance of God, you know, in acts of worship, when it's talking about fifth

00:36:21--> 00:37:09

will boo will do is this will do is that wash your face, wash your hands, you know, etc, etc. But it's done to purify you, it's not done to make your life difficult, right? The purification of the soul is mentioned, along with the rulings here the ruling is how do you fight what should be your attitude towards fighting? Right? The attitude should be, you know, be firm, don't run away. Don't be a coward, be brave, but also seek help by remembering Allah. And that's the purification that's been infused here. Very powerful, and very, very beautiful. Also, don't argue, don't become, don't get caught up in disputes or to Allah Rasulo begun his messenger while laughter naza Oh,

00:37:10--> 00:37:14

it says avoid dissension better transition will be avoid dispute.

00:37:15--> 00:37:30

Avoid disputes what happens when you disputing for tough shallow then your if you were to dispute, you will falter and lose? What about you? And your strength is going to wither away.

00:37:31--> 00:38:27

But that's about it. So that's what happens when any group starts disputing and falls into and gets consumed by dispute right? It does you can look throughout history right you will look at like example after example of downfall of every great empire or every you know, movement. Whatever you you will find this to be the case they fell into dispute they are consumed by dispute and dispute often turned into arm dispute, right? It wasn't just like a debate it turned the arm dispute and that would open the door that will open the door for what for the enemy to come. And, and win. Right that would that photog shallow, that would open the door for your loss. And that will open the door

00:38:27--> 00:39:08

for you losing all that you have gained your strength. And this is exactly what happened in the Battle of offered member brother was in the second year after the hedgerows are those in the third year exactly that the Sava disputed and because of their dispute, the horatia army was able to ambush them and attack them. And then the battle that was supposed to be one ended up being a lost battle. So this is a very important reminder, this is how you're victorious. remember Allah be firm and battle don't fight among yourselves don't dispute amongst each other. Okay. Another important reminder is iron number 60 Okay.

00:39:12--> 00:39:13

I am number

00:39:14--> 00:39:59

64 I can get to it. There we go. hamdulillah Well, I do lahoma bottom when quwata mama rebelled and failed to Hebrew, Allah who I do work for him and only him Allah Allah Muna home Allahu Allah Mohan prepare any strength you can muster against them and any cavalry which which you would with which you can over all God's enemy and your own enemy as well. And others besides them, whom you do not know but are known to God. You know, to to be victorious. You have to be prepared. You have to have strength. You have to be advanced, right? This is the idea must apply to me. You have to have strength. What about inhale

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

cavalry cavalry was a is an expression of being advanced in terms of like, immediate militarily. And if you become weak and not, you know, backwards militarily, then all of a sudden you are, you know, your your, your easy game for whatever is coming in fighting you

00:40:20--> 00:41:03

another another important instruction is to be united, okay? be united when you read the look of the hospital, be together be united Allah subhanahu lubi him Allah is the one who brought your hearts together, you know, be together in this cause and you will be you'll be strong. Hey, this is some instructions in this in this surah there's a couple of other interesting things I wanted to show you from this surah Okay, one interesting thing is a parallel between Moosa and Frauen or more precisely, a parallel between fear our own and Quraysh okay.

00:41:04--> 00:41:48

Quraysh here a lot smarter describes as they are dying in the battlefield. The angels are number 50 they're taking the souls of the these these worst of the worst. These are the people who knew the Prophet the best rejected him the most in the most violent and most disgusting way. And now they're meeting their end. Okay, this is the worst of the worst. So when you see the angels taking their soul, they strike their faces and their backs yesterday, Muna would you home? home, this is a way of humiliation at the moment of death. Well, we're Lupu either Buhari and saying to them taste the burning the punishment of the burning of the fire. That's where you're headed. That's what the

00:41:48--> 00:42:33

angels are saying that it can be my god dammit, ad. One, the Lucha de Sevilla lemma read is not because Allah subhanaw taala is vengeful, or lusting after after punishing His servants while the albula No, this is a punishment for what your hands have committed, better transition, this is a punishment for what you have earned goddamnit ID is what you have put forward, ie the actions you have done. That's an expression in all Arabic. All right, meaning this is what you have earned. This is the this is what you're doing. This is what you're reaping that's what you sowed. And now you're going to reap what you sowed. And Allah is not going to wrong, anybody in the list. This is this is

00:42:33--> 00:43:15

justice from Allah, not oppression, get that be early for our own iftt like Pharaohs, people, and those that have gone before them. They rejected God's signs, and God sees them for their sins for God is strong and Severe in punishment. Very interesting parallel. I want you to notice this, it comes in the Quran in a few places. For example, also in Surah, number three, number three, Ali Emraan from quite a while ago, right? This same expression appears here I number 10. in the living room Antonia on whom Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah como pueden, not those who deny the truth, their wealth and children will not held them against God, there will be fuel for the fire can be

00:43:15--> 00:44:00

only for our own there and will be like the pharaohs people and those before them. They denied our signs. So God sees them in their sinfulness and Goddess turn in punishment. You see, this is the parallel Allah wants us is trying to draw brush, you're going to be like the Pharaoh. That's what that's the path you're headed. In fact, that is where you have ended up. That's what you chose. And that is how you ended up. Alright. The surah ends with a loss panda. So the point number two, that's interesting here is about peace. This is talking about war and like war. Wow, so much war, what is something that? Well, it also speaks about peace, okay. And this is the thing that's very beautiful,

00:44:00--> 00:44:15

well, in general will sell me for whatever Allah is 61 if they should be inclined to make peace, if they're inclined towards peace for Jenna holla then make peace

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

immediately accepted, right? It's not like they are wanting peace. So you take you also want peace. They're just so inclined to it. Right? There's a slightest bit of inclination from them that they don't want to fight. Immediately you take that and pursue that and make peace with them. Whatever call Allah and put your trust in God. Surely he is the one who hears and sees but if they want to deceive you, don't worry, Allah will take care of you when you read. Luca has become the one to deceive you. Don't worry. Allah is gonna take care of you. He is going to protect you and whatnot. So this is it is a very important because it tells us what it tells us that in Islam, we

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00:45:02--> 00:45:03

we have

00:45:04--> 00:45:14

the instruction for what happens in war, because war is a part of, of life and history. You cannot it's and it's you have to be

00:45:16--> 00:45:49

misguided or ignorant to deny that because this is just the way it is. So there's instruction about war and how to handle that. But what the Quran says is always peace is preferred. If the inclined towards peace, you accept that inclination, and you immediately sign a peace deal. In fact, as you will see in Surah, number 48 Allah Spano calls the Treaty of Arabia, a great victory, the Treaty of Arabia was a peace treaty. Okay, so this is a very beautiful thing that the Quran expresses. And

00:45:50--> 00:46:06

and that is something for us to consider as we study the IR that speak about battle and whatnot. Surah Tauba is the next Surah Surah number nine, okay, and so Toba is, the sooner revealed as sort of unfold the surah before was revealed.

00:46:08--> 00:46:37

After the first major battle, the Battle of whether this surah is revealed, building up to the last major battle, the Battle of the book, so you can kind of see it's like these two schools together. It's like the beginning of the pop profits battles, and like the end of his, you know, life and his battles that kind of like, bring the two together. Okay. This is the only surah that you noticed does not begin the Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Abdullah in our bus it says that the value of Natalia

00:46:38--> 00:47:22

Lima alum, Yuka feabhra, obviously last month, he asked ali ali Allahu Allah is one of the great scholars of, of course, the subplot Prophet, son in law and the fourth halifa, but also one of the most knowledgeable of the Sahaba in the Quran. So Abdullah even abass as it Why isn't Bismillahirrahmanirrahim written before surah Toba? He says Ileana Bismillahirrahmanirrahim a man on wabarakatuh NASA decipher what a Sufi man says because this will not handle him is a statement of peace, a declaration of peace and this surah was revealed with the sword without any declaration of peace. This is a very tough surah and again, you have to understand it in its context. Otherwise, if

00:47:22--> 00:47:35

you are going to understand it out of context you are going to be you will be misguided by it right you would take away eight uncorrect underst incorrect understanding of the surah is

00:47:37--> 00:47:37

you know,

00:47:39--> 00:48:22

this, the surah is called tober October because the word Toba comes 17 times in its root in the surah. Okay, implying that the door of Toba is open for all people, even if they have transgressed against the prophet and fought the Prophet solemn for you know, decades, the door of Toba is still open for them, and for all gay, but of course, it's not open forever, that's also an important thing to consider. Now, this sort of begins with a very stern opening, I owe one to five, okay, look at that. This is a declaration of immunity from God and His messenger to the polytheists with whom you have made agreements,

00:48:23--> 00:49:05

right to go about in the land for four months, but know that you cannot frustrate the plan of God and that God will disgrace those who know the truth. And this is a proclamation from God and His messenger to the people on the day of pilgrimage, that God is free of all obligations to the polytheist and so is His Messenger. So if you repent for indo Bhutan, for hydrolock home, it is better for you. But if you turn away, then know that you can frustrate the plan of God proclaim a grievous punishment for those who are bent on denying the truth is a very stern ayat is a very stern ayat, in which the Prophet Salam after his battles with the people of the Arabian Peninsula are over

00:49:05--> 00:49:29

developed the book was with the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, okay. This is like the final declaration to the Arabian Peninsula, there is going to be no more polytheism allowed in this Arabian peninsula, okay, this is the stern warning that this surah is giving but notice as it gives this stern warning about, about war,

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

about waging war, it also mentions what doba is number six, how to minimize shakiness. jerrica for JIRA, who is one of the polytheists seeks asylum with you grant him asylum, what is my column Allah so that he may hurt Hear the Word of God, Doom, oblique manner, then can meet him to a place of safety. Right? Do not hold the sword at someone's throat and tell him say the Shahada. That's completely unacceptable, okay. If a person

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Who is a polytheist and he wants asylum. Right? You are waging war against these people. He wants to see them, give him asylum and give him asylum and give him the time to understand the deen hottest ma Kalam Allah, let them hear the Word of God, ie let them understand what the religion is about. And once they have understood it, you know, take them to a safe place where they can make up their mind. Right, even in the middle of the most stern Ayat of what and this is the most stern Ayat of Quran. That's what the surah is. It is the most stern part of the Quran. Even in the middle of that Allah mentions this exception, that this is to be done for anybody who wants to repent, who wants to

00:50:44--> 00:51:00

reform, the positive prophecy that was sent as a mercy to mankind was sent as a mercy to mankind. And before this took place, the people of Arabia had embraced Islam and and hamdulillah it was it was a matter that was completed by the

00:51:01--> 00:51:46

the the permission and by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. The reason why this is so Stern, is caveau ether wallet comm these people who have what why is this so strong? gaver how, what's the reason for that? How can there be a treaty with the polytheists I'm part of God in this messenger, except for those whom you entered into a treaty and the sacred mosque, okay, how can you that be the case, because he of hadoo alikoum layer poofy come along with them. If they get the upper hand over you, they will neither respect kinship, nor covenant, they are going to try, they will kill you if they have that chance. That's how those people are. Okay. Now, this is not projecting over every

00:51:46--> 00:52:28

person who's a polytheist or every disbeliever. This is specifically as you can see, in Lund arena, I had to render muscular harm, it's referring to a very specific time in the life of the Prophet Sonam. And it's referring to the specific people of the Arabian Peninsula who were at war with the prophets of Salaam. And here, it's the explanation is very clear. These people if they get the upper hand over you, they will kill you, they will not respect the ties of kinship or they will not respect covenant, they will not be like Quraysh place did respect the treaty, or he did have a little bit of regard. These people will not be like the college. So a classroom versus school and

00:52:28--> 00:52:55

you notice that most of them are are rebellious sinners, okay. But there is still you know, there is still hope for in daboo. Again, Toba. Right? If they repent, and they keep up their prayers, and they pay the Zakat, then they are your brethren in faith for a while no conflict, then they become from your go from your enemy, to your brethren to your brothers.

00:52:57--> 00:53:10

This is the power of Toba. This is the power of reform. That's what that's what the Quran says. We make our messages clear for people who are willing to learn when you first you know it the pomi Yeah, Allah moon.

00:53:12--> 00:53:57

This is something the Quran expresses very clearly, this is a I want you to please understand this and not miss and not take this out of the context. These iottie revealed talking about the politics of the Arabian Peninsula, after the pasta alum had completed his business with the people of Makkah, the people of polish. Okay, number one, number two, it was very stern, because this battle, and that was was ongoing for many, many for a while now. 22 decades plus, and now this is a loss pantalla motioning it to end it number three, these people were not like Quraysh these people will not honor the treaty, they would, you know, do things that will be completely,

00:53:59--> 00:54:25

you know, they will go against the rules, the moment they get the chance. But despite all of that, Allah gave the the door of doba was left open for the individual and for the communities who wanted this. And then hamdulillah the, this was the case for the vast majority of them. Okay. I a number 17. If you remember I mentioned the idea of the Quraysh. We're,

00:54:26--> 00:54:31

we're hesitant, right? We're hesitant to

00:54:33--> 00:54:59

accept Islam, because theologically they had some problems but also financially they were concerned. Right. They were concerned about what would happen if they had opened the doors to polytheism and shut The doors on a straight shooter if they open the door to monotheism and shut The doors on polytheism will our numbers have for judge decreased will our customers become lesser now? So last month says

00:55:00--> 00:55:29

Number 28. Yeah, you're living in the Malibu Shrek una natesan. The believers, all believers know that the polytheists are impure, meaning what? They are impure in the sense like mentally, spiritually there are negatives, you know, they are spiritually impure and their practices are impure, so it's not allowed for them to enter the sacred masala Yakubu Masjid al haram about other army him. Other after this year onwards, they

00:55:31--> 00:56:13

were in life to my left and if you should fear destitution, if you fear that you will run out of money, then understand, God will enrich you off his bounty, if he so wishes, he is aware and wise, right Allah, Allah will not let you down, he will take care of you and Subhanallah the people did not decrease the increase and increase the point where before COVID you can barely you can barely keep them all in the in the header there was just flooding onto the street. That's how many people would go to Arma and Hajj. So this is a lost promise, and we see its fulfillment with our eyes. Today, I have number 29 speaks about

00:56:15--> 00:56:37

the People of the Scripture and jizya. Before all the conversation was about polytheists, Moshe Kuhn of the Arabian Peninsula. But what about the Christians and the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula? Right? What about them? What about the Christians and us outside of the Arabian Peninsula as the Muslim areas of influence expand? Here is what Allah says about that.

00:56:39--> 00:57:26

fight those among the People of the Book, who believe neither in God nor in the last day, nor hold as unlawful what God has and His Messenger has made has declared to be lawful, nor follow the true religion had diabetologist yet until they pay the tax willingly, I neared in welcome solid on and they agreed to submit. So the people the scripture has the option of giving the jizya tax, the jizya is basically is a cat for a non Muslim person, you give us jizya. And now there is no fighting, that's a peace deal. And it is the responsibility of the Muslim state to protect its non Muslim subjects. And its non Muslim subjects have full autonomy to practice their religion as they please,

00:57:27--> 00:58:16

this was the thing, right? And this is not like they can, you know, go and, you know, the jizya is taken, and now all of a sudden, they're oppressed, and they're second class citizens, no, the jizya is taken. And now they are basically their religion, they can practice it freely, and they could still be part of the Muslim, you know, Empire, the Muslim kingdom, as citizens of it protected by the state, because they give just yet this is the idea behind jizya. It's the option was given because again, When this is the case, then the Muslim Emperor, I was reading this tweet by this brother. He said, the Muslims, you know, extended the influence over about that in 670 ce,

00:58:16--> 00:59:03

approximately, by by the eighth century, a year, a century and a half, or mid 19th century, only 18% of Iraq was Muslim, right? That means that shows historically what it shows that the Muslims when they went and all these lands came under Muslim rule, the rule of Islam extended over all these lands, but the population obviously the Muslims would grow among them as in the population, but it wasn't like everybody was you know, their throats are slit if they didn't become Muslim. It wasn't the Spanish Inquisition. It wasn't that it was you stay up. Here you can remain faithful to your faith. You can remain a Christian you can remain a Jew and even the Amara Delano did that with the

00:59:03--> 00:59:14

Zoroastrians in. in Persia. The Russians were in a way polytheist he accepted jizya from them as well. The idea being what the idea being that

00:59:15--> 00:59:54

as these people are living under the rule of Islam, they will see the values of Islam they will see the goodness of Islam, they will see the goodness of the Muslims and then naturally they will inclined towards becoming Muslims. Okay. The Quran as you see as this is going to happen, right as Muslims are living with non Muslims, and especially Jews and Christians, and they get to interact with them. The Quran says take heed, from their theological corruption don't don't become theologically corrupt, like the Christians became for example quality Yehuda zerona, Mullah book Alton nizoral mercy fubu law.

00:59:56--> 00:59:59

The Jews say Ezra is the Son of God and Krishna said the Messiah is the Son of God.

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

These are but based this utterances, the imitate the assertions, made in earlier times, by those who deny the truth. May God destroyed them how far astray they have been led. They take they have taken their learn men and their monks, for their Lords besides God. And so have they taken the Messiah, the Son of Mary, although they were commanded to worship only one God, La Ilaha Illa? Who sahana Who am I? shikun? He's the only one where do worship? And how far is he above what they set up as his partners? This is what happened. They would become influenced by the theology of the polytheists and the pagans around them, the Jews and the Christians as they lived in the Byzantine Empire and the

01:00:44--> 01:01:01

Roman Empire, the paganism of the Romans seeped into Christianity. This is a historical thing, you can study this, the Quran is warning, don't let that happen to you, as you are now living side by side with these communities. The Quran also warns that don't

01:01:02--> 01:01:26

you know, Take heed from their financial corruption. Okay. Believers, many religious scholars and monks wrongfully appropriate people's possessions and turn people away from God's path in the cathedral Middle America lavanila kulana manasi Bilbao delivers don't answer me. Not all, Kathy Iran, many of them okay, well, levena yakhni soon at the harbor will

01:01:28--> 01:02:07

tell those who hoard gold and silver instead of giving it in God's cause, that they will have a painful punishment what is worse than somebody raising money for the sake of in the name of religion for the sake of God and then putting it in their own pocket and benefiting it? And then tell us personally, right? There's nothing worse than that, you know, in terms of financial corruption, because you have used the name of God, you have, you know, sullied the name of God, and you have used it to get rich, right? This is, you know, like a double whammy. If you think about it. If Allah says, You are they have the knowledge and I'm looking at the punishment that awaits people who does

01:02:07--> 01:02:21

this, people have any people of the Jews and the Christians, the monks and the rabbis and any Muslim who does similarly as well, Yama, Yama, are they happy now to join them on the day their treasure is heated

01:02:22--> 01:03:07

up in the fire, and their foreheads and their sides, and their backs shall be branded with it for two kwabena jiba whom would you know, boom, bada boom, huh? Hi Dima kennestone the unfussy comm This is what you hold it up for yourselves. This is what you have earned. You know you stole from the people and he stole in the name of God pretend to be righteous and pious. This is what you have earned for yourself for lucuma contact me soon. Now taste the punishment of what you were, you know, collecting and hoarding? Very, very stern is a lot smarter speaks. If I can have a few minutes to speak a little bit about the hypocrites, the hypocrites are the other type of evil. Remember dude

01:03:07--> 01:03:12

versus evil, there was the evil against the Protestant versus Quraysh

01:03:13--> 01:03:39

the promises versus boorish, but the also a, you know, a flavor of evil was the hypocrites who lived inside Medina pretended to be Muslims said Yara sola rasulillah. But then they were the most bitter enemies of the prophets of Salaam. In fact, they were like agents of the opposition from within trying to undermine and overthrow the promise to them from inside. Okay, a lot smarter says

01:03:40--> 01:04:25

here about the Battle of the book. This is one of the most difficult battles that the person ever fought. And this was against the Roman, the Byzantine Empire, okay, the eastern flank of the Roman Empire. So this was a major battle. But here is what Allah says about it as he starts to talk about it. Yeah, you are Latina. amanu ma la comida de de la comunidad Rufus. I've been called to a lot of believers, what is the matter with you, when you are asked to go forth in the cause of God, you cling to the land, if the call to order from the word appeal, that's heavy, like your feet are heavy, you're heavily clinging on to the earth. Right? What is that? What is image? The image is

01:04:25--> 01:04:59

Allah is asking you to go and you know, basically like fly towards heaven, and you're clinging to the mud of this earth. You use you want to rock the tumble higher to dunya metal after that, you prefer the life of this world to the hereafter. Right? Is that the reason why? Well my fermata katatonia feel absolutely Illa cuddle, but the comfort of this life compared to the next life is very little insignificant, almost. A lost battle reminds the believers that look, you should go to fight this battle. This battle.

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

The book, The Battle of the book was actually a second skirmish between the Muslims and the Byzantines. The first one was the Battle of Murata, where the Byzantine Empire came to the aid of Arab Christians that the profs alum had sent a expedition to, and they overwhelmed the Muslims to the point where the number was like one to 10 and has been very, very skillfully maneuvered the Muslims and rescued them from certain massacre. Okay, so now to get revenge on these people for this kind of shenanigans. The problem was going to go to the book and take your business there. But before he went there, the preparation was a very difficult preparation. We will speak about that

01:05:41--> 01:06:08

more tomorrow too. But here, look at what he says. If you are the Sahaba he stands out but if you do not go forward, He will punish you sternly and replace you by other people. And you will not harm him in the least. It's your loss. Not Allah is lost because Allah is powerful. If you don't help him sauce on them. Allah will help him anyway. This train is leaving the station whether you're on it or not. Okay.

01:06:09--> 01:06:10


01:06:12--> 01:07:02

name is Omar feel or know how Allah supported him. When those who demand the truth The people of mucca na kodesh expelled him. When the two of them were in the cave, a worker and Mama saw them and a worker so deep are the one who when he said to his companion to a worker Siddiq, lotta Hassan in aloha Marina, no worry for God is with us. This was the instance where they were alone at the, you know, if Quraysh found them, it was certain that the Prophet Saddam was escaping Makkah to go to Medina. And as he escaped makup to go to Medina, he took a detour as like a misdirection to hide in the cave of phone. And then he hid there with a booger stick. The people of Polish found him anyway

01:07:02--> 01:07:45

and found the came anyway. And had they found him would have been certainly the asset and they would have killed him. Okay, so here he is, without any army without any arms without anything completely, you know, by himself with Oba Casa de Allah said in that helpless situation, right, we're of a worldly perspective, he was helpless. Allah saved him and protected him and gave him victory. Right? If he could do that, in that state, he's going to most certainly do that at the end of his life in the Battle of the book, whether you do it or not all Sahaba Allah Ponte Allah is going to do it is going to support him and give him victory for under the law. Sakina Allah, Allah He. So God sent his

01:07:45--> 01:08:31

tranquility down on him and aiding them with faith in Him with forces invisible to you and plays the word of those who disbelieved as the lowest, while God's word remains Supreme, and God is powerful and wise. Right. So this is the Battle of the book. Last month, I will then talk about a bit of the analysis of the hypocrites right I'll give you some examples of that I number 47. Right the hypocrites low huddled up Come Masada come in La hawla wala la la comida una como fitna mafia como summer una la home, had they gone forth with you, they would have only proved a source of evil for you, and would have run back and forth among you seeing seeking to sow discord among you. And among

01:08:31--> 01:09:03

you were some who would have willingly listened to them, they would have been bad influences in your army or profit. This is a very, very sweat it is a very powerful idea. I always am blown away by it. Because it says the Sahaba the Sahaba would be influenced by the hypocrites and would be adversely negatively affected by these people.

01:09:05--> 01:09:13

Because Allah says, had they gone forth, hypothetically, if they were there, they would have become a source of evil and this quarter, because some of the Sahaba would have listened to them.

01:09:16--> 01:09:42

How imagine the effect of of bad influence and negativity on the rest of us who are not Sahaba who don't have the protection of seeing the Prophet solemn, and hearing the truth from his mouth, right? Imagine the consequences, and not just imagining and see the consequences of misinformation, that when people spread it, it spreads like wildfire. And the truth is now smashed by it

01:09:43--> 01:09:50

is smashed by it because the people are willing to listen to the spicy fake news.

01:09:52--> 01:09:59

These half truths and are so influenced by them that the truth doesn't even matter to them. Murphy

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Some alone a very, you know, very sobering reality right? Another one is iron number 65. But let's round that up. So, number 65, not 465 is 65 is

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they were insulting the Prophet solemn, right, making fun making a mockery of them making a mockery of their appearances. And law says would you make a mockery of God and His messengers, God and His revelations and off his messenger that is tantamount to blasphemy and disbelief making excuses you have rejected faith after you accepted it. Right. So this is that we will pick up some more of this information and some more of this tomorrow, the analysis of the hypocrites in sha Allah and the Battle of the book, and then into the last part of surah Toba inshallah, tomorrow, same time, same place, Joseph mock everybody for sticking around till the end. I'll see you all tomorrow, Santa

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Monica de la jolla.