Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L100D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of remaining firm and steadfast in a battle festival, following the rules of conduct, and not yelling or screaming during panic attacks. They stress the need for individuals to adopt silence and not give up on others' actions, and stress the importance of following guidance and following guidance to achieve success. The speakers emphasize the need to be unit and not dispute each other's actions, and stress the importance of following guidance and following guidance to avoid wasting time and effort.
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Yeah, you have Latina Ave, all you who have believed either Nikita when you met. Now, the rules of conduct are being laid with regards to battle that all believers when you meet fi attend a group, which group, a group of disbelievers. Meaning when you confront them in the battle festival to then become steadfast stand firm fastboot.

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For those wondering fetters, sir better Tibet? What does that mean? To stand firm? So become firm, become stable, remain fixed, don't become shaky. Don't become double minded. Don't think maybe we should go back home? No. Once you're in that situation, then don't leave until the matter is completed.

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Don't leave until the matter is concluded. Fifth voted remain firm, do not become weak. And how should you strengthen yourself? What go to law hackathon. And remember a lot much larger law come to fly home, so that you may be successful, maybe successful were over here in the context in the battle. If you want victory, then what do you have to do? Once you've gone in? remain firm?

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And how do you bring that confidence to yourself? How do you remain firm by remembering Allah subhanaw taala much what koala tefera la la counterflow. So in this ayah, the rules of conduct with regards to the battle are being laid down. Two rules are given over here. First of all, when facing the enemy, be firm and steadfast. Do not leave the battlefield.

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Because if you leave, then what's going to happen?

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That's going to happen. You're going to be defeated.

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Halfway through you say okay, this is getting too tough is getting too difficult. Let me just go back. If you leave, you're leaving is also going to affect the rest of the people? Isn't it all, you're going to affect the rest of the group. Even they will also decide to leave. So once you've gone in, stay there, stay there until you're victorious. There's a very interesting story of this person. He was always victorious and every challenge that he took up. So basically, if he was ever fighting another person or confronting another person, you'll always be victorious. So somebody asked him that how can you lose your toys? So he said, Okay, let me show you said you bite my

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finger, and I will bite yours. Okay, whoever releases his finger first is going to be the loser. So he said, Okay, fine. So he started biting the other person's finger and the other person started biting his finger.

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So they were biting and all of a sudden the other person he released his finger, he gave up. So he said, What happened? He said, I was just waiting for you to give up. That was my target.

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And I knew that Okay, a few seconds, after a few moments left, he's going to give a very soon. So the key to my victory is that I don't give up until the other person gives up.

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This is the key to victory.

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So the same lesson is being taught to us. Once you've gone in, don't give up, don't leave. Sometimes it's just a matter of a few seconds, just a matter of a few moments. Don't give up, keep going. And very soon you'll be victorious. And how do you make yourself confident? How do you overcome the pain with code of law? Catherine remember of law much because that will enable you to remain for

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the profits are allowed to send them said Oh, people do not wish to face the enemy in a battle. First of all, what are we told, don't wish to face the enemy. Sometimes people become so zealous, they become so emotional, that they wait that you know such a difficulty must go away. And we must face the enemy so that we can end up in the prison or we can end up you know, being tortured by the enemy. What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say, don't wish for it.

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do not wish to face the enemy in battle and ask Allah to save you. ask Allah for raffia for protection, for being saved from calamities. But if you should face the enemy, if Allah subhanaw taala does put you in a situation where you are made to face the enemy, then be patient.

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be steadfast Be patient, and let it be known to you that Paradise is under the shadows of the swords. Meaning the pathogen is difficult. And once you are confronting the enemy once Allah has put you in that situation, then know that perhaps inshallah This is your way to gender. So it is extremely important that a person should become firm. And you should have steadfastness when doing something important especially when it comes to facing another confronting another because they

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If we lose courage and we give up, then we'll never be able to accomplish anything. And this is not just with regards to, you know, big things like battle, but even little things. For example, just memorizing your lesson. Sometimes we're going halfway through and like, Oh, this is getting too difficult forget, I'm going to sleep, let me take a break. Sometimes I can't understand, people are doing their work. And after 15 minutes or 20 minutes, I need a break, they'll check their phone, they'll check their email, photo to have some sub B start first, once you start it completed, and then move on to something else.

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Have some steadfastness because if you don't, then it will become very difficult for you to accomplish anything in life, anything at all.

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Sometimes we become bored.

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It's been too long, it's been almost a year, it's been six months, I'm doing the same thing I need to change, I need to do something else, I need to do something different. And if a person is constantly like this, that he gets bored, or he wants to change, then again, he will never be able to accomplish anything. So the key to success is that once you've started something, then don't leave until you've completed it.

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Don't leave until you've completed.

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The second rule that allows a penalty that gives us over here is what could Allah get you that engage in the vicar of Allah? Especially when? When facing the enemy? Because when a person remembers Allah, then what happens? Japan leaves, isn't it so? And sometimes when we're doing something who makes it so difficult for us?

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So what's what's up?

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Okay, you know what's going on over the check your phone? Is there a message is there an update, check your email, maybe you have very important emails, go see what they're saying.

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Just go call that person. Know, look outside this, walk to the window.

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This touch the mouse, just touch the keyboard so that the screen comes on, and then you see all of those messages that have popped up. So when you're doing something shaytan is constantly putting words in your heart to distract you, to make you lose courage. But what is Allah say? engage yourself in the vicar of Allah, so that shaytan is kept away.

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And at the same time, negative thoughts are also kept away.

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Because when a person engages in the vicar of Allah, then what happens? His heart becomes calm.

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What do we learn an Arabic relay? Gentlemen,

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it's with the vicar of Allah that the hearts find peace. Now just imagine a person in the middle of the battle, and he begins to panic. And he begins to scream.

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And he's not doing the vicar of Allah. Is he going to be able to face that challenge? Is it going to affect other people? Of course. So what do you need in this situation to give you confidence, to give your heart satisfaction and contentment and peace, the vicar of Allah,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, which is similar to the previous one that I mentioned, that do not wish to face the enemy in a battle, and ask a lot to save you from calamities. But if you should face the enemy, then stand firm and remember a lot much what does this Heidi say? That stand firm? And remember a lot much? Then if they make loud noises? Who does they refer to? The enemy? If they make loud noises? Why would they make loud noises?

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The machine especially when they would go in battle, sometimes they would have their women accompany them.

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And these women they would scream or they will wear or they will cry, why in order to encourage their men to motivate their men. Similarly, they would have people reciting poetry loudly, why to motivate the people, and sometimes, you know, out of fear out of panic, they will begin to make noise.

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So, if they begin to make noise, then what should you do? upon you is silence, meaning you must remain silent.

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Let them make whatever noise they want. Their drums are beating, their women are screaming, their men, they're reciting poetry, what should you do? remain silent up on you aside and finally combust silent.

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But what is our condition?

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That we cannot even remain silent, where we are required to remain silent. Generally, if there is a situation of panic,

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people begin to scream, people begin to yell, oh my god, and what's going on and yelling and screaming? But what's the best way of facing such a situation? remaining silent, remaining calm. And this is what the Prophet Solomon has instructed us to do as well.

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What do they teach you here in schools that if there's a fire alarm, what should you do?

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Stay calm, right? Because if you begin yelling and screaming, then what's going to happen? Everybody is going to be complaining. So, avoid that and remain silent.

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And there are three times in particular, when a person must adopt silence. Three situations where a person must adopt silence What are they?

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First of all, when the Quran is being recited, when the Quran is being recited, what are we told remain silent.

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Secondly, when the janazah is being placed, meaning when the buried person is being placed in his grave, when the deceased is being placed in his grave, that at that time also, we should adopt silence and thirdly, when facing the enemy, because if we remain quiet, only then can we do the Kerbala. If we start talking to other people, if we start yelling and screaming, if we start crying out loud, then how can we remember Allah? We cannot.

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If we remain silent, only then we can do the crab Allah soprano data. So what guru like a Theon and remember a lot much, and this is the key to success, learn, learn to fly home, so that you can be successful. And we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the Battle of whether he also engaged in a lot of da because Victor is not just doing liquor of Allah in the sense that doing this B, but they could also include what making Dora and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that there's so many doors that we learned he made at the bottom of that, for example, one of them is your how you you have a younger medical studies,

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bureau medical history to your mercy that I want. Similarly Allahumma munzee Rokita well Majid is to have what has he will observe exam home one so now I lay him that Oh Allah revealer of the book, the one who revealed the Book, the mover of the clouds, that all these clouds up there who moves them, along moves them, and defeater of the Confederates, meaning those who come against your believers, you are the one who defeats them,

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defeat them, defeat these people as well and grant us victory over them.

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Grant his victory over them

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to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he engaged in at the Battle of

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Karbala. He said that nothing is more beloved to Allah than the recitation of the Holy Quran.

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What did he say Karbala well, that nothing is more beloved to Allah than the recitation of the Holy Quran. If this was not the case, then he would not command people to pray and do the head. For even during Jihad he has ordered his servants to do the vicar of Allah. So according to him, they can over here means what? reciting the Quran?

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Even in this situation,

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what should you do recite the Quran? So what could Allah hackathon? What does it mean first of all, make endora secondly, reciting the Quran recite the Quran as well in the battle. And thirdly, General as well.

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The prophets are allowed isn't it was once asked which prayer is the best?

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Which prayer is the best and he replied, that in which Allah is remembered the most, he was asked which fast is the best He replied, that in which Allah is remembered the most. Then he was asked which Hajj is the best and he replied, that in which Allah is remembered the most, what kind of jihad is best, he replied, that in which Allah is remembered the most.

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So any good deed? If it is accompanied with the vicar of Allah, that is what makes a good deed best.

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So even if it's something that you had, even if it's something that you're in the middle of the battle, then what is it that's going to make that deed best? It's the Nikkor of Allah.

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It's the record of a loss of handled art. So, do instructions have been given over here in order to be successful, first of all, remain firm. Secondly, engage into the Corolla. But remember, in order to the dhikr of Allah, we have to adopt silence.

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Because sometimes what happens naturally, when people aren't in a difficult situation, instead of doing the kind of Allah? Where do they start doing, yelling and screaming, talking to other people, and sometimes even if they want to do the record of Allah they're unable to,

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isn't utter, they're unable to. So only if a person is used to doing the vicar of Allah in normal situations, then he will be able to do the kind of Allah in the situation.

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They understand. If you're used to it in other situations, then you'll be able to do it in this situation as well.

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Like, once a sister was mentioning that when she went for her to realize that those people who were not usually engaged in theory that have a lot they were not able to do

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Better even at hedge with people who are used to it from before only they're able to do it over there.

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Similarly, if a person is used to doing the Corolla, otherwise only then he will be able to do the Chroma in this situation as well.

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Well to your alohomora Sula, who and obey Allah and His Messenger,

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when in every situation but especially in the battlefield, especially in this situation, where you are confronting the enemy, you have to obey your leader, you have to you must, because if you don't, then what's going to happen? You're going to head towards your defeat and not victory. So appear Allahu wa Sula, who obey Allah and His messenger will act as their and do not dispute with one another. Do not dispute amongst yourselves do not have differences amongst yourselves. Do not take things personally. And then start backbiting, blaming. No, don't dispute remain united. Because if you begin to dispute what's going to happen for that Shalu consequently, you will lose heart,

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you will lose art. Because people, when they support one another, they have strength. When they're united, they are strong. What do they say united we stand divided we fall. So don't argue don't dispute because if you do that, then what's going to happen you're going to lose confidence, you're going to lose your strength,

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you're going to lose your prestigious Well, what doesn't have a vehicle, and your rear also will go away the word V, what does it mean wind.

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Three is used for wind, and figuratively the word It is also used for or for all that a person strikes in the heart of the other of himself, strength.

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So the strength that you have

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the rub that you have,

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which your enemy is awestruck by, if you begin fighting, if you begin arguing with one another, what's going to happen, you're going to lose your prestige,

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isn't it so for example, if there's a couple, a husband and wife, mother and father, as long as they're on the same page, as long as they're together, they're united. They're not arguing they're not fighting with one another people respect them.

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And the moment they start fighting with one another before others, people lose respect.

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People lose respect for them.

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Remember that,

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as a family, as a couple, as friends, as co workers, if you have some differences,

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voiced them in private, don't voice them in public.

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Because if you do, so people are going to lose respect for you and also your spouse, they're not going to respect you anymore. Because when a person begins to argue and fight, then what happens is negative side shows up, his negative side is revealed. They talk like this, this is what they say. This is how they think of their spouse. This is how they think of their co worker. This is how they think of their friend or their sibling. So when you fight before other people, you lose respect in the eyes of other people. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is stopping us from that Latin as arrow, don't fight with one another. Because if you do that, for that Shalu First of all, you will

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lose heart, because all of your focus and your energy is going to be diverted against who know one another instead of enemy. Until now, all of your focus was on who the enemy the work. And now because you have a personal defense with another person, your focus is going to be that person

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you understand, you're going to be distracted,

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you're going to be distracted, you're not going to be focused. And on top of that, if the enemy sees you fighting with one another, even they're not going to respect you anymore. But that's shallow waters however he

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was below and do sub meaning, have some steadfastness. And also be patient with who with one another.

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Be patient with one another as well. Be patient when it comes to facing the enemy. And also be patient with one another. Because generally battle is fought in difficult circumstances, isn't it? So? If you ever seen a video in which people are being trained for battle, you may have seen that they go through a lot. What kind of food are they eating, how they're traveling, how they're sleeping, what kind of clothes they're wearing, what situations they're in. So if in that situation a person's like don't touch me,

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you know, sit in your spot and Don't touch me.

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You know, mind your own business, and they start fighting over there. This is a sub No, is it going to lead to victory? Not at all. You have to have sub was below and be patient, because unity comes with patience.

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In the Lucha Mara Slovenian, Indeed Allah is with those who are patient, and those who are not patient, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala also leaves them.

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So in this ayah more key points are mentioned to attain success. And what are they, first of all, obedience to Allah and His Messenger, obedience to the leader,

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you must obey the leader,

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you must obey Allah and His messenger. Secondly, avoiding disputes,

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avoiding disputes. Now, what does he mean by avoiding disputes

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that people should be united? What does it mean by unity? that everybody should have the same opinion? Everybody should think alike? No, that's not what the meaning of unity is. Because if everybody begins to think alike, then there will be no creativity, isn't it so there will be no creativity. People differ, every person thinks differently. But what is unity? that although you have differences, but when it comes to agreeing upon something, you agree upon it, whatever the leader says, You agree with them. You don't say later on, I told you. So. See, I said we shouldn't do this. No, nothing like that. Once all of you have decided to do something, then stay with the

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Don't form your own party, don't form your own group. Don't separate yourself from the rest. Because if you do that, that's going to weaken you. It's going to weaken your heart, your resolve, and it's also going to weaken the strength of the army. And as a result, what's going to happen, your enemies are going to fear you anymore. Your enemy is not going to respect you anymore. So what does unity mean that despite differences, people respect one another,

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they agree to disagree.

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They respect one another and they agree to disagree. And if you think of it, that if I have the right to voice my opinion, if I have the right to think my way, then the other person also has the right to think is well, who am I to say that my thinking is right, and their thinking is wrong. Everybody has been given the freedom of thought, Allah subhanaw taala has given every person in mind with which he thinks however he wants to, isn't it? Oh, so if you think your own way, the other person thinks his own way, what's the big deal? If you differ, it's okay to differ. But when you've decided to do something, then stay with the rest of the group. Don't form your own group don't

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differ, don't separate yourself because if you do that, there will be no unity.

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So, these two conditions are also placed over here. Because only if a person meets these two conditions that obedience to the leader and then unity, then they will be successful. And the third command over here is off. Sub Be patient. Because when a person does suffer the loss of power without his help and assistance is with him.

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We listen to the recitation of these if and then we'll continue.

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me? Do you wanna key

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Boom, Boom.

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Boom, see?

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anything you'd like to say

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the more you have solid grounds, more solid relationship with Allah, Allah, Allah guides you, Allah shows you how to take the things faster. Because out of no matter you're learning something or you're teaching something anywhere in an organization, many times situations come up that one person say, okay, it's going to happen and others say no, I'm going to give, it's not possible. But the more a person has a relationship with Allah, Allah will aid me Subhana Allah, Allah hears them, because it depends. Either it's the glass half full, or it's either the glass half empty. I mean, you can look at the things differently. Because I was just teaching this morning to my students, and

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that the jury session and the anger and say what doesn't have a hospital? Anyone in the jury, it has said that the letters which are weak, they have less reliance on the mockridge out of them that if we don't read them with their suffered, one can hardly listen that for example, if if we don't give the sofa, if it's gone, you say

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can you give me the free one is a flat and one is a flat? Other way we eat completely, it's gone. So same is the situation, that the more we are away from Allah subhanaw taala, the more we get weak, but if you have relaxed there, no matter what situation come you will stay there. Allah holds you back.

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I was just thinking that how are we going to take these last two eyes that we learned? And how would we implement it, especially when we're not going to worry? So thinking that whenever we're faced with a situation where we're going to do harm, or something that is Stanford, Stanford, first of all, remember our last panel to Allah much obey Allah, Allah and His Messenger, they do the highlight instead of the harem. And when it comes to tonight, I was thinking, we say, oh, should we do it? Should we not do so don't have that inner argument with yourself at all, because that weakens you, and be patient and inshallah that will lead you to not doing the huddle.

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Not just in a situation where you attempt to do something wrong, but anything that you wish to do to please a loss?

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Because over here, why would the Muslims going to battle because that was a command of Allah. That's what they had to do to please Allah subhanaw taala. So similarly, if we are put in a situation where as a team, as a group of people, we have to do something together for the cause of Allah, whether it is studying the Quran, or it is working in on a particular project, as a group, then we must develop these characteristics, we must do them because if we don't, then we cannot be successful. Over here, tips or the guideline to success has been given the guideline to success for who for a group that is working together,

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to please almost a penalty to get the pleasure of Allah.

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And what are those steps? If you look at the ayat, what are those steps, first of all, become firm.

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If your five people working on a project, all five of you have to be firm. If one person leaves, it's going to affect the rest, isn't it? Oh, that sometimes in school people are working together in a project. Three people don't show up. Two people do it themselves.

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It's so upsetting, they get so frustrated, we have to do the work, and they get the work. Or we cannot do the work properly, because of them. And we also lose despite our effort. So first of all, is remain firm.

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What's the second rule that has been given over here

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due to the colossal penalty, because that will remind you of what of your goal

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that will make you content that will give you peace at heart. That will make you more focused, that will drive the shaitaan away. And if you don't take care of Allah, then you're going to become distracted, then you're going to become demotivated and you're going to lose courage and you're going to leave very soon. What's another instruction that has been given over here?

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obey Allah and the messenger. Don't forget to follow the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given and His Messenger has given with regards to the work that you're doing. Don't forget to take the instructions from there. And then don't fight, don't argue, have differences. You are allowed to have differences. But don't disrespect one another

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When it comes to voicing outrage differences, and don't voice them out in public before other people, because if you do so everybody's going to lose respect for you. Nobody's going to respect you anymore. And this is something that is applicable at the family level, as well as at a community level at a social level, at the workplace, even have differences, but at the same time, have harmony. And if we look at it, the Sahaba they differed so much amongst themselves, they had so many differences of opinion, but they never disrespected one another. They would not disrespect one another and this is what led them to their success.

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And then be patient because if you are patient, then Allah is with those who are patient.

Al-Anfal 41-58 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 45-46

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