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Al-Anfal 41-58 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 47-53

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Villa humans shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Let's continue our lesson.

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Now more rules are given when at the corner and don't become like who can Lavina hora juman Dare him? Do not be like those people who came forth from their homes. Who are these people? That was shaking? How did they leave their homes befallen

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incidently, they left their homes with first of all. And secondly, what a nurse and to be seen by people just to show off before people.

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And then thirdly, we also do non Serbian there. And also to stop people from the way of Allah, these were their objectives. This is the way in which they came out of their homes, to fight against the Muslims. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over here, don't be like them.

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Don't imitate them.

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Don't do what they did. What did these people do the Michigan army when they left, they left in a state of battle. What does better mean? Better a scenario, Tetris. Bah, bah, bah. And bah, bah, bah, is a level above? What does it mean, to be happy. And remember, one is the federal column and the other is for her nuts. One is that you're happy at heart, and you're grateful. And the other is that you become so happy that you begin showing off. And that happiness is, you know, it's visible on the person and he begins showing off and he begin to take credit for himself.

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And buffer is above that. It's beyond that. So what is better? This is when a person is so happy in his state, that he begins to become very proud and boastful.

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He becomes very proud and boastful.

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And his pride is obvious it can be seen.

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It can be seen. So when a person is boasting, he's arrogant, he's proud, he's showing off his blessings. He's misusing the blessings. And at the same time, resulting in gratitude. So it's given its areas. And at the same time, it's thinking too high of oneself.

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Now, when the machine of Mecca, when they left,

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they left with a lot of pride, that there's so many of us, and we've taken so much of our resources, we have taken the best of our leaders, they left with this arrogance, this pride, best of their leaders went and they said that I would tell would go to different different leaders and make sure that they would come. And if anybody would not come, he would say, very derogatory remarks to them, that this person is staying at home just like a woman or things like that. So he would say that so that people would come and participate in the battle with him. They would also go to fight the Muslims. So don't be like these people who leave their homes with Bethel. They have accumulated all

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of their wealth, and they're taking it with them huge numbers of people, many, many animals, with their dancing girls and their musical instruments. Why? As if they're going on a circus, but they were in reality going for a battle. So all believers, when you're going to fight the enemy, don't do it like this, that you're leaving your house, you're leaving your city, you're leaving your country or the whole procession and you're going with a lot of pride over what you have. And at the same time, what he says and showing off to the people.

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So all of this and we're sticking dead why in order to show off to the people which people, the Arabs and the surrounding areas to establish their fear in their hearts, what are unece and to show off to the people and also whales who do not answer be the lead and as a result, what are they doing stopping people from the wave Allah will la will be mayor Medina, Mohit and Allah is with whatever they're doing. He is Morpheus encompasses whatever they're doing. So we learned over here that the believers should avoid imitating the behavior of the disbelievers.

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The believers, they should avoid imitating the behavior of the disbelievers. When the army of kadesh did f maka, they had with them singing girls dancing girls, musical instruments alcohol. And when a Buddha was told that the caravan has escaped safely, and that the machine should return to Makkah, what did he say? That No, by Allah, we will not go back. We're not going back until we proceed to the well of birth.

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And we slaughter camels over there. And we drink alcohol and female singers sing to us. Why did he want to do all of this? This way the Arabs will always talk about our stance and what we did on that day, meaning this day will become a part of history that the courageous

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So much money, they spent so much resources, they had a big event over here, this will become a part of history.

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And what happened, it did become a part of history. But all of this went against our Buddha and his people. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling the viewers don't do what they did, leaving their houses, in pride in arrogance. And just to show off before people just to show up before people. And sometimes I see that at weddings even

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what happens when the girl is leaving the house.

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Sometimes people will come and show each and every garment each and every piece of thing that has been stitched for the girl. All her clothes will be displayed.

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All of the stuff that she's taking with her even the jewelry that she's taking with her will be displayed. This is Botha and this realness.

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I was amazed once I went to a wedding and I couldn't understand why bags and bags were brought. And then each bag was opened up and all the clothes were shown and even the jewelry was displayed. Even the bedsheets has like poor girl.

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Her closet is being shown to every person.

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And what's the objective? This is just showing off the people that look we have so much we've given so much to the girl, the girl is taking so much money to her husband's house, or that her husband's mother gave so much to the girl.

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Rihanna showing off the people and the poor people, the family members who cannot afford that measure. They're just sitting there with greed in their eyes or with sadness in their eyes, that I wish I had something like that, too. I wish I could give something to my daughter. Something similar like that as well. People are just looking this is a nurse. So we're being told not to imitate the disbelievers. What do we say this is a part of our culture. But where did this come from in our culture?

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From this believers, from this believers, what are we being told, don't be like them, don't become like them don't imitate them.

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And also you see them wishing they had brought with them dancing girls,

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musical instruments, and also how long food and sometimes that our weddings, music is a must. Dancing is a must. And if we say or if we're not going to do this, then people are not going to remember our wedding. We have to show the people that we threw a huge wedding party. And how's that going to be done? with perhaps a concert at the wedding, a musical group that's up at the stage, playing music dancing to the music singing to the music and everybody else along with them is also doing the same. So that this wedding is a memorable one just like a Buddha headset this day is a memorable one that we spent so much money we had so much fun. A lot of parents are telling us don't

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become like them.

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What is a no no Huma shaytani Carmela home and remember when shaytaan made their deeds pleasing to them.

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chiffon Iblees over here at least literally he made their deeds pleasing to them beautiful to them. They you know some newsletters a known Xena. What does he know mean beauty and Xena is to adorn something. So shaitan beautified their deeds to them which deeds

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which deeds,

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which have mentioned over here of buffer of realness of being wasteful and spending the money in entertaining themselves in going against the Muslims in order to harm them. So all of these deeds were beautified by Shetland, where is a lahoma shaytani r Viola

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Wakanda. And he said meaning a police said to them that lalibela camileo. Today, no one is going to overpower you.

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Live is one who overpowers no one is going to be victorious over you today this day. Why? Because you are the strongest. Look, you're sacrificing your slaughtering nine to 10 camels daily just to feed your people.

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You're so victorious. You're so powerful. You have so much no one can ever defeat you today. Because you have everything that you need in order to be successful. lalibela camellia woman a nurse. And on top of that, we're in New Jersey local and indeed I am a neighbor to you Joe is from the real veterans dream world of

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dual Joe. What does it mean to be a neighbor and Jeff is a neighbor Jerry Giambi. Remember

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the neighbor on the side. So we're in Ninja law calm. I am a neighbor to you. And Jerry is also figuratively used for a supporter helper

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because the neighbor is meant to help you support you. So I am going to support you. Now what is this referring to?

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We learned that the machine of NACA before leaving MCE they go

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together in battle network, to plan their departure and to plan what they were going to do. And Iblees, he came to that gathering in the form of Soraka gibberellic, who was Soraka, he was the chief of the tribe of Banu Barker.

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He was the chief of the tribal bernbach.

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So at least came in his form Soraka. And he said to them, that none can defeat you today, and I am your neighbor. He didn't live in Makkah, outside of MCC. I'm your neighbor, I'm right by your side. And I'm going to bring my people with you. And when you are so numerous and so powerful, these Muslims, how can they ever defeat you? So in other words, Iblees came to encourage the machine to go and fight the Muslims.

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Constantly, he was encouraging them. So he came to a company and he said, no one can defeat you. And on top of that, I'm your neighbor. I'm your supporter. I'm here to give you all my support.

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But this was a blease

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and who is he? A great liar, a Great Deceiver. So he also deceived them we should in America how filament than when the raw Adelphi attend. When the two groups cited one another thought is for newsletters are all Hamza, which means to see Torah, he is to face one another,

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and to be close to one another.

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It is basically when two are so close to one another that they can see each other. So when both the armies cited one another, when the Muslim side of them which Turkey and the Michigan sided the Muslims, then what happened what it leads to NACA, sila, RPB, he turned back up on his heels. Newcastle isn't very interesting noon capsule. And it is to turn away from some work that one was about to do.

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Just imagine you're about to do something, you're about to enter the room. Now castle, is to withdraw, to turn away.

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And generally the word Nicola is used for turning away from doing something that's good, that you're about to do something good. And then all of a sudden, you change your mind and you leave, you stop. You don't do it anymore.

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So he was about to help the machine. And it was good for the machine. Obviously, in reality, it wasn't good, but it was good for them was sticky.

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But what did he do?

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He withdrew, he turned away, I document he upon his two heels. And what does this mean? That he turned away from their escaping,

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running for his life? Why did he do that? What color and he said, in every domain calm? I am absolved of you. I have nothing to do with you. In the era, indeed, I see man letter Oh, now what you don't see, what is it the release of the angels gibreel and his companions.

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And when he saw that gibreel was sent and so many angels are sent. He was worried. He was scared. And he ran away in the alarm. And I thought, Oh, no, I see what you don't see in the a half a la Indeed, I fear Allah will law who should either a cop and Allah is severe in retribution.

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Look at the words of Iblees I fear a lot.

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Is it enough to say I fear a lot then?

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No, if the fear does not change a person, if the fear does not change a person's actions, that fear is not sufficient.

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That fear is not sufficient.

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For a better what is needed, fear, as well as love, as well as hope. All three are necessary. If a person only says yes, I fear Allah. It's not sufficient. If a person comes I love Allah, even that is not sufficient. If a person only says I have a lot of hope, even that is not sufficient. All three are necessary. Hope, fear and love.

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At least said I fear Allah. And Allah is severe in retribution. So if I come and fight over here, against the Muslims, I know that I'll be punished really badly. And I don't want to be punished like that. So he left them, he left the machine. He came to them, encouraging them, go and fight the Muslims, I am with you. And when the time came to fight, he left them and this is what shavon does. He tells the person disobey Allah.

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disobey Allah go ahead and disobey Allah. And when a person has obeyed chethan then schezwan abandons him.

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What do we learn insolate the Messiah 120 that URI the one where human need shavon makes promises to them, and he arouses in them false desires false hopes, once a year at home was shaped on a level and shaytans promises are nothing but deception.

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Nothing but deception because he doesn't help you at the time when you need his help. And this is something that chitlin will do to people on the day of judgment as well, that he will abandon them.

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Instead of Ibrahim is 22

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is mentioned lokala shaytani n shaytan will say, lemma, CODEL amaru, when the matter has been concluded, meaning when the people of gender are in gender, and the people of Hellfire are in hellfire.

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What will shaitan say that in Allaha widecombe, where they'll help that Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth, what? That there is gender. And there is enough and you will end up in either one of them. Well, I took him

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left to come. And I also promised you but I betrayed you. I also promised you but I betrayed you. So is he blameworthy? Then

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what will he say? Why can an era come in so far? Don't blame me because I had no authority over you.

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I had no authority over you. I had no fun over you. Except that I just invited you in under Article I only invited you to do said fester debit only then you responded to me. I never forced you I only told you I only suggested I only encouraged. So today you cannot put the blame on me. falletta loony wallow and full circle, don't blame me, but rather blame yourselves, man. And I'll be mostly Hakuna and Toby must be here. I cannot respond to you. I cannot be called to your aid and you cannot be called to my aid. We cannot help one another today. So on the Day of Judgment, shaitaan will completely abandon those people who obeyed Him. And in this dunya also, he abandoned the machine who

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followed him.

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This is what she found us he encourages us to do something wrong to disobey Allah.

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And when we're in the problem, then he leaves us

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at a corner when Afrikaner when the hypocrites were saying, Who else was saying along with the hypocrites, one levina eukanuba marathon

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and those people in whose hearts is a disease?

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Who are the hypocrites?

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Who are the hypocrites over here.

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Because remember, I mentioned to you that the men African, they emerged when at the Battle of warhead up until then, people who are concealed So who are these when I feel home, whenever phone over here refers to those people who later proved to be unethical,

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who later proved to be unethical. At this point, there In fact, was not obvious.

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There in fact, was not evident. Later on, it became evident later on, it became obvious.

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Others have said that monasticon over here refers to those people who had become Muslim.

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But they had not migrated from Mecca to Medina.

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They have not migrated from where from Mecca to Medina.

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And when a Buddha came to fight against the Muslims, he brought these people with him.

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You understand? He brought these people with him. And these people when they came and they saw the Muslims that there are only a few number. And here the machine so many a number. They started saying negative things about the Muslims, it was obvious that they did not have strong email or their email was not proper. It was only a pretense of email. There wasn't actually a man inside.

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So the hypocrites they said and along with them, who will say one Latina few kuruva, Monique and those people in whose hearts is a disease. Who are these people, those who have weak email, lack of email, doubt about email or there is a certain one Latina Ruby model it refers to the yahood of Medina,

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the hood of Medina, because remember, there are different types of diseases, right? One disease of the heart is off check of doubt, and other is of sherawat what are the desires, so in their hearts is also a disease? And what is it a disease of desire, desire of work,

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of glory of prestige, because of which they were not willing to give up their religion. They were not willing to accept the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So these people, they said

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he didn't know

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these people, meaning the Muslims.

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They religion has deceived them.

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It has deceived them. It has diluted them. It has made them crazy. Just look at them. That they're so few in number and they think that they can fight against the machine. their religion has completely mess them up. It has made them crazy, they cannot even think straight. They cannot understand this fact, which is so logical that if you are 300 and your enemy is 1000 you cannot overcome your enemy.

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Instead of a de novo the religion has completely diluted. But what is Allah say? Well, mania Takara Allah, whoever trusts upon Allah for inilah disease and thinking that Allah is Mighty, and he's also wise, meaning whoever trusts upon Allah, that Allah will enable him to be successful, because Allah is Mighty. And Allah is wise, in the way that he ate him as well.

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What is mentioned in this ayah, that when the believers when they're put in a difficult situation by a loss of

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a situation that may seem to be very challenging, very impossible. Other people begin talking, especially those who have weak faith,

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especially those who have weak faith. And they say that these people have been deceived by their religion.

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These people have been deceived by their religion.

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by for example, if a woman starts to wear hijab, people say that you think if you wearing Hijab you're very intelligent.

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You think you're very smart? What are you trying to prove? You're very righteous. You're very pious. What do you think of yourself?

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Somebody actually said this to me. When I started wearing hijab, somebody said this to me, you think if you start wearing hijab, you become very righteous, you're very intelligent compared to this girl who's not wearing the hijab.

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Like I never said that.

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I never said that. Nor am I trying to prove that. Nor am I trying to show that in any way. I'm just doing what Allah has commanded me to do simple.

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So when a person begins to follow the deen, when a person begins to become serious about the deen or, for example, he is put in a difficult situation. Other people say, this person has been deceived by his religion. He's not thinking straight anymore. He's not being realistic.

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He cannot understand the reality of things. This is what people think because in their eyes, what is greater the dunya or the the dunya so they judge everything according to the dunya

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what else Ah, and If only you could see a Viet or fillerina cafaro Mela echo. When the angels were taking the souls of those who disbelieved in the battlefield, If only you could see how the disbelievers sold were being taken by the angels. How in what way in what manner? yobbery buena? Would you haha, what?

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The angels were striking their faces as well as their backs in the battlefield. And they were saying was those who are there but hurry up and take the punishment of the blazing fire? What does it show that the angels, they're the ones who beat up the people, the disbelievers. They took their souls and immediately they were entered were into the punishment of fire or devil How do you

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what does this show to us about the evidence for punishment and reward were in the bursa. Because remember, when a person dies, then where is he? Where is the soul? In the bursa, until the day of judgment, however a person has lived, whatever result he's going to get in the hereafter based on that his birthday is going to be if he has led a good life, and he deserved it, and then what's going to happen he's going to get reward, even in Bursa,

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and on the other hand, a person is going to get punishment. So will do or they will hurry, taste the punishment of the placing fire.

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So in this I, especially what has mentioned, what happened at the back of that how the souls of the disbelievers were taken, how they were punished, even at the time of death.

00:23:46--> 00:23:53

We learned those ahaadeeth in great detail in which it is mentioned as to how the soul is taken out of the body.

00:23:54--> 00:24:21

A part of that Hadees is that when the Angel of Death attends the disbeliever at the time of that he comes to him in a terrifying and disgusting shape, terrifying shape, saying to him get out or wicked soul to fierce hot wind, boiling water and a shadow of black smoke. And the disbeliever soul then scatters throughout his body, but the angels retrieve it just as a needle is retrieved from wet wool.

00:24:23--> 00:24:26

This is how the soul is taken up yield rivanna would you own What?

00:24:28--> 00:24:59

Why is the soul then it could be my ultimate ad com. This is not injustice against you. This is what you have brought upon yourselves. Then it could be math but the math ad comm This is what your hands have put forth. You brought this upon yourself. This is a result of your own actions. What is it that these people did that resulted in such a severe punishment at the time of that? It was their opposition to the Messenger of Allah. their opposition to the Messenger of Allah what anila halaya Sevilla lemelin

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Are these and that Allah, He is not at all unjust to where two servants?

00:25:05--> 00:25:17

Notice the word, one lamb? Who is one lamb? One who does a lot of one. So when negation is being done, what does it mean? That Allah does not even do a little bit injustice to or to service,

00:25:19--> 00:25:56

because now the meaning is going to be opposite, because it's the meaning of negation. He doesn't even do a little bit of injustice towards the servants. So the punishment that has come to you it is because you deserved it, it was a result of your actions. Allah is not doing any injustice upon you. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that Allah subhanaw taala said, All my servants, I have prohibited injustice for myself, I have prohibited injustice for myself. So Allah is not unjust towards the servants at all. And I have made it prohibited to you between each other meaning even you're not allowed to do law on one another. Therefore, do not commit injustice against each other,

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or my servants it is your deeds that I am keeping count off. Whatever deeds you do, I am keeping a record of that I am counting all of those. So whoever found something good, let him praise Allah for it. Let him thank Allah for it. And whoever found other than that, then he has only himself to blame

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only himself to blame velika Bhima ultimate ad. It is because of what your hands have put forward. A lot did not punish you for something you never did. Allah is not punishing you for something you don't deserve. Whatever recompense comes your way. It's because you have made yourself worthy of it. It's because you've proven yourself worthy of it. Allah is not about unjust.

00:26:44--> 00:26:49

And this is what happened to the people of our own as well. That when they pursued the believers, what happened?

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What happened? They were destroyed, they were punished. Why? Because they brought that punishment upon themselves. Allah is not unjust