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Al-Fatihah 1-7 Word Breakup


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I'm going to share my knowledge in this

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lesson number one, so total Fatiha I am number one to seven

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bismi with name Allah He of Allah of rushman. The entirety Merciful

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of Rahim, be Especially Merciful.

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Do you see under the ayah? under every word, there's a word breakup.

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For example, under the word bismi, you have B, and then seen and meme, do you see that gap between there and seen in mean?

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This gap, or this breakup is to show you

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that the Arabic words, they're a combination of several words, basically, you can break down a word.

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So, for example, over here in bismi, the letter birth that gives us the meaning of with

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and the seen meme is from isn't what does is mean?

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Name, noun, right. So, be with his name, base me with name,

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the next word is a law, which is the name of a loss of panel data.

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Then we have a rush man, a rush man is broken down into two L and rush man,

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the Le flam that you see that means the which is why the translation is the Entirely Merciful.

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So l is the and rush man means Entirely Merciful so unwashed man together the entirety merciful.

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Then we have a Rahim Rahim is broken into L. and Rahim, what does l mean? The What does Rahim mean? Especially Merciful.

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Next day, and handle all praise. Or the praise.

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And handle is broken down into L meaning the or all and hand means praise.

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So together, I'll handle what does that mean? All praise or the praise?

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Then we have lil les for of LA.

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live in LA he is a combination of two words Li and Allah. Do you know the meaning of Allah? Allah and this Li What does that mean? For

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so lean? For? Allah He, Allah.

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Rob, is Rob and l learn me. So big word. That means we should be able to break it down. What does l mean? The

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mean worlds.

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And you see the urine on our lung, and then in

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our lung, and then in this 18 indicates plural.

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So it's not just world, but what is it? worlds?

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Just as you have Muslim, and you have mostly mean men and you have me mean? Alright, so similarly you have our love world. And the island mean, worlds.

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All right.

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So alameen we break it down into

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lamb and eat the world's

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next dial. Oh, rush, man. What does it mean? The Entirely Merciful. We break it down into the rush man. Entirely Merciful.

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The next word of Rahim al, the Rahim Especially Merciful.

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Next day, Maliki master Malik. Have you heard the word Malik? mulk. This is all from the same origin. So Malik Master, we don't break up this word. It's one word.

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And we have Yomi. Young day. Young worried. Young will hedge. This is what one word you don't break it down. Yo.

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The next word is as Dean.

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How can we break this down?

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Dean, what does Lv

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and Dean means? recommends? So at Dean, what does D mean together? The recompense just as l handle l rushman. L, and or him. So then we have L and Dean.

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So at Dean the recommends

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So, so far, what have you learned? What's the basic thing that you've learned?

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That either means the

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next time he yeah

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only you a year is a combination of two words a year and cap means you just as you say, just come la

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May Allah reward who care you all right. So a year and only you

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then we have narrow Buddha, we worship

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Marabou is broken out into two then at the beginning and then I'm done. Now indicates we

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know indicates we and I in bed. Well, what does that remind you of? Reba? What does that mean? worship? So now we'll do together What does it mean? We worship right? Now who do we worship?

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What? What does one mean?

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then again, we have a year only you and then we have nurse, they're in big word, we should be able to break it down.

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This word First of all, just as ready now Buddha This begins with Nestor answer what does no mean? We care. Okay, let's move on to the following letters. Then we have seen an NES there.

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Just as you have is t hollow is still firm. What does istikhara mean? To see clay from Allah? What does he still found me to seek forgiveness from Allah. So if Tirana ness 13 is to see what or even help from Allah. So the scene into they give the meaning of ask for all right. So now we seen and 30 of the meaning of ask for C four. And they're in at the end together in is from our own which means help.

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So Nestor in what does that mean? We ask for help. Clear. Shall we move on?

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Then we have Deena

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Deena This is a combination of two words.

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First of all, we have a deep and then we have

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Alright, first we have a D and then we have

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a D, any other words that sound similar to ad hedaya.

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So he Daya means guidance. So a D means guide.

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What does it mean? guide

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and nav means us so a dinner together. What does it mean? guide us? If dinner guide us

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then we have our sleeve off a split off, you break it down for me

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and split up what does that mean? The What does that mean?

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All right. Next word. And most the beam l What does

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the MR p means straight?

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Next word siddhappa.

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Now you see in it number six you have a Slava in it. Number seven, you have slid off. What's the difference between the two? One has L and the other does not have which is why the one with L we translate that as the fat and the one without we translated us.

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So Scirocco bat, and levena of those who

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this is a new word and levina of those who

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then they have an

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Um, we'll break this down into two and um, and the Under Armour in arm nerima or does that mean blessing? What does nirmohi blessing right. So, an arm gives the meaning of bestowing favor. And that means, you so far we have learned that care means you yet care and also means you are not that so anantha together What does it mean?

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You bestowed favor, right? And

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you distort favor.

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Are they him? Are they him is a combination of two words.

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And him What does it mean? upon and what does him mean? Then? So Allah upon him, them, I lay him together upon them. Alright. Then we have lazy lady means other than without, you cannot break this word down.

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Then we have Elmo boob. What does l mean? The MA boo. Those who earned anger. So Alma Hadoop, those who earned anger, right? So the is combined with ones. So turns into those not just ones who earned anger, but those who earned anger

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or lay him this word is coming again. What is it a combination of

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Allah and him upon them?

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Well, and let's not have born Dean. And what does l mean? The right

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ball from Bala misguidance. So Paul, one who is a stray? And in what does he mean? What does he mean? I want to hear it. It's plural, just as we have in Allah Allah mean. Similarly, we have a ball lien. So a bar lien, those who are a string, those who are a string.

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So this was the word breakdown, just to see where the words fall, how we translate them in this way.

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Let's listen to the recitations

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in the shibayama Jean Bismillah

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Maliki OBD II

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