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Al-Anfal 20-40 Translation 20-40

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Muhammad Sallallahu Suleyman, Karim amudha Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, er beshara Haley's solidity were silly and the Washington octet and melissani yokocho coli have been added in our in

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Lesson number 99. So that will unfurl is number 2240.

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Translation Yeah, are you here? Are you and levena those who ever knew they believed? a three year rule? You all obey Allah. Allah. What are Sula who and His messenger?

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One and do not the one low you all turn away

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from him or unto him while you all customer own you all here wanna and do not Taku you all be kalinina like those who follow they said semir Anna we heard while home while they left not yes my own day here in indeed chevra worst of the web be of the animals or of the living creatures

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in the moon, Allahu Allah, a symbol the ones death and bookmooch the ones dumb and levina those who left not Europe alone, they understand.

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Well, no and if I Lima he knew Allahu Allah see him in them higher on any good let a smart home surely he would make them here? Well, no, and if a smart home he made them to here, let them run low, surely they turn away while home while they were at your bone. Manzo are averse. Yeah, Are you her? Are you and levena those who know they believed? Is that evil you all respond? Then the heat to Allah, when they were soul and to the messenger? Either when there are come He called you Lima toward your vehicle, it gives life to you. Were there more and you are low? enough that Indeed, Allah, Allah, Yeshua he intervenes. bainer between I will marry the man will call be he and his

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heart. Well, I'm the Who? And that indeed ma E to him to Sharon, you all will be gathered.

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What Taku and you all fear fitna then a child or a punishment

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lead not to sleep burner. It definitely reaches and Medina those who want to move they did wrong. men come from u haul saw particularly where the law and you are low and that Indeed Allah Allah shadow is severe and rehab in the retribution

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what guru and you all remember it when and don't you all believe them were a few most of our funa lands weakened see in a way the earth the whole foreigner us fear and that yet a hold of her comb he will snatch you and now sue the people

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for comb so he gave shelter to you what a year the comb and he strengthened you the nursery he With his help well and Rosa called comb he provided you men from October two good things law law calm so that you fish guru you all are grateful yeah uh you hurt or you and levena those who know they believed last do not the who knew you arbitrary allow her and law what was Sula and the messenger what the whole new and you all do not betray a mathematical your trusts were until while you Darla moon you all know

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where animal and you all know that indeed not but a more local your wealth, your properties.

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And your children can attend a trial or under and that indeed allow her a law in the home with him as your own award. Are we one great? Yeah as you have or you and levena those who know they believed in a spectacle you all fear Allah Allah, your journey He will make Lacan for you

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corner, a criterion where you get fit and he will expiate and confirm you say he fit comb your sense of fit and he will forgive Luckily for you will know who and a more possessor and federal of the bounty and Arlene the great What if and when young Kuru he plots Baker against you, and Medina those who care for all the disbelieved. Leaves be Touka so that they imprison you, or Jaco Toluca, they kill you. Or ukri Joker, they expel you. Were in kwinana and the plot William Kuru and he plans Allahu Allah. When Morocco and Allah Cairo is best and marketing of the planners what either and when to declare it is recited. I lay him upon them, I had to know our verses are low they set out in

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fact samina we heard low if Michelle we will nakoma surely we said mechler like Heather This is not Heather this inner except SL three stories. And a winning of the first ones.

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If and when they said Mr. homma. in law in a planner, that was Heather This

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is the truth. Man firm in Baker mirror you

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are anchored so you rain down

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upon us she gelatin stones, men from a summer the sky or dinner you come to us we are there then with a punishment and even painful,

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warmer and not Ghana he was Allahu Allah llyod the home that he punishes them

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while you see him in them were met and not Ghana he was Allahu Allah modibo whom one who punishes them were home while they are still around they seek forgiveness where murder and what the home for them. And last but not us the by whom he punishes them. Allahu Allah will home while they used to do that they stop and from a Masjid the masjid and held on the sacred mama and not care No, they were only a who its guardians. In not earlier although it's guardians in law except admit the phone the pious ones, those who have Taqwa or their kin, that extra home most of them left not Yala moon they know warmer and not Ghana it was solar to home their prayer in the mayor and at the house in there

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except mocha and whistling well, and dust they attend clapping for vehicle. So you all taste are there but the punishment being there because of what you were duck for rune, your disbelief.

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Indeed, and Nadine, those who go through their disbelieved Your Honor, they spend on their their home their wealth, their properties, they also do so that they stop and from sabini way Allah He of Allah first una her so soon they will spend it sooner than takuna it will be or lay him upon them has to attend a regret. Similar then Yola bone, they will be overpowered when the villa and those who care for the disbelieved. Illa two words Johanna Hellfire, yes, Sharon, they will be gathered the Amiga so that he distinguishes Allahu Allah, Allah sabetha the impure main from a per year, the pure well and your journal he puts and Habiba the impure. Baba will serve it Allah upon bobbin some

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fair Kumar who so he piled it up Jumeirah all together for Jana who then he puts it then he places it. fee in Johanna. Hello.

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America those home they aloha Ceylon, the losers.

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Say then novena to those who care for their disbelieved. If you enter who they seize your phone, it will be forgiven the home for them. Now whatever. In fact, seller for a past or odd already seller for a past well and if you're older, they return soccer then in fact my birth it passed away sooner two way and one of the first ones were called the new home and you all fight them Hatter until

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Not the corner it is not on any fitness any prostitution

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we're corner and it is a day New Day religion or the worship

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Kumar who elevate the law he for Allah for L them into how they seized for in them indeed Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever your ammonia they do the saline on all resolved seeing

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in and if there are no they returned or they're turned away Furthermore, then you will know that Indeed Allah Allah Mona Yo, Mona, your patron nirma How good are merola the patron were nirma and how good and receive the help recitation

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the law

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was the CO

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owner of data.

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I don't know me Yeah.

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Now the AVM khudobin can

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be two

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one either

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Leah nice

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hobby Tommy no

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Ya ye

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una de la ku.

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See ya