Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 064A Translation Al-Nisa 123-134

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of speakers discussing the origin of certain names and their origins, including Moher's daughter and a woman named Moher's daughter's name. Moher's wife, Nyssa, claims to use the de syche, but she refuses to do so. Moher's wife is a doctor and believes the woman is a god. Yoni claims to have been advised to use de syche, but she refuses to do so. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and its title "yeah," but the speakers do not engage in that topic.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here, but I've got the room.

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Now who on a Sunday or louder SUTA you'll get him on Lavazza. Oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Babish rallys Saudi UAE silly MD. Well hello Laura clutter melissani calmly openers

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lesson number 64 Sudha de missa is number 123 to 134 Translation

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laser it is not be Imani you come with your false hopes. Wallah. And nor Amanda ye false hopes, at least of people, Al Kitabi of the book, man, whoever you are man, he does sue any evil you deserve, he will be recommenced be with it. Wallah and not gadget he will find low for himself. Men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah, Wali Yun, a close friend, whether and nor no so, you draw a helper,

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woman and whoever Yarmouth he does, men from a slightly Hertie the righteous deeds, men from Vicodin Emile Oh or OMSA a female Wahiawa while he is me known a believer for hula Iike. So, those yet who Luna they will enter el Janetta the paradise wala and not use lamona they will be treated unjustly naughty euro in the least.

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Even as a.on The date stone

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woman and who a son who is better the nun in religion, me man then who are slimmer he submitted what her who his space Lilla he for Allah or Hua and he is more Sinan, one who does utmost good, whatever. And he followed me letter, religion creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Ernie Salam hannifin, one upright, what the other and he took, Allahu Allah, Ibrahim, Ibrahim and his sunnah Calida as an intimate friend.

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When Allah He and for Allah, ma whatever see is in a Samoa at the skies, warmer and whatever fee is in of the earth. What can and he is ever Allahu Allah be Conley with every che in thing Moshe for one who encompasses completely

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where stuff don't occur and they seek legal decision from you. Fee concerning a Nyssa the women

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say Allahu Allah use de gum, he gives legal decision to you fee hinda concerning them warmer and what you color it is recited or they come upon you fee in Calcutta V the book fee concerning yet gamma orphans and Nyssa are the women

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allottee those females learn not to know Hoonah you all give them ma What katiba It was written it was ordained Lohana for them what are Laguna and you all incline on that? Then Kishore Hoonah you all marry them while most of our fina and those who are weakened those who are made weak men from and will then the children will earn and that Docomo you all stand you all maintain Lilia Tama for the orphans bill test with the justice warmer and whatever the for our do you all do men from hiring any good for in So indeed, Allahu Allah, Ghana he is ever be with it. Our Lima when always all knowing

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we're in and if imra atone any woman has offered, she feared men from barley her her husband, no shoes in any ill treatment aisle or urban indifference. Further than not, do you know her any blame any sin or lay humor upon them to earn that usefully her day to reconcile mutually by in a humor

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between them to sell when a reconciliation was sold who and the reconciliation Hiren is better, well literate, and it was presented unforce the souls assure her the greed, the stinginess,

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were in and if tourists you know, you all do utmost good, what are the who and you all fear Allah. For in then indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do hubiera one always all aware,

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when and will never just total you, you all are able, you all will be capable, and that there are the rule, you all maintain justice, fina between a Nyssa the women,

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although even if huddlestone you all desire greedily, further, so do not tell me do you all incline color Hall and melee the inclination fetida Ruha. So you only ever can more Aloka like the ones suspended? We're in and if Towsley who you are reconciled with that Taku and you all fear Allah, for in then indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever the foreign most forgiving or Hema, always all merciful.

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We're in and if yet Africa, day to separate, Yoni, he will enrich, he will make independent, Allahu Allah, Cullen all men from Sarathi ye his abundance, what Ghana and he is ever Allah who Allah was the only one of all abundance Hakima always always.

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When Allah He and for Allah, ma whatever fee is in a similarity, the heavens, the skies, warmer and whatever fee is in obey the Earth. When occurred and certainly was flaner We have enjoined and Medina those who will do they were given al Kitab the Book, men from public home before you were a year come and you all to earn that. It the WHO YOU ARE fear Allah, Allah, we're in and if the Kuru you all disbelieve for in then indeed Lilla he for Allah, ma whatever fee is in a similar way at the heavens, the skies warmer and whatever fee is in ugly, the earth. What can and he is ever Allahu Allah, Rani Yun rich, free of all needs Hamidah praiseworthy

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when Allah He and for Allah, ma whatever SI is in a Samoa at the heavens, warmer and whatever Phil Irby is in the earth

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worker and he sufficed Billa he definitely Allah wa Akela as a disposer of affairs as a trustee.

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In if Yeshua he will, you're the Hebrew come, he will take you away, a you her or a nursing the people wear T and he will come be a hurryin with others. What can and he is ever Allah who Allah, Allah upon valleca That Khedira always all capable

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man, whoever Cana he was, you redo he wants he wishes. So whatever reward a dunya of the world for in the Sonia, Allah He Allah so Abu reward a duniya of the world, one euro and the hereafter. What can and he is ever Allahu Allah semi on always on hearing basura always all seeing

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let's listen to the recitation

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Lee Lai Serbia Manny.

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Manny kita

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Aug Sahbihi

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whom do you ready? Oh one and I'll see it all

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on me I saw you had that getting

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mean. But

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hold on and Jim

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Munna now the

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as well

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I'm Elijah

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sin, what?

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He Maharani

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tocado Allah Who Edo Hema Canina

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Hema is

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the one can Allah ubiquitination more Halal ySF tuna caffeine is

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only 50 km P

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kita beefy

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the allergy to Jonah

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Double molinia

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sports who are following fiery

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he Idema

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were any more atom for

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sure shoes and

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we have a you know whom else who

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was also Callie will have the

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show how to you know topple over in the law or

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the law Hunka and

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wall the stealthy

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the lubaina

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you want to house don't

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tell me

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what to slash O word that

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Allah can have a hold on Rahim

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while he does all your

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work and along was he on cranky

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one apology was slain a lady who took it

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all well

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this summer was

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work and Allahu Ani and hammy the

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of the Wonka Yorkie

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II show you the hidden column or you have

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a TV screen. Walk around along water then pick up all the

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mess men can read.

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The law etha love duniya

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what can Allah who sent me young

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