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Al-Anfal 1-19 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 15-19

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Yeah, you are Latina. amanu Oh, you have believed either Nikita Medina cafaro when you meet those people who have disbelieved? How zafran advancing for battle.

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When you come across disbelievers Xenophon, that they are advancing for battle, they're coming towards you, then what should you do? further to Alou who will as well then do not turn to them your backs,

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meaning do not run away from the battlefield.

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When you know that the army of the enemy is approaching, then you're not allowed to go back home.

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You're not allowed to leave them and go back home. No.

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When you know they're coming against you, then you have to face them. You have to

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at this point, while the mashiki were on their way, the prophet said a lot of them could have said, okay, we've missed the caravan. Okay, let's go back home now. We went to the caravan, we should go back home. But he didn't. What did he do? He knew that the wishek army was coming and the Muslims, they stayed over there in order to fight the enemy.

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So when the disbelievers are coming zafran The word zafran is from the room fetters a hat.

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And Zeff is literally to crawl. What does it mean, to crawl and the half is used for a crawling animal, an animal crawls, for example, a caterpillar or a snake or something like that they crawl.

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And the word that is used for an army that is marching forward,

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an army that is marching forward that is making advance.

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Why is this word used? Because when there's a huge group of people when there is an army, and as it is proceeding, it is as though it is crawling,

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isn't it?

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Just like ants or just like a snake that is crawling forward gradually, gradually.

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So similarly, when you know that the enemy is approaching is making advance against you, to fight you for that to aluminum advance, then do not turn your back towards them. Don't escape trying to save your life. Why? Because it's a major sin.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, avoid the seven great destructive since the mobile cart. And amongst the seven great destructive sins are what

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utter when the yamasa fleeing the battlefield on the day of battle, on the day of fighting at the time of fighting.

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So over here, the videos are being told, yeah, you're letting me know if you're truly believers, then you must fulfill this condition that face the enemy and do not be a coward at that point. Do not turn your back out of fear

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when you will leave him and whoever turns his back to them meaning to the enemy yoma isn't on that day. Meaning on the day of the battle, who is back in LA except Motorhead refund, one who turns as a strategy.

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So basically, turning away from the battlefield is forbidden except in two situations. So what are those two exceptions? First of all, Motorhead refund, look at

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what the hardness is for new collectors how often

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what does that leave mean?

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to distort the distort one.

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For example, words there any one column to distort the words of someone, the speech of someone.

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So how literally is to change, to deflect to bend something sideways. So, Motorhead riff is one who turns his side

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was with a hard enough?

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One who turns his side? One who turns

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so what the hell did we find Luca tally? One who turns aside for the purpose of better

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meaning as a war strategy

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as a war strategy.

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So for example, there is a Muslim army fighting against the machine. Now all of a sudden one person realizes that if I go back from here, if I leave the army, and I come from the side, or if I go and attack the machine from there behind, that's more effective.

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So he is leaving the battlefield. He's turning away from the machine. But this is not a crime. Why? Because he is leaving, but he is Motorhead if he's going to come and attack from the side as a war strategy

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disliking them the Battle of motor were caught even when he switched the sides. So as a war strategy, it is permissible.

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So, Motorhead definitely played

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And it is permissible.

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Similarly, it could be that the Muslim army, it shows that it is retreating, that it has accepted defeat. So they retreat from the battlefield. And then what happens? The machine they think, okay, they've defeated, so they're going back and what happens in the Muslims they go and attack them.

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So as long as a person turns away with the hand differently presented as a part of war strategy, coming and attacking from the side, then it is permissible.

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Oh, or mother Hasan elaphiti.

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Or another situation is that a person leaves in order to join another company. In order to join another Squadron, another group

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with the highest is from the roof of his house.

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And house is to gather together. What does it mean? together to guard and this word is also used for a snake. Why? Because he does the same thing. A snake it gathers itself up together, it's very long, but then you can put it in a bag is in itself. You can put it in a bucket, you can put it in a sack, and it will be gathered together in one place, although it's very long.

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So motor hyeres is one who inclines one who gathers himself together in order to join in order to go and join someone else.

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So imagine a group of Muslims, they are spread in the battlefield.

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But what do they do? They retreat, they get together. And they go and join another group, who is fighting the army.

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So for example, there's a group who is appointed on the left side and other group that is appointed on the right side, and other group that is appointed towards the back.

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Now the people on the right, that group, they realize they're becoming extremely weak. So at this point, what do they do?

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They run away from there, and they go and join the group at the back, or they go and join the group on the left. They're leaving the battlefield, but for a purpose. Anyone who leaves the battlefield for a purpose that is other than these two, and he leaves in order to escape from the battlefield, for the better part of a minute,

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then such a person will end up with the anger of Allah, wa, who Johanna, and his award will be Hellfire will be sent mostly and what a terrible place of return it is. What does it show that leaving the battlefield running away from it is what? It's a major sin. Because there is an anger of Allah, there is a punishment of hell, for who, for the one who commits this crime.

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So we see in this IDE that a person is only allowed to run away from the battlefield for two reasons.

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First of all, war strategy. And secondly, for the purpose of recruitment for the purpose of recruitment.

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So first of all war strategy with the highly funded battalion and secondly, what the high isn't elaphiti, meaning for the purpose of recruitment, that you leave the army, you go recruit other people, and you will join them, or you leave the army and you go join another group.

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Now, if this is the case, in such a serious situation where your life is in danger, even then you cannot leave the battlefield.

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Generally, in extreme situations where your life is at risk, what are we told? Eat the harm, isn't it?

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Say words of should even where, where your life is at risk? In your heart, you have a man in your heart, you hate doing what you're forced to do. But on the apparent you may even do that, which is not permissible. Why? Because your life is at risk.

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But over here, we see that in the battle where your life is at risk, even then you're not allowed to leave.

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Even then you're not allowed to leave. It's not permissible. Then what about leaving the work of a loss of data, without any genuine reason, at a much smaller scale, without a genuine reason without being of those where a person just doesn't show up? A person just doesn't come and do his work. He says too bad. It's getting too difficult. I cannot handle this anymore any leaves.

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Imagine this is in a very serious situation. Even there, there is no exception. No exemption at all. But what about at a much smaller scale. We were sitting comfortably in our houses. There is no threat to our lives to our security. And without a genuine reason we stay away from serving the

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we stay away from learning that the we stay away from spreading to the

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What excuse will we have to offer before a loss of penalty on the Day of Judgment for such behavior?

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Our life is not in danger. Our health is not at risk. It's not that we are going hungry. It's not that our children are starving. No, one genuine reason. But just because we get too tired, just because it's too much, and I can't handle this anymore. And we leave completely. This is something that is not acceptable. Because it's in such a severe situation, it's not acceptable, then what about in a much lesser situation?

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falam the Cthulhu home, then you did not kill them. Over here, Allah subhanaw taala is reminding the believers, that when you did go to battle, and when you did manage to kill 70 of the machine, in reality, you are not the ones who killed them. You are not the ones who killed them? Well, I can, but Allah Hakata Allahu Allah is the one who killed them. It is He Who gave you victory over them.

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Many times when we are successful, what do we think? Oh, because I did this because I did that. Alhamdulillah I became so successful.

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And we love to be praised for our achievement.

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But what does Allah say? Oh, can you kill them but in reality, who gave them that? Who was the one who killed them? Who is the one who gave you victory? Allah Subhana

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Allah give you victory over them.

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We learned in sort of area and right I have 123 that one aka the NASA common law will be better in what unto Attila. And Allah has already made you victorious about that when you were a weak force. So Allah is the one who gave you victory.

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Who amount Amita and you did not throw it ramita when you threw ramita sondrio letters raw mean? Yeah. And what does it mean to throw?

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So profits are a lot of selling. You did not throw anything when you actually threw? meaning you're not the one who threw when you threw what I came aloha Rama, but it is a law who threw

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What is this referring to?

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We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he threw a handful of sand. He took a handful of sand and he threw it towards the disbelievers towards the mush Tiki during the day. But when he went out of his tent out of his camp,

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and when he threw a handful of sign of the disbelievers he said shatter would you meaning humiliated be the faces

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and he said that the sand it went into the eyes of the disbelievers.

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Apparently, it was a hand of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that through a handful of sent

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but it reached the eyes of the disbelievers who were away who were far away.

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So apparently the Prophet sallallahu wasallam through but who made that sand reach the eyes and was shaking

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alasa Panther

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so when manometer is thrown at you did not throw when you threw while at Kindle mahatama but Allah is the one who through taking the dust into the eyes of all people. While you believe me Nene, and so that he tests the believers, men who from him Bella and has an A good trial. What does it mean by this you believe

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you believe this news from Bella? And what does that mean?

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A test a trial.

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But what kind of a test is

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a very difficult test, a very difficult test, a severe test.

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And remember, that ballot is used for a test that is through good as well as through evil.

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It is through a good situation or through an evil situation.

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So a Valera comes with Nathan with difficulties in order to test the subject of a person.

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And Bella also comes through Nerem through blessings. Why? To test the sugar of the person.

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So Allah subhanaw taala tests us through good times and bad times. To test I was about to test our sugar to test our determination to test our commitment

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or more than an hour and he said that bulleen built the law he first

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we were tested through the law through difficulties and what happened. We were patient because sometimes when you're going through difficulty what other options do you have but be patient, nothing else. And he said well bolina is some law he fallenness

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and we were tested through good times, but we were not patient. How that we were not grateful. We were not grateful we didn't even realize that good time was also

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Many times when we're going through a difficult situation, we say oh, you know, I can really see the test. I know it's a test for me.

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But when we're going through good times, how many times do we remember that that also is a test? We forget.

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But what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here What do you believe me Nina men who Bella and hacer una bella and has an end, meaning a good trial, a trial through blessings. And what is that blessing? Victory victory.

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That over here when the Muslims are given victory over their enemy, this too is a test.

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Just like before when they were going through difficulty, that was also a test. And now when they have been given victory, this also is a test.

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So Allah soprano tada enabled you to be victorious. And he is the one who gave you victory when you killed the enemy, when the prophets are allowed Islam through the handful of sand. So Allah subhanaw taala made you successful in your efforts. Why? So that he can put you in another test? He can put you in another test, a test to what? That now you have become victorious. How do you respond?

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are you grateful to them? Do you acknowledge the fact that you were victorious only because of Allah's help? Do you realize that it's not because of you rather it's because of Allah? Many times when things are okay, we take credit. And we forget that ally is the one who enabled it to happen. Allah is the one who enabled us to do it. Will you believe me? Nina Minho, Bella and her son in law Samir, in our name, Indeed Allah is hearing and he's also doing

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so in this ayah we are being reminded that every time we are victorious, every time we gain some benefit, then it's actually by whose help a loss of Hunter, it's due to his health. It's actually his act. Therefore, we should not forget to thank you

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The Polycom that is so meaning this has been done with you all Muslims, what? That you have been put into a villa and hasn't

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what anila and also that Indeed Allah He is mu E nu k del caffine caffeine, he will weaken the plot of the disbelievers moving is from the root letter as well High Noon. One one means weakness. letter you know, remember, letter he no do not show weakness do not become weak.

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So move in is one who makes Week One who cripples one who disables so Allah will weaken the plan the plot of the disbelievers. What was their plot? What was the thought of the disbelievers they came prepared in order to finish the Muslims in order to eradicate them completely. But Allah subhanaw taala made their plan so weak, he made their plan so weak

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in terms of the who, if you seek victory, now the machine are being addressed that almost clicking, if you are seeking victory, for a common factor, then indeed victory has come. or indeed the judgment has come.

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The word the stuff the who is from the fetters fat, the

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and what does that mean? victory, but fat also has another meaning. That's the literal meaning to open. Another meaning judgment decree. Remember Robin after bainer

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will entitle fat,

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so fat also means judgment decision. So is the if there What does it mean?

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To seek victory, and also to seek a judgment to seek a decision.

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So almost again, if you were seeking victory, when you came to attack the Muslims for color Giacomo wolfforth, who then Firth has come to you

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and over here further means victory. But when they came they didn't really get victory. What did they get? defeat. So why are they being told but has come to you?

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This is out of the heck come out of mockery

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that you came attaining victory. See you got your victory, meaning you didn't. Secondly, the stuff the who over here means if you were seeking the judgment of Allah subhanaw taala the decision of Allah soprano tada

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aka DJ acumen photo, then the decision has come how

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through your defeat.

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What judgment? What decision were they seeking?

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We learned that a Buddha who he said on the day of better, that Oh Allah, whichever of the two camps, meaning the camps of the Muslim and the machine, whichever of the two camps has severed the relation of the womb, and brought us what is not familiar than destroying him this day,

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he said that whoever amongst us of the two groups has severed their relations. Who is he implying

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the profits or losses of the Muslims, that they have severed their relations they have left McCann, they have come to Medina. And they have brought something that is unfamiliar, unheard of, unknown to us, not something that is culture, then destroy him this day.

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In reality, who is doing this? It wasn't clicking. The Muslims, when they became Muslim in Makkah, they didn't say I'm cutting off their relations with you. They never said that. It was a machine who made their life so difficult that they had to leave, isn't it so for example, most urban roommate, when he became Muslim, he never told his mother don't eat. He just said, I'm a Muslim, simple. His mother said, if you don't leave the religion of Mohammed, I'm never going to eat, I'm never going to drink, I'm not going to sit in the shade, I'm not going to comb my hair. So who was actually cutting off the relations?

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It was the machine.

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And similarly, by their harming the Muslims, they were doing something that was unfamiliar to the Arabs, the way that they were harming the Muslims, their own children, their own brothers and sisters. Because remember, in Arabia, your family member, even if he's wrong, he will still support you, isn't it so even if you differ with him, you will still support him. So they were doing something that was completely unknown to the Arabs. So he was making a dua, that whichever of the two camps has ever the relation of the womb and brought us what is not familiar than destroy him this day. So Allah Subhana, Allah said, that this fight has come, this decision has come.

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And it's quite clear as to who is truthful, and who is not.

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What intent or who, and almost cheeky if you stop now, after learning a lesson, you stop now from what? From your comfort, from your hostility from your war, for who hydrilla, then that's much better for you,

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for your dounia and your alpha.

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But what interval do if you return in order to fight the Muslims again, in order to humiliate the Muslims again, then what's going to happen? narrowed, we will also return in the same manner, how? By sending our angels and help against you. And we see that at the Battle of weather what happened.

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Allah subhanaw taala, again, sent His angels again sent his assistance to the Muslims. So if you come back fighting the Muslims, we will also send our angels again, we will also send our support and assistance again to the believers.

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Well until near uncom, and never will it avail you what fear to come your group, the word fear is used for a group. So your group, your gathering your numbers, your collectiveness is never going to help you shape anything at all. While oka thought even if it became numerous, even if it became abundant.

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Meaning even if your multitudes grow, even if you become great in numbers, still, your numbers are not going to help you. What anila and Indeed, Allah, Mara meaning is with the believers, meaning his support is actually with the believers, not with the disbelievers. He always needs the believers. So just because you think that you are great in numbers, you will be victorious over the believers, no, Allah is with them. So you can never be victorious over them.

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In saltwater, if 51 we learn in Ireland and surah Solana one Medina Amano, Phil hyah to dunya Indeed, we will support our messengers, and those who believe fail higher to dounia in the life of this world,

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we will support the messengers and also the believers will yo my own head and also on the day when the witnesses will stand.

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We will help the believers that sort of profit if 51

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so what do we learn from desire

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that Allah subhanaw taala has helped is with the believers. So if today we think that the help of Allah is not with us, then what's the problem?

00:24:41--> 00:24:56

Allah says over here, that what anila hammar I mean, it's our even we need to improve our email in order to deserve the help of Allah. And if you look at the beginning of this video, what did we learn

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

the qualities of true believers

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If we develop those qualities, then we will deserve the help of.

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Because when a person develops these qualities that Allah has mentioned, and his heart trembles, then the fear of the enemy is not going to tremble his heart the sight of the enemy is going to trembling his heart, the enemy is going to appear to him as much smaller, where the command of Allah has come with us what is our problem? Simple things such as praying, such as putting on the hijab, what happens to us? We learned that it's the home of Allah. Allah has told us, established us Allah. Allah has mentioned the event has mentioned. Nothing shakes our heart. But what shakes our heart what trembled our heart?

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

The thought that what are other people going to say if they see me praying?

00:25:49--> 00:25:53

If this is our level, then what kind of help do we expect from Allah?

00:25:55--> 00:25:58

Well, either totally, utterly Ayatollah zetta to me, man,

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that when the ayatollahs panels are recited upon the believers, it increases them in even

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we need to check ourselves. We have recited we have read we have studied so many ayah. But has our Eman improved,

00:26:13--> 00:26:15

has the quality of our image improved.

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And how is that shown when a person's email increases, when his actions improve, when his color improves, when his conviction improves, when his dependence upon a loss of panel data improves, when his reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala improves.

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So we need to check ourselves that if we have developed these qualities, then definitely Allah's help will be with us. And if today the help of Allah is not with us, then the problem lies with us. We need to improve our email and strengthen our email to become deserving of this help. The Sahaba they deserve the help of Allah. Why?

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Because of their email,

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look at the way that they supported the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Look at how they didn't turn back. When they started something they didn't leave.

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What is our problem? We become very emotional when we listen to one lecture one eye and we say, Okay, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this for the dean. And what happens when it comes time to actually do it? We say we're too busy. We're too occupied, we have other things to do, then we're committed elsewhere. But the Sahaba once they left, they didn't go back home. They didn't until they accomplished what they had gone to do.

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And we need to develop the same nature in us that if we accomplish the tasks that Allah subhanaw taala sends our way, only then can we achieve greater tasks Only then can we be successful at a greater level.

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That's listen to the recitation of desire.

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know long how long I

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mean, I mean,

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long as me

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boom, boom, Shangri

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Okay, before you share your reflections can ask your question

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The ayah with aqui aqui en esta muralla, who are unseated? So my question is that while the Quran is being recited, can we recite along with the recitation? Give me the answer with evidence.

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We learn that because Allah Subhana Allah has said, First me Allah who listened attentively and at the same time, what unsettle also remain silent, which means that we cannot read at the same time. Rather, our focus should only be On what?

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On listening. And we learned that the prophets are allowed to sit on when the where he was given to him, sometimes he would begin reading along with it out of fear of forgetting. So what was it all led to help it be in the Seneca literature Levy, don't move your tongue, while the Quran is being recited to you, so that you hasten with it, meaning you hasten with its memorization.

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Sometimes, when the Quran is being recited, we think we can do maybe the translation once, so we'd have only six times literal, no, focus only on listening at that time.

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Sonico I was just thinking about how we should leave ourselves to the decree of walls without making first making a lot of noise and complaining about it is not going to change the decree. And I was thinking about a story that I had one thread, it was about a boy who said you know what Allah can make me eat. So he decided to go, you call on a strike, that he wouldn't eat anything for the whole day, as to prove his point. And his mother said, you know what you're doing something is very silly. And what he did, like, you know what, I'm tired, he went up on a tree to prevent himself from eating any food. But his mother did was she took some money, she put it under the tree for him. After some

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time, some robbers passed by. And when they saw the food, they were like, someone must be tricking us, they want us to eat it's probably poison. And they looked up in the tree. And they saw that boy, they brought the boy down, and they made the boy eat the fruit. And the HANA lights. The voice said, you know what Alyssa got it. He decreed for me to eat, I would have eaten anyways. So we should always think about, you know, I was fantastic. He's decree is what is gonna happen to us. We cannot say you know what, we don't want it.

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Now, everyone, I want you to think of one problem in your life that you're going through.

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And you think it's so irrational and doesn't make sense? And why do I have to go through this and things could have been different. Think about it,

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and are telling yourself that this is the decree of Allah. For some of you, it could be living in a particular place, it could be living in a certain situation or a certain circumstance, or how things are working out with your family or with your friends, or how you wanted to work somewhere and it's not working. You apply, you don't get a response, you find out that a family member is seriously ill. And you think why?

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Why my family member? Why me? Why is it like that? It's the decree of Allah.

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Allah has some plan for you, that you don't know of right now.

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And only if you accept the situation, then you'll be able to take the right course of action.

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And if you don't, if you become hasty, if you become impatient, you're gonna wish to reward.

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I was thinking that leaving the battlefields is a major sin. So I was just thinking, we start stuffing our game, we start doing things, and then we leave it in the middle. And we don't persevere. And our game really requires us to persevere. Because if you were to leave a battlefield and turn away, then you're weakening other Muslims also. And so like if a girl wears hijab, and she decides to leave it, you weaken another person who maybe wanted to wear it. So it's a big thing, we have to persevere.

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Because just imagine if people are fighting, and one person says, That's it, I'm leaving, and he leaves, and other people are going to lose their confidence as well. And if they stay over there, aren't they going to get affected?

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Like, for example, at the Battle of word, where some people, they were mistaken, and they thought, we are victorious, so we can leave now. And they misunderstood the commander of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that perhaps the command was only until the Muslims were to be victorious. So they left their positions, and those who stayed behind, they were all martyred. They all suffered.

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And because of them, everybody else suffered as well. So if we leave our work, if we leave our position, if we start something in between, and then we stop, then we are also a cause of stopping other people. We were also accused of harming other people.

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So me and my partner, were just talking about the companions when the told the process on that, you know, we're with you, no matter what you do, we're right behind you, even if you were to go into the ocean, and then, like they've been through so much to spread the word of Islam. And then yet we're living in a society that we have so much freedom, yet wearing Hijab press is so hard or you know, doing to the cause it's so hard for us like before, and we say, you know,

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We're with you let you know we love the process, and yet we're not doing anything. And we say we love, love, but we're not putting any effort into our religion to show our love.

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So we need to prove it with our actions.

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My partner and I were talking about how in day to day life, we kind of limit ourselves and we don't think we think we are doing as much as we can. But when we're actually pushed, we can do a lot more. So like we should push ourselves further. Very true. That if you look at it, the Sahaba there were only a few 300, who had left Medina, there were more back in Medina, but only 300 had gone. So and they never thought they could actually fight the enemy who was three times your own number.

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And sometimes you yourself, think that you're not capable of doing something. Many times we underestimate ourselves, we underestimate our abilities. We say it's impossible I can ever do this. But then when we are forced into that situation, and we realize that this is what must be done to serve the deen to protect the deen then Allah subhanaw taala will enable you, He will give you the ability, he will make you victorious, he will make you successful. But if you keep saying back if you keep staying behind that, no, no, I am not capable, I cannot do this, I cannot do this, then how will you improve? How will you get further opportunities? You will not. So whatever opportunity

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comes your way, whatever Allah decrees for you, whatever situation you're put in, accepted, take it. Sometimes you don't know what you're capable of doing. And also final data shows it to you what you really capable of.

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Because even for some reasons, if you are being tested, and you are unable to work, what is your intention, we need to analyze a check. Either it is in line with the Hierophant ricotta, over the hazing, like you're going back for the wash strategy, get back set the stakes better with your loved ones around, but have intention, yes, one day I'll come back, allow me to the way to come have the intention. Because if you look at it to people, they leave the battlefield, but with a different intention, different end.

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One person leaves saying that's it. I'm finished with this. I'm done with this. I'm not coming back. Completely different results and other leaves. Okay, I have to leave but I will definitely come back. Once I'm done with this.

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And when he comes back, then the last point is he gives him the trophy to come back as well.

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Sonic I just wanted to add like, you know, like when we're doing something for the dean, we're supposed to have confidence, have confidence because you're not the only one who's gonna help you, no matter what difficulty

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because again, it'll make

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you think that you're doing it. You think it's you it's your ability? No, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's making you do it. submit yourself to Allah, so that Allah will enable you

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and if you think you enable yourself, then you will never be able to move on. never

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listen to the recitation of these Ayah

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alma mater Hayes and Isla

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de Belem. Taku mana la putana. Whom

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What do you really mean?

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In a lot has me on

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shadow La Ilaha Illa. anta the stuff Luca wanted to bring a set I've already caught up with the law here.