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Al-Anfal 1-19 Translation 1-19

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una Sanjana suta hit Karim amudha Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. are beshara actually saw that he will see the MD Washington Dr. melissani acabo de obon as you know,

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lesson number 98 suta to unfurl. I am number one to 19

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yes aluna aka they ask you on about unfurl the war booty call say and fan, the war booty lilla he is for Allah, what was soon and the messenger set the coup. So you all fear Allah, Allah will asleep and you all reform make amends that that which is by nichrome between you all were ugly and you all obey Allah Allah wa Sula, who and this messenger

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in if kuntum you were mean once you believe

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in never, indeed not but me noona the believers and levina are those who either when the Akira he was mentioned, Allahu Allah YG let it trembled below home their hearts were either and when Juliet it was read out, it was recited or lay him upon them as to who is versus that home, it increased them

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in belief, what are the and upon or behind the Arab, yet a worker loon they rely

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and levena those who up moon they perfectly establish a salata the solar minima and from what was aachener whom we have provided them you and Phil cone they spend

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owner aka those whom they are a lot meaner in the believers have gone into the home for them. There are certain ranks in the near or behind the Arab will not feel atone and forgiveness what is own and a provision karimun honorable or noble

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gamma just as a logical he took you out rabuka Europe, men from Baker your home bill help with the truth we're in and indeed farrakhan a group of men from a remote meaning the believers like Gary who surely once or dislike surely once were unwilling

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yuja DeLuca they dispute with you fee in the truth bioderma after that debate Yana it was clear or it became clear cut a number as if you sir corner they are driven either to a remote to death or home and they jambu they were looking

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what is and when you're at home he promises you Allahu Allah is the one of thought if attain the two groups and the her that indeed it Lancome for you. What and there What do you all wish and that indeed, viral other than that he possessor Ashoka T of the thorn, the guru, it is Luckily for you, where you redo and he wants Allahu Allah, and that you should go he proves true and hepco the truth be Kalamata he with his words, were Katara and he cuts their bureau route and Catherine of the disbelievers

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Leo hacker, so that he proves true and hepco the truth where you will later and he abolishes he nullifies and when the false hood wallow, even if carry her he disliked allegedly moon the criminal

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is when testily sooner you all were seeking help, or become from Europe, faster Java, so he responded, welcome to you all. I need that indeed. I made the comb one who helps you one who reinforces you be elfin with 1000 men from al-mulla aka the angels more define one after another warmer and not jharna who he made it? Allahu Allah Illa except Bushra a good news. What and later to my inner so that it becomes satisfied, be with it and will become your heart warmer and not unnecessarily the help Illa except main from rain.

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De Niro Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah Aziz and always Almighty Hakeem on Always, always, is when you have a Sheikh, he covers you and murasa with the drowsiness and murasa with the drowsiness I'm an atom as security men who from him were you know Zulu and he sends down are they come upon you mean from a summer the sky, my water, liotta hirakud so that he purifies you be here with it where you Heba and he takes away I'm confirm you register save a shape outline of the shape one one and layer before so that he strengthens he ties up either upon glue become your heart where you serve better and he makes her be he with it, have them defeat it when Yoshi he indicates or he inspires

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rabuka your inner to al-mulla aka the angels on me that indeed I Marco with you. Better be too so you all make for an Edina those who knew they believed so only soon I will cast fee in coleauxv hearts alladhina of those who cafaro they disbelieved a robot that all the terror sub reboot. So you all strike FOCA above our neck The Next Web reboot and you all strike main home from them cola every banana and fingertips there Lika that be unknown because indeed they Shaku datafied they oppose Allah Allah wa Sula, who and this messenger

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woman and whoever you shocked it he opposes Allah Allah what a Sula who and His Messenger for inner then Indeed Allah Allah shadow is severe under thought in the retribution then a comb that for you all for boo so you all taste it we're under and that indeed lincare Farina for the disbelievers are there but punishment and now of the fire?

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Yeah, are you hurt or you and Medina those who knew they believed? Either when lucky Tom you all met, and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved? zafran as an army or zafran marching further than do not to Alou whom you all turn from them about the backs. Woman and whoever you want to him, he turns from them. Yo ma even that day, the Buddha who is back in there except Motorhead Griffon one who turns away in strategy literally dialed in for battle. Oh or Mr. Hasan one who regroups one who retreats either to see attend a group for content in fact better he returned builder then with anger main from Allah He Allah will not well and his abode Johanna his health will

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be set and how bad and mostly the destination for them so not Dhaka to do home you all kill them. When I can, but Allah Allah but Allah whom he killed them warmer and not ramita you through it when ramita you through when our kingdom but Allah Allah Rama ki through when you bleah and so that he tests and me Nina the believers, men who from him Bella and a trial has done a good in the law Indeed Allah semitone always all hearing or the one all this all knowing

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that a comb that are you all were under and that Indeed Allah Allah mu him one who weakens, gate blocked l Catherine of the disbelievers

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in a festive Do you all seek victory? The stuff they show you will seek a decision or you will seek victory

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for court then in fact, J acoem. It came to you alpha the decision or the victory we're in and if tentar who you all desist for whoever then it is best for you. We're in and if you do your return narrowed we will return well then and never don't do it we'll have you on come from you fear to comb your group shape or anything. Well Oh, even if guess what it was more or under and that Indeed, Allah Allah ma with meaning the believers

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boom you

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una how por la

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carry gamma

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seen how

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are you reading?

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how far we can

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leave a ship

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la boo

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boo boom

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he is on hockey

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omata Hayes and Isla

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ma ma ma

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ma si

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What do you really mean? I mean

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in a lot

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boom, boom a

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meanie meaning