Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 016C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 106-108

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Let's continue. Then Allah subhanaw taala says Marlin Stockman, a attend we do not abrogate any verse. Oh no see how are we cause it to forget? Yeah tvheadend minha except that we bring something that is better than that, Oh Miss Leah or similar to it. The bunny is right yield that your hood. They had many objections against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, sometimes they would come and make fun of him and sometimes they would come and ask questions in order to create doubt in the hearts of the believers in order to argue with the prophets of Allah Islam. So what are the objections that they raised was that you say that the score on is Musa Musa deck for what the previous books it

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confirms the truthfulness of the previous books? We have read this characteristic of the Quran so many times already that it is Musa but if you say that it is Musab there, then why is it that the commands that you have been given in the Quran are different from the commands that we have in the Torah? If you say it's the same thing from the same God, then why are the commands different? You might hear this today as well, that somebody says if you say that you believe in the same God as we do, then why is it that you don't eat pork? Why is it that you don't have alcohol? Or why is it that you have such commands and we don't have them or you have different? Why do you have to pray five

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times a day? Why do you have to pray in this manner? If you say it's the same thing? It's from the same God? So they raised the same objection. And another objection they raised Was that why does it happen that you are following one command, and then after that, after some time, it has changed, meaning that command that rule is cancelled, and you have to do something different instead. Like for example, when the Prophet saw a lot of animals have when they migrated to Medina, initially, they were commanded to pray Salah facing Jerusalem. Where's Jerusalem? Beta Noctus. So that is where they were to follow when praying Salah to face when they were praying salah. But after some time,

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they were commanded to instead face the Kaaba, the Qibla was changed from beta mock this to beta law. So that you heard this. If this Quran is coming from Allah, then why is it that on one day, you're doing one thing and after some time that command is changed? Why is it so? Allah subhanaw taala gives the answer. The reason is that there is something known as NUS abrogation that's known Steen cough, NASA abrogation, and this is something that happened in the shittier. At the time when the Quran was being revealed. What is not, inshallah will tell you about that. But look at this first first. We do not abrogate any verse NUMSA. We do not abrogate any idea owning see how are we

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cause it to forget, except that we bring that which is better than it or similar to it. The word Mensa is from 19 heart and the word NUS literally means is Allah, meaning to erase something to wipe off to abolish it. What does it mean, to erase to abolish to remove something. Secondly, the word pneus also means a knuckle to copy to transcribe something that is written in one place, you copy it off, and you write it in another place. So for example, your fan gives you her notes. And what are you doing? You're copying off you're writing in your book, exactly what is written in her book. So you understand what's happening over here, and knuckle copying. These are the first two meanings the

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third meaning of the word nurse is to replace one thing to remove one thing and replace it with another, to remove one thing and replace it with another to take one thing away and bring another in its place. Allah says that we do not erase we do not remove, we do not know any command, except that we bring something that is better than it man unsafe men I attend any verse of the Quran is not abrogated are known see her man see her? Known seen? Yeah, nice. Yeah. And what does this even mean? To forget something, something that you knew something that you remembered? It goes away from your memory? You cannot recall it? So oh no see here. We replace it with another or we cause it to

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forget. In either of these two situations what happens? The verse that has come in its place is what Net TV hide in Manhattan. Notice from the route veterans Hamza Yeah, behind him in has something better than it. Meaning the new command is better than the previous command. The new verse is better than the previous worse. Honestly have or it is like it it is similar to it. If it's not better than at least it is similar. Honestly, her pneus is something that happened when the Quran was being revealed and nothing is abrogation. What is abrogation, the removal of a legal ruling or its words by another rule by another command in the shittier. That when illegal command when you command

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is removed and another is given in its place, or that command remains, but the words are removed, or the words remain, and the command is removed. So in other words, NASA is of three types. The first type of NASA is that both the words as well as the command cancelled out. For example, in the Quran, it was revealed before I shall learn her said that it was revealed that 10 sucklings have a baby. Meaning when a baby nurse says 10 times from a woman, then rebar is established, meaning that child is like the son of that woman, even if she's not the birth mother. Are you familiar with the concept of a bar, that if a woman nurse has another child, then what happens? That child is like her own

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child, even though she's not the birth mother, she's not the one who gave birth to him. So initially, it was revealed that if a child nurses 10 times from a woman than she is like his mother, then regard is established. But later on, it was abrogated. But if you think about who we don't find this verse in the Quran, this command is not a we don't have to follow this command, because now how many times is it five circlings, not 10, but five. So the command has been replaced, and the verse has also been removed from the Quran. So the first half of nurses which were the nurse cough, what the verse the words, as well as the command, so write this down words, and command words and rule

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both are canceled and another is brought in its place.

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Allah says in the verse that 90 behind him in her, isn't it better, before he will stand now it's five is not easier. It's much easier. The second type of notice is that when the recitation meaning the verse is removed, but the command remains, being the verse was initially revealed, but that verse is not in the Quran anymore. It's not recited anymore, but the command is still supposed to be followed. For example, I have to Rajim the verse in which the punishment of regime was given. Punishment of regime was given that verse was revealed, but eventually what happened? The verse was cancelled out, meaning it's not recited anymore, however, the command is still applicable. The

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command is still applicable. The third type of mass is when the command is cancelled out however, the verse is still in the Quran, the command is cancelled out but the verse is still in the Quran. For example, in the Quran, we read the ayah, in which it is mentioned that for a woman whose husband has passed away her it the her waiting period is for an entire year. It's in the Quran. However, the verse is there but the Quran has been abrogated. It has been replaced by another command, which is that how long is there? Four months and 10 days. So Allah says, The behind him in her image, if I want her to wait for an entire year, how difficult it would be. But now how much is it for months

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and 10 days? Isn't it better? It is better. So Allah says over here that man and Stockman I attend any i that we abrogate, amen see her or we cause it to be forgotten, meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is made to forget that verse completely, completely, so he cannot recite it. So in other words, the verse has been lifted, the verse has been lifted. So in that case of assessment behind him and her whatever command that we give in return, then that command is always better, honestly, how or it is similar to it. How is it better, better for who better for the people in which way that first of all, the command may be easier. For example, there is reduced from one year to four months

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and 10 days. Secondly, it's better how then it brings more reward. It brings more reward.

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And thirdly, we see that it shows the true submission of the believer. It shows a true submission to Allah subhanaw taala that whatever Allah says, I will do, he tells me to do this, I will do it. He tells me to do something different. I will do that instead. Because if a person says that, no, I like to face Jerusalem in Salah. And if he refuses to face the fate, Allah then what is he following? Is he following his desire as the following Allah subhanaw taala he's following his desire to the true submission of the believer is manifested, that this person is truly a sincere believer, and he is a devout servant to Allah subhanaw taala so let people hate him in her. Allah

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says I am Carla. Do you not know that and Allah Allah Coalition for the that indeed Allah is over all things studied cadenas from the root cause del or

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Allah has cooked up and what is ultra, it's the opposite of very dizzy reads is inability. But Qudra is perfect ability. So Allah is the One who has perfect ability to carry out whatever you want. So when Allah has absolute kodra, and he can do whatever he wants in the heavens and the earth, then Why can he not change the command that he has revealed? If you think about it, winter comes it is replaced by spring that is replaced by summer that is replaced by fall that is replaced by winter. So if Allah can bring about these changes, then can he not bring these changes in the laws that he has revealed? Course he can, he can do whatever he wants to untie them and Allah Allah Khalifa

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included? Of course he is. So when such is the case, that he can command whatever he wants. Now, with regards to the reasons as to why there's abrogation, Why did Allah subhanaw taala abrogate the laws? What's the reason? First of all, we see that this shows that the law, who has complete authority over it, who has complete and absolute authority over it, Allah subhanaw This shows to us that the law is a laws and he can do whatever he wants to. This is why we see that in one place, we are commanded that we are only to bow down frustrated to Allah subhanaw taala. But we see another situation Allah subhanaw taala commanded the angels to prostrate before who didn't earn a sinner. So

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Allah can give whatever command why, because the command, the honor, it belongs to Allah alone, it is Allah, it is not ours. But whose is it of us? Because whatever it belongs to you, can you change it? Of course, can you do whatever you want with it? Yeah. The second benefit, the second reason is that in order to gradually reveal the Shetty era, in order to gradually reveal the commands, because if the final commands were given, at first, then it will be very difficult for the believers to accept and follow. For example, when it comes to alcohol, we know that the Arab society, alcohol was very common there. People drunk like anything, it was very, very common. If initially, the believers

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were told, alcohol is haram, you think it would be possible for them? It would be extremely, extremely difficult. We know that people who are drug addicts or people who are alcoholics, how difficult it is for them to get out of that. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala revealed the command gradually, initially, the believers were told, there is some benefit in alcohol, but the sin is greater, the harm is greater than the benefit. Then Allah subhanaw taala revealed that when you are in the state of intoxication, then don't pray salah, obviously, a person who likes to drink, if he is drinking, and he has a hangover or whatever, and he's drunk or he's in that state for hours

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and hours is he not going to end up missing his son if he's not allowed to pray at that time. So this limited the alcohol intake, and then eventually Allah subhanaw taala revealed verses which completely forbid its consumption. So to gradually reveal the commands another benefit another reason is to test the believers who is truly following the messenger truly obedient to Allah and who is it that is just following his desires, then fourthly, another benefit is that the new command is more beneficial, but the previous one also had to be given for its own reasons, but the new command is more beneficial. Another reason is to lighten the burden that initially difficulty was created

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and then the burden the difficulty was reduced. For example, in the Quran, we learned that the believers were told that if you ever have to go for battle against those who come to fight against you, then one from among you is sufficient to fight 100 from amongst them, what was expected of a believer to be enough to fight against how many 100 He reduced the ratio from one 200 to one to 10.

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Okay, so it is to lighten the burden as well and there are many other benefits which inshallah you can learn from any earnable Quran book or class course that you take Inshallah,

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then what do you learn from this verse? First of all, we learned that pneus abrogation, this is something that is real is something that is actual, it happened in our shittier. And it is something that is logical, it makes complete and perfect sense. So they are who they are an objection that why is it that you do one thing one day, and then you're doing another thing that the other day? It's not that the videos are following their desires? No, there is benefit in it. There's reasons in it. And it's perfectly logical.

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It's perfectly logical that you give one instruction to somebody and then you change that eventually afterwards. For example, it's quite possible that you guys at the beginning of the course you are told that you are having practice test first and then the actual test, and then eventually there will be no practice tests. There will be only actual tests you might take and why were we given a practice test earlier? It has its own reasons

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And then eventually, the instructions are changed over time. It's logical, it makes sense. Secondly, we learn this verse that wherever new command Allah gives us always better than the previous one. Another benefit that we learn in this verse is that when Allah is capable of changing the HESI physical things, that he also has the ability to change the commands that he has given that listen to the recitation

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to you before you.

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relation in body

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Do you not know that Anila that indeed Allah, the human customer, what you will up to Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth? The entire heavens and the earth skies and the earth? So my wife is a plaintiff, some app, so all of the skies and the entire Earth whose possession is it? Who owns it? Allah owns it. So when Allah owns the heavens and the earth, the skies and the earth and everything between them and everything within them, then does he not have authority to change whatever commands he has given? Of course he does wanna come and you do not have been doing Allah He besides Allah, meanwhile, leaking Anyway, well, and asleep nor any helper. Notice Allah says that he

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has the milk of the summer work and the, in what sense? Does Allah have milk over summer wet and in three ways? First of all, he has complete possession, five, the heavens and the meaning of the things of the heavens, whatever is within the earth, whatever is within meaning Allah is the One Who owns them. So for example, you have a pen, and you said, the span is mine, it's your possession. So the heavens and the earth whose possession are there, Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, that he has complete more complete authority, ownership of even their attributes, their characteristic, the characteristics of what the skies in the earth, so he can change whatever he can do whatever he

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wants to with them. For example, if you have a pen that is blue, do you have milk over changing it to read? No, it's blue, it will remain blue. But when Allah subhanaw taala owns the heavens in the earth, can he change them however he wants to? Yes, for example, the tree is green, and the next time you see it, orange, and the next time you see it, it's completely bare, he can change the attributes as well. Similarly, as our bodies who owns them, Allah subhanaw taala owns them. But what happens Allah subhanaw taala causes our bodies to grow and then age and finish. So he has complete authority over us and also over our abilities, our characteristics, our trades. And thirdly, in the

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third beat, meaning in the planning, so he plans whatever he wants to with his creation, He does whatever he wants to do with his creation. Their fate is with who? Allah He decides. So allow them under Moholoholo customer what you will or will not recommend doing Hola, HeMan believable and asleep and you have no money no nothing besides Allah. Who is Willie? While he is from wild lamb? Yeah. Well, he is the one who the friends who protects who take cares of a person and benefits them. What does he do? benefits them bring say to them. For example, a girl who was her Wali, generally technically her father. So the father is the one who brings good to her, takes care of her also

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brings good to her good things to her. Whether it's education or a good husband or whatever. So you have besides Allah, no wali to bring anything good to you. Well earnestly who is mislead known sobre la Surah to help someone mislead is the one who helped someone and protect them from evil protects them from harm. There is no necessity besides Allah you have. In other words, if Allah withhold something good from you, no one can bring it to you. If Allah says something evil to you, no one can stop it from reaching here. You have no one besides Allah. Why do you think this is being said? That if a person he says that, you know there's nothing in the Quran, it doesn't make sense to me one day

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one coin is given another day, another command is given, forget about it. Then such a person he is choosing what failure for himself, utter destruction for himself because if a person turns away from Allah, then who does he have? Nothing nobody. Then He is helpless. Then he is a complete failure. When I recommend

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Duni Lahemaa Willie well under siege, Allah says until the tuna or do you wish to read una ra Well then irida intention to desire something the believers are being addressed, or all those people to whom the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sent to or being addressed whether it is the believers or it is the hidden the SATA, or it is the machine. All people are being addressed that do intend to, and this Allu that you ask seen Hamza lamb so our question, what does question mean? What is the soil? To ask someone for an explanation, something that they said doesn't make sense to you. So you ask them a question, to clarify what they have said to you. And secondly, so Allah is also used for

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demanding something. So first of all, question and secondly, demand. So do your wish to ask question demand Rasulullah confirm your messenger Rasulullah seen lamb? Who is our messenger because Allah says your messenger, who is he? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you wish to ask from Your Messenger demand from him just as come as Suhaila Musa just as Musa al salaam was asked, who asked too many questions. The money is for you, who demanded many things from him. The bunny is right here. Are you planning to follow their actions? Are you planning to follow their footsteps?

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In this verse, basically, we are being discouraged from asking too many questions or from making demands. We see the wish the keen, they will demand a lot of things from the profit side of our center. For example, they would say that we will never believe in you have the tough drala nominal or Liam Bora. We will never believe in you until you cause a spring to gush forth from here, when the spring will gush forth and we will know your profit. We will never believe in you until such and such happens until such and such happens. As if the Prophet sallallahu sallam was the one who could bring all the goodness in this world to them. They would ask him such questions they will make such

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demands from him.

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Similarly, we see that the you who they will come and ask a lot of questions from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam just to test him just to see if he was really the Messenger of Allah saying what's wrong with you? You intend to follow the same behavior like that as the bunny is trying before? The way they made so many demands from Musa design the way they ask so many questions. Are you planning to do the same thing? Don't do that. Because what was the fate of the Bani Israel eventually loss? So if you follow their ways, you're going to end up in the same place the Bani Israel what kind of questions Did they ask for Musa NESARA? We learned in the story of the call how they repeatedly said

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older old Arabic older Hola, neuropathic. What kind of demands to the MC give me an example of the demands that are made from Musala Sana Lemnos Mina laka. Turner, Allah chakra Hatton or Allah Hotjar demand. So Allah says women yet about the real Crawfordville Eman whoever replaces whoever changes Cofer instead of Eman yet but they'll bed Allah deal. What does that mean to change something to replace one thing with another? So whoever replaces whoever changes Eman with Crawford, that he had Eman he changes that with Cofer for katapola Sawa subfield. And in fact, he is straight from the right way of Bala broad lamb lamb to go straight. So well. What does that mean? Seen? Well, yeah, to

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be in the middle. And Sabine seen by lamb way, sir, ah, Seville the middle way. The middle way is the correct way. For example, if you're going on a highway, there are many exits that come can take you to the right or take you to the left. What is the right way? The middle way, if you want to get to your destination, then you go straight. If you go right, and you go off, and you go left and you go off there, are you on the right way. You're not on the right way anymore. So whoever goes for disbelief after belief, whoever replaces a man with coffee, then such a person has gone astray. Meaning that if you ask too many questions, eventually what's going to happen? You're going to lose

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your faith and that's going to be replaced with what with Cofer, just as the Bani Israel. When they asked too many questions, one after the other one, they made too many demands one after the other eventually, what did we learn to mock us at kuruva calm, then their hearts became extremely hard, that no matter what command was given, they didn't pay attention. They didn't care. No matter what they were shown, it didn't have any impact on them. So in this verse, we see that we are being discouraged from asking questions that are irrelevant, that are unnecessary, that instead of benefiting us may harm us. In our religion, we haven't been told to not ask questions at all. No, we

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have been encouraged to ask questions that have to do with our armor that are relevant that are beneficial. For example, if you don't understand something in the Quran, what are you required to do? Ask? We'll learn that though.

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was a hobby who had only one problem, only one issue whose solution he could not find any traveled all the way to Medina to ask the messenger what a lot isn't the answer to that one question. We have been encouraged to ask questions that are relevant to what our actions, but something that is not relevant to our actions, meaning we don't really have to do it, then we should avoid such questions. Why? Because they can lead us astray. They can ruin our faith. They can destroy our Eman. For example, if a person says, you know, you say that Allah is Able to all things atheists, they say that you said that God is able to all things, can he create something that he cannot lift? Can he

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create something that he cannot lift? What's the point of asking this question? What's the benefit? Is it going to help you pray? Is it going to help you give charity? Is it going to help you be truthful? Is it going to help you be honest? No, it doesn't have anything to do with your actions. But asking this question, what is it going to do? It's going to ruin your ima, it's going to weaken your faith, it's going to make you belittle faith. Because such questions, first of all, they don't make any sense at all. And besides, they have nothing to do with our actions. Nothing at all. So a person must stay away from such things. And these questions. Typically they come from who, those

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people who have no faith, those people who have no fear of God. So stay away from such things. These days outside happens whenever there's an interfaith dialogue. You're talking to somebody who is not a Muslim, they may ask you some questions which don't matter. And they might make you doubtful. Like recently, there was a person who kept on asking me, Where did the Prophet salallahu Salam make money from?

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Why you want to apply for the same job? You will make money the same way?

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Honestly, what has that got to do with you? What's the point of asking such questions? What's the benefit? The people who ask that question to come up with these apparently clever questions, you know what they want, they want to make you doubtful. They're not settled themselves, and they want to make you doubtful as well. So stay away from such things. Stay away. Always, whenever there's any question at all asked about the Quran, about the messenger about anything of the shittier always ask, is it going to help me do something? Is it going to help me be a better person is going to help me improve? If it's not stay away? Why? Because it will lead to biller Hiraga will Islami Deena will

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be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and every year, there are some matters of the unseen that we do not know about, even if we investigate research throughout our lives, we cannot find the answers. We cannot because he does not come anymore. So what are we to do except to Allah is our Lord Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as our messenger and as long as our deen. And this is what we will be questioned about. If a non Muslim asks us such a question, what do we say? What kind of answers should we give to them? What do you think? How would you answer them? Yes? We can ask them if it benefits them. If you give them the answer, if the answer is actually going to met with them, we can

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say God knows best. I think this is the best answer. And that's probably what I would say God knows best. Because we have limited knowledge. We have limited abilities. If we go through all of the books in this world to find an answer to a particular question, it's quite possible we never reach there. Why? Because mankind ever discovered that. There are so many things of the unseen, that we don't know about, for example, out there in the space in the universe, there's so many things. I remember, I watched a video recently about this man. He's a scientist, and he was talking about where we can do research to discover more things. Because apparently, it seems that we have

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discovered everything of this world. But he said, there are so many things that we have not discovered, what we know, is very less compared to when we don't know. So if this is the case with physical, tangible things, then what about the intangible? What about the non physical? So just as we accept that, yes, there are things out there. I do not know about how they function, how they work, but yeah, I know that they're there. So similarly, when it comes to religion, when it comes to faith, there may be many things that I don't quite understand, however, they're there. I saw a picture recently, are these two twins who were in the womb of the mother? And one of them said, Do

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you believe mother is there? We haven't seen her. I don't think she's there. We're inside the mother. We haven't seen the mother. We can't prove there is a mother, given our limited ability. So there is no mother. I don't believe in her. How foolish similary we are in this world. Our minds our abilities. Our knowledge is very limited. If we say no

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is no hereafter just because we cannot see it just because we cannot prove it physically, this has been very foolish. So there are many matters of the unseen we don't know about and there's no need to chase that. We should instead try to find out about those things that are relevant to our actions. There are so many things we can learn to improve our manners, so many things we can learn to improve our Salah. So many things we can do, but chip on He makes us focus on that which is not beneficial. Just to make us worried and get us tangled in things that can waste our time and waste our iman and waste our chakra. This is why Allah says we'll be at them for Dylan COFRA Bill Eman for

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Kabbalah. Sava Seville, whoever will follow these questions and you know what's going to happen? He has strayed from the right way. So seek Allah's protection. Whenever such questions come your way and always remind yourself it'll lead to Billahi Rob back over this time Idina Wahby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a via listen to the recitation

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to Santa

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we, Dory Dona

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was all on camera so moves

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on me

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to Swami Amen.

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there was a scholar by the name of Imam shabby, and he was asked that if a person does not find anything to break as fast What should he do? You know, what does take some sand and put it in your mouth? Well do whatever you find, just put it in your mouth and Allah knows you can't find anything right? So is that you know what? Take some sand put it in your mouth. So a person asked him Which finger should I use? So he pointed to his pinky toe. Try to get some sand with that toe the smallest toe and put it in your mouth. Use your sense. When it comes to worldly matters. We think we're the most smartest people. We don't ask questions. When it comes to the religion we pretend as if we're

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the most foolish people. Use a little bit of sense and ask Allah to guide you and you will find the answers and those matters that have nothing to do with your actions and stay away from them.

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