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Jumuah Khutbah/Talk by Sheikh Alaa

September 30th, 2016



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The speakers discuss the return of worker Shambala, the return of the American system, and the importance of trustworthiness and achieving one's own values. They emphasize the need for strong understanding of one's own abilities and values to avoid confusion and mistakes, and stress the importance of learning from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and achieving humility and ignorance in achieving success. The speakers also mention the importance of humility and ignorance in finding one's own way to achieve success.

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Number one is that you don't want to stuff you don't want

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to say

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yes the level

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in Nova Scotia why shadow a number Hamilton Avenue Waterloo National Bureau of Labor and data Amanda have allowed the return on softer Puma worker Shambala will be killed Houma la cadena de had nothing but just like a lot more than you imagine a Vietnam medic what asuna resulting in my van. Yeah, you had Medina Alberto de la casa de la de Mattoon a la to Muslim on yeah un NASA Pura vida como la de hakomi nuptse makeda wahala fabinho caminando jaha Baba Sabine humeri Jana and getting your money's

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worth de la la. Luna Viva La ham in a la haka nanny Kumara teba. Yeah, you have Latina, de la la la Colin said either use the American way of Silicon Valley, no bottom of our soul over 1000 alima am back in the Kalahari kita Baba, well, Hydra daddy Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam or shadow.

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me da da, da da, da da da da da, da da, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam continuum. And that is the luckiness the karma, the lecture series that we started after Ramadan, because we want to keep that, keep that battery charged. Keep that heart pulsing With the name of Allah, the universal law. We want to hold on to the straight path. And that's why we says those who say, are meant to be not so much the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was asked, What do I do? Tell me something in Islam, I don't ask anybody else after you. He says, I meant to be learning from a study in LA Nakamura buena, Vista,

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and so on. See if it's all of us. The Prophet Mohammed Salah was asked what asked you to tell me something, I won't ask anybody else after you. He says, I say I believe in Allah and then hold on to the straight path. And that's what we're trying to do. Because it's very easy to waver on the heart, it's very easy for us to let go, especially when you're dealing in surgeon, our knees, and so on. So we're trying to hold on going through certain books and certain series of that will come out the scholars that will teach us and that's exactly the topic we're going to talk about today, which is knowledge and allows us to elevate so many is 860 is revolving in the program, revolving around his

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knowledge scholars and everything else derived around that subject. So it's that important. So let's find out what is it all about? When allows upon Allah to Allah says if you say that Allah is my Lord, and then you hold on to that trade path allow somehow I promise you abundance of good in this life into your after? So let's find out this path of seeking knowledge. What's it about? What's the reward? What do I have to do and what are the categories because there is narration this isn't enough so

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if you know yourself you will know your Lord well

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into itself in yourself look at yourself look at your look at your fingerprint look at the eyes look at the heart look at how we created what we created only an outer shell but there's a there is a soul there the spirits are not gonna have better translation and the happening a mind. You understand that we are

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elevated and honored that human being

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that says what does that tell you that everything we've given you?

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Raise your honor you because of that, because you have your different. You are not at the highest level and allow Sopranos I know he raised you high. We elevated you because you have what it takes. And some of the scholar says you are created for three reasons to know Allah subhana wa Jalla, viola to know Islam and to know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It's all about knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. You know your father, you know your Lord. If you don't know yourself, you will not know your Lord, because you are an alpha, you are a miracle, you are alerting That in itself. Because if you see that creation of allows the management of your lab and the sciences and the

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knowledge that is granted above you, books, scholars, scientists, universities, people dedicate their whole lives just to find out how many cells chromosomes and what you're made of and all of that. Look at the string theory. If you've noticed how a lot of

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Hang on to either the miracle of your creation, the miracle of irradiation is an indication of the miracle. Now, gentlemen, you're not that's why we're telling you at least know yourself and what you were created for. Hence you understand, even know that you're greeted with all these miracles in your body. Without, there's nothing it's just a shell. You understand even though you have the eye as we mentioned before your eyes 2020 but you still need a light to be able to see in dark you will not be able to see. So you'll understand even everything that every item we have without your hair would be just another item that we have. And the mind keeps you the difference between you and

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anything else. This manner that allows your eyes bestowed upon us is that a trustworthiness even though he offered to edit his creation

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inside this Amana stefanova, there's been everything that we have the obligation, the knowledge what to do, what not to do, that scholars, there's so many opinions on whether that movie is about a man is about the opinion that is a comprehensive, is that then good.

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Everything about cars is everything we do is a man. It's not a matter of that you just have money and you trust somebody with it, they give you back No, everything we do. So we talked about everything that we do that divided your whole life isn't a matter of your relationship with your everyone around us. And

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everything in the relationship between you and Amanda is so different about the three things about you and yourself, you and your creation and you and others, and we talked about it in series in series of footballs before. So let's talk about this. Amanda here.

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The scholars will tell you there are three types and four types.

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may agree whether you

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agree 111. I agree. I agree.

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I agree. Whether you agree or not with every

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woman, every one of

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four types.

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A knowledgeable scholar,

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very eminent, very firm on his knowledge, and he knows that he's knowledgeable. They say that is a scholar follow Him and very few of them are lucky. May Allah help us well, but nowadays, I'm talking about the scholars that they don't sell their deal with the dunya worse yet the scholars that they sell the deal with somebody else's Do you understand? You know what? I mean? Yeah, can you give me insight Please, can you share? You know, I'm not gonna mention names. You know what I'm talking about? Can you please give me a fatwa that this I'm thinking becomes Hello. Yes, sir. What would you like? What kind of would you How would you like the man this is the guys that have the link and

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stuff and you know, whatever.

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When they go to university and now I love some high notes is telling what they're waiting for them. You know, the students get out now. They actually curse them. But you know that you haven't seen it yet? You will know you'll know what I'm talking about. But we're talking about the scholars that actually you know what that when they when they say man is know that you'd be what would my enemies do to me?

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What will they do? Cuz they go ahead if the house meets a hedge on my love.

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I'm looking at this beautiful, beautiful green shirt. I'm doing it for the sake of Allah. What would they do prison me?

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If they impress me, Hello, I'm alone. I'm alone with a levels

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they kill me if they know me from Lt. Shahada is smarter The man is

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in. This is his Jana has done this right here. He's done this right in the heart. He's done this with his relationship with a law that says gentlemen. So why because he understood what it means. He has the knowledge and I'll tell you that proof of that. There's what I will tell you if you understand what this means is suffices every day. There's one thing that allows you to ask Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to ask him to increase your mouth. What was that increasing your wealth? Increase me a business, increase my advertising, y'all I increase my likes on Facebook. Y'all love me. Is that what the increase? You know, here's what is happening.

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A long walk but it's not amazing, could not be enough for us. Because if you really understand that in and if

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you understand that what it means allows one that is asking us who loves to ask him or increase my knowledge. He wasn't increase in anything else, increase my knowledge.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah says raising those who actually didn't show

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You understand only those who are knowledgeable people understand that the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala, everything that was given us why we were created, why we're doing things, why we don't do things. So now we understand the higher you go, the more the closer to Allah subhanaw taala. The higher you go, the closer to Allah, I don't mean literally. I mean, the higher in the knowledge, you will understand how much you have to lose if you lose that knowledge. And that's why you will find the scholars are very afraid, very humbled. Because they understand what's there to lose. You talk so hard to acquire this, you've worked hard to be among the chosen one. Because a lot

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of juicers, you know, a lot of

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people work on their behalf, what are they doing?

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the show notes will open the keys of goodness and close the gates of evil. May Allah make us among them. And also the one that acquire knowledge those who took the path. It's not an easy path. Well, when it made this poor sleep,

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if you get on this phone,

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he told me what lie he said that. He said that if you get on this full pitch, put your neck, put your head on your phone, you're killed, you are going to be a suicide. It's like don't say that word. Like understand assassinated, that's what I meant to say.

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You will be assassinated, whether you like it or not from the others or our own, so that people will fish report. Yes. You said that what like this man for this, you know?

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They will not be concentrating on the message, they will only concentrate on what the shape that you know has made a mistake on. It's fine. I understand. And then we have other issues. So this past is not easy. Where's the proof? When Allah subhanaw taala talk Prophet Mohammed Salah love it will send them the scholars will say six months before I received the relationship, what did he do? He said

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he's preparing. So we have to also learn from that, that stages that Allah subhanaw taala took it also the loss of the loss of them, including Look, man, that Hakeem advices on some you'll see the trend is the same. He says first six months, six months seeing Oh yeah. And you will see in that I mean the following morning to becoming true since preparing him. After that cut off long game, you want to want it because if you want this realm, you have to have the passion for it, you have to have the patience for it, you have to have the sincerity which we talked about last week. And that's why it's leading up during. So we first did the hearts, the love between each other, the love of

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Allah subhanaw taala and is the source of the heart, the source of the heart, the purity of it is comes through as loss. And if you want to have enough love in seeking the knowledge, and that's why that my dad has just said that Kenyans are not border.

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given that after this, the first word was what's revealed in the brand.

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acquire knowledge we say Read, read my brothers and sisters, we are the owner of knowledge, look at our history, we've changed the world. Because of that, no one can deny the fact they may fight us on different fronts. But you will never take the history that we left the oma we left medicine, we let math we let everything because it was us look at

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the old scholars of Islam, we change the world by knowledge. So we have to go back, I have to go back to that secret. Dino thing I understand there is difference. But we will give you a GPS to get there charlo after acquiring knowledge, which is the third stage, Allah subhanaw taala says booming data.

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Now if you have wider knowledge, what do you do with your knowledge, you have to implement it. So you have to put the knowledge into action,

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knowledge and actions, wisdom, faith, what I saw in that insanity, because I'm an only believe only it was said that before 3000 times what I'm going to solve. So he told probably more muscle cell and acquire knowledge in COVID. Later la la de la established that established family. My brothers and sisters, yeah, let's get back up. Let's get on our feet. Let's acquire knowledge and put the knowledge into action. After this, what do you say, Now you're ready. You have the knowledge, you have the patience, you have the sincerity, you have everything that you know, and you implemented your knowledge. What does he say after that point, and you're ready, you're ready to go ahead and

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tell people what to do what not to do, because you walk the talk, and so on and so forth. And after that, he says whether or because

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that's what we're talking about the patient because it's gonna take some patience, it's gonna take some bending off and so on. And we also know that your arms, how does notice before it's actually were harmed, how they were steadfast, how long would it

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be pleased with them and have mercy upon them?

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How much they were dragged, how much the

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delay how much he was harmed with a believer and so on how he died in prison and so on. How he was actually smashed to justice either or and is out

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creation of a love and you cannot be the creation of a local guy he is the word of the law. Well law he says one man hit me a steadfast one man on the way over it says yeah man, the whole oma is waiting for you. The whole oma is waiting for you, whatever you're going to say we are going to believe it says that one single man give me strength to hold on. Even though he was harmed he was doing this but there is no loss on that one. In that position.

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You have to take it whenever he is working.

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If we have to, we have to mean Allah Subhana give us strength and after

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the occasional love the Lord, look at the plan and how he will do the same thing.

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Yeah, when I we said the first thing is is not to shoot. No shoot. No, it's fine partners on tala monotheism, though he's oneness, believing that nobody else will harm you believe in the no one else was right for you accept him believing that everything we do comes from a local

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optima. So no one

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to see the same thing and join established prayer. It didn't say pray establish the karma. We talked about the new currencies, establish prayer, enjoying good for but even be patient.

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We are going to be tested Don't you think? I mean?

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You think that you will not be tested Of course you'll be tested. So hold on to your test. You just have to pass it yet.

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So what we have to do, my brothers and sisters have to hold on because Robert Mohammed's are some of them left us in charge lives. They're all about what other than

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the scholars and the time is running. So Panama me I help us to be able to get the message for today is the secret of the knowledge because Allah subhanaw taala young fathers that you will be raised in the sight of Allah isn't enough for you if he enough to you to be mentioned by name, even when you come to seek knowledge. The other part is here go on the website, my brothers and sisters. Every Friday night there's a youth and the sisters half a percent. And as a family. We talked about ninhydrin Muslim we've taken

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we have a seminar on Sundays every last Sunday of the month. And guess what seminar actually took them the most, which one that was attended the most. It's about money. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it in our hand, not on a heart. And I asked a lot of some hands on and making some of those recipes and follow the best of it upon with a smile and what's up Professor

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salatu salam Allah, let me have my back. My dear brothers, this is not a very short time here. But we'll hopefully get you to get that will to seek that knowledge. Let me give you an example that we can all relate to the Battle of the smartphones. Before you start buying a phone. It's usually between iPhone and Samsung. And before you buy a phone, what do you do? Are you got to surf the net? Right? You got to look at the reviews. You're gonna ask the brothers you know, it's marketing. Word of mouth is a strongest type of marketing tool. Yeah. advertising. So yes. Hey, brother, what do you have? A Samsung? Oh, yeah, iPhone. What do you got? Tell me that. Tell me. What's that? What's it

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down? Man? You know what switches better? You know what this one has a face? Not this one doesn't have that you're gonna miss this one. But this one is? This one's more difficult to start. But it's better when they have more knowledge on that one. But this one is simple. It's more friendly. And you do our research actually make a poll. I've seen some brothers will lie on their Facebook page. They have a poll brothers, I'm you I'm up for a cell phone. Okay, you vote? Do I buy a Samsung or an iPhone? And the page was like laid out on the Fourth of July. Just to buy a cell phone we do some serious work right. But to go to agenda and just stay on welfare.

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We don't want to do this. You understand the obligations? The Pillars is an obligation upon us to see college will look I know it's I know.

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We don't know that. It's an obligation for us to know this stuff. before. It's obligation for you to know what to do and how much before you pray. It's an obligation. I'm not talking to Joyce. It's an obligation we have to know how to do it's an obligation to know everything else. Yeah, it's an obligation to know about that. But when it comes at any

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we get that so now what do we do? I have to speak your language I have to speak the money, right? Because we said the lecture that was most attended was the money lecture. It was like overwhelming. With more more chairs, more chairs. We didn't we couldn't keep it up because it was about money. So let's talk about money.

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I said cylinder milk and honey and anything funny. It's all about money. So every time I tell you what I've mentioned this before,

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it works. He says you know, every time he says upon the law or they can come to that, this scholars that they will teach him so what halophytes every step one good deed is written

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baddies are raised and you raised one level in the heaven. And that hit you know, even the angels will spread their wings for you. The angels will spread their wings for you every time and when you come yes if you understand the answers will make for you till you go home not just

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oh a lot and become an MD wrong there are that you know that there are angels that roamed the earth and as soon as he had a patch this day, and they will mention your name to Allah. What are they here for the Prophet Mohammed Salah, some even saw the Sahaba doing that? And he says, Allah, what is that? What did you come here for?

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Remember, love and seek knowledge. He says, I love you know what he said?

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I asked you as a golden Is that what you're here for? Yes. He's one time again. I ask you again you do swear by Allah that that's what you're here for. Yes, yes. Is what law he must not asking you because I don't trust you what you're saying, but I'm telling you this because I'm so happy because you believe

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we're set by Allah Subhana Allah He says that in Allah Hi, you bet he Pico melodica

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Allah subhanaw taala is boasting about you in front of his angels and remembering you by name every single person that is coming How much would you pay for that?

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How much would you pay with every time you sell stuff for a while that alone? I don't have that plan. So the tree for you. Now you want the money? We said the tree the trunk of the tree is made of gold and silver. Yeah. How much money is that?

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My brothers and sisters is for us. Well, it does acknowledge again, forgive me for the time. But we will give you that roadmap and child logger members equinology will go through stages. You go through stages. So the stages you're going to go through first is what arrogance right? As soon as you start coming to the masjid you know you grow a little stubble right? And then you put a little movie on and you your thought becomes a little bit shorter. And you have the swagger idea and instead of the pen whatever it is and you have the all that stuff you don't lose you

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know I'm looking like a shakeout Don't mess with me, man. So the first stage you will go through when you seek knowledge is actually that arrogance, arrogance. I read a book I went through this However, he doesn't I listed this guy on YouTube. I know now that don't mess with me, man. I know your stuff. Okay. Not number two, when you seek knowledge is actually ignorance.

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Sorry, humbleness, humbleness, because you will be asked questions now. Because it says that you deserve that knowledge will be snatched, not anything that is not valid. There is nothing there but allows you to the scholars that we talked about, there'll be dying off no replacement. So whatever the rules and you had, you know, because a guy looks like this, and this Oh, yeah. What is that? No, no. Oh, my God. I have to know. Otherwise, it's embarrassing. I have to tell him Yeah, he will be I run away from

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Well, I

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still ask as much I don't know. Well, I don't know.

00:22:59--> 00:23:12

So ask somebody else to help you in Java. So now, because the room was full of mosquitoes, right? We are full of monkeys. Yes. Yeah. I have a new Muslim coming into the office and everybody's not doing it. Listen, you have to change your name.

00:23:13--> 00:23:15

You have to have circumcision. Yeah.

00:23:16--> 00:23:21

Yeah, I mean, we have to stay up for whatever you have to make up what you missed. You have to work with 40 days you have to have

00:23:23--> 00:23:42

knowledge no knowledge. The brothers were like some of the best lifters not because of what they told him. Yes, yeah, knowledge please don't get attached to what they can use on yourself. So the second thing you will know is what will be it that humbleness because you'll be asked questions you don't know how you know, I don't know why. Number three is ignorance. Because now the more you know, the more you know, you will not know.

00:23:43--> 00:23:45

Now how to give what you learned.

00:23:46--> 00:23:52

In the plane number two, let me give you three the other three uses, and live the marriage mechanic.

00:23:53--> 00:24:09

It takes two days to explain this. I live Madeleine McCann, please. Which means element blue. reconcile the hearts. Don't think people hate you. At least smile. Yes, if you remember. And I've mentioned this before, this was an official complaint. Because

00:24:11--> 00:24:45

if you know you think I'm joking. It's not it's an official complaint about this force of the law because I smile I'm not supposed to because apparently Every man has to have the 111 and everybody's going to Hellfire by the way and everything is held up. That's it That's what they expect from the amount May Allah help us all will lie. Now what happens is now he said the first thing of that well, when you have this knowledge of the three steps, you have to have another three steps. It's as if first reconsolidated let people like you at least smile, ask him what How you doing? Actually Humble yourself and so on and so forth. So then, then I would leave it up to the educate, then tell them

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after you. Don't tell me how I'm first How can you know I don't know. I don't know that. And that's why I asked everybody here to please deal with everybody. As I never boo boo. Please deal with everybody here as a new Muslim. There we go. Sorry. We don't know what that is.

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We did not know it's only by the blessing of a lot that we here it's only when we have knowledge by a lot. Some of them now are telling me we're talking about the people that are going to the scholars, they're in the schools to talk about this louder these are those

00:25:16--> 00:25:18

that students they're learning.

00:25:19--> 00:25:25

scholars will tell us that the person is going to seek knowledge and says he or she do I have to make up for

00:25:27--> 00:26:00

these are students of knowledge we don't know a lot of you we don't know we have to come back to the knowledge the scholar was actually thought that he was getting he was getting this is no no no, what are you laughing for? I'm not kidding. Do I have to make blue and inocula you know all that time is making not fill out anything that's Unum? No Obligation with no, no, we'll go and this is the person seeking knowledge. You get done. You get the little thing from the Scottish that people will come up says yes. Yeah, that's the woman also have to make after having the intimate relation with irassman. Some people think it's only a man that makes the hustle. Can you imagine what why we have so much so

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please come. Come Friday nights come Saturday nights. Come on Sunday. Show

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me I'll bring you back. The ladies. Tuesday nights. Go on the website, go to anything. It doesn't have to be just seek knowledge. Do something learn about your past go olanzapine Angela Viola and cello would have been more because we don't have enough time to cover the whole thing I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us knowledge and to make it a plea for us not against us and raise our MC Allah in your site and make it someone goes Masha, Allah, we want you to come back, always the massages were the hub of the mountain in to learn our way to you, your ally,

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to Allah to bless the soul, have mercy upon us all. Give us an order for that. That's the Hebrew language by the way. What's up will love hula if you have a love will give you knowledge beyond loving. I mean left 911 also malaria, some of your journey, your

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body when LSU comes

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out and Catherine Catherine aka volume enough autonomy.

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I mean, what I mean by the Islamic doctrine, what should be done? Well, it has been a big one. I mean, I'm actually even I'm focused on all the other mental nocturnum that you know, all about this long term identity and so on. I'm not going to be in the minutiae of one last little novella,