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Al-Araf 26-39 Translation 26-39


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a comb that took place in a neighborhood during the early evening, where private parts and clothing were covered. A complaint led to a complaint from a group of guardians, but the comb caused a "byproduct" of a previous act. A woman named Tina made a complaint about a man who claimed to be from the religion. The transcript also describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing the origin and meaning of certain words and phrases, including "has been like a woman" and "has been like a woman."
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Little Susie and Kareem and it was a bit lacking in a SharePoint team. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, are big families. So did he weigh a silly mg Washington of data melissani of kuqali open as a dinner in

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Lesson number 89. So, total Our love is number 26 to 39 translation, you have any more children, either of them, but in fact and zelner we sent down la come upon you lieberson clothing, you worry it covers, it hides. So, the comb your private parts were Isha and an adornment, while he vessel and clothing a taqwa of the piety, of the righteousness velyka that hiren is best or is better than leka that mean from a it signs commands? Allah He of Allah La La home so that they get karoon they take heed

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the agony or children of Adam last should not yft Nana comb, he definitely tempt you a shaytani the shaitaan come on just as a Hydra he expelled about a comb your two parents main from agenda the paradise yinzhou he pulls his trips off and Houma from them to leave so Houma clothing of them to Lydia Houma so that he shows them do so at the Yuma private parts of them do in who indeed he eurocom he sees you who will he will Kabila who and his host his group main firm Hazel where they're not the owner whom you see them in indeed we Jana we have made a shelter in the Satan's earlier close friends. guardians Lin Lavina for those who lead not up known they believe

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what either and when for our new they did fisherton an indecent act a shameful act. All they said we're just gonna we found our layer upon it an honor our forefathers will know who and Allah emiliana he ordered us be here with it. Don't say in Indeed Allah Allah La not yet Maru, he orders finfisher with the indecent act, do the coluna you will say either against Allah He Allah Marwat law not on the moon you know, could say Amara he ordered or be Myra Bilkis with the justice. What end of the moon you will establish? Would you welcome your faces are in the near end every Masjid must take place or time of prayer. What they're all who and you all call him mostly seen as one sincere, the

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who for him a dean the religion or the worship? Again the religion or the worship, karma, just as bad a comb he originated you there do you all shall return 30 or can a group whether he guided what and for a group hepco it became incumbent it became deserving. I lay him upon them upon Allah The misguidance in the home indeed they do. They took they made a share in the Satan's earlier as close friends as guardians men from dooney besides Allah, Allah were serrana and they think and the home in the day Mata doon are one sided. Ebony are children of Adam who do you all take Xena to comb your adornment? Or in the near Cooley every Masjid time or place of frustration or time or place of

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prayer, walk alone and you all eat was horrible and you all drink water and do not to seafood you all be extravagant in who indeed he learned not you hibou he loves a Muslim even those who are extravagant quotes a man who have armor he made unlawful Zenith adornment Allah He of Allah and Lottie which he took out. He produced Larry Bird he for his servants will pay you back. And the good things the clean things mean from a risk the provision, old say here it levena for those who are new they believed fi in the life of dunya of the world.

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corner certain exclusively yoma on de LTM the standing karateka likewise new firstly do we explain in detail we explain openly

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the verses the commands little men for a people here on the moon they know

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to say intimate indeed not but however he prohibited he made unlawful or be my rub alpha hush the indecent acts the shameful acts man whatever overheard it appeared main her from it warmer and whatever but honor it was hidden when Islam and the same one brother you and the transgression believing without and help the right or and that the shikou you all associate partners the law he with Allah mouth what lamb not unison he sends down behind with it so fun in any authority or and that Doku you will say Allah upon Allah He Allah, ma wat la notte Darla moon you all know

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well and liquidly for everything within nation agilon and appointed time for either so when it came a gentleman whom they're appointed time, law not the sirona they seek to delay it certain for an hour for a fraction of time warner and nor get stuck with the moon they seek to advance

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yovani are children of Adam Emma, if yet the inner calm it definitely comes to you or salon messengers. men come from you your persona, they narrate they relate and I come upon you it my versus finance or whoever it the guy he adopted the court he feared Allah

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and he reformed fella so not confront any fear or lay him upon them Allah and nor whom they know they will grieve when levina and those who camdeboo they belied by Athena with our vs. was stuck baru and they acted arrogantly on her from it. Allah Ecuador's as Habu are companions are inmates and now of the fire whom they see her in it Holly don't want to dwell eternally for months so who out level is more than just me manda and who is Tara he fabricated Allah upon Allah He Allah can even Li o orchid Baba he belied the Aya t with his vs. Allah Ecuador's yen Allah whom it will reach them or it reaches them nicely with whom their share their portion main from Al keytab the book or

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the decree had until either when jet when it came to them rusu Luna Our Messengers yet though a phone a home they take them fully Connie they said Anima aina were ma that which condom you were the owner, you will invoke men from dooney besides Allah He Allah kalu they said when they were last I know from us What should he do and they witnessed either against and foresee him themselves and now home that indeed they can do their work I fit in once it is believed.

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Allah He said oh hello you all enter fi in my main Nations communities are in fact 100 it past main from kubla Khan before you main from a gin the gin one ends and the humans fee in and now the fire

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calama every time whenever the harlot it entered on Mattoon a nation Lynette it cursed with the her it sister had until either when

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they were piled up fee her in it Jumeirah all together harlot she said or for whom last of them next of them. Leola whom you first have them, Rob banner, our How would I eat these of the lunar they lead us astray they misled us for it him so you give them a punishment barefoot double main from a noun the fire

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Allah He said he couldn't leave for all therefore double when I came but law not that on the moon you all know

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what on it and she said una whom first of them. For whom for next of them for last of them from us or not Canada it was looking for you or Elena upon us men from fuddling any preference for the EU so you will taste and other the punishment be man before

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specifically recitation of these verses

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Yeah, me.

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tienen como se gamma

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de Paiva Tina is

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munising v suparna

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Tina was

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Hello fi

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to learn

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foofy her journey on porn

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