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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming discussions on holiest days of the year include the signing of the Holiest Day of the year, the return of the Holiest Day of the year, and the importance of the Holiest Day of the year in achieving spiritual health and well-being. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be prepared for the upcoming weekend of Easter, the importance of showing love for oneself and avoiding risk, and the importance of avoiding risk in eating healthy and respecting multiple groups. They also mention upcoming events and social media campaigns.
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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada Shangri La ilaha illa Allah I'll be a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this world of Juma to forgive us have mercy upon us to guide us to keep our hearts united to keep us away from fitna and discord. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant the Hajaj Hashem abroad hodgeman Moon, May Allah keep this height safely, there'd be no catastrophes or calamities, but all the projects that have left return safe with all these things were given on all the doors answered, and we send our love our greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabina, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to

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his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, that Allah grant us to be with the prophets of Solomon, Jenna. Meanwhile, hamdulillah over the last few weeks, Alhamdulillah we've been doing a series on differences of people, you know, differences between people. And we spoke about how husbands and wives and children and brothers and sisters interact, disagree and how we should fight and why they were fighting. And we're in the middle of a discussion with regards to spouses, why we have such a high divorce rate, why do spouses get divorced in the modern times, and what we can do to limit that? We'll take a pause this week,

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and in fact, next week in show I'm not here as well, this week, inshallah, we will, because of the coming up. And as many of you know, that this eat will be a slightly controversial, there will be a slight controversy, and that we've all heard about the to eat issues. We've heard that some will be fought will be keeping eat on Tuesday, and some will be keeping eat on Wednesday. Have you all heard this? you're all aware of it. Now, how many of you haven't heard of it in your life, but if you have heard of it, you are aware of it? In this this this issue, this issue that pops up? So today, in the spirit of this this is this discussion of disagreement, this is one of the issues that does cause

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sometimes some bitterness can be controversial, can cause animosity on the happiest day of the year. And so we're going to talk about this is what we've been talking about for the last two months about getting across differences. We've got this issue, how do we move forward together as a community, so that's going to be our topic today inshallah to eat issues, not Star Wars The moon was right. And before we get to before we get to talking about the hilife. Let's talk about something which we can all agree on, that in we are currently experiencing the holiest days of the year. We know that these days, no active ibadah is more beloved to Allah in these days than any other time of the year. And

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whoever does good deeds in this in these days, these days of the ledger allow you Woods like never ever before. So this is this is the bonus time to maximize. And we're going to see a miracle occur before us when Allah subhanaw taala says and when we designated for Ibrahim, the site of the house when he brought him more than 5000 years ago Allah showed him how to rebuild the Kaaba which should be and unless each and every Brahim do not associate do not make should not make do not worship anyone with me worship Me alone and purify my house for those who make tawaf and those who stand and those who make make ruku Institute and call the people to make hogenom pose for the second year.

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6000 years ago, when Ebrahim both MK both acaba there was not a single person that lovingly the first people to love the was hajah is my mother didn't exist in terms of a city, a law system that we brought him. Yeah, in the middle of nowhere. Like in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Basically, you build this thing called the Kaaba, it's always been the unit you rebuild it. Now call people to come here for Hajj over who's going to come to this place, who's going to come to this place, unless you don't worry, you call you call them, they will come to you on foot and on a very lean camel. They will come from a very distant past every country, they will come from all over the world. You

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build it you call them I promise you they will come today we see that medical today we see this medical coming through people flocking all over saving the entire life to come there and we're going to see this happening in sha Allah it will begin to hatch will begin on Sunday. The day of alpha will be on Monday. And then of course the eat and the days of tashlich they would follow the after. So all across the world we see this promise of Allah coming from a lie that the word of alleged through the word of Allah is Ever true. No one could have foreseen this. No one could have imagined that this would be the case and let's just leave it on here. My son you build it, you call them

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Don't you worry you do your job, I will do the rest.

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And Allah subhana wa tada mentions in particular, the holiest day of Hajj is the ninth day of the hijab, the day of arafah, the day of alpha. So just a quick summary of what the hijab should be doing. So on Sunday, Sunday morning

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Judge, they will wake up after fudger they will into the state of Iran. They will into the state of Iran, and then they will hit to Mena. And from there until the next morning, they will stay in Mena, there's no jamara to anything, they just stay the Makey Budda then they will move on Monday to alpha alpha is this place a few kilometres outside of Makkah, and this is the holiest place, the holiest part of Hajj. In fact, if you go to alpha, now, not normally, you go to alpha alpha for knowing the full 364 days of the year, alpha has no major significance one day in the year, it is the place of assembly of a judge it is a hedge becomes complete, and the symbolic nature of our of our, Allah

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says don't go to the, you know, the Kaaba, of course, the Haram is the holiest place on Earth, but the who judge are told to congregate at this plane of alpha, why? What's the symbolism of alpha is like kiama. It is like the Day of Judgment, how we will all stand naked, on a flat land all of us together, no one is having any difference to the other. And Allah Himself in His Majesty will will come to us and judge Allah protect us and May Allah help us on that day. That's the symbolism of alpha. It is like the day of piano, the judge, of course, the main, a windy person, which will be buried in that's what he is. So out of it is symbolic of this moment. And it's the coming together

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of the whole oma at one place at one time, cannot have out of our before and after. No other place you can't have anywhere else on earth must be on that little piece of land. That's where it is. And Allah mentions the virtue of this place. And this day, Allah says what was similar exactly Buddha which by the sky containing many, many stars, and by the way, Leo mille Masood, the day that is promised, and by the witness and the day that is the day that witnesses and is witnessed, the day that is promised meaning the day that is kiama that day is promised, and we're sure he knew how much would the day that his witness day is the day of alpha and the witnessing day is that that is

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Friday. This is the deficit of the prophets of Salaam as mentioned intermediate. So Allah sways whether they have piano and the day of alpha and Friday, Allah swears by these three holy days, this power these mighty days in the sight of Allah

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is a Muslim the prophets of Salaam tells us there is no day on which Allah frees most people from the fire of jahannam. When the day of arafah and Allah comes close to the people, a lot of us online, His Majesty, and we don't ask how but a lot the scenes and he comes close to the people out of on the ninth of the ledger on Monday, those lucky who judge or they, they will be the closest people to Allah spiritually and physically. And Allah will say to the angels, Allah will express his pride will boast to the angels, and Allah will say, on the people of autofire Look at my servants, look at them. They've come from all over the shoveled, covered in dust. What are they doing here?

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Why do they come here? And Allah knows. And Allah will remind the angels Remember when I said I'm going to create Adam, what do you Angel say, they will shed blood and they are such evil, there'll be corrupt also look at them now. 4 million, 5 million of them, standing the under the hot sun covered in dust doing what worshipping me and Allah will feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction with this creation. I'll always be like that with us. I mean, we always please Allah in that regard. So then Allah will remain in that state of pride and satisfaction with this oma in particular the people of alpha until the sunsets and the day of alpha concludes. And the prophet SAW

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Selim says, For those of us who are not fortunate enough to be a part of that, we can also share in this great ibadah because he says, Who ever fasts on that day, it exploits for him the sins of one year before and the medicines of the coming year. So Parsons and future masons, you force that day, so we must.

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It's a sooner Yes, but it is such a great sooner, that all of us must strive to force in the day of arafah. We have to force that day to attain two years of forgiveness. One hour of fasting from six to six, right is like two months of your sins being forgiven every hour, Allah forgives to two months of sins. So it's easy by the a great reward. Of course, the judge will stand apart from the wooden thermometer. When the sun sets artiphys done and the Hajj basically, Alhaji alpha like 50% 55% of the hedges complete when they will go to Mr. Lee for the evening to spend the night then the next morning they will wake up which is the 10th of the ledger, which is the day of aid but if

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your hygiene, not much of a celebration, very difficult day. On that day you do a number of things. This is backstory for all of you to know that hygiene will now after being an alpha he spends the night in study for on the road basically is no teens you sleep on the road, then you wake up. You go to Mina, you will throw the main job a lot. Your animal will be slaughtered.

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in commemoration of nubby smile, when you will shave your head for the main, you will execute the harem. And then you will go to Makkah to perform a tawaf and cy Hodges not complete, we'll come back to Mina for the remaining three days, or two days, and the days of tertiary, you stay on Mina each day, you felt the three jamara. And then you have this complete, right, so that's what's going to be happening in the next week while we judge, the day of eat. This is also of the most sacred days of the year, because Allah says, Well, fudger, while early Nasha was chef, by the dawn by fudger, and by the tin knights, and by the even and the odd days, so even a bus, the Sahabi rhodiola, he makes

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that seed of this, he says the even day is the 10th of the danger that they have, it is number 10. And the odd day is the ninth meaning of the day of alpha. and the prophets, Allah says, Allah has given you two days better than any other festival that they have eaten, and that they have eaten up half right. So these are the days for all of us. And in fact, if we look at the two eats,

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and we call it kick, Tanya ito fita Labyrinth * and anabolic Ramadan, right, which is to beta which one is greater, in fact, adhaar is beta is greater, is more holy as Muslim balik. Right. And the prophecies is the greatest days before Allah is the day of sacrifice, right the day of second day of carbon.

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And it'll occur as we said, is greater compared of the two eats. So and just on the issue of coupon to something to note here for those who would like to participate. So even though we're not unhedged part of the sacrifice the day of nod, is symbolic, of course of the beast mine. And look at all how the MBR artistic, a lot took the thing that Ebrahim loves the most liability was an old man, and he's new I was constantly Allah, give me a son, give me a child that will follow my legacy and teach people about Islam. For years he's making this door. Finally Allah answers his door and gives him this boy, lovely, wonderful boy, the apple of his heart. Allah says take him and leave him in the

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desert. And he obeys that Allah says you can go and visit him. And after they grow up and he pulls the carpet together, he says, Now I want you to sacrifice him. Show to him. Would you love more me or your son? Of course as Ebrahim was very difficult on him Alesis he looked away any enemies my bosses do, if Allah do what you will notice commanded in sha Allah, I'll be patient my father, and before he could do it, Allah says wait, stop. I don't want you to kill your son. And sir, all the sacrifice a sheep in order m instead. The point is symbol, the symbol, some symbolism here is what is the meat and the blood doesn't reach Allah. Allah doesn't need us to feed him. When he reaches

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Allah is the taqwa that you say yeah, Allah, you say Allahu Akbar, Allah, you are the base. You are first You are the priority in my life. Allah saying, Now show me that you will love for me give up that which you love. For my sake, you love your money, give it up for my sake, you love your time. give that up for my sake. Allah doesn't teach us all the things we love. Also, at the very least, sacrifice a coupon and feed poor people If you really love me, right? So the coupon is one of the great acts of evader. Allah says in the Quran about the Quran. And for every nation for every oma, we have appointed religious ceremonies we gave them we gave him the rituals to do that they

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mentioned the name of Allah over the beasts of cattle that they slaughter that He has given them for food. And your ILA is one either the object of worship is me alone. So you must submit to Him alone. And give glad tidings to the one who are humble the mighty Mattoon humble Allah says they meet will not reach Allah know all the blood. But what reaches him is the taqwa from you. So he will ask me is it better for me to slow down with varano? Or was this organization in Cydia ways the most taqwa the one that gives up the most taqwa is and the one that you do, whether it means you slow to yourself and your family gets together and they stuck with that. Or you say, you know, I feel sorry for the

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people in Syria and I slow to in that way is the most awkward, that's which is Allah. Allah doesn't look at the kilos of your sheep, whether as you speak or looks in the heart. One man will spend 200 m the sheep for example, very skinny sheep maybe. And he stuck What is so great, you will get greatly with someone else was can slaughter an elephant and he will get nobody would because it's not done with taqwa. So it's the taqwa Allah says that reaches him.

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Thus have we subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that which has guided you and give glad tidings to the doers of good. Okay, and if you intend to go back there is a fig ruling here. If you've made the near to go ban from now until the corbon happens should not cut your nails and remove any heat from your body. It's makuu it's mcru.

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That's all wonderful, beautiful and the oma will go through a high of spiritual

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You know, when we watch the pajamas and we look at our sofa and we should show our kids these things on TV and tell them you know any Khadija I said one day, we will all be the again, maybe we'll get to visit, you know in hijo and Milan, Milan, Amin. And just after we see the beautiful events of our of our on Monday, and really began, we see the fitna entering the oma, we see the disagreement and the discussions and the debates. This one and that one to EADS. Some will have eat on Tuesday, the minority, and the majority will have eat on Wednesday and full disclosure, this this Masjid is in the minority as well. This will be a a Tuesday eat program and we'll give you the details to that.

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Now for many of our youngsters and myself included, why do we have this issue of to eat Swedish come from? Why are some people so emotional about it? Should we not have one eat? You know, one one person joked about, about saying what's wrong with you Muslims? Surely you can just look at the calendar. I can just look at my calendar and see 25th of December I know it's Christmas. Why can't you people do the same? You know, maybe you could get a calendar. It's not so simple like that. Understand why we have to eat we'll discuss this issue in sha Allah maturely. Because we shouldn't be fighting over this. We should not be fighting. We should not be splitting families and

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communities in the oma over this. Right? So give us some backstory and context to this.

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There are two camps. They called the McCain camp with the monkeys. And the moon is like two camps those who say we follow maca and we'll keep eating maca. They will keep it on Tuesday. And we have those who say we are the moonies we keep eat with our with the moon. And they will be keeping eat on Wednesday.

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And we say that the majority of the moon camp most of you probably keep will be having eaten Wednesday. Yes, most of you and those who are local. Yeah. And the Muslims, you probably having a macro. So you have a split here in this Gemma. So let's explain why this arise.

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Before I go into the detail, just the summary. The point is, when is the day of alpha. This is the crux of the debate. When is the day of alpha is alpha alpha we know is the ninth of the ledger. And if you look on your calendar, Monday will be the A on our South African calendar Mondays. But it's the day that we judge on alpha. Now when we talk about the rewards of Allah coming down and pardoning the sins, and Allah is giving, accepting of yo yo fasting, the people have asked this question, with modern technology popped up before we had modern technology. We never knew when the people had the project alpha. We were living here that people have a judge, we only found out after

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the fact. Now we know we can watch out who judge on TV. They're standing on alpha. So the question arose people asked Jeff, should I force the ninth for my calendar, but no one is an alpha? Or should I fast with oof standard question. Now, this is a genuine anomaly. This is a fake anomaly. Because we cited the moon a day of the marcasite at the moon. It just happens like that. And it happens like that for Ramadan. We have no problem. But now the issue is when do I force change? Do I force with the who judge on the eighth? Or do I stick to my calendar and follow the ninth? And yeah, you have a genuine split between the one I'm a genuine anomaly. There is no clear cut on Zia. And we'll talk

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about the evidence and the pros and the cons. At the end of the day, you'll realize, I don't know, I just have to find out what I feel is the best and each one will come to their own conclusion. So advise the real question mark. And then of course, when is he? Is he the day of the alpha? Was he the day of the calendar? The team's What do I do? So this questions, and this is good to be confused. Sometimes it's good to be not to be underpaid in certain because once you're not 100% certain you respect and so maybe this other guy who disagrees with me, he's got a point, you know, but when we become 100% certain I must be right. That's when we become narrow minded, closed minded.

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So let's look at the evidence for those who keeping eat on Wednesday. This is why you keep eating on Wednesday. This is why you're doing it and I'm not trying to win anyone over to any side. I'm trying for you to understand your own ruling and to understand to respect each other, and how can we move forward? You know, going you know, to bring in bitterness, that's the most important thing. So those who are fast those who are keeping eat on Wednesday, the argument is such we eat is subject to lunar sightings. Allah says so in the Quran, we need to look at the moon like we do for you. It'll ramadan ramadan, we look at when the moon is and that's when we keep it. Similarly we should do the same.

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Why do we change the rules for this eat? Allah says in the Quran very clearly. They ask you about the moon.

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The osteolysis they ask you about the moon. Allah says we say to them, the moon should be used for measuring time and the dates of Hajj.

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Allah mentions you use the moon to measure how much strong evidence for the moon is right

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But in is not to say that the people in Mecca don't use the moon. They also cite the moon and they also have their own lunar calendar. But it differs from our observations.

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Let's go step further. The prophets also says we know for evil or evil fitted, so Moliro yet he is false when you see the moon and stop forcing meaning keep eat when you see the moon. So the moon is determined our calendar is based on the moon.

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And so mahkamah site the moon and we must cite the moon we are all independent. We also see the argument that the moon is make who said that arafa is the is the name of the alpha who said the only question because is it not true that before has became compulsory before which became compulsory. People were already keeping in the prophets of Salaam already celebrating each other, even though no one was performing hajj. Understand the argument. The second argument is we all know when is Roku I can show you on TV is really cool. I can show you it's alpha. It is the day after alpha. But that's the argument. Mooney says wait.

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Who says eat must follow alpha? Because this is not true that the Prophet them celebrated even before hedge was made compulsory? Yes. And is it not true? That if no one goes to alpha this year where there's no hedges? Are we not gonna have it? There's no alpha, we're not gonna have it? No, we will still have it. So who says you need to link the two? That's the the argument who will counter these arguments? And they also say, surely we're not the first people on the earth to experience this what is everyone else doing? So we said before modern technology, you only had one option, you have to be a moon, you have to follow your lunar sighting, you didn't know what was happening in

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Makkah. And also many people across the world will follow the lunar sightings. But now you find like Australia, for example, I saw that they will be keeping it with maca, right? And you find different scholars around the world saying we should keep with a moonscape with so it's a contemporary masala of now our time, but the majority locally, all of the urban all of Johannesburg and the vast majority of Cape Town will be keeping it on Wednesday, they will follow the Luna citing the local university. Right? So that's they saying well this is this this strength in numbers the fact that we the majority gives us some kind of confidence, you understand? So that's the arguments.

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The also the argument is a very is not in the slides they will say if you if you restrict if you restrict our offer, just on the ninth in the Hojo standing What about those who cannot force meaning? It's nighttime in Australia it's nighttime in America. How does he force so you must remove when it's daytime by him booth is over. So are you saying Allah will only reward the person who fasts while the who just standing the candy? So surely, it has nothing to do with standing out of our other you need to follow your own local calendar, your own local sightings. This is the argument. Do we agree that the proofs are sound legitimate? It's based on Quran and Sunnah not

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thumbs up not our excellent. Now let's hear about the Hajaj those who keep each other with macaque monkeys. They argue every time no way in the Hadith that is say alpha is the ninth of the ledger. It says the day of alpha and alpha is the place.

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So yes, I agree we cannot make the word Sala with maca. If you look at my son yankeetown I cannot force Ramadan with maca. I must look at my site in here. But the act of ibadah of Hajj can only be done in one place on Earth. It is specific to a time and a place. You cannot determine when he's out of out of the police. Like the name says it's when the judge is standing the and with unanimous consent that the scholars say that even if the judge made a mistake, and they all stand on the wrong day, not of the day the student is out of

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out of meaning that they have to judge standing at alpha. So how can South Africa's local time table be more important than what the widjaja doing in Makkah, and therefore many embassies in fact, the NGC discussed this 30 years ago, they asked for a factor from other and as deemed that the most appropriate thing to do would be to fast with the Hajaj also leaving the entire world aside so Africa in terms of timeframe we only only an hour

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so we will be in line with Oof. So this is the argument that will move has to be with the judge, especially if you're able to do so and therefore your local sighting does not come into play so fast on Monday, understand this point.

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And when they would say of course, the next natural thing is well eat is not something weird began now it goes back to February.

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It's about sacrificing obese meal and it's part of the rituals of Hajj. This Eagle adhaar is attached to is attached to this divider like Ito feature is attached to Ramadan but it is out of our

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Rama and mercy and forgiveness that we make that be while you make that be so Allah says in the Quran and when you have completed your rites of Hajj, then remember Allah like you remember your forefathers or even with greater remembrance. So Allah has attached evil at ha, to rock to Hajj in this ayah in the Quran, Surah Baqarah 200. Allah has attached when you're done with lunch, when celebrated. So you understand it's not that they said, like some have said eat and had to separate the 200 out of five, it must be separate. Allah is bringing them together. When you're done with hygiene, keep it and we know how to complete when you basically perform alpha.

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So nonetheless,

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when we look at these issues,

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it's very clear that both sides have a genuine legitimate argument. And this is a beautiful thing. The Sharia allows us to have multiple answers is not just one answer for all. So from this if you ask shift what is the right answer? If I forced on Monday with Oof, Is it wrong? No, it's correct. If I keep eat on Tuesday is wrong. No, it's correct. If I force on Tuesday, because I want to follow my calendar I believe that's more correct. This is wrong. No, that's correct. If I keep it on Wednesdays is wrong. No, it's good it Allah has allowed multiple that's what we are for my tabs. We don't say the HANA fees are wrong and the Sharpies are wrong and no, everyone is correct. And this

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is Allah's mercy on the oma. Allah has allowed us multiple, multiple alternatives, which every day you keep is fine. You Ybarra is accepted whichever day you keep, Allah will never ever shortchange you in terms of rewards, it is the taqwa that counts. So this is never not a fake issue. It's a non issue.

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And the strongest opinion really, and if you didn't want to ask, Well, what is the what is what is the strongest opinion of the two? The strongest opinion is that I give the example of evil fetus? Mohammed is fasting. He begins the Ramadan fasting with the moon in Cape Town. Okay. China began fasting a day before they looked at the moon and they started the day before. Yes. So China is one day early. Earlier in Cape Town, you will with me. So when Mohammed has fostered five days, how many days of the forces in China six days now Mohammed goes to China to visit? He gets the on the 28th day? He falls 28 days How many days the force in China 29 days. Now they see the moon it's easy for

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them. Right to the nine they see how many days Mohammed was 28 When does he keep it? Does he force on that day? What does he wait for Capetown, what does he keep eat with the people of China? He keeps eating with the people of China and he forced the day off. This is unanimous consent. Our sisters are in the height of the person who seek you only foster 20 days Yes, 10 days although we don't say first finish your cover. When you keep eat, you're not allowed to come into our eat. Right? The community has one eat. This is the principle in this area. The essence of it is not about date and time and place. It's not about the clothes you weigh or the food that you eat to the hood

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but we give it is about the community coming together. Why the prophet SAW Selim called the women even the sisters come out while he lived measured in other ways. The mosaic is too small. The Muslim is the holiest place in Medina now we'll make each other outside why so we can all be doing it together. This is the essence of it. This is the purpose of it. This is why we keep need to be united and if we're not united and unfortunately we that's the case we can't fix it. At the very least we shouldn't be fighting over it. You can have the correct massala the correct view but you must eat computers the purpose of a completely because you insulted this one you pull this one a

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name and you put so you got the finger right? But you missed the essence completely. I was Mr. *

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these know Rafa Juana from sukawati de la fille has there's no arguing on how to get to Hajj in Iran Mashallah, you. But you swing the swing, swing that one two ways your hunch? You got the right. But the taqwa of it is missing. Shouldn't do the same for either. So to conclude, I want all of you The purpose of this clip is to understand that it's a genuine masala it's a genuine love that cannot be resolved. There's no this. The answer is there's two answers. And there are many things like this in the show do many things where you can choose as you want. And both sides have strong and acceptable views. There is no right and wrong here. It's correct and correct.

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Also, of all the Aedes This one has three days of the shitty meaning it's four days, you can keep it, you keep it and three days officially. So Allah has given us leeway for multiple days.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:59

Eat on force, and I put this point here ultimately remember others. If the person doesn't force an alpha, and he doesn't come for each other, is he sinful, or we're gonna punish him for that? No. So but then what's more important is unity is watching. So the person who comes with each other, and he falls out of but he breaks the community in half and he causes animosity. He's done something wrong for something which is

00:30:00 --> 00:30:42

sooner, where's the one who says I keep the Unity but I don't force them. There is no synonym. That man is bitter. So my advice and my concluding remarks on this, this is not a debate between right and wrong truth and falsehood. It's between two groups of people who love Allah, who want to worship Allah, or want to commemorate Allah make tech beat of Allah and slaughter for Allah. Don't curse either side. These are pious people on both sides. Don't harm one another on the day of eat in South namecalling. Go and give slammer to everyone. Even if you disagree from that person, and if slimmer on that on his day, give him supplements. You know, visit them on the day, visit them on the day,

00:30:42 --> 00:31:18

especially with a family members. Don't ever judge the knee and what I'm seeing now. People are messaging me and saying but look at this fatwa that this one gives is a tennis match. You know, everyone has the evidence back and forth. It's got nothing to do anymore with the lead and Heidi, no one is debating this to make a last word. Hi. It's for me to win my debate for my word to be high for my opinion to be high. Don't judge the needs of each other. Don't say these mocking people just want to make you laugh. And these moonies are backwards man they must still be educated No, they don't love MCE they don't want to keep unity with oma No, this is a genuine fix masala that the

00:31:18 --> 00:31:27

people look at the evidence and they following what they believe is to be correct. Say Mashallah, brother I disagree with you, but I know you're nice and sincere. In fact, your near might be more sincere than mine.

00:31:28 --> 00:32:04

Even though you got it wrong, is Nia might be more sincere than us. So never judge the Nia and insult somebody. As we said which everyday you foster pray. The taqwa is what counts and already words based on the taqwa. So what's the way forward for us as a community? What do we do? For you sitting in for me, we've educated ourselves, we understand now why this split, and no one is to be blamed for this. We should strive for unity, we should work and one day insha Allah will have one. And if that can happen, one hamdulillah. We can have one locally, nationally, globally, the oma Alhamdulillah this will be the best symbolism for all of us.

00:32:05 --> 00:32:40

This issue is not only a fake issue is a people issue. There's been a lot of fighting and arguing over the years and it's caused some some emotion, it's an emotional issue. And I'm just to three minutes and then we'll conclude when couples come to me and they argue about chef who must make the tea. Jeff, there's no way in the Quran that says I must make him tea. This is not hard. It's like that. But she doesn't always say she must obey me. Yes, that's true. But she doesn't also say that you must treat me kindly. You both is good. Nothing. No one wants to follow the Sharia. No one is fighting for Sharia. You're fighting for your view to be and you will need to be at the very same

00:32:40 --> 00:33:07

issue. You don't throw the Sharia like, like a soccer * back and forth. If you search yourself, are you willing what Allah would love the most is for us to bring the humor together even if it means I sacrifice my own view, I keep quiet in my view, let's all be together. That was a great ally happy and if you really want to please Allah, then understand that this is a people issue and we should put our personal emotions aside and do what is best for the community.

00:33:08 --> 00:33:46

This court happened today tomorrow this will take time but before we can get there at the very least if we can't have one united eat, let's have respect for to eating. At the very least we should respect both groups. At the very least we should say Mashallah they could bond they fostered with Makkah Mashallah. Mashallah they keeping together they following the moon they following the Quran both is following Quran and Sunnah. Mashallah keep the good points to each other. So at least respect one another, and celebrate together. And if you find yourself so, you maybe can't fix the alama you can't fix the CO world but you can fix your family. As a family. My advice to you keep eat

00:33:46 --> 00:33:49

together, sit down together, if you have a split family,

00:33:50 --> 00:34:05

try to have one eat within your immediate household. All of you should get together. And this is what we all love the most. And if you really can't come together, maybe the wife's family keeps one day husband's family keeps other day, when keep both days. I'm in the same camp like that.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:24

At the Missouri area, the Marines of this magnitude have taken a decision to keep eating MK and we respect that. We're not going to fight and argue this is the decision. We are a Gemma. So we keep it on Tuesday, my own family, wife and my family side and my wife side is going to keep on Wednesday. So I'm gonna have two days a week.

00:34:25 --> 00:35:00

I have two days. That's what I'm going to keep you also we need to eat. So what do you mean when am I going to eat salad? Or when I'm going to have eat lunch? Right? Because they might not be on the same day. Right? So that's fine, and that's fine tomato muslimin and that's beautiful. My last remark is this Hadeeth when you want to get into a debate, remember this the prophecies to You shall not tell you what is better than fasting sooner fasting even out of fasting, then making sooner Salah even tahajjud in giving charity, even cooler burning what is better than all of that the one who reconciles between people when it's the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

agreements for the evil of the school is the one that shaves and takes them apart the best person of all is not when he false when he could bond or how much he gives but how many people he makes smile how many bonds he keeps he's number one so strive to be like that Malaga not all of us to be like that. I mean any questions so I say Mubarak to all of you if you keep it for myself in the masjid by Islamic food. Balaban * Right.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:54

Right. And as we said, Our judge will be on Monday and other filming dogs and Alexa tips from them and they keep us in the doors. I will eat program as we said we'll be on Tuesday welcome in on Tuesday and Wednesday if you'd like but on Tuesday, it will start at eight o'clock is our eat Sala now we've changed the timetable. We've changed the timetable. Eight o'clock is going to be our eat Sala attack beat is off for seven so we'll be we'll start off for seven eight o'clock is eat Sala

00:35:56 --> 00:36:02

Okay, eight o'clock is eat Sala then 18 is going to be the Hooda Arabic and in the English will happen afterwards.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:40

But it will English Allah opposite. special announcement of course today. This 50 Rand only we are selling the coffee and the switch feature on Mr. homeowner Exxon Hendrix. mala grantee marketplace in general. Now like sip from him the sacrifice he's done for the Luma a man it's a beautiful thing to say when someone who passed away that he's passion. What did you love the most? passion for Palestine, for you for equality for humanity. It's a lovely thing to say that this would have met everyone knows that what he stood for. So I'll count that heavily in his scales and make his cupboard garden of the gardens of Jenna. So you can purchase the coffee. He was our feature for that

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month of that year. And then next week, I said I will not be unfortunately but we will continue the etiquette of disagreement. We'll also continuing our women around the messenger Hello lovely responses. So if you'd like to be part of that, please give us your WhatsApp number. And then our coupon if you'd like to coupon with us and join us on Tuesday with a coupon program. You can speak to potato lip shala which is the end Wednesday. So if you want to ship it on Wednesday, it's fine. We'll keep him until Wednesday he'll give an extra life he's only will be on Wednesday. So inshallah you can let us know and you can join us at hamdulillah mean wins the sheep sheep they already did

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but when the sheep comes you can bring the kids as well to see the animals sokola fade Solomonic mark with the library.

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