Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L087E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "good deed" and how it can be earned, with anyone who brings a good deed on the Day of Judgment receiving a 10 times reward. They also discuss the meaning of "moneddere" in English, with the meaning of pursuing a path of pleasure and success, rather than pursuing a path of joy and success. The importance of submitting to different trends and not just focusing on one thing is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act individually. The surah is revealed, and the people are warned about the heat and the presence of the sun. The segment also touches on the importance of testing individual behavior and the need for people to act individually.
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Mangia bill Hassan it. Whoever comes on the Day of Judgment with a good deed

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on the Day of Judgment, a person who brings in his record, there has been a good deed. What is a Hassan? Al Hassan according to some scholars, it is the Kadima, La Ilaha in the world,

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and according to others, and Hassan is any good deed.

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Any good deeds that a person has done sincerely for the sake of Allah, in the manner that Allah likes in the manner that Allah approves.

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Then for him, fellow who or I should say early her, then he will have 10 times the like they're off,

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meaning he will get the reward, that is 10 times the good deed that he has committed.

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fella who are shoe, what does it mean? Then an Ansel is a plural of muscle or muscle, which is likeness similarity.

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So, he will get the reward 10 times off the one good deed that he has brought. So it is as though he actually committed 10 of those good deeds, whereas in reality, you did it only once.

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And 10 times the reward is only the minimum. Remember that 10 times the reward is only the minimum. A lot of panels are that can multiply their award How many times have you want over here only the minimum has mentioned

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that a person who brings a good deed on the Day of Judgment, his reward will be 10 times the good deed that he has done.

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One job is say here, and whoever comes with an evil deed, further you desert inland misled her, then he will not be recompensed except like it, meaning it's appropriate record,

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he will not be given multiplied sin for the sin that he has committed.

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Well, normally I use the moon and they will not be wrong, who will not be wronged. The people will not be wronged. Meaning whatever good that they have done a loss penalty will appreciate that good. And whatever sin that they have acquired, then they will be punished only for that sin not for something that they have not done. So their good deeds will not be diminished, and their sins will not be increased.

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Even or also that are new. He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about his Lord, that in the komazawa gela Rahim on that your Lord, your Lord, our zolgensma Who is he?

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He is Rahim. He is most merciful.

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That man hammarby has an ITIN felony or malha kuchibhotla who has an

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whoever intends to perform a good deed, but he does not do it. It will be written for him as a good deed.

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Because he intended to do it. He made a firm intention to do it. Just because of his intention. The good deed is written down even if later on he's not able to do it.

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alasa Panasonic is so merciful, for in Amina coti batla, who are ashlan Isla Sudbury, me adding in a broth in kathira.

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And if he performs it, it will be written for him as 10 deeds. He intended to do one good deed. He didn't do it. Still he will get how much reward for one good deed.

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If he does it, how much reward will he get 10 times to 702 multiplied

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many, many times more often. If your

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woman hammer visa urethane philomela malha kuchibhotla, who has Santa

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whoever intends to commit an evil deed, but he does not actually do it. It will be written for him as a good deed.

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This is how merciful ally is

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that a person intended to do bad he realized afterwards I shouldn't do it. he changes his mind and he will be rewarded for it. For inner Amina kuchibhotla who are hidden

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and if he commits it, it will be written for him as the same meaning as only one sin

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unless Allah erases it. When a liqueur Allah, Allah halleck and only those who deserve destruction will be destroyed by Allah.

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Remember the statement only those who deserve destruction will be destroyed by Allah, because Allah is so willing

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to reward you.

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And still if a person ends up in the Hellfire ends with the punishment of Allah ends up with the Wrath of Allah, then definitely he deserves destruction because allies are willing to reward

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Call in any hi Danny Robbie illustrata Mr. Kim say oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam that indeed My Lord has guided me to a straight path. say this to the machine

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that I have not invented this way. Rather, my Lord has guided me to this. My Lord has guided me to the straight way.

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And what is a straight way? It is Dina, it is a religion, right religion, that is demon that is upright. What does the man mean? famine is from the roof fetters off well mean

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the word VM.

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And then you can say it's the shortened form of the N.

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It's the shortened form of dn and pm is used for that which is correct. That which is straight, which is upright itself, it is proper.

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And at the same time, it also corrects and establishes the other

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two, it's upright, it's straight, its proper itself. And it is also a means of correcting and establishing others.

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So for example, you have a pillar

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in a building that better is straight in itself. It's upright and at the same time, it's also a means of establishing or keeping the building straight.

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So this deal is clear. Meaning it is correct. And anyone who follows this theme will also be correct.

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He will also be established in his in guidance.

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And this Deen that I'm following it is militar Ibrahim. It is the way it is the creed it is a religion of Ibrahim Marisela

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who was Ibrahim Ernestina. He was a forefather of Ben who is married.

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And Ibrahim nslm. He was hanifa. He was a true monotheist. Therefore, even I'm a monotheist. Remember the word Hanif Yes, it means one who is upright one who leaves all religions and focuses on the correct religion. But as a term it's used for a monotheistic meaning one who worships only Allah

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Womack and me that machine and he was not of the machine.

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So why is it wrong? Here it is. And I'm suddenly mentioned because remember, this is a Maki soda. And the machine said that they were under the novembre humerus and but in reality they had distorted the V. Era he read his name's Dean was of any fear of the heat. He was not a mystic.

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So the machine of my car being told

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that the Dean of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the Dean of Ibrahim Renison is the dean that has been taught by Allah soprano. It is the dean that is famine. It is straight, it is correct. It is a thing that will lead to gender.

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And if you adopt any other way, then it's not going to lead you to gender. It's not going to lead you to success.

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This is the correct thing which the of pure monotheism

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and what is pure monotheism that call in solidarity, one Uzuki, one mahiya woman at the Nairobi darling

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that say indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying, are all for Allah, who is a Lord of the words.

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This is pure though he This is true to him, that a person does everything for the sake of Allah, from worship, to rituals, to everything in life,

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to everything pertaining to death, even

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this is pure monotheism.

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Everything is dedicated to almost First of all, fanatee what is solid prayer and prayer symbolizes religion, religious obligations. So my religion revolves around Islam, doing everything for the sake of Allah,

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one Uzuki

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nasaka from the room that is known to have, we have done the word monastic earlier. And the word no sock is used for sacrifice, ritual sacrifice, especially during pilgrimage.

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For example, when people go for Hajj, they offer sacrifice that is what no sock

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and otherwise, the word no sock is also used for other acts of worship. So over here, no sock has been understood in two ways.

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First of all, my sacrifice meaning what a slaughter is only for the sake of Allah

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is only for the sake of Allah, which is why even if I'm slaughtering an animal to eat it, who's named where I pronounced a loss

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and if I'm slaughtering to get some benefit to get some reward, then

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Again, I'm slaughtering it, for whose sake only Allah subhanaw taala not a dead person, not an angel, not a jinn only for the sake of Allah.

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And suddenly the word gnosis is also used for other acts of worship.

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So my prayer and my sacrifice, why am I here and my living, meaning,

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whatever comes my way in my life, whatever I do in my life, every person has some plans for his life.

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When people are younger, they're told, from the very beginning, that when you grow up, you have to do something, you have to become someone

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and a child from the very beginning. He intends to become that person. He intends to have that career. He will go to school, he will go to university, he will work so that he can reach that point of his life.

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So Mahia everything about my life. For some people, it's their career. For some people, it's their house. For some people. It's a passport of a particular country, citizenship of a particular country. Every person has certain goals.

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What is the loss of pounds, and I say over here that your goal in your life should be to preserve

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everything that you do. Your goal is not to meet the standards of people, not to do what everybody is doing. No. It is to please your Lord. because your life is dedicated to who? to Allah.

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It's not to be dedicated to your career. It's not to be dedicated to your house. That day in and day out, you're working to buy a house to pay off a house, day in and day out, you're studying you're striving to get a particular degree and that said, what's beyond that there's more to life.

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Your life is dedicated to who to Allah, wa momenti and also my dying, meaning whatever I die on.

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Everything is for the sake of who the land for the sake of Allah? And who is Allah? Or bill me, the Lord of the worlds

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because of my God created me for his worship, then is it fair? That I'm offering my Salah for others? I'm offering my music for others. I'm dedicating my life to others I'm dedicating my death to others.

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Because some people, what do they say? That they love someone or something so much that they can even give their life for that?

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They will even give their life for that What does Allah say your life should go for the sake of who? For the sake of Allah,

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everything for the sake of Allah because he is the one who created you and he is a Lord of the worlds

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lasha Nicola who there is no partner that he has.

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He does not have any partner at all, in what in these things, meaning when you worship Him, when you offer your Salah, when you offer your music, when you live through your life, when you die, there is no partner that he has. Meaning it should not be dedicated to anyone else but Allah will be Delica Omitsu and with that I have been commanded with what what does that equal refer to?

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That first of all, though, he

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the only convenient Dasha Nicola, who, and secondly, that all that is mentioned earlier, all of this I have been commanded with that my life, my debt, my salette my nusach is all for the sake of Allah, what an muslimeen and I am the first of those who submit to Allah, from who, from the Muslim Ummah

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because knew her lesson and he said to his people,

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instead of Tunis I number 72 we'll move to an akuna minal muslimeen and I have been commanded that I should be of the muslimeen similarly, Ibrahim Edison I've also said sort of the Baccarat 131 that Islam to a little bit earlier me

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Ibrahim, a seven year Cooper Edison and they enjoyed their sons in turtle Baccarat ii 132. That in the last slough Allah Comedy infradata mutanda illa want to

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introduce of Ayah 101 use of right as Sam said in his door to a motto a funny Muslim and

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musasa multisector his people are coming in quantum momentum biLlahi farolito Kullu enquanto muslimeen to the Tunis I 84.

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Similarly, the disciples have recently listened and they also said Amanda wash had to be undernet Muslim on either a 111

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and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is also told what a willing Muslim

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What does it show to us? First of all the importance of submitting to a mosque.

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submitting to a lot even if nobody else's.

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Even if you're going against the trends, everybody's spending their entire life, their money, their youth

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in submitting themselves to the dunya.

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But you have to be outward and Muslim. If you have to set the trend. Go ahead and do it, because it's worth it

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all say, so you don't want to be open. Is it other than over I should desire as a lord

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because of machinima constantly. What would they say?

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worship our bots, worship our idols, just appreciate them. Just touch them.

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Don't say anything bad about them. The Prophet said a lot of them has been told to say that asked them that should I seek a lord other than Allah wa who are a bucola Shea Where is He alone is the Lord of everything.

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You're telling me to spend so much of my life so much of my money in earning the dunya

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did this dunya create me? No.

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My Lord created me. And he's not just my Lord. He's the lord of everything. Rubble machete well, Margaret, La Ilaha Illa, who? Fatah who Akilah suta, Muzammil ayah. Number nine,

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that he is a Lord of the east and the west. And none has a right to be worshipped. But he so take him as a guardian. You're telling me to wish others besides and you're telling me to serve others besides him to spend my life pleasing someone else

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while at tuxedo, Colin Epson in LA LA.

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And there is no soul who earned something except that it will be against it.

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Meaning whatever a person acquires, he is going to bear the responsibility for it. No one else is going to come and say it's my fault.

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Each person is going to be held responsible for the actions that he or she has committed.

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incertitude number 21 we learn calamari in Vemma cassava raheen every person is a pledge for that which he has earned.

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Every person is held as a pledge for what he has earned.

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So when a person does something good, then he is released Kowloon upset,

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what are taxable coluna absent entirely except that it is his responsibility. The Hammer cassava warlingham A cassava.

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Whenever zero was rotten with Roja and no bear of burden will bear the burden of another. No one will come in the day of judgment and say, let me carry some of your sins. No, each person is going to be held accountable and responsible individually.

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Some have become more

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than to your Lord is going to be your turn for you in a video can be my quantum feet of telephone, then he will inform you with regards to what you were deferring.

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Meaning he will inform you on the day of judgment as to whose way was correct, and whose way was incorrect.

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Who was on the Serato Mr. Team and who is not on this a lot of mystery.

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In this life today there are many differences. People have arguments people have debates. And finally we will say this issue cannot be solved. Where will it be solved on the day of judgment?

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But in this dunya what should a person focus on that wherever my lord is telling me I have to do that even if everybody is going against it?

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Well, who will let the Java compiler evil

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and he is the one who has made you successors upon the earth. Allah has placed you on this earth and he has made you Holla

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Holla if is the plural of halifa What does it mean by that? That you have succeeded the previous generations and the next generation will succeed you.

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You're not here forever. You're here for some time only.

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You're here for some time only.

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And in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is giving a stern warning to the people of Mecca. That you are the caretakers of the Kaaba, today, you have authority in the land.

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But one day, you will no longer be here. You will be gone.

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So the time that you have been given right now, make sure that whatever you're doing it's lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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Wa who led jello Kampala if an odd he has made you successors upon the earth, one of our Baba confocal that Linda Raja

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and he has raised some of you

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over others in ranks, he has elevated some of you over others in ranks meaning, he has created a lot of variety amongst people.

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One has more material wealth, one has a better physical appearance.

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One has a more noble lineage, one has more talents, in different ways, tangible as well as intangible matters. Allah subhanaw taala has made variation in his servants. He has raised some over others in the Rajat in ranks, whether these the raw data of material wealth, or beauty, or a lineage of skill dallin different than Raja.

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But Allah subhanaw taala has kept this variety, he has kept this difference why Leah manure comes so that he can test you female in what he has given you.

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Meaning each person is being tested with what he has been given. If a person has been given more compared to the other, it's a test for him, if a person has been given less compared to the other, that two is a test for him.

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The richness of one is a test for the poor.

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The poverty of the poor, is a test for who the rich

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just as it is a test for him as well. How is it a test how that the poor has to be patient himself and the rich, he has to be generous towards the poor.

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So each person is being tested with the situation that he has been put in.

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And he is being tested with the situation that others have been putting in.

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People are a test for one another. Leah blucon. FEMA says that he may test you in whatever that He has given you.

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So that because remember the word Bella, what does that mean to test to try? What's the purpose to see who's worth it and to see who's not worth it? Who really has some worth and who does not have worth.

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So he has put you into different situations so that he can see who is patient who is impatient, who is grateful? Who is ungrateful.

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Who is arrogant, who is humble. He has placed these differences. In our burqa sorry earlier called, indeed your Lord is swift in retribution. We're in the hole of a photo of Rahim.

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And indeed, he is forgiving, and he's also merciful.

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So we're here, primarily the people of Mecca, are being warned

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that today if you have authority, today, if you have wealth today, if you have power, you are the caretakers of the Kaaba.

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Don't be fooled by the superiority, Allah subhanaw taala has given this to you. And remember, you are holla if you're not here forever, soon, this life will be over.

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Or within moments, whatever you have, can be taken away from you. And he's testing you right now. And tomorrow, you will be held accountable.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:22

And don't think that this accountability is far, because Allah is very swift in taking retribution, and at the same time is also Forgiving and Merciful. So if you turn to him,

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then he will forgive you.

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With this, we reached the end of circle and

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to summarize a little anon quickly.

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As you know, the total anon is the first of the monkey surah in the Quran that we read.

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But it's the last of mckees words that were revealed.

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It's the last of Maki solos that were revealed.

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And remember that sort of a neuron was revealed all together at once, at once in one go, with many angels descending from the heavens, while glorifying the loss of penalty.

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And just imagine the great responsibility of the prophets of Odyssey.

00:24:08 --> 00:24:15

Just imagine, you read the surah, in many lessons, in many lessons, still,

00:24:16 --> 00:24:21

perhaps you didn't fully comprehend the surah. Perhaps you didn't memorize the surah.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:29

The prophets are a lot of them was given this surah in its entirety at once, and he was to understand

00:24:31 --> 00:24:32

he was to memorize it.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:35

And he was to deliver it to the people.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:38

Just imagine the great responsibility upon him.

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The main theme of the surah is of the heat, and about 30% of the entire solar is dedicated to the heat, negation of shock and evidences of the existence of the power of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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This order gives a severe warning to the mashiki

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For their disbelief,

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and it also presents a severe threat of severe consequences for their stubbornness upon gopher.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:20

And along with the warnings, the arguments and excuses and justifications that the Michigan presented for not believing even their refuted

00:25:22 --> 00:25:25

all the arguments that they presented their refuted over here.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:32

And at the same time, the Muslims, the believers, their belief is reinforced

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that even if the entire society is denying you is opposing you is on completely different ways. Still, you have to follow the way that has been shown to you by Allah subhanaw taala.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:57

Similarly, in the surah indication to Hydra is ultimate, but the Muslims are being prepared for circumstances in Medina by introducing the alligator. And finally, the surah ends with the Serato Mr. Ping,

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that this is the right way.

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This is the right way, this is the way that is going to lead you to gender.

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And if you look at the last ayah that this life is a test. It's not forever.

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Some people they take advantage. Some people they misuse. At the end of the day on the Day of Judgment, you will be accountable for yourself.

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So don't present other people as excuse don't say everybody's doing it therefore I have to do it as well. No, you are responsible for yourself. And remember that the Day of Judgment is not too far. Because a lot is said here and he said

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let's listen to one of these.

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Me luxury

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bocalee shamy

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for the handicapped

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