Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L185A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a legal complaint and possible punishment. They mention a woman named Maria who came to them with her clothes and that she is a woman with a man on her side. They also mention a woman named Yala Mo Kinos who came to them with her clothes and is a woman with a man on her side.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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solidaridad assuta Hill Kareem. I'm about Pharaoh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher Ashley surgery where Siddeley MD Washington, Dr. melissani of gahoo. Cody, Robin as in

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Lesson number 185 surah to note, I am number 58 to 64

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Yeah, are you Where are you? And levena those who know they believed? Lester vincom he should seek permission from you. And levina those who malakut it possessed a man or comb your right hands, when levina and those who love not yet below who they reach, I will show Luma the puberty, men come from you selesa three Moroccan times, men from our belief before celerity prayer, a surge of the dawn of the

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war haina and when w aroona. You all remove sia become your clothes, men from the hero, the noon

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woman and from body after slatey prayer, Alicia the nighttime or their issue. So let's do three hours in privacy times of privacy law come for you all. Laser it is not la come upon you, Weller and nor la him upon them. Do you know anything but the Honda after them. There were foreigner ones who come and go around la come upon you. But look on some of you, Allah upon Berlin some others Guernica does, you bet you he makes clear, Allahu Allah lecan for you, as the verses are Allahu and Allah or Lehman, always all knowing Hakeem on always, always

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or either and when he reached

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the children, men come from you, I show them the puberty, failures that they know then they should seek permission, gamma just as is that then he sought permission and levina those who men from cobbling him before them gallica does you obey you know, he makes clear, Allahu Allah. Luckily for you, if he has verses or law who and Allah I lay him on all Rizal knowing Hakeem on always always

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well, Allah I do and those who said are those who set in brackets past childbearing.

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Men from a Nisa the women allottee those who left not your Juna they hope they expect nikka hen marriage, Felisa So, it is not our lien upon them generation anything and that your burner they remove their Bojan their clothes away or not, whatever rejecting ones displaying busy nothing with beauty. One and that yes, they are pfiffner they adopt modesty

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or yes they are pfiffner they abstain. Hi Ron better lohana for them. Allah who and Allah Samir and always of hearing are the one always all knowing

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laser, it is not Allah upon the blind one halogen any harm, any constraint, whether and nor Allah upon an outage, the lame halogen, any constraint, whether and nor Allah upon and Maria, the sick, halogen, any constraint, well and nor Allah upon and fusi comb yourselves, and that, that guru, you all eat men from Beauty comb your houses, or beauty houses, about ecom of your father's or beauty houses aromaticum of your mother's or beauty houses. If one of your brothers or beauty houses a holiday come of your sisters, or beauty or houses are mamiko of your paternal uncles

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I booty or houses or medical of your paternal aunts

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booty or houses acquire the come of your maternal uncle's our booty or houses highlight the comb your maternal arts our ma what my lactone you all on my fatty her who is keys

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or so do a comb your friend Lisa it is not la come upon you generation any blame and that that guru you all eat Jimmy on altogether Oh or a stat and separately for either than when the whole tone you are entered by Luton houses for sale limo then you all greet Allah upon unfussy calm yourselves

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to here done a greeting men from or indeed near Allahu Allah. Roberto cotton when bless it by E button pure gallica likewise. You may you know he explains clearly. Allahu Allah Lacan for you is the vs. La locum so that you don't you all understand

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in nama indeed not but manana the believers and levina are those who know they believed the law he in Allah or suli he and his messenger

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what either and when can they were Mara who with him? Allah upon amarin a matter Jan Marin one collective love not yet her boo Daigo Hector until yesterday, the new who they seek permission from him in indeed, and levina those who yesterday the new NACA, they seek permission from you, Allah aka those are levina are those who you may know they believe biLlahi in Allah or su li and His Messenger for either so when is the Nuka they sought permission from you. Libra Robin for some chutney him they're important matter.

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Then Then give permission. layman for whoever shit you will mean home from them was still fit and seek forgiveness, the home for them Allah from Allah in Allaha Indeed Allah Allah food on all resolved forgiving by Haman have his own merciful,

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left do not daijiro do you all make the calling of a soul of the messenger bainer come between you all Qaeda is like calling by a victim of some of you are aware some others are indeed Yala mo kinos Allahu Allah. Allah Vina those who yet are suddenly Luna they slip away, men come from you, Lee, whether as concealed by others,

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Lee, whether concealed by others, taking shelter fairly. So he should be cautious and levina those who you hardly foreigner they oppose. I'm from Emory, he has command and that to say by whom it reaches them fitna to a trial or usually by whom it reaches them, either when a punishment element one painful

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Allah unquestionably in indeed, Lola he for Allah, ma whatever, for some morality in the heavens, when out and the earth

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indeed, yeah animal he knows, man, whatever. And don't you all I lay upon it way over and they are on day your Gerona they will be returned in a key to him for you in a better home, then he will inform them Bhima with whichever army do they did, Allahu and Allah, because only with every che in thing I leave on, always all knowing.

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That's let's listen to the recitation.

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whoo Jamie on

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An-Nur 58-64 Translation 58-64

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