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Al-Araf 1-25 Translation 1-25


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a woman and her partner, where they discuss a woman named Yomi de Huber who is supposed to be killed by a police officer. The woman expresses frustration with the situation and mentions that she is not allowed to go anywhere. The conversation also includes some unrelated comments and quotes from other speakers.
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Another one a Sunday Hello sweetie Ukrainian Mr bad for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara he is further away safely emri Washington definitely listening acabo Kohli open and signal

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transmission lesson number 88 rF number one 225

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any flare meme

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and this man named

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Peter won a book

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it was revealed ilica towards you further so not your can it be in South Africa your chest how'd you any tightness men who from it

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so that you won't be he with it with a camera and a reminder mini for those who believe in your fellow man what it was revealed

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to you move up become from Europe when and do not disturb you your fellow men from dooney everything him only your close friends

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very little data you all remember or take heed

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welcome and how many men from area to dwelling at LACMA her we destroyed it for her so it came to it that sooner our force our retirement than by night our home they

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want nothing from us so not granted. It was their home their their cry is when at home it came to them that sooner our force in there except and that although they said in indeed we could no we were rarely mean once you do wrong.

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Feminists Elena, so surely we will definitely ask. And Medina, those who are similar, it was sent la him to them. Whether or not Elena, and surely we will definitely ask and mousseline those who were sent

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We will definitely know it. I lay him upon them with knowledge, warmer and not good. Now we were hurt even once absent, when was and the wheat yoma even on that day and Heckle the truth for men so whoever

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it became heavy, was he removed his skills for America so those whom they are mostly who those who are successful.

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And whoever happened, it became like

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his skills for America so those Almudena are those who hurt you they lost and foster home themselves anymore because of what can they were the Latino with our versus yesterday moon they do wrong

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and certainly not cannot come we settled and give you authority for LD in the earth. And drama. We need Lacan for you fee her in it my usual provisions, livelihoods.

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Very little touch guru your give thanks.

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And certainly, Heinrich Malcolm recreated you some so welcome. We shaped you. We found you submit them and now we said the mother equity to the angels is to do your street. The Adam for Adam for surgery. So the frustrated in that except the police a police lend to Matt jaquan he was men from a sergeant in those superstrate either he said men what men are prevented you learn that what test should you prostrate if when America I ordered you, Tyler he said no I am better men who then him collect any you creatively men from Marion fire or collector who and you created him maintaining from clay. No he said so get down

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from it. For now they're not your guru it is better for you. And that that the copper. You act arrogantly we have in it for food. So get out in local indeed you mean from a slavery those who are too

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christe father he said observe me You give me respect even Yomi de Huber soon there will be resurrected no he said in Mecca indeed you mean from a mover in those who are given respect either he said for the man then because of what awaits me you sent me a story or you let the story Odin surely I will definitely set the home for them so that occur on your path and rooster team the one straight summer then there at the end the home surely I will definitely come to them when from the ad between ad him their hands on comfy him and from behind them or and from a man him their rights where I'm from Sherman Lee him there that's where that is not 30 do you will find at Federal Home

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most of them shocking ones who are grateful. And then he said get out mainhand from it most uhlmann when condemned when blamed madhura when deprived one with a

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lemon surely whoever Toby aka he followed you mean home from them The End The End surely I will definitely feel Johanna help when come from you edge marine or together or Adam and this could beaut well and thank you was Angelica and your wife and gentlemen the paradise for cooler than you do eat men from Hazel wherever you wish were there and do not dare you to go near heavy there's a schedule at the tree fitter corner than you do will become men from a very mean those who do wrong

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first well sir so he whispered the humor to them to a show tell you the shape of the year so that he makes the parent so that he reveals the homerun for them to male whatever media it was hidden from them to men from so altissima their private parts or other and he said man not Maha Kuma he prohibited you from bakoma rep Have you too you too I'm from heavy this a surgery at the tree Illa except and that the corner you to become mela came to angels on the corner you to become men from a holiday those who are eternal

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will also mahoma and he swore to them to in me indeed lacrimal for you to learn in surely from a nursery those who are sincere advisors or those who are well wishes for the low hammer so he pulled them to the root in with deception for lemma then when they tasted a sugar into the tree but it became apparent that when for them to so add to their private parts and profit though to begin go to started

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Fannie Mae to stick around a hammer upon them to learn from one of the leaves and genetti the paradise and nagahama he called them to rob Bahama rep of them too. And then did not end hacker man. I forbid you to I'm from till coma that all you to a shredder at the tree. Well, and I say nicoma to you, too. In indeed a shoe turn at the Sheraton local mall for you to do when an enemy will be one clear.

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Way to set robina our wrap

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the round and fusina ourselves. We're in and if Lem did not fulfill, you forgive for us with a hammer and you have mercy on us or you bestow Mercy on us Linux. Surely we will definitely be coming

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from those who are losers. Tyler he said

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he woke up Belgacom some of you the burden for some of others are the one or enemy or they come and for you for the LD in the earth must have been a place of dwelling on their own and an enjoyment in a him to a period of time.

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He said see her in it for Hilda you all will live with he had an in it that you all will die for

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for June you will be brought out will be taken out

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we listen to the recitation of these

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early for

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me on

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the lobby wasn't

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it debbie

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he more or less

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one was

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took on

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to marijuana

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body mean

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walk on

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one of the most blue

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on it