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Juz’ 8: Al-An’am 111-165 – Al-A’raf 1-87

Al-An’am 111-121

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mother who knows earlier and out of soda Hill Kareem and Navara, Rhoda Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Rashmi assadi where Sidley Emery wash Lula Dr. melissani Coco de probenecid in our in just number eight sudo to anom i a 111 101

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In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, especially merciful

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la mala ecotoxicology llama hamal Mota Hashanah la him Kula Shea in cabo la mer cannoli umino illa Aisha of LA, WA Qin Zara homea Loon. And even if we had sent down to them the angels with the message and the dead spoke to them of it, and we gather together every created thing in front of them, they would not believe unless Allah should will. But most of them have that are ignorant. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was presenting the truth to people with complete evidences with complete logical proofs. But those who did not wish to believe kept arguing in different ways, and rejected the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So over here, Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam has been comforted, that do not worry, if the people do not believe it is not because you are not doing your job properly, you are conveying properly, the fault is in these people. Because the fact is that even if every proof is brought to them, even if the angels are sent to them, the dead come back to them and tell them to believe in you. They will not believe in you. Why? Because a person who does not wish to believe that no matter what is said to him, it will not make a difference to him. Why? What's the reason? The reason is that the truth is not defective. The defect is where in their vision, the defect is where in their hearts, the defect is in the way they

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look at the truth. This is something that's understandable that if a person his angle of vision is not correct, the way he looks at things is not correct, then what happens, even the most beautiful thing can seem distorted. Like for example, if you have something very beautiful in front of you, but you close your eyes a little bit, you could say that, oh, it's not that bright. Why? Because your eyes are not fully open, you cannot see the beautiful colors that are within it. So to recognize the truth, what is necessary that we look at it correctly also we look at it without any bias. So these people when they do not wish to believe, then what happens even the help even the

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column of Allah, even the words of the most truthful man, what happens they seem to be defective. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is comforted, you are doing your job, if the people are not understanding it, it is their fault. And thus we have made for every prophet and enemy, devils for mankind and jinn. inspiring to one another decorated speech in delusion. Another reason for a person not accepting the truth is what it is they're bad company. And this comes in the form of friends. But in reality, these friends are who they are enemies, they are misguided. So over here we see that for every prophet, there were opponents, there were enemies, who are these enemies shall

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clean and these shall clean from among men and from among jinn. What did they do that they spoke?

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against what the prophet proclaimed whatever message the Prophet conveyed. These opponents, these shayateen, these devils, they spoke against it. And what happened the way they presented their falsehood, what happened, this was very decorated, this seemed very beautiful, very attractive, so that people easily got influenced by what the performance of the messengers were saying. And they did not pay heed to what the messengers were saying. So over here, we need to see that if the words of the messenger the words of the Quran are evident, the command that has come from Allah is clear, but yet I do not see it being implemented in my life, what is the reason? Is it because I am not

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willing to accept it? Or is it because my heart accepts it, but I'm not willing to bring about the change because of the company that I have, because of the people that I live amongst, because of the people that I'm influenced by. So we need to see that the friends who are around us the people who are around us, what are they encouraging us to do? What are they telling us to do? What are they stopping us from? What are they preventing us from? Because our company has a very big effect on us, our friends, they encouraged us to either do something or to leave something. So we see over here one of the major barriers, one of the major hurdles in accepting the truth is what it is bad

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company. But if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So leave them and that which they invent, and it is so the hearts of those who disbelieve in the hereafter will inclined toward it. The fact is that there is a lot of negative speech, negative propaganda against the Quran against Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, against the commands of Allah azza wa jal, and there are people who are very easily influenced by this propaganda. And who are they? Allah says, it is the hearts of those who disbelieve in the Hereafter, they implying to such speech, because the person who believes in the Hereafter, then he knows that what my lord has said, it is how even if the whole

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world contradicts it, the one who believes in the hereafter he knows that what the messenger sallallahu wasallam has commanded, that is the best, even if the whole world goes against it preaches against it. So it is only people who have no faith in the Hereafter, who get affected by this false speech. When he although who were the apatity, foo, Maha mocha telephone, their hearts are inclined to word it, and that they will be satisfied with it, and that they will commit that which they are committing, because then they don't need to change themselves. It's like somebody is giving them a license. Go ahead, continue what you're doing, you don't need to change so they're

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happy with it. Say, then is it other than Allah I should seek as Judge while it is he who has revealed to you the book explained in detail, when Allah has related the truth in his book, then do we need to seek the truth somewhere else? No. Do we need other people to validate that? No, do we need scientific evidence? Do we need a statement of Aristotle or or some other famous people from history? Do we need their validation? No, we don't. Why? Because what has come from Allah, that is the truth, and those to whom we previously gave the Scripture, know that it is sent down from your Lord in truth, so never be among the doubters. Never entertain doubts about the Quran, about the

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Hulk that Allah has revealed. What Talmud calima Torah bigger, sweeter con la de la, and the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth, and in fairness, the word of your Lord, how is it it is complete, it is perfect. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that there is nothing that takes you to gender except that I have commanded you with it. And there is nothing that takes you to Hellfire except that I have forbidden you from it. So the message that Allah has sent the word of Allah, the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how are they? Allah says with a met calima to Rebecca sleater, con la de la, they are complete, they are perfect in truth, meaning there

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is not even a fraction of falsehood in the book of Allah. There is not even a fraction of a lie of an error in the book of Allah, it is completely factual. It is completely true 100% accurate, why the law and the commands that the Quran gives, they are also fair. They are based on utmost justice and fairness. We think fairness is what that each person should be treated equally. But that is not that is not fairness. Think about it. A child. Is he treated the same way as an adult. No, there's a huge difference. Haven't you ever seen that when you go somewhere with your child, people don't even look at you immediately their eyes go were on the children. It's as if you don't even exist. And

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then when they're done greeting the children then they say

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How are you? Okay, and then they move on. Right? Why? Because each is treated differently given who they are. A child is more cute, more attractive, more innocent, more loving. Isn't that so? So this is why what happens each person is given the hug that they deserve. Likewise, we see that amongst women, for example, when you look at all women, all women are not the same. There's a woman who was nursing another woman who was pregnant, another woman who was married another woman who was single, another woman who was sick. If a blanket statement was given that all women have to fast Would it be possible? No, Allah subhanaw taala has given us commands which are based on either not equality, but

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what either justice and justice does not mean sameness. justice means that each is given what they can do, each is given what they are deserving of each is given the responsibilities that they can carry out the obligations that they can fulfill. So in the Quran, any command whether it is with respect to women or it is with respect to marriage or divorce, or Mahal or inheritance, any law which is given in the Quran, any punishment, anything, remember, it is based on absolute justice, fairness, lamb, Oba de la de Colima T, there is none who can change who can alter the words of Allah, the law that Allah has revealed, it is unchangeable, on alterable we are no one's to change

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it, we do not have the authority to edit it, to review it to revise it, whose word needs to be revised, whose book needs to be revised, a new edition has to come out every now and then who's the book that is of who have people why? Because their knowledge is limited. What happens, research is done. A book is written after a couple of years that research has proven wrong. So now the book has to be revised, it needs to be changed. But Allah will who is semi on leave, he hears all he knows all. And so his words are perfect and complete. And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah.

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So what principle Are we being taught over here? The criteria for truth is not the majority, just because the majority is doing something? That doesn't mean that it is the truth? What is the truth? What is it that we have to live by? What is it that we have to adhere to? What What do we learn? It is what Allah has revealed, not what the majority of the people are upon. So Allah warns us that if you start following the majority of the people thinking that they are right, they must be doing something right. There must be something right about it, which is why the whole world is doing it. No. Allah says, If you follow them, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. Why? Because the

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majority of the people are not upon the truth. What are they upon the what are they following? A Toby una Illa? One, they follow? Not except assumption. They're not following the truth. They're not following facts. What are they following? They're following assumptions. assumptions, meaning they haven't seen with their eyes. They haven't heard with their ears, they don't have factual knowledge, they have found traces of some things. Or they think that this is how life is or this is what life is about. It's all based on what assumptions and when it comes to assumptions, when it comes to theories, there's a huge possibility that it'd be true. And there's also a huge possibility that

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it'd be absolutely false. Isn't that so? So then, when there's one thing which might be false? And then there's another thing which is 100% true, which one is that that we should go for? That which has the possibility of error? Or that which is free of error? Which one? That which is free of error? So Allah has word his command? What is it? It is what the Met kalama to Rebecca, say, the con la de la, and the words of the people, the wages of the people? What are they based upon? Run? What in home Illa Hello soon, and they are only falsifying they're only guessing. So what do we learn in this ayah? That the correct thing to do is not what has become common in people? The correct thing

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to do the right thing to do is not what has become common in people. Disease, can disease spread and people can become common? Yes. Now if disease has become common, doesn't mean that we should also make sure that we catch that disease, no way. Crime can become common in people. Just because everybody's committing some crime doesn't mean we should also do the same thing. No, I mean, it seems ridiculous when you think of these examples, but that's exactly what happens in our lives. We think it's

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Five people are doing something, I should also do it. Right? If everybody is doing something, it's become so common, it must be okay. No, that doesn't make it okay. It doesn't make it good. What is good that which Allah has told us is good. So our criteria is not the majority what the majority is upon because majority is not authority, no matter how much we think, like that.

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But sadly what happens? We think that what everybody's doing that is right. If you look at the prophets of Allah, Ibrahim Arneson, and we learned about his story in the previous if in the previous juice, was he the majority in his nation? No, he was the only one initially. Right? And then what happened? He was firm upon it musala his center, we learned about him also musala Sam and his brother, Harun Allison and even though they were amongst Bunny is slightly what happened. Mossad is that a made door to Allah that Oh Allah, I have no power over these people. I only have power over myself and my brother. That's it. So separate between me and my people, I cannot stay with them

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anymore. Imagine musala salaam, being amongst a so called Muslim nation, he doesn't think that he doesn't feel like he belongs to them anymore. Why? Because of any Islam he outright refuse to follow the command of Allah. So what do we see? That the truth is what Allah has revealed? And

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the thing is, that we have to follow the truth. Why? Because it has come from Allah subhanaw taala. We should not even you know, do something in the name of religion just because everybody's doing it.

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You understand? We should not practice something, thinking it to be part of the deen just because everybody's doing it. Always think has Allah commanded of this? Has the prophets on a lot of seldom instructed of this? If they have, then yes, I will do it. And if they haven't, then I will not do it. We learn that in the grave when people will be tested. The hypocrite when he will be asked that Who is your Lord, who is your messenger? When he will be asked these questions? What will he say? He will say I do not know. But I heard the people saying something. And so I said the same also.

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I heard the people saying something. So I also said the same thing. So what do we learn that when it comes to the matter of the deen, we have to use our mind. We have to use our mind. We don't follow the majority. What do we follow the Quran and the Sunnah, even if it has become the practice of a few people, a few people, that is how and forever it will remain How? And yes, it's very difficult that you're the only one doing something or one of the few people who are doing something. But what happens eventually Allah will strengthen you. The prophets of Allah sent them in Makkah for 13 years, the prophets of the loss of them tried so hard, but how many people embraced Islam? Very few,

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very few. And then even when he didn't hit it off to Medina, again, there were people who became Muslim, but not everybody. The bulk of people that embraced Islam was when, after the Treaty of Westphalia, and specifically after the conquest of Makkah, that is when the people came and accepted Islam. So initially, what happens when you see the truth, you recognize it, you want to follow it, you have these fears? What are those fears? Or what are people going to say? Or everybody does things differently? Still, when it's the truth, adopt it when it's the truth? Do it and Allah who will strengthen you, in not a burqa, indeed your Lord, He is most knowing of who strays from his

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way. And he is most knowing of the rightly guided, so eat of that meat upon which the name of Allah has been mentioned. If you are believers in his verses, even when it comes to the matter of food, don't just eat what you want to don't just eat what everybody's eating. Think, is it Hello? Is it the you? Is it the meat on which the name of Allah has pronounced? Is this the food that Allah permits? If it is not, then don't eat it, even if the whole world is consuming it. Even if they show you research after research that it's good for you. You can have it it is safe to eat. Now you see there's many things which are for instance, held on in our religion, they're forbidden.

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But then what happens we find out that they're safe. They're safe to do, there isn't much harm in it. But even though people say it's safe to do still there is going to be harm in it. There are dangers to it. Anything that Allah has forbidden and people say it's okay. Do it anyway. And it has become very common amongst people. Remember, it is still wrong.

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Even if these things have entered our books, our studies our classrooms, when Allah has said it is wrong, then what is it? What is it? It is wrong? It is not right. And why should you not eat of that upon which the name of Allah has been mentioned? While he has explained in detail to you, what he has forbidden you accepting that to which you are compelled, and indeed do many people lead others astray through their own inclinations without knowledge. People, they lead others astray without any knowledge. What do they say? But I think it's fine, but I like to do it. everybody enjoys it. No, it's not about what we like. It's not about what we enjoy. It's not about what has become

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acceptable, what has become the norm, what has become very common. No, what is it that matters? does Allah like it? does Allah approve of it? Indeed, your Lord, He is most knowing of the transgressors. Whether rule of law hit on me whether cleaner and leave what is apparent of sin, and what is concealed there off, leave all types of things, whether they are open, or they are secret, whether they are public, or they are private. Why? Because whether we do it openly or secretly who's watching, Allah is watching and who has forbidden it, Allah has forbidden it. So when he has forbidden it, no matter what state we are in, no matter where we are, no matter what we are engaged

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in, that we cannot commit that sin. We cannot disobey our Lord was la hora, izmi bellina leave all sins open and public, in the levina xe bonell efma. So you rezone A B Mark, can we have our own? Indeed, those who earn blame for sin, meaning those who commit sin, they know that it is sin, they do it anyway. They will be recompensed for that which they used to commit. This is something that we forget, we think commit a sin, forget it, and it's gone. No, when it's been committed, what does Allah say? Say you does own a Bhima can who Jaco telefoon they will be recompensed for that which they use to commit, whether it is done secretly or publicly alone knows. And when Allah knows that

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if a person has not repented, if he has not made amends, then Allah will punish that person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about good and bad virtue and vice. He said, virtue is a kind disposition. And rice is what evil sin and Islam What is it? It is that which bothers you in your heart, and you don't want that people should come to know about it, and a smooth Maha caffyns. Todrick. It is that which bothers you and your heart. And you don't want that people should find out about it. So what happens? Because we don't want people to find out about it, what do we do we do it? secretly. We do it only when we're at home. We do it, perhaps only on our phone, in our rooms.

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But what do we see? Even if a person has done it? In that privacy? Allah knows about it. So what we do secretly, and with fear of people, then that is wrong.

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Because you see, sometimes we were not 100% Sure. Is this okay? Right? We're not 100%? Sure. Is this right? Is this the right thing to do? Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it How long? Is it? How long? Is it a sin? Or is it not?

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Ask yourself? Would you do it in front of other people? If you did it before other people? Would they accept it? Would they accept it?

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And if they don't accept it, then that means it is not okay to do.

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Because the definition of sin is what you don't want people to find out about it. You don't want them to know that you do it.

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And this is a man that a person's inside out is the same his private and public life. They are the same and what is hypocrisy, that there is contradiction. There's a huge difference between private and public, between inside and outside. That is

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that a person is one thing on the inside, and another on the outside. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, sin is that in which neither the heart finds peace, nor does it feel at ease, meaning when a person does it, then what happens? You don't have the sense of calmness and happiness in your heart know you are unhappy. Has it ever happened? That you do something and it's keeps bothering you, bothering you bothering you. The thought just keeps coming back into your mind. So

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When it's coming back into your mind again and again bothering you, that means it was a sin.

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And when a person doesn't, then the heart does not feel at ease. Even if those who give verdict give you a verdict. What does it mean by that? Because sometimes we're doing something wrong.

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And we have a fatwa, like literally, an official fatwa. People have it. Or five people are telling them Yes, it's okay. Yes, it's good. No problem, do it. Even if people are telling you that it's okay. When your heart does not feel at ease with it, then what does it mean? It is wrong. So don't do it. Leave it.

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Because many times when we want to do something wrong, we will find supporters. Isn't that so? We will find people who will encourage us if it's not our family, then who is it? It's our friends. If it's not our friends, even if they leave you, then who's still with us? There's people, you know, the global community, right? Over and over the internet, you will always find supporters for anything. Isn't that true? I mean, even the most craziest ideas on the internet you'll find supporters for everything and anything. So the prophets of Muslim told us that if your heart does not feel at ease, and if the whole world gives you the gives you the verdict, then it's wrong, don't

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do it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it will Mahatma Urbanus Be on guard against the unlawful, what is unlawful, be on guard against it, keep away from it, and when you will do that, you shall be the most worshipping among the people, meaning you will be the most subservient, the most submissive of all the servants when, when you leave what Allah has forbidden. So leave all sins lawhead and bethlen. Why? Because at the end, Allah will punish those who commit sin. Even if people support yes, even if people encourage Yes. And if Allah furnishes them, the support of the people the encouragement of the people, how long can it can it help a person? How long can it save a person?

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Not forever, just for some time? I mean, think about it, the machine of Makkah, how much they oppose Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know the incident of sort of who they be, I hope inshallah you start seeing Oh, very soon, but the incident of sort of who they via

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It's so beautiful, because we see that when the Muslims went to Makkah to do Hajj. All right, they camped outside, they went from a different road. Why, because of the some of the machine of Makkah, they have blocked the roads, you know, with their weapons, to ensure that the Muslims would not enter Mecca. Now what happened, the prophet SAW the laws and changed the route, he went from somewhere else to avoid the confrontation. And he's camped outside of Mecca, and the machine inside Makkah are not willing to let the Muslims in at all at any cost. And so what happens? One leader comes in he volunteers, alright, the leader of the thief from afar if he comes in, and he says, Let

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me try to solve this dispute. Another person from the tribes that lived outside of Makkah, he volunteered, he said, let me come and resolve this dispute. People were volunteering to resolve that dispute. But what happened, the machine were not willing to give up and what happened, they lost the support of one group after another. They lost the support of one group after another. So what happens initially, you feel like you have a lot of support. Yes, I'm doing something wrong. And everybody's encouraging me, everybody's helping me I feel really good. But on the inside the heart is still pinching, it's still telling you don't do it. Gradually what happens, a person loses that

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support and when he goes to see Allah, then he will go home, all alone by himself.

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When after kulu, and do not eat of that upon which the name of Allah has not been mentioned, when at the time of slaughter, for indeed it is grave disobedience. It is a sin to eat of that meat on which the name of Allah was not mentioned at the time of slaughter. Well, what about the meat of the people of the book?

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What about the meat of the people of the book? Even that meat? Why is it that it has been made permissible because they are meant to say the name of Allah on it, and if they do not say the name of Allah on it, then it is not permissible for us. Just as if a Muslim wants to offer you some meat. And he says to you, this is how long meat This is how long meat would you eat it? Would you take it? No. One if a Muslim is giving it to you.

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What if a Muslim is giving it to you? Then what would you take it? No. Why?

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Because even if it's coming from a Muslim, if the name of Allah has not mentioned, it's not Hello.

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It's more so even when it comes from the person from the from the unknown Kitab if the name of Allah is not mentioned, it is not halal. Allah says, we're in the hula Fisk it is the same. It is the same. Can you imagine eating something wrong eating something that's not allowed? What is that? A sin. We can commit sin even in the matter of eating,

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even when it comes to food, we're in a shelter in and indeed do the devil's inspire their allies among men to dispute with you. And if you were to obey them, indeed you would be associators meaning those who associate partners with Allah. So those who deny the command of Allah, after recognizing it to be clear and true, then Who are they? They are mushrik Allah says in Nakhon la machico, then indeed you would be of those who commit check