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Al-Anam 111-127 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 125-127

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For my unit in law who do who, then whoever Allah wants to guide, any person whom Allah wishes to guide? What does Allah do to him? Yes, sodre who? Islam, Allah opens up his heart, he expands his chest, to contain Islam. If Allah wishes to guide someone, if Allah wishes to bless someone with guidance, then what does he do to that person? Yeshua,

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Yeshua fetters sheen raw hair.

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And sharp, literally is to cut something, to open something,

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to cut something, to open up something. And generally is used for cutting open meat, or flesh. For instance, if you buy a whole leg, or a whole piece of meat, then it's all consolidated together. But then as you begin to cut, what happens, you spread it.

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So sharp is literally to cut something open. And to spread it as you open it.

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To expand it, it was closed, it was consolidated.

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But as you cut it, it expands, it spreads it becomes vast.

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So over here, lots of parents are that says that he opens up his Southern for Islam, meaning he expands his heart, he expands his chest. So the heart of the person is able to accept Islam.

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He begins to love Islam, his heart becomes more and more open and expansive. So it is able to accept the commands of law,

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it is able to submit to the instructions of a loss offender. Because sometimes what happens to people that as they learn, they feel I cannot do this, I cannot do this, I cannot do this and their heart closes, it becomes tight and constricted. And on the other hand, there are people who whatever they learn, okay, yes, I will do this as well. More capacity. Yes, I will do this as well. More capacity. Yes, I will do this as what more capacity as they accept, they keep opening up inside.

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They keep opening up their tolerance level increases, their subber increases. Yes, rassada hudl Islam, Allah makes Islam easy for him. And he gives him strength so that he's able to accept it. And yes, Islam over here means that the religion of Islam, but literally Islam, what does it mean? submission to Allah, submission to the commands of Allah, ye shahidul Islam, he understands them, he willingly accepts them, and he's able to increase in his obedience to Allah.

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But on the other hand, when you read and whoever that Allah wants, a new level, that he lets him go astray yetter out Sabra who he makes his chest like you can narrow the yoke is under infectious la dia cough.

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And when you is the opposite of West here, what does it mean that which is vast, open, expansive, and they are restricted, cramped, narrow, closed. This is how his heart becomes this is how his just becomes that he is unable to accept Islam. It just doesn't go in. It's not big enough. So what is the choke? The bigger your container, the more you can take in. The smaller your container, the less you can take

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the you can his heart becomes the Yep.

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And it doesn't just become narrow and restricted. But it becomes hydrogen as well. Hydrogen is that which is constricted, that which is tight. Now by yoke means narrow, how loud it means tight, then you can harden together, that expresses extremely tight and narrow, that there isn't even an inch, a millimeter that is free, that is vacant, where Islam could fit in where the love of a law could fit in. It's already full, it's already full with the love of this dunya with the desires of this world, it's already full, so he doesn't have any room for the commands of Allah. He doesn't have any room for the love of Allah for Islam.

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Now, what is the word? How does it mean?

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Is that that how much is when something collects and gathers up in one place.

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For example, if you take all the furniture of your house, and you put it in your garage, what's going to happen to your garage.

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It may be very huge. You may be able to fit two cars in there, but it's going to become very constrained.

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You won't be able to go through it, you won't be able to park your car in there, you won't even be able to reach the garbage cans. You want. Why? Because it has become heroin. Why? Because there is so much inside. It's collected and gathered up in one place. And because of that there is construction because of that there is tightness.

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I want to learn who he wants us a Bedouin as to what the word how Raja is a person from the New Canaan, he asked him as to what the word how to German. And he replied, and how to finish a shadow to the qubino ushja.

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That the word Harada we use it for a tree that is in the midst of other trees, that is surrounded by other trees. And because it is in the midst of other trees that are surrounded by other trees. This is why allottee Let us look at Avaya while our Shia washy

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because of that, no one can reach that tree. No person can reach it, no Shepherd can reach it, no animal can reach it. Nothing can reach it if you try to reach it with your stick even you can't. Why? Because it is in a very crowded place. You cannot access it. You know sometimes if you've stuffed things in your storage, and you see is holding a box and you need that box. How can you access it you can you try to insert your hand different ways. Send a little person inside Can you go get it doesn't happen Why? No one can reach it because it is cramped up. It is in a very constricted place. This is what holidays it's beyond reach, and are molded are no say that such is the heart of

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the monastic that no hide riches, no goodness, riches,

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no goodness whatsoever. It's so distant. It's surrounded by desires of this dunya it's surrounded by lies. That no matter what happens when or how you try to advise it, nothing affects it.

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So a person who Allah allows to go astray, whom Allah does not offer guidance to then what happens. His heart becomes narrow and constricted. He doesn't have any room for the deen of Allah, any room for obedience to Allah subhanaw taala because he has crowded his life with desires. He is so busy with everything that he doesn't have time to pray. He doesn't have time to learn the Quran. He doesn't have time to think about anything. He's so busy.

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His life is so full His heart is so full

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anila you're sorry to this summer and if he is told anything about Islam, then what happens It is as though he is ascending up to the sky.

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Yes Are those from the reflector soldering that

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and solder is to ascend it is to climb up and it is and the foreign that you see over here? Yes, sir I do, the harder it is to find difficulty to find something burdensome

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to climb up with a lot of difficulty

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to climb up with a lot of difficulty.

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You know, for instance, if you go up your stairs in your house, it's easy. But if you have to go up seven levels up the stairs, then isn't that difficult? Of course it is. So similarly this person when he is told and Dean about the dean has hard become straight and narrow. And it says though he's been made to climb up. It's so difficult for him that he cannot even read.

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You know when people they climb on stairs or they're ascending upwards, what happens? First of all, they lose their breath. They become very tired.

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And the higher you go, the less oxygen there is. The higher you go the less oxygen there is. So your sorrow to fit somewhere that it's so difficult for him he cannot bear it. He cannot tolerate it. He just wants to escape just wants to run away. Gundam is artificer kinetica john Allahu Allah Latina. Now you may know this is how Allah places filled upon those people who don't believe.

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This is how Allah places filled what filters this.

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This filters off spiritual, this is intangible filled, contamination, in their thinking in their heart in their actions. Because of which there is no place for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala

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This is how rich is put in the heart of those people who don't believe.

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So in this ayah two types of people are being compared. First of all, the one whose heart is expanded to Islam, he loves the the he loves the word of Allah. He understands the word of a lot. He is welcoming he is accepting.

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And on the other hand, a person who is not guided a person who does not wish to know a person who gets bored, who does not want to live

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whose heart becomes tight, every time we learned about something, oh my god, I will do this as well. I can't take this, I can't tolerate this.

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And as he goes through studying the Quran instead of opening and expanding and increasing, he becomes tighter and tighter and tighter until there is no room and eventually he escapes. He hates listening to the Quran, he cannot bear it, he cannot understand it. He cannot tolerate it.

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There are two completely different characters completely different. One is a person who is benefiting. And on the other hand, a person who is not benefiting at all

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the prophets of Allah Islam, he recited this ayah once and he said, when the light of Eman enters a person's heart, his just expense? And the Sahaba they asked that what are the signs? How do we know that our solid has really opened up? How do we know that we have shot Southern of Islam? that Islam has truly entered our hearts? What are the signs? How do we know that yes, we are Muslim, but there is a winner as well who appears to be a Muslim. There are many people who appear to be Muslim. How do we know that this light has really entered our heart?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and in ABA to evaluate.

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What are the signs first of all inclination toward the eternal home? When a person is constantly concerned about his eternal abode? He's not concerned about this world. What Is he concerned about? His eternal abode? The affair of the hereafter?

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What the Jaffe, I'm dying,

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and assistance from the home of deception.

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Which one deception is this?

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The home of this dunya

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a person is not interested in it. Yes, it's not that he's not so sure anymore. He doesn't cook anymore. He doesn't dress up anymore. No, he does all of those things. But his heart is not attached to those things. His art is not attached, which is why he can find time to spend for the novelist.

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He can make time for the novella.

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He's not overly occupied with his dunya what the Jaffe and Daniel rule. One is to do the mode of another mode, and preparation for death before death actually comes.

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This is the sign that Islam has entered the heart of a person when a person becomes a hero oriented.

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When he prepares for, after he's more concerned about his home over there, not his home in this dunya

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This is a sign of a person whose heart has been opened up for Islam.

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Why does the author have become Muslim? And this is the path of your Lord leading straight. What What does Heather refer to

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the path of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has showed that he was on

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the path that is shown to us in the Quran. That is the way of your Lord. And that is a way that is Mr. Clean, there is no a wedge in it.

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Or the funnel, it will call me at the Quran. We have elaborated the ayat for people who take heed

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those people who have sound comprehension, they're the ones who understand what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger have mentioned, what they have commanded us with. And they're the ones who take a lesson.

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And for such people, in whose hearts Islam has taken place, has settled. They're the ones who will take benefit from the ayatollah most of the time.

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Because when they listen to the ayatollah, their heart opens up. And on the other hand is a person who when he listened to the commands of Allah, his heart becomes tight. He cannot sit through he gets bored, he just wants to leave, we cannot take it.

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And for such people who benefit from the Quran, whose heart opens up, they're the ones who Allah says the home darussalam for them is a home of peace where in the lobby him near their Lord,

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they will have a home of peace, because they were interested in the home of Hulu. They were interested in the home of the hereafter of eternity. They weren't concerned about the home of this dunya they didn't care if they had been renting since about 20 years. They don't care. They're concerned about a permanent residence in the hereafter in general.

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And for such people, the home that will sell for them is the home of peace. And where is that home located?

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What's the neighborhood? What's the area?

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They're in little beam near their Lord.

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You see, a home is good. When that home brings you peace. You go there and you're at peace.

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And suddenly the neighborhood is also good

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Whether you're living the location is also good. For instance, if you have the most beautiful house, very comfortable, everything is as you want it to be. You want a three bedroom house one has to be a study, whatever. You have the perfect kitchen or the perfect living room, a lot of light pours in, and the height, everything is perfect, the colors, everything is perfect as you want it to be. But if you are next to the highway, is that going to be double center? No, it's not. It's not going to be double center. What is that we'll center

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that the home is a place of peace. And at the same time a person is close to the one whom he loves.

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Similarly, if you have the most perfect house, but you are all the way in the outskirts of the city, and you're far away from everything, all your friends, all your family members that live in the city. And because you wanted to get a nice big house, that's why you went to the outskirts of the city. And it takes you so long to go anywhere. Would you like that house? No. Wouldn't you rather live in a smaller house in a house that in which you're compromising something just to live in the ideal location? Of course, you would overhear loss of power without access for them is Darrell Salim, in narrow beam. Now why is gender called darussalam?

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Because first of all, a person in general will be free from all fears,

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all fears, all problems all worries, all concerns. What happens in this dunya

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The bigger your houses, the more ideally your houses, the more problems and worries and concerns you have. But the home agenda, the darussalam in that home, a person is in Salah it is a home of peace.

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Secondly, because there is nothing that is going to disturb a person over there. Nothing at all. To the extent there's not even a single sound that is going to disturb a person. It doesn't mean that it's going to be silent. But what does it mean? No disturbing sound we learned last year I number 11. Lettuce, Murphy Hmm. Yeah. We're in they will not hear any unsuitable speech, any disturbing speech. They will not hear anything like that. No noise, no fuss, no arguments, no shouting, no screaming. Sometimes you're living in a house. And the neighbors, they're always having fights always. Or they have their television so loud. And it constantly disturbs you, you can't open the

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windows, because the noise is going to come into your house. Let us know if we had earlier.

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And also it's called double Salaam. Because the dwellers agenda will be secure from the punishment of hell in there. They will be secure from the punishment of hell in their

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home darussalam or in that'll be near their Lord. Because we know what that genital for those. Where is it located? Under the arch of a mosque?

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Well, whoever and he will be their friend.

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They will be close to him. Because he is their friend. Why? Why all this reward.

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Pima can uyama noon. Because of what they used to do. They did something they did some armor.

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What does it teach us?

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The gender is the most perfect home, most perfect home that everybody wants. But you can't just go there simply because you want to go there.

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What do you have to do?

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You have to work for it.

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Because Allah says over here be mechanical. Yeah, I'm alone, because of what they used to do. Because of the ammo that they used to do.

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So without armor, a person should not just hope for gender. He has to work for it. He has to pay its price. He has to do something to make himself worthy of entry into gender worthy of residents in gender.

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Indonesia, if you want to house Don't you have to pay for it? How do you pay for it? Where do you get the money from? From the money tree? No. Where do you get it from? You have to work. And when people want to buy a house, they work double shifts. They're always working. They don't even take vacation days. They work in holidays even Why? Because they want more money because they want to pay off their house. They will eat less, they will wear less they will spend less on themselves. Why? Just to get a house.

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So if for the house of dystonia, you spend your youth, you sacrifice so much. You will go to college or university so that you can make money so that you can have a house

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What about the house and

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for that you think you don't need to work so that you can do something to get the house of gender? Of course you do. It depends on which house you want. If your goal is the house of dystonia, then you will be working for dystonia. And if your goal is the house of Africa, then you'll be working for that house.

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Because the person if he strives for dunya, then he will suffer for his Africa. And if he tries for Africa, then he will suffer in his dunya. It's either or, remember that.

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Allah says over here, the home devil Salim are in danger of being near their Lord, well, who are you why Bhima can we are alone because of what they used to do. And they used to do those actions which are pleasing to Allah.

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Remembering the previous, if we were a person who was dead, and he became alive,

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when there is a seed, it's that you pour water over, it becomes alive, what happens, it produces a plant,

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it produces something.

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Similarly, it's not possible that a person has a man that a person has knowledge and then he does not produce something, he will do something.

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And when he will do something for the sake of a loss of panel data, then he will get the home of the hereafter

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will descend the recitation of these

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for the Holy

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Father, oh, boy, on Rogen

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Once we accept, we learn to accept more, right? And I feel that sometimes we ourselves become like selective in what we want to follow. And that one thing or one or two things that we're like, oh, we won't accept this now or we'll act upon it later when we have more in mind that may stop us from accepting other things.

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More you humble yourself. And the more you say, you know, I'm nothing in front of a law. And let me just, you know, do this, it's only going to help me and if you just look at the benefits, it makes it so much easier for you to go on and do the other acts of worship or any other things. Because I

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said I won't even say hello is just relating this to all the previous items that we've been doing. ls Planet alysus you know, I give you blessings, take take advantage of it. Otherwise I will take it away from me.

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Reading learning everyday, we're growing. But then at the same time, we look down on people. We don't look at the the message that is coming to us, we look at the person who's conveying the message. Who are we? We're so arrogant, and especially now that we're students of knowledge, you go to lectures, you go to different places. Don't just judge, because you know, we've been going on and on.

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We just learned that you have to take it from wherever you can get it. I mean, you have a filter, yes, yes, you know, filter out that which is not correct. But don't look down on people. Because you know, what you never know. It's the little things that will harden your heart and allow will take away that blessing.

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So we constantly have to remember to humble ourselves constantly.

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Very 124, I've learned that when you look into what you don't have, you're just wasting your time, and you're just harming yourself. But if you look into what Allah bless you, each person, Allah created them differently. And each person a legate, in a certain gift and certain blessings. And if you look into what Allah has blessed you with, you will never look into what you don't have to be content with what you have.

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Yesterday, I watched a video in which there was this man, without any limbs,

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no arms, no legs, and he's a Christian missionary.

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I was amazed, I say, we make excuses that my head is hurting, or I'm having this problem or that problem. That person does not have arms, he designed to have legs and he traveled across the world. Teaching people, motivating people inspiring people.

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And he says that I don't need arms and legs to serve God. I don't need them. Whatever God has given me is enough. What do we say, because I don't have this, I can't do this for the team. Because I don't have this, I can't do this really. Look at what Allah has given you. Don't compare yourself to others. And then you will be truly grateful for what you have been given, then you will be able to use these abilities that Allah has given you.

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I was just looking at this last time we did about the homing a Hara and Allah subhanaw taala being our neighbor. And I we did last a few days ago, and Mashallah explained very well, then we will die and we leave everything behind and how we really work hard for this dunya. Like you just said, we, you know, we will work a double shift just to get mortgage and all that. But look at this thing, we're going to be his neighbors of Hanover, we don't work with it. And this, I also read everything when I leave behind. So shall I'm just thinking I should think what I want to take with me to

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somebody I met and they said, I've been working for so many years, I've never taken a break. How would you pay your mortgages? I'm like, why do you have to have multiple mortgages? And why do you have to own a house? Why can't you live on wherever that Allah has given you. And all your life? People are just working, working, working? People work during the night people work during the day? The husband is working, the wife is working, the children are working? Why is it that the house can be paid off? And then who gets to live in that house? Who, for how long?

00:28:26--> 00:28:37

A few years, maybe a few years, and that's it. And then when you're done paying off that house, you've lost yourself completely, you've lost your body, you've lost your energy, you've lost your youth.

00:28:38--> 00:28:53

Everything is gone. And now you think you can prepare for the asset? Or with what ability? With what energy? With what strength? With what knowledge? When you didn't take out any time to learn about the deen? Then how can you worship a lot towards the end of your life?

00:28:55--> 00:29:13

Sorry, I remember one time I was listening to a lecture and she asked, Why do people fear death? Like why don't we like talking about it? And then he answered, it's because we've accomplished so much in this world, being engineers or doctors or studying so hard to reach a certain level, that we have nothing prepared for the hereafter.

00:29:14--> 00:29:18

That's why we don't want to talk about the we're so afraid of talking about that.

00:29:19--> 00:29:30

And remember the meaning of the word heritage that a person has surrounded himself with so much that nothing can reach him full of desires and luxuries of wisdom you.

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So I just wanted to share. This is about the one whose chest was off into a storm and then the one whose chest is tight and constricted and says that he's like, climbing up into the skies. That really touched me and I think it answers a question that a lot of people have for converts that like how do you feel now that you've accepted Islam? Before it's like imagine a person who's living on a mountain and it's really hard to breathe but they've been living there their whole life and they don't know

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And then they come down the mountain and now they can breathe. That's exactly how it feels.

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I guess we're starting from the whole journey and stirring around. And I don't know, like, you start to wonder, like born Muslims that you have this book on your bookshelf. You know, you're taught to memorize the Quran from a young age. But it's like, how come nobody's studied this? Like, where was it our whole life, we were just talking like everybody should just before anything else before post secondary education, before going to any kind of anything, just everybody should be locked in a room and we should study the Quran and like not even make it mandatory that the people had to, we need to bring this back.

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I'm just contemplating on the aerosol, you know, how expensive it is, like, you know, you have the paper. And I was thinking some people, right, like, you know, when they say, why are you buying Hello, meat, it's more expensive than the regular meat, you can eat the meat at the Athletica tab. And I was like thinking, I said, Yeah, but that was the longest expensive like, you know, you have to pay bravely, you know, if you want to Dharamsala, then you have to pay, then you have to obey and obeying Allah subhanaw. taala is not cheap, it's expensive. But you have all this money to buy your iPhone, your iPad, your big television and all that stuff. But you don't have money to buy. What's

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Hello, Alan, thank you for you. Think about

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it, he said

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he will hardly Hylia the transaction with Allah agenda. It is very expensive.

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Very expensive.

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There are levels of Gemini as well. One level is agenda taquitos, which is ended up being under the shovel. And there are other levels as well, which are under that level? That depends on what level you want.

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Do you want us to house anywhere? Or do you want it at a particular location, with certain features, it's up to you, whatever you want, whatever your goal is,

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as I go, I just wanted to say like, you know, a lot of salon, you know, a house, you know, like, I'm just thinking if you go to your house, you'll find something small to complain about. Because the neighbor, or it's either door, or the work or anything. But also recognizing that a salon, the house in general, you will have any of those words, you don't have to worry about anything. And on top of that, you'll be happy you would have like Sony, but then you see the problem with the house of this dunya is that even if you design it yourself, you have it custom build everything you do yourself

00:32:44--> 00:33:17

even then you will not be happy. Why? Because somebody or the other will say or you will say maybe I should have gotten that color, maybe I should put that carpet, maybe I should have bought that appliance. It happens in this dunya. And you think that something is best for you. And after a few days, you realize it's not good for you. It's not working out. And even in your ideal house in this dunya you're not happy. Because all those things that you've put, you have to maintain them, you have to look after them hawala, right, you have to maintain them, never look after them.

00:33:18--> 00:33:34

But the house of genda is a house that when you will enter you will definitely be at peace. You know, sometimes you're out of the house and you can't wait to go home. You go home and you see a mess. Or you go home and you have to cook or you have to do something or the other

00:33:35--> 00:33:56

on the weekend you want to relax. But there are so many chores. So this home of this dunya no matter how ideal it is. It's not ideal. It's not a home of peace. Peace is only engender peace is only in the house of Jana. So if you want peace, don't waste your life, trying to get a house in this dunya work for the house in the UK.

00:33:57--> 00:34:12

And many girls, what's their dream? You know, when I get married? I've had my own house, and then inshallah within a few years we'll have a house over there every girl dreams. What about the home of the author? Why don't we dream for that?

00:34:13--> 00:34:23

As you know, they are in a shoe dream for that. That Robbie vanilli are in the back of a confrontation. I want to house near you in New York

00:34:24--> 00:34:53

City. I was just thinking the importance of teaching our children to be detached from this world to teach them that, you know, yes, you go to stores and stuff and they see things. You have to teach them that you know what this elegant, spoiled. You break it in and work for the ACA and someone I met was telling this is what they do with their daughter. And every time you know the daughter would say I want this toy. I wonder why we

00:34:55--> 00:34:55

get it in the

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

Hanalei we have to start instilling

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

This thing's from a young age because you can't expect your children to develop this when they're older when you haven't taught them this for when they're young age so I was just thinking to myself panel, I have a lot of work to do. We have to start instilling it in our children, but it has to start from us we have to be detached. Therefore they can see that it's well

00:35:21--> 00:35:24

detachment from the house of deception.

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de la

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to chronicle long will be hamburger near the one that ilaha illa and the stockbroker wanted to be a Santa Monica