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AI: Summary © The 48th anniversary of the Prophet sallahu is highlighted in a series of educational advertisements, including talks about fat loss and respect for actions. The importance of showing respect and helping individuals to avoid abuse is emphasized, along with the need for people to make a big deal about their name and show respect for their partner. The speaker emphasizes the need for students to show respect and be strong in their weight, as it is important for everyone to show respect and help others.
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Bishop recently recently Emily loksatta Melissa Lee of koko de fille, hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah Allah Allah He was a pH nine from about Santa Monica Morocco Mercado Quran Weekly. We are now on the 26th. Joseph, this is exciting, we're getting close to the end of Kampala. And the I have chosen for today belongs to sort of sort of what is the 48th, sort of the Quran, these are the eighth and this the eighth and the ninth, I actually have the surah.

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And this is just something you all of you should know as little Mohammed 47. So total fat, so 48 and uncertain, quadrilateral 49. All three of these together are pretty comprehensive course in the Quran. On what does it mean to believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? And what does it mean to respect him and to love him? It's a course on our relationship with the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam in one place, and that is 4748 and 49. So this is from 48. And it actually has to do with our messengers, our relationship with the messenger to properly understand these two, if you have to understand the concept of empty fat, it'll default is actually transition. So imagine that I have,

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you know, as I actually do in my class at the dream program, I have brothers on one side and sisters on the other side, right? So I could say you do this and you do that, like I'm pointing at two entities at the same time. Or imagine that I'm in a class and there's, like, everybody's in the class, and I have a TA, right? So I'm saying, Okay, you guys get started, and you keep an eye on them. Right? So I'm addressing two entities at the same time. And once a single you that my TA, my teacher's assistant as a single you and everybody else is a plural you. So you have to understand that in these two I art, the first I address the profit. So I started with the EU.

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And in the second I addressed all of us with the EU, it says more or less looking from above, and he's telling the province you do this and you do this, okay. But it's still one conversation. So Allah is the speaker speaking to both the prophets, I saw them and then us in one flow. So he says, in that of Seneca shahidullah, Barcelona lira, no doubt about it, we have sent you as a witness. He's telling the prophesies that we have sent you as a witness. That's the scary part, because if he's a witness, he will testify and he will testify to everyone who was there. Those are terrified by that. So a lot fills them with with hope, again. wabasha line and we have sent you as a giver of

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good news. Now they're encouraged one or the Iran and I've sent we've sent you as a warner. So this has given three titles we've sent you as a witness. We've sent you as a giver of good news, and we've sent you as a warner. Now he turns to the Muslims, now to this day and includes us, lead to me no Billa he was really, I've sent you Mohamed Salah Salaam, as a witness, as a warner as a giver of good news as a warner, so all of you.

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So all of you could believe in a line has messenger Salalah. So it's a it's like a lies telling us to respect him. First he talked to him that he said, You see what I just did to him. You see, I just sent him as a messenger to you. So you could believe in Allah and His messenger. What do I 00 What a beautiful word. What a beautiful word. So you honor Him and you help him out of an overwhelming sense of respect for him. You ever see, I don't think we don't really see this much anymore. But if a student runs over to get like the teacher's bag, let me carry that for you sir. And he picks it up.

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Or you know, an old man comes into the machine, and he's about to take your shoes off. Let us put those up for you on the rack. Let's, let's get that for you. Or your dad's about to you know, pack the car with luggage that you don't carry that I'll carry it for you. I guess overwhelming sense of respect and you help someone not because they need help, but because you couldn't tolerate them having to do something when you're there. Out of respect for them. That's Dalziel. Allah says you better have that emotion towards my messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This overwhelmed

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sense of respect, driving you to help him, but how can we help him he's got some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he's not in our company anymore. So how are we supposed to help him a level teach us that there are the prophecies of abuse to make that he taught us to me? Allah home man, Solomon na sala de la Mohammed in some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah help whoever helps the Dean of Muhammad in the school to suffer loss todos manansala in Allah who will help me towards en la? Lisa said, nanosatellite how are you and said, you know, we by helping Allah as the messengers, Dean are actually honoring him. Now imagine every time you do something for us, Dean, you're not just you

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don't just remember your intention is to please allow xojo you also part of a legitimate intention is out of an overwhelming sense of respect and grander of His Messenger sallallahu wasallam that you rush to do what you're supposed to do for this team be to add zero, then he adds what to walk people who you know, record means a burden, a burden.

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Means you understand that he is a grand personality, that when he is spoken of, so no Maharani was added there is a grander, there's a seriousness, there's a there's a weight, it's a weighty matter, it's not someone light that's being talked about, it's not someone casual that's being addressed, that your your your face, your emotions, your attitude, all of them just immediately change. When you hear his name some Allahu Allah, he was gonna want to walk you through who you better do that. Now still alive talking to Muslims. So we we sent you a Mohammed with this, this and this, to be a witness, to be a warrant to give good news to be a Warder so that you Muslims, better honor Him, you

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better honor him and help him out of that motive to honor him, and you better make a big deal out of his name. out of his mention, you may you better make a big deal out of just respecting him and see being serious when his name is mentioned. that it should not be a like matter to you. What was up be who bukata was ILA

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and you should declare a less perfection night and day. So hon Allah, Allah said, you better believe in the lion has messenger. And that that's how the ayah began. I sent him so you can believe in Allah and believe in His Messenger, then the is switched, because the first thing mentioned in the ayah was a lot the second was messenger,

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then the is switched and started talking about the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam 12 00, then the I came back to a lock and it ends with a login. But to somebody who who bukata was, you know, so you declare it less perfection, night and day, night and day. Now, what does that mean at the end, this while could be while by idea, it is by showing respect and regard and, you know, a seriousness to the relationship you have with those who have lost them and to keep him in the honor and the status that he deserves. That is actually one form of understanding what does it mean to do this, we have a lot to declare a loss, perfection part of that the speed of Allah, you can only get

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there, if you show respect to His Messenger, either his Salatu was Salam. If you don't have respect for His Messenger, you will not be able to have respect for Allah, you know, you're not going to be able to declare lust perfection, you're not gonna know what that means. So I've had a lot and I know this to be true for a fact, the more interactions I've had with people of the people of other faiths, their relationship with allies so weird, it's so easy. They say things about a lie you couldn't imagine as a Muslim. You like just disturbed when you hear it? How can you talk about a lot like that? How can you talk about God like that, then you realize the relationship they have with

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their profits? Oh, that's where it comes from. You're not able to have this be of a law because you don't have a Z and topia for your messengers. You don't have that honor and that gravitas for your messengers, and that is not letting you have the proper relationship with Allah. That is what we're learning in desire. May Allah make us those who honor our messenger RNA sought was set out to have the utmost respect and this burning desire to help his cause and to make that cause our own out of that sense of loyalty to him. barakallahu li walakum was some of the law that was really he saw the law he was Samadhi

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After learning and understanding what our Prophet did and endured for us, Allah says that we better have a deep and overwhelming sense of respect for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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