Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 8 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 6 to 7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative consequences of not believing in Islam and the misuse of people's hearts and eyes for only one person. They emphasize the importance of learning from experiences and finding one's way to achieve spiritual transformation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the Prophet sallavi date in the Arabic language and the use of words like " Haley," " Lam Meem," and "Ok," in the Arabic language, as it indicates a person being diabetic. The importance of practicing these techniques is emphasized, along with caution in behavior. The speaker reminds the audience to read the book Check in honor cheat and take action to benefit from the book.
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So in these two verses we learn that the disbelievers, whether they're given a warning, or they're not given a warning, they will not believe. And the reason behind that is that their hearts and their hearing and their eyes are sealed veiled. So that even if they see the truth, they hear the truth. It doesn't benefit them. And for such people, Is it painful punishment?

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There's a question, why is it that Allah subhanaw taala has sealed their hearts and their hearing? And why is it that he has placed Alicia a veil on their eyes? A person may question that this is not fair. Allah himself says kaatham Allahu, so is it really that person's fault? If Allah has put a seal on him, and as a result, he does not believe? Is it really his fault? Yes, it is his fault. Why? Because Allah soprano data will not do something like this without a reason. So what's the range the word toward inshallah some tips will be given about that as well. But just for now, what I want you to do is, as you sit down to memorize the word to word, what you do is that you find,

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therefore it does not function properly anymore.

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Similarly, if you don't walk, as much as you should be, won't have to read the word to word with the intention to memorize how many times seven times just as I read it to you over here, once you have to do it, at least, will it affect your knees? Yes. If you don't use your body, what's going to happen to your body, it's going to become weaker and weaker and weaker. So do the three times put another small line four times five times six times seven times. So you should have seven small lines at the end of each lesson, okay. Why, so that this is a natural consequence. And Allah subhanaw taala only facilitates for a person, what he is inclined to meaning of a person sorta inshallah we

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will study it in the first circle bokhara was revealed after the hyjal It's a madonie surah and I told you that it is a very long surah. And as I mentioned to you earlier that the surah is maddening. Remember that Madani Sutras, they have certain things, the things that the actions that Muslims are required to do. So in certain dakara, we will learn about lots of rules, lots of laws, to laws in disorder, and many sources are also longer. And this is why sort of America is very long. Now. So dakara is the law. Similarly, there are also laws concerning financial matters, buying and selling interest, etc. So many sources contain laws and inshallah we will be studying a lot they

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don't accept, they don't accept. For example, if a person has told you better become careful about your diet, if you don't, you're gonna become diabetic. If the doctor warns the person you better become careful about the intake of, you know, high cholesterol foods because you already have a cholesterol problem. And if you don't take care of yourself, you're going to miss sort of the Quran. And it's also one of the most important sutras of the Quran. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said there are levels it forget what the doctor has said these doctors don't know anything anyway. I'm just going to eat this muffin and this cake and this piece of bread that's layered with

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butter. I'm going to have it because I love Toka hassle, because in learning it there is blessing and in ignoring it in leaving if there is sorrow, so the one who learns the sooner Hello who Allah and Allah has allowed him to go astray despite the fact this person has knowledge. Mahatma Allah summary he will call me he and Allah has sealed his hearing it is it that Allah subhanaw taala puts a seal on the heart of a person, the hearing of a person. We don't know. This is why we are not to judge. We don't know. Think about it a graveyard. Is it dead? If you go there, does it give you a dead feeling? There is no life. It may be very green. Through there may be a day where disbelievers

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they oppose him they fought against him. They killed the believers but eventually what happened? They themselves accepted Islam.

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Look at the stories of Abu Sofia and all the lower

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quality urban valleys rabelo both of them they were staunch opponents, but eventually they became in which pseudo buchla is recited Chopin does not enter their shaitan does not come over there. So what does it show to us this Hadees that the house in which the Quran is a person may be in the most comfortable houses when it comes to material things but he may not find any happiness any peace in that house live. What it tells us and sort of EDA is number 13 Furby man knuckle Li him nice alcohol Lana home. What's your unaka Luba home arsia that it's because of their brain

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Their covenant that we curse them. And we also made their hearts hard. Their hearts were hardened. Why? Because of their sins. It's a natural consequence. It's a result of a person following his desires and it's also a punishment from.

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From our heads we learn a chance on being extremely active, so you need to expel chevonne from your house and in order to do that, what do you have to do? recite Surah Baqarah so the Prophet sallallaahu Selim CE o universal Ron, he, oh, you might disseny it's experience. It's a society that makes them into a Judeo Christian or image in a fire worshipper. So Allah subhanaw taala did not yet we do it. If we know what is harmful yet we do it if we know what good is yet we don't do it. That Who are we harming ourselves? begin this practice inshallah. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And if Lam Meem What did these letters mean? Alif Lam Meem he believers yet like I mentioned to you that the

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verse in which a person was made his God has desires so he follows his desires. And Allah has had a seal on him as well. Alrighty, over here, lamb and me are joined together. So these rules are written together. However they are read separately. You don't read the letters together. For example, when you look at the word lm Do you join Elif and lamb? You say, l you don't say Elif lamb, when you see the word ham. What do you do you connect how mum and dad use these rules. They are known as halluf macaque. Macaca from the word kapa. haka is to cut something. So more Katara the disjointed letters, the letters that are cut up, meaning when you're reading them, you read them one

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by one, not together. When you look at these opinions that are there, they can be summarized into four. First of all, it is said that these hurdles, they have a meaning. Some of these hurdles, they mean some of the names of the last panel data or the name of the roof. We don't speculate anything concerning them. We don't say whether they have a meaning or they don't have a meaning. No, we just pause right here, we just stop right here. When it comes to these rules. We only recite them, we don't delve into what their meaning is whether they have a meaning or they don't have a meaning. So these are four opinions out of all of these opinions of meaning. But a person may wonder how could

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there be something meaningless in the book of Allah?

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Isn't it you can wonder that How could there be something meaningless in the day show the miraculous nature of the Quran? We know that the Quran is a miracle. How is the Quran a miracle allows the panatela challenges the people in the Quran, the Book of Allah. The fact is that these letters, they don't have a meaning. However, they have a purpose to have a reason there's a reason why they are placed in the book of Allah to try to produce something like the Quran. The Arabs, people who are most eloquent in the Arabic language most familiar with that language. None of the people cannot produce anything that is like the people use Alif Lam Meem all the time, isn't it so you use the

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sound. You use the sound left with these proof. They appear at the beginning of the sutras and right after them comes in Ayah which exalts the status of the Quran directly. Let's begin the surah Alif Lam beam Alif Lam Meem.

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This kurama is of Allah subhanaw taala use the same meta book in which there is no doubt and what is it? It is who the limit again, it is a guidance for who those people who have done the word lanica thus far, so rarely can keytab that is the book. Why is that being used to show the exalted status of because when something is far it could be far in the sense that it's far away from you or because it's exalted. It's higher compared to you it's above you have is and remember that the word keytab also gives meaning of writing so that he can kita that is the book meaning this is a book. Now I have a quit. So why is the Quran called kita

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very good that the Quran is Akita. It's originally Akita and Bharara that whoever wills may remember it meaning may take a lesson from the Quran, which is recorded in honor cheat. It's recorded where in honor cheats that are exalted, it's written in the circle full mocha Rama with the angels.

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So it's written with a loss of paradise. It's written with the angels as well into the agasa. I opted and purified and who has these sheets by the hands of the messenger angels that are noble and beautiful.

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So the Quran is called kita because it's written with a law law yet the Ravens used for doubt. There's another word that is used for doubt in the Arabic language which is Check, check is altered out. Leave it at all.

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He's restless. He's constantly debating constantly debating, should I do this? Should I not do this? He's not able to trust what he wants to do very clunky, terrible. Larry Buffy Allah says this is a book in which there is no doubt. What does it mean by this that there is no doubt in the Quran? There is no doubt in the fact that the score is factual. Nothing incorrect. is in this book, every statement in this book, what is it? accurate? Correct, truthful, reliable. You can trust it, you can take it as it is. So then executable No way, Buffy. Why do you think we doubt other people? And when we doubt other people, we doubt what we read. We're doubting some news. We're doubting the news that

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we're hearing or we're reading? What happens? Can you benefit? You cannot in the pathway? Should we follow this rule? If we don't follow this rule? If we go against it, who are we harming ourselves?

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Babies versus that we should use our mind we should use our eyes, our ears, because if we don't use them, what we'll find out about what we should do, then just do it. And when we find out about what we should not do them, stay away from it. Another huge lesson that we learned from the eyes isn't itself because we don't pay attention to what is being said what is being recited what is written? Can we benefit? No, there are some people who have sat through the exact us that inshallah you will be sitting in this class. And when they started, they could barely recite the Quran. But when they ended, when the course ended for them Alhamdulillah they became very, very fluent, very fluent. Why?

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Because they made use of their faculties of the abilities that are less harmful. You understand? who is who is Motoki? Someone who has taken a shield in order to protect himself. Other people, you could imagine if one person catches a cold, if one person catches a viral infection, what's going to happen? Is it going to stay with him, it's going to spread everywhere. Now, if you want to protect yourself, then what are you going to do? Before going you might take a flu shot. When you go there, you might become very, very careful with how you interact with other people. If they have them, they can cause a lot of harm to their body. So they become extremely careful about what they eat, isn't

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it'll, they become extreme, so you become careful.

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Similarly, if a person has some food allergy, or some food sensitivity, they cannot have certain foods because sometimes it happens that you're trying to tell somebody prays for they don't pray. You're trying to tell somebody, you know, wear proper clothing, for example, or come to the class with me. They don't listen, they don't want to benefit. Should you be so sad to the point that you are harming your full circle, you are responsible for yourself. It doesn't mean you don't care for others, of course you care for them.

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But you don't from loss from failure from punishment in the hereafter. So if a person wants to save himself from the punishment, the Hereafter, he will become careful. He must keep warning other people because we don't know who might accept who might benefit. We are not to judge who is sealed, who is open, who is not open, we are not to judge. This is in the hands of our last parameter.

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You see, it is said that profit is very similar, not their children.

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If children don't listen to the mother, should the mother giver

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know there's one person I know.

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So who is Motoki? What's the definition of McDuffie? The one who has taken shield protection from what the punishment of Allah then he can keytab this is a book in which there is no doubt but this is a guidance for who

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and what the hurt for it. In order to attain guidance what you have to do, study the book of Allah. But in order to benefit from the book of Allah, what do you have to do? You have to have this quality of taqwa because Allah says who then Mata Ki, this also shows to us that the purpose of this book is what to show guidance, the purpose of this book for them, be concerned for yourself and be concerned for other people as well. So in summary, what have we learned today? The characteristics of an excellent writer. First step is that you read the book, but along with reading the book, you have to do certain things if you don't do this certain thing. Why? Because their hearts are sealed.

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They don't use their mind they don't use their abilities anymore. So as a result for them is are there one Arlene earlier in sort of Baccarat we learned about Alma flew home

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So alladhina cafaro was there and either one are we?

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What does this teach us? If you do something, you'll be successful, valuable. kuttabul ra Buffy hodan, Lil Botha clean. Now, we learned that one of the companions, he asked another companion, what you're trying to tell them about something good, they become very abrupt in the sense that they become rude and defensive. Okay. You stop at that time, you approach them another time in a different way. You just give up over there? No, he did not give up.

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Try doing something different. Right? And the thing is that always make the offer them as well. You really, if you walk as you do, you're going to hurt other people. So how will you walk with care and attention, you will keep your bag close to you. You will keep your stuff with you. You will, okay. So, just because for example, if you feel that you're not that good, don't just assume that your heart is sealed. Okay? Always think positively about it's about almost a panel done. But if a person feels that, you know, I know many things yet I don't do them. And this is exactly the state of those people whose hearts are sealed into his action. Right? And also make dua to almost pannacotta, to

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open up your heart to give you the tofield to act on what you know, because remember what it is, I will sleep This is not a Motoki person with the person is who even if he wants to sleep, it's time to pray, he will get up.

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He's cool. He becomes careful in his speech as well. Why? Because he's afraid of the punishment of Allah. So who is it? How can you understand the Motoki person and learn d? A person who wants to be successful. There are some people who live their life very carefully in a very alert manner and when they live so a person who wants to be successful, a person who wants to live a meaningful life a person who was alert and conscious Allah subhanaw taala says this person will find

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