Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L292C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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faster to go through where you will soon So, you will see and they too will see. Keep waiting. Soon you will see and they will also see meaning future will tell, future will clarify very soon it will be clear be a homeowner Mr. Stone, which of you is the one afflicted? Is it you? Or is it them? Because they called him a June.

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Allah says very soon, time will tell, who is actually much noon be a coma stone, who is maffetone maffetone is my own. One who is the object of fitna or one who is the object of fitness and punishments, the one who is punished. So very soon, time will tell who is going to be punished you or them. Secondly, of tune is also understood as a Muslim giving the meaning of futon giving the meaning of futon and what is futon mean junoon insanity. So soon, you will see, and they will also see that which of the two is it you or is it them, who is suffering from madness, Who among you has junoon? Is it you? Or is it them? What does it show to us? That for good and what is necessary, good

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character, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had good character. So in a way Allah is promising and what a good end. And then we stickiness because the following is will show they possessed very bad character, many among them possessed extremely evil character, and what was their end destruction punishment in the dunya.

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So first, a tuba straightaway you will see Don't be a coma soon, you will know and they will know that who is right and who is wrong? Is it you who has gone insane? Or is it there who are insane?

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Because if you look at it, the profits are a lot of sudden What was he doing, calling people to the worship of Allah alone? But how is it that the people were reacting in an insane way? They were reacting in an insane way how that they called him so many names. They created so many hurdles for him. They were the ones who were making life difficult for him and his companions. So very soon, everybody will find out who is it that is afflicted by a coma stone in Naropa. Indeed your Lord, who are alemu he is more snowing, Beeman, Birla and severely who has gone astray from his way will who are level and he is most knowing been with the dean with those who are rightly guided

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today, people say whatever they want to say. They try to prove you wrong. They accuse you. They blame you while you are speaking the truth, but they call you misguided. But Allah knows who is actually guided and who is actually misguided. They're calling you misguided does not make you misguided, and they're considering themselves to be guided does not make them guided, who is actually guided, the one whom Allah has guided and who is actually misguided, the one who Allah has sent a stray so Allah knows who is right and who is wrong. Don't worry about what these people say, do what you have to do. And while you do what you have to do, Fela to clear and look at the bean do

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not obey the deniers those people who reject those who refuse to believe. Don't listen to them, don't obey them. Over here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam specifically as being addressed. But this is a lesson for all those who call people to Allah. That while you're calling people to Allah, you will face opposition people will call you astray people will call you insane and mad. But remember, don't listen to them. don't obey them. And don't come under their influence either. falletto Terry McCann Devi don't do what they want you to do.

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Because the people were opposing him in this way calling imagine why so that he would stop doing what he was doing. So Allah is telling him Don't listen to them rather do what you have to do. Similarly, it happens that a person starts doing something good for the sake of Allah is calling people to Allah and people start calling him fundamentalist so on and so forth. So it is a person thing just to please them, I will not do this. What does Allah say? Don't listen to them. Don't listen to them, fella to take a look at the bean. Don't listen to them at all.

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And we see that the machine of Makkah they once requested the profits are a lot isn't that don't abuse our gods don't say anything bad about them. And just, you know, show some kind of reverence, some kind of respect to them. Just put your hand over them.

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If you think about it, did the profits on a lot of them ever abused their idols? No. All he said was that these idols cannot help you. And all he said was that these idols are not actually gods who is

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real God, Allah subhanaw taala alone. So they would say to him that don't disrespect our gods, and instead just put your hand over these gods respect them, and we will stop opposing you. Now if you're in such a situation, you will be tempted.

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And he was almost tempted as well. So sometimes it happens that you come under the pressure of other people, because they're telling you they're telling you again and again. What does Allah say fella tutor and mocha dB, no matter how much they pressurize you don't listen to them? Because what do low did he know for you that he knew they wish that you would soften in your position. So they would soften toward you as well do the he knew that he had known what is the one mean? oil and it had his to oil something, why in order to soften it, to put oil on something in order to make it soft. So they want you to become soft in your position, meaning compromise in your dry, don't be so firm and

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strict about the heat. And as a result, they will also soften towards you, meaning they will not oppose you as much anymore.

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They want you to soften in your position, that you become a little soft concerning the matter of the heat, considering the matter of their idols, that you respect them a little bit. You say it's okay to worship them. For you that you know, they will also soften toward you meaning they will not oppose you the way they're opposing you know,

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what dulo to the you know, for you to you know,

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as I mentioned to you, that the Mr. Kenan maka once asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that please touch our idols and we will not oppose you as we have been up until now. And we learned the Quran in total Islam 7475 concerning this, that will Ola and Sabbath NACA la casa de Quito con la him Shea and karela. And if we had not strengthened you, you would have almost inclined to them a little. You would have almost inclined to them so he was about to but he didn't because Allah subhanaw taala forbade him he gave him the strength and he said no.

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Either the Hanukkah Winterfell hayati will their fundamentality so military to the Carolina and then if you had we would have made you take double punishment in life and double after death, then you would not find for yourself against us any helper. So, over here, a loss of panel data is telling the Prophet that What do load to the he knew for you to use. But and this is a lesson for us as well. And what is that lesson?

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What is that lesson? That sometimes when you're calling people to love when you're presenting the deen to them, what do they want? That you should compromise? And what do they offer you compromise in return? you compromise we too will compromise. You leave this I will also not say this to you. You don't do this, I will help you. This is what people say. But what does Allah say to us? lair Tutera and mocha Devi don't obey them don't listen to them. Because what dulo to the Hino for you to he known they want you to become soft, and they will in return become soft. But if you do that, who are you disobey? Allah subhanho data, so don't listen to them rather be firm.

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Sometimes it happens that we think good character means listen to what the other person is saying. We cannot imagine that a person having good character would ever refuse someone.

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So this is not a contradiction that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had excellent character, but still at the same time, he said, no, no. Your values are your values. Your principles are your principles, you cannot compromise on them at all for anything. It doesn't mean that you become harsh and rude over there. No, you can apologize. You can say no. In a very nice way as well. So what do you know to the you know, for you to you know, but don't listen to them. When to their end, do not obey Cola, ha laugh in my head, do not obey every worthless habitual swear. On the one hand is the clock of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And on the other hand, is the clock of those people who opposed him.

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And notice what kind of a clock they had. Allah says led to the cola Hello, first of all, Hello, who is hella one who swears a lot. One who swears a lot of health. And in particular health is used for such an oath that is made in order to put an end to a dispute, to put an end to an argument and to establish good relations. So don't listen to such a person who is swearing just to please you just to make you happy, who frequently swears and on top of that he is maheen who is my hero

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Someone who is despicable lowly despised, who doesn't have any value. Why is her laugh called mahane? Because he is mahina in his own eyes and he's ultimately in the eyes of other people. Because if he was confident, would he have to swear as much? No. And if people believed in him, if people respected him if he was reputable if he was credible, would he have to swear as much? No he wouldn't. So such a person. Don't listen to him don't obey Him. hammers in scorner Masha in Binyamin going about with malicious gossip hammers, who is Hamas? Hamas is from homes and hums is like lambs. Remember lamps. What does it mean? to insult someone on their face? And hums is to insult someone

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behind their back

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salaams is to insult them on their face accused them market them insult them on their face, and Holmes is to do it behind their back. So who is Hamas? Mutallab? Meaning one who does LIBOR? Are Yep, one who finds faults in the other. One who finds faults in the other and has literally means to pinch someone. Paint someone if someone pinches you. How do you feel?

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If you think about it, it's so small, isn't it? Sometimes it's done with too little fingers, but how it hurts you. Similarly, sometimes someone can say something very small but harsh behind your back and it could hurt you a lot. hummus and Masha in Binyamin Michelle who is Michelle? One who does a lot of mushy. What does machine What does machine mean? Walk? So Michelle constantly walking, going around here to there from one person to the other end? What is he walking with? No mean? What does no mean mean? slander?

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No mean? What does it mean? slander, a false statement. That is said in order to damage someone's reputation. What is it a false statement that is said in order to damage someone's reputation? So first of all hammers behind other people's back he's insulting them. And then Masha and Bina mean, constantly going about amongst people spreading false things in order to damage other people's reputation. malicious gossip. So don't listen to such a person. Why not listen to him? Because if you listen to him, if you stay with him, is his behavior going to influence you? Is it going to influence you? Yes, you will end up saying what they say you will end up doing what they do. But

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your character is supposed to be very great, very high. So don't listen to such people.

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This person who is he monera. In a preventer preventer of what little hide of good

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manners is one who does a lot of money constantly forbids constantly stops. So what does he stop from hide? What does hide mean? Good deeds. So he does not perform good deeds himself. And then he also stops other people from performing good deeds. Then secondly, hide also means well, seminarians will hide what does it mean? One who does not spend wealth on those who are needy, and he also stops others from spending wealth on them. monera linhai.

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And what is the best religion, Islam seminary little hate? He doesn't follow it himself and he also stops other people monera a little higher, and on top of that martyred transgressor who is more than one who transgresses against people and a theme one who commits isn't meaning since disobeys? Who? Allah. So Martin is with regards to the hoopoe of people and a theme with regards to the Roku of Allah subhanaw taala manjeri linhai mortared in a theme?

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Moreover, Allah says serotonin krule burdah velyka Moreover, zenni an illegitimate pretender urato who is

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someone who is very stubborn it's one of the route setters is very stubborn, and very arrogant. I thought that basically is to pull someone by their hair to drag someone by their hair, farty, Lou, eat us or injure him to pull someone by the hair on their head. And I'm sure Kenny he said about or thought that it is a person who is have a very strong build, but he has terrible, extremely rude, crude in his behavior. So in his physical body, how is he very tough, very strong, very mighty. But when it comes to o'clock, extremely rude.

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Similarly, it has been said with regards to ortho

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He is one who is strong in his body very healthy in his body. He has enough to eat and drink. He always has food, but he does a lot of work on people and has a big belly as well. So who is he? Someone who is a bully?

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Or is a bully? Certainly in very harsh coarse mannered akula shuru eats and drinks a lot. bully, selfish, extremely arrogant, very proud, very violent. And on top of that, za, neem, who is any Zen M is someone who is illegitimate. Because the name is basically from the root letters A noon means enema, you may wonder what's the fault of a child? If he's born like that? It's not his fault. Whose fault is it? It's the fault of the parents.

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But the name is different. Don't think of it as someone who is of illegitimate birth, meaning the parents were not married? No, the name is different in the sense that xenium is someone who claims to be of a certain lineage pretends to be of a certain lineage. But he's not actually of that lineage.

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So for example, the person says, I am a say youth, but in fact, he's not. This is what

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beings any, and this is something extremely bad.

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And this is derived from the word center. And what does that mean? literally an excess in something. Zen amateur shatz Zen amateur chef, what is a chef? a goat? And Zen Amma is a wattle. What is a waffle waddle is basically this extra flesh, extra flesh that hangs from the various parts of the neck or the head on either side of the throat. And you may have seen, for example, some goats, they have extra flesh hanging on their neck.

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Similarly, in oxen, as well, you will find that extra flesh hanging under the neck, you understand, this is what cinema is. Typically it's found in goats, pigs, birds, and also oxen. So extra flesh. The name is who, someone who claims to be other people. But he's not actually of them. He claims to have a certain lineage, but he doesn't actually have that. So what is the extra excess?

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So who is this person who is being described in these is even our best for the Darren who said that he was described but unknown to us until Xeni in this description was given, but we didn't know who this was referring to, until the name was set.

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When the name was said, we knew it was Walid bin mahira. Why is it so for different reasons? First of all, we're leaving the lira. He pretended to be of the kadesh. Where is it whereas in fact, he was not of the crush. His real father claimed him when he was 18 years of age.

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And then, despite that, he always claimed to be of the crush. And he was very proud about that, because pradesh was a very noble tribe. And remember, in Arabia, if you belong to a noble tribe, you are very respectable. And if you belong to an ordinary tribe, you are considered ordinary as well. You didn't have any respect. So in order to be famous and impressive, and very noble, what did he do? He claimed to be of the crush

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and sly became known to the people very soon. Secondly, also, they recognized him that it was Walid bin Molina Why? Because he had a cinema, a piece of extra flesh on his neck just as a goat has. So he had that extra flesh hanging from his neck.

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So even our boss of the Darren who said that we didn't know who it was until the words idiom came via Delica name.

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Now, if you think about it,

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what are these is show to us. bad character.

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If you look at all of these characteristics that are mentioned over here, what are they? First of all, hello maheen Hummers and Masha in Binyamin manjeri little hide mortared in a theme or auto Lin all of these characteristics. What are they have that o'clock? They don't suit a righteous believer. This is why Allah says don't listen to this person. Well out there. Don't listen to him. Because if you listen to him, if you stay with him, you are going to end up doing what he does. His bad character is also going to influence you. And it's very very important for a diary that he must have

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Good, noble character.

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And we have to become very careful. Because sometimes what do we do? We're watching such shows in which foul language is being said, or people are behaving in a very rude, crude way with one another. The one whom you watch, isn't his character is going to influence you, isn't it? It will. So be careful about what you watch. Be careful about who you admire. Be careful about who you sit with, because their manners are going to influence you.

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Allah tells us don't listen to them. And why is it that he behaves like this, and Canada, Malin webmoney, because he is a possessor of wealth and children. What gives him the courage to behave like this? Simply because he has a lot of wealth, and because he has many sons. This is why he behaves like this. He has no good quality in him, no clock, no manners, no good lineage, but only wealth and children. And it's based on this that he considers himself very high and noble, is really something to be proud about wealth and children know a person can be extremely wealthy, he can have great children. However, if it's a flock is not good. He doesn't have any value.

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And many times what is it that makes people so confident that they can say whatever they want to do other people become a bully because they think they have money?

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and Canada Malin Weber Nene, Allah is asking us, is it this reason why he behaves like this?

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Either totally early he is tuna when our Verses are recited to him on a cell Tweedle a welline. He says legends of the former people.

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Why does he say this about the Quran? Is it because he has a lot of wealth he has many children. He denies what we have revealed out of pride out of arrogance. And why is he proud? Because he has well because he has children. Okay, if he's so proud, Allah says senesi moholoholo tone

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we will brand him upon his note. This knows that he's very proud of we will brand him up on that. Send us He will send us emails from the newsletters while seeing me Watson and Watson is too brand to put a mark and we Sam is the tool through which branding is done. You know the act of branding, heater metal and fire and then use that to put a mark on a living being.

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Because when you put a mark and what will happen the skin will slightly burn and when it's burned, it will leave a mark. So we Sam is a tool through which this is done.

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And over here, Lhasa senesi mahalo horto, we're going to brand him were on his note who is used for the trunk. Like for example, the trunk of an elephant, or the nozzle, the nose that is protruding out of a donkey or a pig or an animal such as that.

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Allah subhanaw taala called his nose portal. Why

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we see that well, even lire he had a long nose, and he was very proud of it.

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He was very proud of it.

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And many times we see that people do hold their nose a pie out of pride and arrogance. So he's so proud because he has wealth and children senecio who are eligible to live in a brand name on his nose. What does it mean by this, we're going to brand him on his nose.

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Some have said that what this means is that we are going to leave a mark on his nose, because of which he will be humiliated for the rest of his life. And it happened

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that at the Battle of birds of his nose got chopped off.

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Center see Memorial Horton Don't laugh at this center, see Memorial Horton. And because of that he was humiliated for the rest of his life. He was so proud. And because of that arrogance, he would oppose the Prophet sallallahu. humiliate him, call him a Jew and insult the believers. He was a bully, he would harm the believers. What does Allah say senesi weren't allowed to we're not going to leave him. And in the Hereafter, we will impose such punishment on him that will never apart from him. We went to black and his face.

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Now all of these traits that are being mentioned over here, what do they show to us? These characteristics, Allah subhanaw taala does not like at all.

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Look at how angry Allah is with him.

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Because it says oh, this person is being insulted. It's a huge insult that a person's nose is called Horton. It's a huge insult that a person is called the name.

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A huge insult. Someone is so proud of being a member of a tribe is not actually that and Allah insulting like all of this, what does it show? Allah is so upset with him so angry with him. Why is it

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Not so angry with him

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because of these characteristics, so it shows to us that we must stay away from these characteristics.

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Take them out of your life hammers don't talk bad about people behind their back. Don't look for faults in other people don't go around spreading rumors. I heard this I heard that Did you hear? Did you hear that? There's no need to do that. Similarly or to being very proud being a bully, no, this behavior does not suit a believer at all. What Allah likes is good character, the character that has messenger possessed in the calella

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CB one,

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if you think about many times when people have wealth, and they have enough, they think very highly of themselves. And because of that, I think it's okay for them to treat the other people however they want. They turn into bullies, they start humiliating others, but they don't see the faults that they have in themselves.

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They look at the faults of other people, but they forget their own faults. For example, when even a leader he was opposing the prophets are allowed him so much but he didn't even reflect on the bad characteristics that he possessed himself. He was the name insulting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forgetting that he was not of a noble tribe at all.

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So, many times it happens that because of well, a person becomes proud and he thinks he can say whatever he wants to to other people.

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And this is not right. This is not right at all. Just because you have more money doesn't mean you can say whatever you want.

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Remember that a clock is something that is very, very important a person has to be very careful about it. And especially remember the team in dharwad

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because sometimes people become rude even in doing garwa the start mocking at the other. This is not right. Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet said a lot of setup, which was the most noble way

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we listen to the rest of

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in St.

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Al-Qalam 1-52 Tafsir 5-16

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