Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 184A Translation Al-Nur 58-64

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics related to privacy, including "vanage to women" and "vanage to women," as well as "vanage to women" and "vanage to women" in a conversation. The speakers mention various women, including Lavina, Kari, and Amran, as well as "vanage to women" and "vanage to women" in a conversation about "vanage to women." They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and the need for forgiveness in the context of a situation. The transcript is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a series of disconnected sentences and phrases.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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now shadow on a Sunday or out of SUTA hilchot him and my birth father with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim er Beshara ashlea Saudi were Siddeley Emery wash ruler of death and melissani of Kahakai Robinair. Zina in

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lesson number 185 Surah to note, I a number 58 to 64

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Yeah Are you her or you? And Lavina those who are Manu they believed liest then come he should seek permission from you. And Medina, those who Malacca a possessed a man who come your right hands when Medina and those who learn not ye below who they reach out of Charlemagne the puberty men come from you selesa three my rotten times. Men from I believe before so allottee prayer alpha of the dawn of the Fed were haina and when double owner you all remove sia become your clothes, men from as the hero the noon woman and from body after Salah T prayer, Alicia the nighttime or the Orisha Salah su three are rotten privacy times of privacy lecan For you all laser it is not la come upon you. Wala

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and Nora la him upon them generation any sin by the HANA after them. For foreigner ones who come and go around. I lay come upon you barbacoa some of you Isla upon bobbin some others Guernica thus you big no he makes clear Allahu Allah lecan For you al as the verses are Allahu and Allah or Limon always all knowing hecky mon always always

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what either and when Bolivar he reached upside the children, men come from you. I'll show them the puberty failures that they do, then they should seek permission, gamma just as is that then he sought permission. And Medina those who men from cobbling him before them to Velyka thus you guys you know, he makes clear, Allahu Allah lagom for you. And he has versus what Allah Who and Allah or Limon always all knowing Hakeem on always always,

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well Calleri do and those who sit or those who sit in brackets past childbearing.

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Men from a Nyssa the women allottee those who love not your Juna they hope they expect Nikka one marriage for an ASA so it is not la henna upon them, do no one any sin and that your burner, they remove the Yerba Hoonah their clothes,

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not whatever rejecting ones displaying the Xena 10 with beauty, one and that yes they are pfiffner they adopt modesty

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or yes there are pfiffner they abstain Hieron better Lohana for them. Allah Who and Allah Samir on always on hearing or Limon always all knowing,

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lay Lisa it is not Allah upon alarma the blind one Hello June any harm, any constraint, where Allah and nor Allah upon L urge the lame halogen any constraint when Allah and Nora Isla upon al mareel The sick halogen any constraint wala and Nora Allah upon and foresee Calm yourselves and that that Gulu you all eat men from boo you tickle your houses, oh or beauty houses about ecom of your father's

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or beauty houses automatic home of your mother's eye or beauty houses a honeycomb of your brothers. Oh or beauty houses a house article of your sisters. Oh will you do or houses are Mamiko of your paternal uncles.

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I will beauty or houses or medical of your paternal aunts I

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WT er houses acquire decom of your maternal uncle's Albayalde or houses holla decom your maternal aunts or man what? My lactone y'all on my 30 who is keys?

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Oh or Saudi AFRICOM your friend Lisa It is not our lay come upon you generation any blame and that that glue you all eat Jimmy and altogether Oh or a statin separately for either than when the whole time you are entered by you done houses for suddenly more than you all greet Allah upon and fusi come yourselves

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to hear done a greeting men from or in the near Allah He Allah wa Baraka 10 When bless it by you button pure Gallica likewise. You may you know, he explains clearly Allahu Allah Lacan for you is the vs. La I love him so that you don't you all understand

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in nama indeed not but on what me No no, the believers and Levina are those who know they believed the lahaie in Allah, what are SULI he and his messenger

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were either and when can know they were ma who with him? Allah upon Amarin a matter Jan Marin one collective love not yet hobble they go had their until yesterday the you know who they seek permission from him in that indeed Alladhina DOSEMU yesterday the no naka they seek permission from you. Hola ICA those are Latina, or those who you may know that they believe Billahi in Allah, what are su li and His messenger? For either so when is the Nuka they sought permission from you? Libra Alban for some shirt in the hem. They're important matter.

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Then, then give permission, Lehmann. For whoever shitter you will mean home from them will still fit and seek forgiveness law home for them. Allah from Allah in the law indeed Allah will afford on always all forgiving, vehement always all merciful.

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Laugh do not third year I love y'all make the calling of Rasul of the messenger. Boehner come between you all care dua II like calling battle the comb of some of you, by Allah some others.

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Indeed, Yara lembu Kinos, Allahu Allah, Allah Medina those who yet are Soluna they slip away, men come from you Liwa as concealed by others,

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Lee whether concealed by others taking shelter fell yesterday. So he should be cautious and Lavina those who you Holly fauna, they oppose and from Emery he his command and that to sleep at home it reaches them, fitna tone a trial Oh or usually by whom it reaches them, either when a punishment and Iman one painful.

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Unquestionably, in indeed Lilla he for Allah, ma whatever, for some are worth it in the heavens will up and the earth

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indeed, yeah Allah Moo he knows ma whatever. And don't you are Alayhi upon it, way OMA and day or on day your Gerona they will be returned Alaihe to him for you in a beautiful home then he will inform them Bhima with whatever army do they did Allah Who and Allah because only with every che in thing are Limon always all knowing

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let's listen to the recitation

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or less the

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show oh my

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god machine

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boy here

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in Asia

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laser at a

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got Danny Kaye will be in LA hold up

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do you want long audio hanging while he there

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is that as you know can

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I mean upon any him Gary can you be

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long Lottie Moon hiking

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busy why

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law who sent me on naughty lazy

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how are

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you how are

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you Hello

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boy oh boy oh

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boy oh

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oh boy oh

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boy oh

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boy oh

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boy oh

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boy oh

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god harder Do you think from

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a woman

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at her Hoh

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Jamie washed

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either the

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sequencer here

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the here

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play Eva gathered he came over you log

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you're sorry he was

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was either

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the you know

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the you know like

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you can let in I mean all you want

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but he does

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appreciate me him but then

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she was

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law in

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law he learns

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more body

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Burnley dairy levy

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free to see

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I will see

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you Santa

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to Mally ADIA

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jolla eat I want to

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remind you know what a lot will be foolish in it

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