Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L084C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Hereafter concept is discussed, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the truth and not giving up on false statements. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being aware of what is being said and not giving up on it. The concept of Islam is also discussed, citing its based on guidance and the "has been fulfilled in the last sense" as it is based on guidance. It is important to make decisions based on guidance given by the "has been fulfilled in the last sense" and the "has been fulfilled in the last sense."
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When he does la la, either to let in and it is through the hearts of those people who disbelieve in the Hereafter, they will inclined toward it.

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Lita saw this was a solid line Yeah. And other say solid line well, solo or silly, which is to incline toward something, what does it mean to incline towards something,

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and particularly when this word is used for inclining towards a speech, it is to listen attentively,

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it is to then, do the lean to incline in order to listen attentively to something.

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So, let us all so that it inclines allow you to do what to the Zaku Falco.

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What inclines to disapproval count,

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as either two hearts of who alladhina lay amenable after all those people who don't believe in the hereafter. So what do we learn that every person does not fall for the full code, who falls for it. One who does not believe in the hereafter

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are low. And they become very happy with it, because that's what they were looking for.

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And as a result, when the 34 enter that they commit mahieu mokhtari for what they are committing from before

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3434 from the root at risk of raw fat is still off love is literally to peel the bark of a tree,

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the bark of the tree it is to peel it off.

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And then it is also to peel the scab off a wound.

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For example, when a person gets a wound and scabs, what is extra for me to peel off the scale. Some people have a lot of interest in, they find a lot of pleasure in feeling of scabs. And from this icterus is used for doing something burning something acquiring something while the octapharma homothetic answer that they commit what they're committing from before. What does it mean by this, that those people who don't believe in the Hereafter, what happened to them, they inclined to call the Casa La, they inclined towards it.

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And they like it.

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They like it a lot. Look at this man. He said he was a prophet. He's saying worship only one God. He's saying don't commit Zina. But I like to do these things. And I don't want to listen to him. Now all of a sudden, somebody says he's a magician. He's a liar, or really, he's a magician, he's a liar. Okay, the heart is inclined towards it, who the person who has no interest in the year after his heart is inclined towards it, he becomes very happy with his approval code. And that gives him the license to do whatever he wants to do. When he 3434, they can continue to do what they're already doing. They don't have to change their ways at all. So what do we learn in this is

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that first of all, in this dunya, there is both good, and there's also evil, there is truth. And then there is also false. There are people who are calling to good and there are those who who are calling to misguidance. And we are in a test that who recognizes the truth in all of this confusion and distinguishes between right and wrong.

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who recognizes the truth and who distinguishes between right and wrong, who is successful, a person who can differentiate between the two. And he goes for that which is correct. No matter how charming no matter how beautiful the falsehood may appear to be, no matter how pleasing and attractive it may seem. The test is that despite this illusion that has been made, do you see the truth? Do you recognize the truth? Do you accept the truth or not? Because those people who don't believe in the Hereafter, they're the ones who like the soccer football and they're the ones who fall for it.

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We learn that the Sahabi to fail even though he didn't know his story, how he became a Muslim.

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He was a leader of his tribe and he inshallah we will learn in Muslim Europe that he visited Mecca to perform the Hajj or Umrah. He basically came for a pilgrimage. And when he reached there, the people said to him also fail. You have come to our town. This man who claims that he is a prophet has ruined our authority and shattered our community. We are afraid that he will succeed in undermining you and your authority among your people, just as he has done with us. Don't speak to the man on no account, listen to anything that he has to say.

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He has the speech of a magician, causing division between father and son between brother and brother and between husband and wife. And today

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he says he narrates the story himself, that when he saw the prophets autism, he put cotton balls in his ear, that he wouldn't be able to even hear the Quran he became so terrified. But then he said to himself that what are you doing AutoPay, you are a perceptive, but he also was a port. And you can distinguish between the good and the bad in poetry, what prevents you from listening to what this man is saying? If what comes for him is good accepted, and if it is bad rejected.

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So we are in this test as well. There's so many things that are being said every day, about this person about that person about one product about another product and good and bad, positives and negatives. Our test is that do we look beyond the surface? And recognize the truth of something? And do we look beyond the surface and recognize the falseness of something? Or do we just get deceived by the apparent profane, even among those who learn who he didn't get deceived by the apparent he said to himself, I have sense, Allah has given me some logic, I should use it. And he descended the profits out of us. And he saw him praying. And that led him to accepting email.

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So this is this is the test that we're in all the time, don't get fooled by everything. Don't get fooled by everything. Sometimes they say, there is a big sale, 40% off on everything. 60% off. And in very small letters, it'll say on already reduced items. Things like that are out there. We see this all the time. So don't get deceived by everything. And just because something is on sale, doesn't mean it's good for you. Because sometimes people say, oh, there is a say, let's go, let's go. So what if things are on sale. So what if it's the boxing, it's the boxing week, what's the big deal, if you don't need it, don't go if you need it go. So don't get deceived by the apparent rather

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use your mind.

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We also learn from this idea that false statements do fall out. They don't impress everyone, but they impress people who don't have any interest in the living a lie.

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Because the person who is focused on the author, he is wise, he uses his mind.

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Because he is filtering everything that he is doing, that he's getting ahold of that he's looking at, he filters everything. He never takes anything on its surface. He's always filtering. Is this good for my camera or not? Is this good for my final end or not? Is is going to benefit me or not? If it's going to benefit me good. If it's not, I don't need it. So why is people mature people, they don't get affected by zip code. And those people who are not focused on the ACA, they get impressed by it. And they take it willingly.

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And notice over here a loss of data says that when they have though they become happy with it. Why? Because they were already looking for something negative like that.

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They were already looking for.

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When they see it, they had very impressed by it. They like it. And then they continue to do whatever they wanted.

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You know, sometimes there is a particular issue, for instance, halal meat issue, for instance. What is halal? What isn't halal? is eating here permissible is eating there not permissible. People are always wondering about this. Now. One is that you read the Quran and you learned what is heard and what is not.

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And you accept it. And the other is that you want to eat at a particular restaurant.

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You really want to you always wanted. So you're looking now one person comes userprofile cone, and very beautifully expresses, he explains. And you're like, yes, what he's saying is so nice. It makes sense. And you accept it and you do whatever you want to do. Why? Because you were looking for it. You were looking for somebody who was saying that this is exactly what people do when they're photoshopping they're looking for a particular footwork. And when they find it, your bow who want to carry Kumihimo

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nobody's going to say that where you're eating, there's how long that is served, there's alcohol that is served and if a person is there, there's the learner of a lot. They're not going to present their reality to you as reality. They're going to say, oh, it is permissible, enjoy the food, it's good taste, and they will say things like that, you will like it you will accept it, you will do whatever you want.

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So a person is focused on the accident, and His focus is not the fulfillment of his desires. He does not get deceived by

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the law he evidently hackerman See, then is it other than Allah I should seek as Judge Well, one that he ends in a in a common kita masala. Well, it is he who has

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revealed to you the book explained in detail. Now, there are many people who come and start speaking about the deen as if they are great authorities on religion. Over here we're being told, then save these people that should I see besides a law, someone as a judge, meaning Should I accept someone else's judgment in religion? Whose religion is it? Allah subhanaw taala. So I should not take his judgment I should take the judgment of somebody else. Well, one lady ended up in a coma. Katanga Salah, where's he is the one who has sent down the book to you in detail.

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When Latina Latina who will kita and those people to whom we have given the book, Yana Muna, under whom when a pseudo mitrovic they know very well, that it is revealed to you from your Lord will help with the truth for that. akuna minal montery. So don't be of those who doubt.

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Now it's the connection of this idea with the previous idea. There are many people who come in and start talking about their religion as if they are very high authorities. Over here, we're being told that Allah subhanaw taala is the hacker and who is different from hacking? hacking is one who always judges according to truth, his judgment is always correct, always every single time

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How can he is judge and he could also make a mistake, but how can always correct

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so, when Allah is the hukam, you want me to take the judgment of somebody else?

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Why should I he has already sent the book and there is so much detail in the book it is Mufasa Mufasa is from fasula which means to separate

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and then it is to explain something so clearly, that it is that it is separate each point is distinct from the other.

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So when he has revealed the Book in this way, do I need the photo of other people?

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Do I need their opinions? No. So what's the lesson in this ayah for us, that at any time when there is an issue, when there is an argument, when there is some confusion, people are using big words, fancy words. At that time, what should you do? Look at what the book of Allah says about it.

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What do people generally say? So and So scholar, so Enzo scholar, he has studied from there and there. He is the president of such and such place. He is the head. He's the chief. So they will use big names. He said this, okay. He may have said it. But what is the book of a lossy? Perhaps he said it out of misunderstanding. Perhaps he said it by mistake. Maybe he didn't mean it. But you can see the work of a lot you know, what else? Are they saying? Yet you will cling to what the other person said and not what the last panel died and say. So what is the lesson in this for us? that whenever there is a problem whenever there is a confusion, what should we look at the book of Allah.

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We also learn from this ayah that no matter how much people oppose you by beautifying their speech by using false arguments, don't listen to them. And don't doubt what Allah has revealed to you.

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Violetta coonan middle mentoring Don't be of those who doubt that what what the last panel data has revealed rather be 100% sure about it. Why? Because with them with Kalamata de casa con, what are the law and the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and injustice? The mud is from the roof gutters that meet meet demand.

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And what does the man mean? When something is complete and perfect? And it does not need anything else. So the word of your Lord which Kadima whether it is the Quran, or it is some hokum that He has given or it is a promise of reward or punishment, anything that Allah subhanaw taala has stated, any kalama of your Lord, it is stomach, it is complete, and it is perfect. So there is no doubt about it being true.

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And it is complete and perfect, in what sense. First of all, slid into meaning every word of your Lord is true. Every word whether it is a Quran, or it is some token or it is some news, some information, some fact, it is definitely true. It is based on truth. And secondly, what are the land and also justice, that his commands, his decrees. His prohibitions are all based on justice. Lambert directly Mati and there is none who can come and change his words. No one can come in alter the words of Allah wa who was Samir alim and he is the hearing and he's also the annoying

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so there

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Many people out there using zufall code to deceive you,

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to fool you, to make you believe what they're saying. But what does Allah say? Don't fall what they're saying, Why? Because what your Lord is telling you, it is perfect and complete in truth and injustice, perfect and complete in truth and injustice 100% accurate 100% just, there is no bias in the command of the last panel data. So the truth is established, and nothing can change it. What do we learn from this? If?

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First of all, as I mentioned to you, that no matter what people say, when should we go for?

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What Allah subhanaw taala has said? Because that is based on truth and justice.

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Secondly, there is no one who can change the words of Allah. So if there is a command that we don't like, what do we have to do change the command of Allah? know, we were supposed to change ourselves, not try to change the word of Allah. Don't try to interpret it in another way. Keep it original, keep it as it is, and change yourself

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well into their experiment fill out and if you obey most people on the earth, what's going to happen? Usually Luca and Sybil in LA, they will lead you astray from the wave of law.

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Why? Because majority is not authority. majority of the people are not following sleep or other.

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But rather what are they following? In your to Verona a loved one, they're only following one. What is one and assumption, something that has no evidence behind it?

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Something that has no evidence behind it? That is what they're following? What's an assumption?

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What in home, and they are not a liar? Who soon they're only speculating, they're only guessing.

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The word Yahoo, so is on the roof as hot outside.

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And this is to guess, to estimate the fruit on a tree. You understand? Like, for example, a person has an orchard?

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orchard of, let's say, orange trees.

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Now he has to find a buyer. Or the buyer says, Okay, how much fruit Are you going to sell me? He says, I have these many trees. And I don't know how much is going to be you're going to have to wait until I pick all the oranges only then I can tell you. But it'll be too late by then.

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So somebody has to go and guess an estimate? How many oranges is his orchard going to produce? So here's his to estimate it is to guess the weight of fruit that is on a tree before it has become right. And people develop this ability through experience. through experience people develop this. But many times, it is also an incorrect estimate, isn't it? Thank you, because you're just estimating, it's possible that half the fruit, something happens to it, or it's not as much as he thought it was. So there's a high possibility of his guests being untrue. From this, the word cleanse is also used for a lie. Hamas is used for a liar, a cadet, someone who talks without

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knowledge without knowledge of the reality. So basically, this is an unreliable statement, which is not based on knowledge or reality. So in from Elijah Hassan, they're only guessing they only live

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when you're sick. Who do you go to? The doctor? You go to every person on the street and ask him what medication you should take? No. Then why is it the when it comes to religion? Many people, they're following one and they're your husband? Okay, try this doesn't work. Try that. If it's something very serious, you're not going to try everything that people are telling you, you're going to go to the doctor. So what is the last parameter I say? that most people are not upon guidance. So your criteria should not be what people are doing. Your criteria should be what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded you. Because in Rebecca who are animal, your Lord, He is most knowing of what

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moneylender and severely of who is a stray from his way will who will Ireland will be moved in and he is the one who knows of who is rightly guided. So what's the lesson in these is that it is not the practice of majority, but it is the guidance that is given by a loss of data. That is a criteria for determining the truth.

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People may be using a lot of zufall code. They may be using a lot of false speech. their religion will be based on one and his. However, what do you have to do? You have to make sure that what you're doing is based on the guidance

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Allah has given because that is based on sleep. And

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don't fall for propaganda. Be wise. Use your mind and go for sick and other

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boo boo,

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boo. Miu

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Boo boom.

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la kita bamboo.

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la moto be completed.

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It was me.

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