Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L178C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In the levena indeed those people who Yamuna marks linetti, who falsely accused chaste women.

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Those people who accused Mr. sonet and remember the word your Mona, you have done the word earlier as well. And primarily It is used for accusing someone

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over here of Xena.

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So those who falsely accuse women of Xena, but which women have more salinity, Luffy, Latin Minetti

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those who are more sonet. More sonet is a Florida, North Carolina. And Masada, as you know, is used for a married woman. It's also used for a chaste woman. It's also used for a free woman.

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Over here, it gives the meaning of chaste woman, those women who are chased those women who do not do wrong things, who guard their chastity, who have higher

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and Allah filat florala, waffleh

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waffleh, someone who has left law, and what is the law, that a person is the less that a person is inattentive, that a person does not pay attention to something,

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that a person is not that smart, he does not use his mind a lot, or that he's not too clever. You understand this is the meaning of will often.

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And we think that being lawful, is something that is wrong.

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That is when it is with regards to religion, that a person is not smart. When it comes to the dean, he does not pay attention to the dean. He's not that clever when it comes to the dean, and clever and smart with regard to the dean does not mean that a person knows what to do and how to get away from certain things. No, it is that a person pays attention to every aspect. And he gets the maximum out of the different situations.

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So law, filat over here gives a sense of those women who are very naive, very innocent. We're not that street smart, you can say, very innocent women.

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So first of all, they're chaste. And secondly, there are very innocent women who never even think of doing anything wrong. Who never even think of doing Zina. This thought never even crosses their mind. There's so much as they're so innocent, that it can never ever be imagined that this woman would do something like that. Like, for example, I showed the learner, she was a chaste woman. And she was a innocent woman in the sense that it could never be imagined that she would commit sin never ever.

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You see, there are certain people, if you hear that they have done something you like, I'm not surprised.

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If you hear that they have done something wrong, whatever that wrong may be. What do you say? I'm not surprised. But if there's some other people, and you hear that they have done something or you like, I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. I cannot accept it. Why? Because you're so innocent. They're so naive, it's not possible, they will do something like that.

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So a lot of you that are women who are very innocent, very naive.

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And thirdly, minute those women who believe in a mindless messenger.

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So those people who accuse such women more sonet lafay. That minute, those people who accuse them, Allah says lewrie nofit dunya Well, they have been cursed in this dunya and also in the

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how that they are distance from the mercy of Allah in this dunya they will be punished. And what is that punishment? What is that punishment to falsely accuse someone of Zina without producing evidence that a person is given 80 lashes and many times it happens that people are successful in accusing, innocent, chaste women of committing Zina. And what happens people will come and give false witness against her. It has happened many times many places in the world, that people will come and give false witness against that woman. Like for example, a woman is raped. And then there come four witnesses standing up against her that she has committed Zina, apparently the man who has

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done Zina with her, he is never held accountable, but she will be held accountable. So it's possible that the punishment is not inflicted on the accusers in this dunya. But what does Allah say, look at

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whether or not the punishment is inflicted on them. Such people are cursed in dystonia, their distance from the mercy of Allah in dystonia,

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and not just in dystonia, but also in the wider home or their bone Aleem and for them is a great punishment. Why? Because accusing chaste women of Zina is of the major things.

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I will readily learn who he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, shun the seven destructive sins, leave the seven destructive sins and you

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asked what are the Messenger of Allah and he said, associating partners with Allah, magic, getting a soul whom Allah has forbidden to be killed, consuming Riba consuming the property of orphans, running away from the battlefield at the time of war, and accusing chaste women who never even think of anything touching their chastity, and are good believers. So accusing chaste women who are lawful at who never even think of doing anything wrong. This is what of seven destructive since it leads a person to learn if it dunia will occur, and also adapt or lean in the hereafter.

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So this is a great warning from Allah subhanaw taala. For those people who dare to accuse chaste women,

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some have said that this is specifically with regards to the wives of the Prophet, subtle Lotus Allah.

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However, it's not just about them, but it's about any woman who is chaste, who is innocent, who is a believing woman, if anyone accuses them, then for them is this punishment in the dunya and the airflow.

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And also notice over here in this ayah, only women are mentioned. Why? Why are women only mentioned because many times, women are accused. Many times women are accused, like if you think about it, in this incident of if who is in the limelight of the two, I should have learned.

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It's always the woman who is blamed. It's always a woman who is punished more, and the man is not held accountable as much. The man is not punished as much. The man is not reprimanded as much but the woman she is accused, she can be punished without even being proven guilty. So this is why in particular women are mentioned. However, the same rule also applies to accusing chaste men who are believing men who never even think of doing anything wrong.

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Allah subhanaw taala says yo Mata shadow or lay him on the day that it will testify against them.

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What will testify against them alsina to whom their tongues will add him and their hands will outdo them and their feet. Why be mechanically arm alone because of what they used to do. alsina is a plural of listen and ad is a plural of he had an object.

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Rachel? Okay, Rachel is foot. So on the day that their tongues, their hands and their feet are going to witness against them. How that they're going to say that, Oh Allah, this person said such and such the tongue is going to say that Oh Allah, this person used me to say such fascia words to spread such false rumors, what ad and their hands with which they did actions, these hands are going to testify against them, and the audio the feet with which they walked, those feet are going to testify against them. Why?

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Because our bodies, they don't actually belong to us. They're very loyal to Allah.

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We may not be that loyal to Allah, we may not have heard of Allah because of which we do many wrong things with all of these parts of body that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us, but they actually belong to Allah, and they're loyal before him. This has why save yourself from yourself. It's possible you do something today. And you think it's okay, it's just my hands, what's the big deal. But these very hands will speak against us on the Day of Judgment, if we have abused them, if we have not used them correctly. Think about it. People, they're so concerned about their hands and their feet are so concerned about them. They'll get manicures and pedicures regularly. They'll cream

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their hands and cream their feet and make sure they're wearing socks and make sure if they're driving, and it's extremely hot. In the summer. They're wearing gloves so that their hands don't get tanned. People are so careful when they're washing dishes. They'll wear gloves. They'll use such soaps which are very delicate on the skin. Why? Because we're so concerned about the physical appearance of our hands.

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And we don't think about what actions is it that we are doing with these parts of our bodies. If you think about it, physically, these hands will decompose. No matter how much you take care of them. No matter how much you take care of them, eventually what's going to happen. They're going to end up in the grave, and then they're going to be decomposed. But what is going to remain the actions that you have done with these hands.

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And on the Day of Judgment, when this body is going to be resurrected, these hands are not going to speak for us if we have abused them. They're going to speak against us.

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This is why when you look at your hands when you look at your feet, tell yourself they don't actually belong to me.

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They're not going to remain loyal to me

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If I'm doing something wrong like for example, if you're using your hand to beat someone up, spank a child unnecessarily and more than what is necessary more than what is needed. Just imagine if a person is using his hands to type something that is wrong. That's something that is incorrect, right something that is wrong

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with the feet to go somewhere where he should not be going where she should not be going. And with the stung, talking about things which a person should not be talking about the same tongue, the same hands, the same feet are going to speak up against us. Be Matt can we are moving

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into Latina is 65 we learn a Yeoman Lattimore Allah for him what to call him una ID him What a shadow of Zulu Bhima can we actually born that day we will seal over their mouths their mouth will be sealed people will not be able to speak and their hands will speak to us and their feet will testify about what they used to earn

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yoma eden on that day, you will feed him Allahu Allah will pay them in full Dena home their recompense

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and how is that recommends going to be given unhealth meaning that which they deserve and help the truth meaning, what they deserve? He will give them the exact recompense which they deserve, not less, not more. Where Ala Moana, and then they will know anila that indeed, Allahu and how can we be he is the truth, he is the perfect injustice

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and help from the roof address. How cough cough and help literally means truth. And I'll help for a loss of panatela. And help is one of the names of Allah. What does it mean, that one who is true in his being one who is true in his Ulu here in his rubia. And no one shares in these matters with him. So I'll help First of all, with regards to Allah subhanaw taala means one who is true in his being in his existence, in his names and attributes. It is lilu here in his robe ob.

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And I'll help with regards to a loss of parent it also means zonal help, the possessor of help being the one who judges by help the one who makes judgment according to the truth.

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So under law, who and how could that indeed lie is true? And that he is the just one, the one who makes judgment according to the truth and l movie most evident very clearly.

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He is the one who makes the most just decision.

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So what do we see in this ayah that each person will get on the Day of Judgment, what he deserves info, with nothing at all being reduced from his Recompense. Now, if you look at it, these is being revealed over here. There is severe warning that many times we talk without thinking. We do things without thinking. We talk about furniture, we spread rumors, we assume things about other people, we fabricate lies about other people and we spread them without even thinking about the consequences. This is a very, very scary idea. That think about it on the Day of Judgment, this tongue will speak against you. On the day of judgment, you will get the recommends that you deserve, you will not be

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able to avoid it. So be careful about what you say. Be careful about what you do. Be careful about where you go. In certain najem iF 41 we learned some may you deserve we'll just ofor then on the Day of Judgment he will be recompense for it with the fullest recompense who each person he will be given the fullest recompense, nothing less, nothing more exactly what he deserves. into the earlier one I 161 we learn so much. Kowloon, FC Mecca, sabato homeless us,

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each person will be recompense for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged. And we have learned earlier that the deeds of each person will be weighed and the scales them ahwazi. What are they? They are off true, they're not faulty. And if there is Miss Allah Darla, if there's something that is equivalent to the weight of an atom, even that will be recompensed for

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so be very careful about the assumptions that we make about other people

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about the things that we say about other people,

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because they can lead to very severe consequences in the hereafter.

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It's so easy sometimes to just pass on the information that you have heard to say something very easily out of your mouth, but the consequences are so heavy. This is why when Lydia whom Annie lovely Maura, you don't they have no interest in law, they turn away from it completely.

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Then finally Allah subhanaw taala says alavesa to linha be seen

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the evil ones are for who

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Even once a hobby set is feminine and hobby scene is masculine, and hobby set hobby scene has been understood in various ways.

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First of all, it has been said that all hobby sets meaning evil words.

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Evil words.

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Like for example, talking about scandals,

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talking about Russia, taking interest in in decent conversations, who do they suit? Little hobbies in their suit hobbies in people, the impure people, because your speech your conversation, what does that reflect

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your personality, your interests, who you are, whatever you talk about, that reflects who you actually are.

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So bad conversations, hobbies calima hobbies, words, they suit who hobbies people,

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and you are people are who alladhina amanu if you are believers, then talking about scandals, does not suit you. Talking about indecent things does not suit you.

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Who Does it suit hubby See?

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Secondly, it has been said that unhappy sad. Again refers to hobbies statements, hobbies kalimat. And it refers to the accusation of Xena

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the accusation of Xena that someone has committed adultery. This tsutsu

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who can be accused of having committed adultery? Someone who has chased someone who is like you know, these accusations they suit who lil hubby seen the hobbies people, not the pure people.

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And this is a very, very important tool that when you hear that somebody righteous someone chaste, has been accused or something that is wrong, you cannot accept it. Like for example over here in this incident, what happened people had accused I should have delana Who Was she a pure person. They had accused someone while they learn who who was he a chase person a believing man, a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They were not a hobbyist people. Therefore, such accusations such statements cannot be said about

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slanders accusations, they can only be said about to be seen, not the UB.

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Thirdly, l hobby sad has also been understood as evil women, meaning women whose interest is in a women whose interest is you know men. So such women who do this route, little hobby see impure men.

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This is just as we read earlier, as Danny Lyon who has any written oshika that as any person will only be interested in a zania woman and a zania woman will only be interested in it.

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So similarly, all hobbies are to the hobby scene. And I shall have to learn her. Who is she? Who is she? She is of the for us, and she is the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so how would it be that Allah would give to his prophet? A woman who is unchaste? A woman who is kabisa not possible? Because Allah be sad or for who else have you seen the MPR women they sue to impure men alone would never choose for his prophet, a woman who is impure.

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While hubby sooner, and the impure men are for who lil hubby said for the impure women.

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Again, this will be understood as that al-harbi soon meaning evil men evil people. They're the ones for whom our little hobby said they're the ones who deserve hobbies that evil words What are you back to and on the other hand, the pure women or the pure words, the pure kalimat good remarks positive remarks therefore who live by you been for the pure man? So I should have the learner who was she? She was like a woman. This is why she was married to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam who was definitely like you. So what the you better lift her up with the you buena litho you bet and the pure men are also for who for the pure women.

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So primarily what is being said that what suits something evil is what evil what is like it

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and what suits something good is what good What is like it, you get what you deserve.

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So if there is a person who was righteous you will only say good things about them.

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Good things can only be said about a righteous person.

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It goes both ways. If there is a person who is righteous you will only say good things about them and good things can only be said about you a righteous person a good person. And on the other hand, if there is someone who is bad, then his reputation will make you say bad things about them.

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And bad things can only be said about you bad people. What they you buena. Lita, you bet Allah says Allah Ecuador's, who does not refer to that were you born and you bet. The pure men and the pure women. Allah says they are mobile owner. They're ones who are absolved of responsibility, meaning they're innocent. Maya Kowloon from what they say.

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Those people who are pure, who are clean, who are innocent, who are chairs to a righteous, they have nothing to do with what the corrupt men and women say about them.

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So for example, about I shall they learn about stuff when evil things were said. What does Allah subhanaw taala say they are mobile Onam in Maya kulu lahoma marathon, what is concurring and for them is forgiveness and also a noble reward.

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So in this ayah, the companions of the Prophet serovar, etc, have been honored. the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have been honored, the prophets are allowed to center himself, he has been honored because when a person is righteous than he deserves a righteous spouse. When a person is righteous than he deserves a righteous reputation, then people can only say good things about them.

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And the status is a very, very important lesson that if you hear something evil being said about a righteous person, never accepted, never accepted. Because Allah subhanaw taala says over here, I'll hubie set then Have you seen even words can only be said about evil people? They're the ones who deserve them. Not righteous people. It's not the other way around.

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We listen to the recitation and

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shame on you. In

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Walla Walla

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Whoa, whoa, semi

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God Gina fee savvy.

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Me Yo,

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yo, Ma, ed.

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for the fee no hobby.

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lobby. No.

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if you look at it, this last idea, it summarizes the entire discussion. The entire theme of this is that whatever lessons were being taught, this is summarizes it very beautifully, that pure men are for pure women. Pure women are for who? Pure men, and evil men are for evil women and evil women are for evil men, they're the ones who deserve one another.

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And the Sahaba of the prophets are allowed us in this hobby. They're not impure, they're not evil. Therefore, nothing evil can be said about them.

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And also, it includes evil words.

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If you think about it, what is included in evil words, because what is being said over here is that evil words can only be said by who?

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evil people, because good people, they are good and evil people, they talk evil.

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So what is included in evil words?

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gossip? What else? backbiting What else? swear words foul language. What else, mocking it other people very true.

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So who can say such words, someone who is bad, someone who is bad and is nature, someone who was bad and is a man, someone who has hobbies from inside. It's not possible that someone who has imagined in his heart is a player person, he would say foul words, he would like to backbite he would like to listen to gossip. It's not possible.

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This recently somebody was telling me about this person who attended this seminar, which was organized by this Christian organization for their missionaries, and people who run different things such as churches, etc. And this was a Muslim person who went to attend to see how is it that these people work.

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And the organizers of that seminar, the man who has a particular business, he says that one of his rules is that anyone who is caught gossiping, is going to be fired.

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Anyone who is caught gossiping, is going to be fired, he is not allowed to work in that place anymore.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:30

Because the work that is being done is a work of God.

00:27:31 --> 00:27:43

And God is your boss. And everything that we have to do has to be according to what God likes. So if you do anything that goes against the teachings of God, you're not allowed to come here.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:49

So just imagine if somebody is caught gossiping, he's fired and literally many people have been fired because of that.

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Similarly, there was a person who was in a very high position, he was caught cheating on his wife. He was fired. He was fired. Why? Because this work is supposed to be good work, and only good people can do this kind of work. And people who indulgent evil people who indulgent hubby's actions, they don't deserve to do such type of work.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:41

And over here, the same thing is being said that Hobbes Adam and Hobbes in evil words can only be said by hobbies, people. And, and hobby soon, the evil people, they're the ones who are subjected to hobbies that they're subjected to say, hobbies, words, because your reputation precedes you, and your tongue speaks your heart. Those who are evil will talk evil and those who are good, they will speak good.

00:28:43 --> 00:28:55

And hobby fair does not just include words and women and people. But it also includes our man evil actions, evil actions, such as dinner, they can only be done by who,

00:28:56 --> 00:28:57

people who are evil

00:28:58 --> 00:29:02

and righteous people, they will only do that which is approved.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:22

So this is very, very important. And it's a very big test for all of us that all of us need to analyze ourselves. That if my conversation, if my speech includes indecent words, it includes gossiping, it includes backbiting,

00:29:23 --> 00:29:30

then, am I in the category of hobbies? Or am I in the category of hobbies? Or am I in the category of play you bet

00:29:31 --> 00:29:36

between because this is a very, very important test. And it's a very serious one.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:39

Each person can analyze himself over here.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:51

If I take interest in evil things, if I take interest in evil words, in fact, then this is where I stand in the sight of Allah. So each person should be very, very careful.

00:29:52 --> 00:29:59

Unfortunately, many people don't consider such words and actions to be hobbies. They think that you know, there's only certain things that you have do in religion, other than

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That, you know, do whatever you want, say whatever you want, go wherever you want, it doesn't make a difference, whereas we see that it makes a huge difference. This shows the status of a person in the sight of Allah

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that we see in the eye that we are full Well yes, for who allowed to have Buddha in your field Allahu la comala, who have a photo of him, that when a person, he is looking at his own actions, his own sense, then it will be easy for him to forgive other people's mistakes. Because if we cover other people's mistakes, how, by forgiving them, then inshallah Allah will also cover our mistakes. How? By forgiving us, because part of covering the mistake of the other is forgiving him because what does not fit me? sat through them to cover the center, not talk about it. But generally what is our reaction? If somebody has said something bad to us, we go and publicize it. You know, she said

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this to me, can you imagine she did this to me. This is not my fair, this is not forgiving. This is not covering, if you don't cover the sin of the other than Allah will also not cover yours.

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You see, throughout these ayat, women are being defended. Women are being protected. Constantly, your mood and vasana. Those people who accuse chase women, they're being mentioned, and women are being mentioned exclusively. Why? Because women are generally attacked. So look at how Allah subhanaw taala protects women.

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Look at how he defends them, he secures them.

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And if you notice the names of the last parameter that I mentioned over here, or his favors, that it's out of his fuddle, it's out of his Rama, Willa, who too often, he is very compassionate. So it's out of his mercy and affection and great favor, that he is giving these rights and he is protecting the women from those people who can harm them.

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And you will learn in the following if as well, that all the commands that are given, even they are for the purpose of the protection of women. And you will notice that, that how the women are being given their rights, and the society is being taught certain rules that you have to observe them so that the woman can be safe, she can be secure, she can be free in her house. And she is given her privacy. So the etiquette is being taught to the entire society, so that the woman is safe, she is protected. And it's out of the favor of a lot out of his great mercy.

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A very good observation that after you battle litho you've been what the you've wound up. But many times it happens that if a person comes closer to the religion, he becomes more practicing, he becomes more careful about the religion people make him worried and concerned or her that how will you get married? Who will you get married to? But what do we see that a lot of pantalla says What are you back live by up? And what are you boom, little you but there is someone who is pure, who is good, who is also in the need, that Allah subhanaw taala has reserved for them. So don't be hasty. Don't be impatient and think you have to leave the religion or you have to become you know less

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serious about their religion so that you can get married to someone. If you remain a UVA, then you will get someone who is provided that you are patient.

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That in this I also have a bad little you been a hobby, that little hobby scene, what does it show that your partner they show your status, they show who you are your friends, they show who you are, especially the spouse, that if you are a particular way your spouse will also be particularly if you are a particular way than your friend will also be a particular way. So generally, a person is known by who by his partner. Now there are many situations where one is very much indeed, and the other is not at all in the it's completely different. There are certain situations where this happens. However, generally, a person will only get along with someone who is like them, isn't it so they

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will only get along with someone who was like them apply you badly. And it's possible that they're not exactly the way you are, but they may have a lot of good qualities and that perhaps they don't do many wrong things that other people do. They have some very good morals and ethics, which they very religiously follow. And they believe that that is necessary for them in order to remain as an obedient servant of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So it's not necessary that if someone is very knowledgeable, then their spouse has to be extremely knowledgeable as well if somebody is very biased and their spouse is also of the same level now don't think that you know my spouse is not like that. And maybe I'm not supposed to have to tell you that. No, it's possible that you have one quality and your spouse has another quality.

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Okay, so Chronicle law whom will be handy going to show you a la ilaha illa Anta nesta heroica

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Want to wear like a suit I'm wearing a camera to lie

An-Nur 21-26 Word Analysis and Tafsir 23-26

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