Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L208A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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No Do you want to Sunday? Kareem? Am I bad for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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beshara he swatted away safely Emory Washington Dr. Mindy Sani acabo Kohli open and Cigna.

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Lesson number 208 sora to room is number one to 19

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Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem whirlybird it was conquered a room the room see in Edna nearest allegedly the land while home and they made from birdie. After wallaby him their defeat. They're being conquered, say of Lee Boone. Soon they will overcome

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fear see in build three, three tonight see Nina yours, Leila he for Allah. Allah ambu the command main from a Balu before women and from barbu after ye oma even and that day, yeah for whom he will rejoice. Me noon the believers

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been asleep with help, victory. ally of Allah, young soul, he helps man whoever he or she, he will walk over and he is Ella xizhou the always Almighty of Rahim the Especially Merciful, they always All Merciful

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word promise Allah He of Allah lair not your holy foo. He goes against Allah who Allah what are the who his promise? Well, I can but Xsara most of the people laugh not yellow moon they know yellow moon they know why he run apparent men from Elia deep the life adonia of the world. We're home and they are from an era the hereafter whom they are Rafi loon ones who are heedless

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of Allah do and not yet a circle. They reflect fee in and foresee him themselves. Man not colloca he created Allahu Allah, a semi word the heavens while Albert and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to Illa except we'll help with the truth. What agilan and atime muslimah one fixed we're in and indeed casier on many men from anass the people believe coffee with meeting Rob be him of the Arab Locascio moon surely disbelievers our land do not use your room they travel fee in the earth failed to do so they look kafer how Ghana was attiva to end and Latina of those who men from a below him before them ganhou they were assured the more intense men whom then then go weapon

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in strength work and SL they plowed over the earth. What our model her and they populated it extra more mimma than what our Maru her they populated it was at home and it came to them rasuluh home their messengers bill by geonet with the clear Proops firmer, so not Ghana, he was Allahu Allah, Li of Lima home. So he runs them, while lacking but Kanu they were and fusa home themselves. eels remove the wrong summer then Ghana was Arqiva and a levina of those who assert, they did evil. assume the worst. And that got the coup de denied. Be it with verses with signs. Allah He of Allah will can do and they will be here with it. Yesterday own the mark. Allahu Allah. yesterday. He

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initiates alcohol, the creation so much then you're gonna do Who? He repeats it. So much, then lie to him. To Jerome. You all will be returned.

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Way Elma and on day

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Doku it will establish a sir the hour. You believe he will despair almajiri Moon the criminals welcome and not Jaco. It is the home for them men from Shoraka in their partners schufa any intercessors well can do and they were visual carry him with their partners caffeine, one to disbelieve

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way oma and on day, Docomo it will extend a PSA that our young even that day, yet a third rakuen they will be separated for unmerge. So As for alladhina, those who are new they believed, were Emmylou and they did a soil he had the righteous deeds for home so they see in a row but in a luxuriant garden, huge boon, they will be made happy. Well, and as for Allah Dena, those who care for all the disbelieved workers the Boo and they denied the ayah Tina with our verses, while is our end meeting, and as the role of the hereafter for Ola aka then those fee in other the punishment most Barun once presented, once permanent, for Suba Hana so glorified, Allah is Allah hain at time,

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them sooner you will enter night, you will enter the evening where haina and at time to be shown you will enter morning Waller who and for him I'll handle the praise. See in a semi word the heavens will have and the earth where she yen and evening where hanaa and time de Lune you are at noon usually do he brings out and hate the living men from Alma hit the dead while you read you and he brings out and may you that the dead men from a hazy The Living Will Yoshi and he gives life

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to the earth. BARDA after multi hair it's that work a delicate and thus to holla June you all will be brought out.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Me, Oliva

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Wireless oma Ed

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in a

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LLM. Ese

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While a miracle

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Ar-Rum 1-19 Translation 1-19

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