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Al-Anam 93-110 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 108-110

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What are the sabula? Deena either Unum and doula and Do not insult those they invoke other than Allah.

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Over here to believers are being addressed that all believers let the subwoofer the subwoofer on the roof ever seen that Beth sub and sub is to abuse it is to call names. It is to insult someone.

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So let us abou, do not abuse, Do not insult, who

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alladhina those beings who you're the owner mendola, whom they invoke besides.

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So in other words, the beings on their worship, whether their idols made of clay, or stone, or gold, or it is the star or the sun, or the moon, or anything that these people worship besides Allah, or it is a human being, or it is a prophet of Allah, anyone whom they worship besides Allah, don't insult them.

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Although they are not God in reality, but still, don't insult them. Why?

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Because if you insult their gods, what's going to happen? Fire so boo, then they will abuse Who? of Allah? Why are the one because of enmity against you,

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against you, that you insulted their gods and now they're going to insult your God out of enmity to you

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believe it or ill without any knowledge, without any knowledge of what

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of Allah subhanaw taala

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without knowing the sublimity of Allah without knowing the consequence of their misdeed

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so they will do this because of lack of knowledge. But it's you're doing it's You're insulting their gods that's going to provoke them to do this wrong action. And they're doing this wrong action be later

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cuz Annika likewise, like how like, how are these people their religion is most correct. Similarly, the you know, we have adorned we have beautified, Likoni Oh Martin for every nation Amala home there did, ever every nation, every community, every people love what they are doing, which is why they're doing it.

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They love their gods, which is why they're worshiping them. They love their rituals, their practices, their traditions, their customs, which is why they are heavily involved in them. So for every people, their actions are very beautiful to them. And if you insult them in any way, what's going to happen, they're going to insult you in return.

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So much out of your home, then to their Lord is their final return.

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In this dunya they may be living ignorant about Allah subhanaw taala not giving him his right associating partners with Allah. But eventually they're returning to who Allah for you in a boom, then he would inform them be McCann we are modern about what they used to do.

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What does he mean by this, that he will inform them about what they used to do? Meaning by recompensing them, he will inform them about the reality of their actions.

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If a person has done something good in the dunya, and in the agora, he is given reward. What does that inform him? The goodness of his deeds?

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And on the other hand, if a person has done something evil in the Hereafter, he's given an evil Recompense. What does that evil recompense show him the evil of his deeds?

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So for unit B ob McCann, we are Malone, he will inform them but the reality of their deeds.

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What do we learn from this i?

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First of all, we learned about the obligation of avoiding all those deeds, which lead to a greater evil,

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the obligation of avoiding all those deeds, all those statements, all those actions, all those movements, which lead to a greater evil,

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they may be permissible, or there may seem to be some benefit. However, if an action leads to a greater evil, leave it, stay away from it. Don't say don't do it, because you're going to do more harm than good.

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You understand?

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Like, for example, in Makkah, the Muslims are weak. They were very few. And they were also very weak. They were oppressed. So many of them. They were locked up in their houses and their family members were oppressing them. They had completely boycotted them. People wouldn't trade with them. They wouldn't sell to them.

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The three year boycott, in which the Muslims, they had nothing to eat, literally.

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So, in this situation, if the Muslim said, which is what they demanded, which is what they requested that we should be allowed to fight, allow us to fight so that we can take revenge. If they were allowed to fight at that time, and take revenge from their enemy, would that lead to good or evil? Would that lead to benefit or loss loss, because they were weak, they were not capable of defending themselves at that time.

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So if there is any action, which is permissible, but it leads to a greater evil, stay away from it, stay away from it,

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even though you may see some benefit in it, but still stay away from it.

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Like, for example, it's possible that there's a person in your family and they are not nice to you, and you want to take revenge on them. And you say, this is my right, I can say, they have been very harsh to me, I can say, I can demand this from them.

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But if you demand this from them, if you say that to them, what's going to happen is going to lead to better relations? Or is it going to separate you even more? So when you separate you even more, you have to compromise somewhere?

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Like we learned about the case of the husband and wife, where if the husband is not giving all of the rights of the wife, then in that case, yes, the wife has the right to take divorce to see color, and she has a justification.

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But at that time, what is the last point RSA was solely held high compromise as much better it is you're right. But if you don't do so, at that time, it's going to lead to a greater evil, it's going to lead to a greater evil.

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So a person should stay away from all those things, which may be permissible, which may be your right 100%. But because they're leading to a greater evil, stay away from them,

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then we also don't want to say about the obligation of avoiding those things, which may provoke and offend other people,

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which may provoke and offend other people.

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And names, you know that if I say this, the other person is not going to like it.

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But you say, there's nothing wrong in saying such a statement. It's their problem, they don't like it.

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And if you said what's going to happen, you're going to provoke them,

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you're going to make them upset. And as a result, it's going to lead to harm.

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So any statement, any action that provokes another person, stay away from it.

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Because yes, there is the matter of what is permissible, what is not permissible, what is allowed what is not allowed. But at the same time, a loss of penalty has also commanded us to use wisdom.

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To use wisdom. You could say the same thing in one way, and offend the other person provoke them. And you could say the same thing in another way, and get them to agree with you,

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isn't it time, for example, if a woman knows that her husband does not wish to do something at a particular time does not wish to go out for some work? He does not wish to clean the house with her or something like that. The moment he comes home, she starts yelling at him. She makes a very upset face. And she's like you're never home. And this is not fair. If she says it like that, is he going to listen to her? No. But if she talks to him nicely, and properly, and at the right time, then what's going to happen? He will do it willingly.

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If you want your children to do something, and if you tell them go clean your room, you never clean your room, go put your clothes in the closet. And if you start yelling at them, they're not going to listen. But the same thing, if you say to them in another way, they're going to willingly accept.

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So what's the difference? It's the style.

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So we should refrain from such statements which provoke other people, which make them upset, which make them angry.

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Although it may be permissible for you to say them, but don't forget wisdom.

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Because sometimes we get so fixed on Oh no, this is Halloween. This is fast. This is why this is permissible. We get so stuck on that, that we ignore wisdom. Wisdom is very important and that is exactly what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us over here.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said men ruin on men sub beware they cursed is He Who insults his own parents. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a person who insulted his own parents. He is cursed.

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The Sahaba said oh was messenger. How would a person insult his own parents?

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for us today? Perhaps it's not a big deal. every other kid is insulting their mother really cursing their own parents.

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But for the Sahaba this was something very strange. They asked how is it possible that a person would insult his own

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the prophets sort of said, he insults another man's father, and that man insult his father.

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When you insult someone, what's going to happen? They're going to insult you as well. If you insult their father, they're going to insult your father.

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And he insults his mother. And that meant insult his mother.

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So basically, he is bringing about, he is provoking the other to do something wrong.

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So who is the cause? was the cause yourself, because you're making the other reactionary and you're making the other react in this way.

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So any deed, which apparently seems good, but it results in evil, which provokes the other, such a deed should be avoided. Any D that leads to arguments that leads to arguments that leads to conflict, it should be avoided.

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If you know that your daughter in law does not like something, don't say to her. If you know that your mother in law doesn't like something, don't say to her, if you know that your mother doesn't like something don't say, if it's only going to lead to arguments.

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You might be 100%. Right? But it's just that she doesn't like it. It's just that you cannot take it. So don't say, stay away from these things. Aren't there other things to talk about? Why do you have to mention those things? in particular? Why do you have to force something on the other person and force them to accept it, when you know, they don't like it?

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Stay away from it, and you'll be much happier, your relationship will be much better. And if you try to force the other person, you provoke them, it's only going to worsen the situation in your own house.

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We also learn from this idea that when a person does something, he is encouraging that action. When you do something yourself, what are you doing? You're actually encouraging that action.

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You can tell the world how much ever that No, no, I don't encourage this, but I'm only doing this myself. But because you're doing it, you're actually encouraging it.

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If you're driving past the speed limit, your children are going to do the same thing. You can't sit next to them and tell them no, you have to drive slowly. You have to drive within the speed limit. No. If you're doing something, you're actually encouraging that action. So if you curse their gods, you're actually encouraging them to curse your God.

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Remember that. Similarly, if you're listening to music yourself, if you're watching TV yourself, and you're telling your children, you're telling your spouse not to watch, you telling your siblings not to watch, of course they're gonna watch, whatever you're doing, you're promoting that action.

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We also learn from this idea that when a person is doing Dawa, he should only convey to the other, what he can take what he can accept,

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what he can tolerate.

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If, in doing Dawa, you go on to the extent of talking negatively about the gods of others, about those whom he worships, then what's going to happen, he's not going to accept it, he's not going to like it, he's not going to tolerate it, isn't it and he's going to become defensive then.

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So give only as much as the person can take. Don't focus on you're wrong because of this. And this and this reason, focus on one, that Allah is the only one worthy of worship because he is the only harlot. If you notice in the surah, Allah subhanaw taala has been mentioned,

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the same approach we should use as well. That when we're doing our don't go on to insulting their gods, firstly, what should you do? Explain to them who Allah is.

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We also learn from this ayah that each person finds his actions beautiful,

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which is why he does them. And he gives importance to them.

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Each person finds their actions, whatever they do beautiful, which is why they're doing them.

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So if you insult their work,

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they're going to insult your work. They're doing it because they like it. So if a person is cleaning in a particular way, let them clean that way.

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If a person is writing in a particular way, let them write that way.

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If a person wants to arrange the furniture in a particular way, let them arrange it that way. They found it good, they think of it to be good, which is why they've done it that way. Who are you as an outsider who doesn't even live there to come and comment on how they arrange their furniture, really, for you to know when to do that. If somebody set up their room in a particular way, they put a particular piece of furniture in a particular place for you to go in common. They like it. That is why they've done it that way.

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So don't go in

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interfere in other people's private matters, and comment on them, insult them and rebuke them and what they're doing. Mind your own business as what this

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guy says, Well of course on will be larger than a man him and this whereby a lot their strongest thoughts just from their own betters Jim had and jack is to be very strong it is to put in one's maximum effort, maximum strength in doing something

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it is to put in one's maximum effort maximum strength in doing something.

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So, Jen is strongest, most firm, so they swore by Allah, just that a mighty and who does they refer to the people of Mecca. That is whereby Allah their strongest or

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what that led India at home, that if it came to them, what came to them is an assign meaning if a miracle is shown to them and which miracle, the miracle that they demand, what would they do? Let me know nebbia they would surely believe in it.

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Say meaning or profits or have autism say to them, that enamel is or in the law, indeed the miracle there with Allah. Only he can show them whenever he wants. There with Allah, he decides if something is to be shown as a miracle. And if something is not to be shown as a miracle, when and to who it's up to him, this matter belongs exclusively to Allah I have nothing to do with it. Well, now you're sure to come and what would make you realize all Muslims because Come over here. This is an address to the Muslim so the believers that all believers what would make you realize that under either gerth that even if it came to them that indeed when it came to them, what came to them the miracle

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if it's shown to them like you know, they will not believe

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over here we see that the machine, they will demand miracles from the profits out of autism. And they would say that if you show us this miracle one law he by Allah We will definitely believe just show us this one miracle. And when they would swear by Allah, they would swear their strongest oats, the strongest oats they could ever sweat.

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You know, for instance, one is that a person says I swear

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I will do this, I promise I will do this. The other is that a person says, I swear by, for instance, the Quran and others I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah zizza I swear by a Los Alamos I swear by Allah and Allah, there are different levels of swearing, different levels. jetha ammonium is the strongest, the highest level that you can go when you're swearing by Allah.

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This is the kind of order that they would swear that By Allah, if you show us this miracle, we will believe but the reality is that they have such a long list of miracles that they demanded.

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There are a long list of miracles that they demand from the Prophet sort of Auto Center

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for instance, and so total Islam i a 1993 there is a whole list of miracles that are demanded that are mentioned over there. That will call you Lando minella we will never believe in your head the deaf Julian Amina or the umbra, until you break open for us from the ground a spring.

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And when that comes, we will believe otaku Nanak agenda. Mina Thielen we're in urban for the federal and Hara Hara tefera or until you have a garden of palm trees and grapes and make rivers gush forth within them enforce and abundance out the spirit of summer commands I'm Tara Elena is a fun way that you cause the sky to break down upon us to Bella Bella, Ecotec Kabila or you bring about a line the angels in front of us, oh, your corner la cabeza, many of you should have a house of gold out of coffee somewhere or you should go up to the sky.

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I mean, they had a list of miracles. So unless the parents are saying how do you know that even if they're shown a miracle, they're going to believe the reality is they're not going to believe

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because the person who is demanding miracles he's not interested in believing that's just an excuse.

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That's just a false excuse. They're not serious in believing because miracles signs are everywhere around you.

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There enough.

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One who can do it at home and we will turn away their hearts no kalibo newsletters off lamba condo which is to turn something about.

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So we will turn it into Florida florala Fuad fer Hamza dal and for this heart, the word called was also used for heart.

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So we will turn their hearts what Alba Sato

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Florida muscle,

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we will turn their hearts and their vision.

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Meaning we will prevent them from Amen,

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we will turn their hearts. So if they see something they still don't understand, they still don't feel it. Because for others generally used for a heart that is emotional, that has some feeling that has some emotion in it.

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So they will see the miracle yet it will not affect them in their hearts.

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You know, like, when you see something, it really affects your arm, you have goosebumps, and it really shakes you from inside, you shiver from inside. But what's going to happen to these people, their hearts are going to be turned about, they will not function properly. But it will sorrow and their vision as well. That they will see the hub yet they will not see it, they will see the miracle yet they will not believe in it. Why? Why would we do this to them?

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Ghana because lamb you mean OBE they did not believe in it, or when Amara the first time, meaning the first time they were shown a miracle, they did not believe as a punishment for that crime. Now, no matter what they see, they're not going to believe

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no matter what they see, no matter what they're shown, they're not going to believe why.

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Because they did not believe the first time.

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So this shows to us that the people of NACA were actually shown a miracle. They were and what was that miracle, the splitting of the moon.

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They saw it. But what did they say? This is the one this is magic. They didn't believe so as a punishment for that. A las panatela says that we will learn about their hearts and their vision, because they did not believe the first time while another home and we will leave them field organic him in the rebellion, Yama Hoon, they will wander blindly.

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Meaning that no matter what they see, they're not going to take benefit from it. Nothing is going to affect them.

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So what do we learn from this is

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that first of all, when a person does something good once than a loss a penalty gives him more.

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When a person takes advantage of an opportunity once, then Allah will give him more opportunities.

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On the contrary, if a person does not take advantage of the opportunities that are lost penalty gives him then what happens? He is deprived of benefiting from those opportunities in the future.

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That although it comes right before his eyes, it's on his plate. But still he cannot benefit from it. Why? Because he refused it the first time. He refused at the first time and this is a punishment for the crime that a person has committed.

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If you avail an opportunity, you will get more opportunities. If you refuse to accept this opportunity, you will not be offered anymore.

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You will not be offered anymore. They did not believe the first time they saw the miracle. Now no matter what miracle is shown to them, they're not going to accept.

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We also learned from this is that when a person becomes stubborn, then nothing can benefit him. Nothing can benefit. Seeing no miracle.

00:23:24--> 00:23:30

Seeing no one's misery can change him can affect him because he has become very stubborn.

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We turn into little hedges number 14 and 15 wallow fatahna I lay in bed Amina summer for lieu fee or June. And if we had opened up a door in the sky, and they would ascend into it in daylight localu innama socata vasana, they would surely say that our eyes have been enchanted. We have been intoxicated by national comas, heroin, but rather, we are under the effect of magic.

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So when a person refuses something the first time then no matter what he has shown, he doesn't accept. And this is a punishment for the crime that he has committed.

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That's basically the recitation of these verses.

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behalf me

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may know me.

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just the last hour just thinking coming like small, these little opportunities go by us every single day. So even I get my volunteer opportunities. And sometimes the teachers or the group of charges come up to you and say like, Can you help me? And you say, No, I have done my lesson of this and that. So just always just take hold of the opportunity, don't let it go by because something else will never come to you. If you didn't take that one thing. If you just refuse initially, then nothing else will come to you later on.

00:27:22--> 00:27:32

I was thinking of how last Friday, he's unlovely. And he knows where even where your eyes are, the eyes are one of the keys to the heart. So as soon as you see something that's wrong be turned away, then you won't have any other like opportunity to do that wrong.

00:27:35--> 00:27:48

The eyes are the key to the heart, whatever you see goes into your heart. So if a person is mindful, even there that a lot of anger is watching where I'm looking, then you'll be careful about what goes into his heart.

00:27:50--> 00:28:02

suamico just towards the end about Don't insult other people. So I guess it just shows the importance of the way you speak and the way you deliver our message. And first and foremost, like if you're going to tell somebody something, make sure you're doing it, because actually

00:28:05--> 00:28:21

psycho I was just thinking about the part he mentioned that they took the gingers, the spouses of Allah subhanaw taala and the angels as a daughter, so I was just thinking that how like, what level of intellect Do you have to be to think that, because that's not even possible. So

00:28:22--> 00:28:31

cortical karaca has been used, that they're coming up with something false, and they're not even using their logic. I mean, if you had to invent something, you should have at least use your mind a little bit.

00:28:34--> 00:28:48

Psycho, I was just thinking about the part where it said that the righteous people will be able to see the face of Allah subhanaw taala. And nowadays, even we see the president or if we see a celebrity or something, we get so excited. What's in the face of Allah subhanaw taala.

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I was just thinking about how we think that the arrogance at which the mushrik turned away. But if you look at us think about our own selves. If you think about it, we're reading the Quran. How much do we think how much should we take his if I was I hadn't signed for? Because Allah has done the sweep of the earth for us as well. So if they turned away, and if this had the roster, what about us? What advantage are we taking from the disbelief of the idea that Allah mentioned something over and over again, in different ways, but still, we don't get it. Or even if we get it, we don't take it. We don't accept it. We don't follow it.

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So I like them.

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When we do something in cars, the other do that as well. So like if we're listening to music, and then we tell the other to do it, they get encouraged by it too. But if we're doing something, then whether we admit it or not, we're actually telling other people to do, always. So what does that teach us? If we want other people to do something, then we should do it ourselves. And if we don't want other people to do something, then don't do it yourself. Either.

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Not only

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I think Allah subhanaw taala has taught us a beautiful technique in this, that when we learn about Allah subhanaw taala, as the yesterday lesson has been combined together, we are being amazed how ingenuity right, and the moment we learn, we just want to share it with others. And here, the tower, what begins. And then under teaches us the techniques now, what you need to do, because then maybe we will be offended by somebody who said that

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you haven't been washed, right? And we become offended right away. But remember, there are many people when you tell them first right away, they take it. But some people, they take a long while, leave them, because this is what whatever they have been practicing, it's very doable to them. And when you make them feel bad, right away, they're going to become defensive, exactly to accept what you're saying. And I was just focusing on with the support Canada has mentioned, and this is Eileen and Joaquin and Latif and

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all of them, leave it to Allah, do your job and go ahead, you will take the rest of the matter.

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That's how I come home, I was thinking about the idea of Don't insult, like whoever they're worshipping. Because sometimes like if someone's worshiping, like a creation with us tonight, and we start insulting the creation, we're sort of insulting the Creator, because it is still his creation. That's true.

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I was thinking, Oh, that's parents Allah when your actions are done for you. But that means I these actions you have to be doing for a long time. So I was just thinking to myself, if I want something to be adorned for me an action that I'm doing, I should start right now I'm young, right and keep up the action because it's really hard to change when you've been doing something for a very long time.

00:31:50--> 00:32:22

Song come I was just thinking this from yesterday's lesson, which kind of leads to these lessons that Abraham Islam was by himself, and and then other talks about how we're gonna dive ourselves. And we get all these chances every single day, if you look, I said, Our by ourselves, we're paying by ourselves, we're doing better by yourself and who's going to Allah, and at the end of the day, that same vigor is what's going to help us at the end of the day. And the point is that sometimes you do have love for your family and friends to guide them. But do your part and then just leave it because you have to focus on yourself as well. Because you might be so busy in helping them that you

00:32:22--> 00:32:29

forget your liquor and your Salah and your abundance, on a call and pusaka on unit is the responsibility of yourself.

00:32:33--> 00:32:58

I thought about how it's like from the mercy of Allah that He showed us the replication of verses for us to understand it. And then it scared that if you don't understand this thing, if you're not benefiting from yourself, that is something wrong with your heart and then ask yourself like, even a small I What are you checking these lugging the tofield for you to understand more of this is because he has done the sleep, he has mentioned them in different ways instead of person doesn't get it. And there's something wrong, there is a problem.

00:33:02--> 00:33:45

The question of free will has always had a bias, kind of ambiguous statement to me, but the example you gave of the mother giving the child some money, and asking her to spend it wisely, based on the necessity she needed, and not sort of squander the money. Similarly, likewise, Allah has given us this life, the time the pleasures of this life, to use it purposefully, and to reuse it according to His will and his desires. So it has made today Alhamdulillah very clear in my mind, and I can explain to a lot of my other friends, what the application of free will means.

00:33:48--> 00:34:21

So I was thinking that another reason that I was gonna basically look at Vatican 41 is the reason he does the sweepers is is because sometimes, okay, we hear it, we forget, and we're like, okay, yeah, it went past. And then he brings it up again, in another way to remind us, you know, like, I'm just saying that ultimately, like changes this is because we forget again and again. And so he reminds us in different ways that Okay, fine, maybe they got it the first time. But then they forgot. Let me explain it in another way. Because if I say the same thing, they might just say, Oh, we read this again. But explaining another way so that it hits us more.

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

Thinking about the last I

00:34:28--> 00:34:53

if you do something good, then it gives you more toxic to do more good. And if you turn away then all that takes away opportunities for me in the future. And I was thinking about the importance of rushing towards goodness, because if you have a chance to volunteer for something or to do something for Islam then and you turn away, it's possible like how many things are you going to miss out in the future? And if you do that one thing, how many more good deeds are you gonna get in the future? So come on the Day of Judgment with like a pile of good deeds or with

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

I was just gonna say regarding that point, that sometimes it seems very difficult to do

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

Any work of the dean because you have to sacrifice a lot of your time, or even to come to class, it's like, okay, it's waste, it's, you know, taking a lot of my time I have to travel here I have to study, then I have housework to do. And then some students say, you know, it's very difficult, it's too much for us, we can't do this. And then on top of that, we have to volunteer as well, it's too much. But then if you don't take these opportunities, they won't come back and there'll be given to somebody else, they will be given to somebody else, and they'll get the reward for it.

00:35:25--> 00:35:56

Sorry, I was just really thinking about like, when you insult somebody may get very offended, they get like defensive and all that, but you know, have property manager and he taught them what they were doing wrong. But then he'll give them like different ways and different questions to make them think about thing. So like I was listening to a lecture about Sharif, he's like giving a dad tips like when you're giving somebody let them first think about the question and ask them a question first. And when they start thinking about it, then tell them what they're doing wrong. And then when they start feeling bad about that wrong, then tell them something that is the correct answer, then

00:35:56--> 00:35:58

they feel that it's correct. So

00:35:59--> 00:36:04

don't just insult and use the correct approach, be wise.

00:36:05--> 00:36:30

And it's not just in doing our if you want anybody to accept what you're telling them, whether it is what they should wear, or what they should not wear or what they should eat, or what they should not eat, how they should do something. It's all about the approach, how you approach them. You could say it in a way that will be very accepting to them and you could say it in a way in which they'll become very defensive. It depends on how you approach if you use wisdom, you can get through to a person much easier.

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He won an army of

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