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Yusuf 19-35 Word Analysis and Tafsir 30-32


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "land," "land," and "land," to describe relationships and how they relate to each other. They also touch on "genius love" and how it is often discussed among men. The segment discusses the history of a man who spoke about a woman in a public setting and how it is also discussed in a Banjo dinner where guests are expected to eat various foods. The segment also touches on "immediate of perfection" and "immediate of pleasure" in Arabic, with a focus on the use of "immediate of success" to describe the concept. Finally, the segment discusses "beauty," which is the ability to be beautiful and to be generous.
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We'll call this one Phil Medina T. And the women in the city, they said, Mr. atolla, zz, to LA we do fatter and Neff see

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the wife of allergies, she is seeking to seduce her slave boy, but a shocker for her hope. He has impassioned her with love. In general, her feeble early movie, indeed we see her to be in clear error.

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Previously, we learned that the wife of Aziz and who was a disease, he was a finance minister of Egypt.

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And it was in his house that use of his Saddam was as a slave. And as we learned that, the Aziz he commanded his wife, that she must treat use of Redis that I'm really well and provide her with a good accommodation. And he also said that perhaps we will take him as our son, which shows to us the age difference between use of nslm and who, the wife of Aziz, but as you saw earlier, Sam grew older, as we learned what Bella should do, and I showed this the age between 30 and 40.

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So he was an adult man by them. And he grew very handsome. And we see that the wife of Aziz, she began to have feelings of desire for him.

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And she openly invited him for dinner.

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And when he refused, and the evidence was proven against her, she became very upset with him, she became extremely angry with him. And Aziz, he told us to ignore what had happened, because obviously, nothing was in his head, what could he do? He could not punish his wife and at the same time, he could not punish use of our discipline, because it wasn't his fault. And the reason why he told us of nslm to ignore this was so that this news, this incident does not spread. However, such things they spread like wildfire, especially amongst the women, because women themselves, even if a woman herself has committed such an action, she cannot keep it to herself. She will definitely share

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it with her friends. So what happened? What color is watan? The women of the city, they began talking about this, because unfortunately, women they love talking about such issues, scandals, affairs, what's going on between one man and one woman.

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If they just happen to see a man and a woman together, perhaps talking about something that's with regards to their work, automatically, women will think that there's something going on,

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and they will begin talking about it. So similarly, at that time as well in that society, who is the one who was talking about this incident, the women of the city.

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And if you look at the word misratan, nisswa is a plural word and it has no singular form. It does not have any singular form, which is why we just translated as women, there is no singular for it. And the word in itself is a movement.

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The word in itself is a movement. It's singular, it's an individual word. And because of that, the pronoun that has been used for it is masculine Paul and his photo it's not parlent

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so colonists, wartune film Medina tea in the city, which city is this? The city in Egypt, whichever one it was, where they were living. They said that in Rottweilers is the wife of the Aziz, she is to how we do she is seeking to seduce further have her young slave boy. To all we do. We learned earlier, it's from the root letters or Ah, well that and the word father is from the root letters fattier.

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Earlier we read the word Ghulam and now we reading the Word Fatah.

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So we see that lamb is used for a boy who is younger, in his age, and further is used for one who is older. What's the difference? It is said that uilleann is the one who has almost reached the age of puberty. And the word further is used for afterwards, meaning someone who has reached puberty above and beyond.

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So she is trying to seduce her young slave boy, I'd love to hear from himself.

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And why is it so? That padishah for her because he has impassioned her have been in love? He has filled her heart with love.

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If you think of it, did you serve Edison and fill her heart? No, it was she herself

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But look at the way they blame you.

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And this is something very common that people instead of lowering their gaze, they say that the other person is just so attractive, I can't help but looking at them, it's not my fault. It's your fault, you have the choice of lowering your gaze, you have the choice of looking aside.

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So the same thing we see, even in the people of that time,

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that are the shopper hub, shopper is on the routers chain, right in fact, chain wire infer and shallow button is basically the inner part of the heart. Chava Shinhwa. In fact, Mr. Botha and Alicia dimpled is the inner part of the heart. And the verb show of a hogben is such love that has penetrated into the inner casing of the heart that has gone inside a person's heart, and it has settled in there.

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So for the Shaka hubba, meaning he has infatuated her, he has impassioned her, she is violently in love with him, she is crazy about him.

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And in and around her. Indeed, we see her to be feeble Alamo being in a clear error.

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Because she is in love with

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her slave. She is in love with a slave. And this is clearly something that is wrong. So we see that this news is spread amongst the people. And the women, they began talking about this incident.

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If you think about these women will perhaps have the same social status as a wife of a disease, because later on, we find out that she invited all of them to her house. So what does that show that perhaps they were our friends of the same social class?

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But what does it show

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that their friendship was not the one based on email, which is why they spoke negatively about one another. It was not based on email. Because if it was based on a man, what would they do? They would correct her instead of talking behind her.

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So this kind of friendship was purely based on worldly benefits.

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And we also see over here, that they're talking about her as if she is really in love. Whereas we see that this woman was not actually in love with him. What was it, it was only last it wasn't love. So it was lust, and they made it into love into a relationship that he has impassioned with love as if it's both sided. Whereas we saw that it was only one sided. When they say that he has impassioned her with love. What does it show that as if it's a both sided relationship.

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So we see that the approach of one person to the other, it has formed into a whole scandal.

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And the women are talking about a scandal, something that they hear about, and they add more details to it. They add their opinions, do it, their thoughts, do it, and then make a whole story out of it. And this is something very common today as well. That do people. If they are together, a whole story is made out of it. And people begin to discuss it, they begin to talk about it. And remember that this is something extremely wrong in our religion. In fact, it's a major sin, to talk about scandals to talk about affairs

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and to accuse someone of committing Zina. Whereas in reality, they have not committed sin.

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For example, if two people are seen coming out of the car together in the morning, perhaps somebody will say they spent the night together. How do you know? You don't know?

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unless the person has seen with his eyes? He cannot say that anything he says that there is a punishment for that you know what the punishment is? It he lashes at lashes.

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This is something extremely serious and our religion, we cannot go on passing comments on people. This one is sleeping with them and this one is going out with them. How do you know? Have you seen them yourself? Have you seen them with your eyes? Are there four witnesses that you can bring? If you cannot, then you must remain quiet.

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But we see that people who are not fearful of the assets, they like talking about such things. This is why we see such speech very common amongst the women of that place.

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Fellow messonnier. But then when she heard the McLean of their scheming when she meaning the wife of Aziz, when she heard of their scheming Mako is from the roof actress named Kapha. And it's used for a plan, a plot a scheme that is basically made to harm someone, and it's also behind their back. It's also hidden from them. It's kept as a secret because if it's publicized would it remain as a plot? No, it wouldn't remain as a plot.

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So when she heard off, they're scheming

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What does it mean by the scheming of the women? This scheming has been understood in several ways. That first of all,

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she figured out that the reason why the women were talking about this was because even they wanted to see use of

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the reason why they were talking about this incident was because even they themselves wanted to see use of an incident. They wanted to see what is it about this man, that she is so much in love with him? That she tried to seduce a slave, a slave who was living in her house? Who is so much younger than her?

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So what's the big deal? Who is he? What does he look like? What's great about him?

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So they want you to see him. And she figured out that this is why they're talking about this issue.

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Secondly, this is called scheming, because by talking about this incident, they let it out, they publicized it, it became common, because it's possible that she must have told only one or two of her friends. And they shared with other friends who shared with other friends. And then the news spread everywhere amongst all people.

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Just think about it, a woman shares something with her friend, and she tells her sister and who tells her sister and then it goes on Facebook, and then it goes on Twitter and it goes everywhere. Everybody finds out about it. It becomes publicized.

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So this was they're scheming. They're plotting against you that everyone finds out about

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and because also it was behind her back. This is why it was so when she heard about their scheming. What did you do?

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On the Senate, she sent in a hint to them. She sent for them meaning she invited them were to her house on Saturday, ala Nina, she sent for them meaning she invited them to her house. Well, Arthur that and she also prepared. Arthur that's from the letters that the Arthur Arthur which is to prepare something to make something ready. So Aretha that she prepared the hoonah for the women. What a banquet.

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She prepared a banquet for the women. The word moussaka has been used because the word banquet What does it remind you of a royal banquet? Because she was of the elite class. So definitely the dinner the party that she had in her house must have been very great.

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Metallica is from the newsletter as well cap Hamza. And waka literally is to to take support on something to recline against something. masala Salaam when Allah subhanaw taala asked him that romantika be Amina kya Musa, what is this in your hand? He said, here are saya I thought that this is my staff and I reclined on a delicate running. Well, who should be here? Running? So at a walk, go from the same newsletters, to recline on something to take support from something.

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So the word Metallica, this is an essence.

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What is it? And isn't that what isn't isn't a noun off place or time. It tells you about the place where an action happens, or the time when an action occurs. Now you may wonder the word moussaka what's the structure?

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What did you learn what was the structure isn't one

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month or month.

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But if you remember in your book, there was also a note that all of the isms are not on these structures. Right? There are also many exceptional cases. One of them was that sometimes it also comes on the structure of Islam of rule. It also comes to the structure of Islam or fruit. And what this is Islam of rule as well. This is a structure of Islam of root.

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So because it's in the fruit as well, therefore, it can also be used for Islam.

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So moussaka is a place a time in which the people are reclining.

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They're sitting and they're reclining, they're resting their backs. So what is this? A party, a banquet, a feast,

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in which people are sitting on their couches,

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on the floor, or on the chairs, and they're reclining. They're just sitting, eating, having fun talking casually. So the word Matata gives the meaning of a very relaxed and luxurious party.

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Because people are not sitting properly on dining chairs, where they're sitting on their couches, and this is generally after people have had the dinner and they're sitting there sipping on their tea,

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having light snacks and then talking

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Similarly, with Taka This is what a very luxurious and relaxed party. The word Matata is also used for a sofa, a couch.

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Over here it's been used for a banquet, but the word moussaka also applies to what a couch or sofa where a person sits and he reclines. Similarly, the word motorcar is also used for food.

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It is also used for food. Why? Because you have food when at a banquet. That's what it's known for. That's the main thing about the banquet dinner. Which is why when people go there, they wonder, what are we going to be served? When are we going to eat, when is dinner going to be served. So the word Matata also applies to food.

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According to a mama Rosie, he said, that mu Taka is actually the name of a fruit.

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What is it, it's the name of a fruit in hibachi language. And it's such a fruit that can only be cut with a knife.

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It can only be cut out with a knife, you know, some fruits, you can just feel them. Or you can just eat them as they are. But some fruits, you need to cut them with a knife. Otherwise, it's extremely difficult to get to the pump and get to the main part of the fruit to be able to eat it.

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So she prepared for them a banquet, a dinner, a feast, or she prepared for all of them this particular fruit for which they would have to use knives in order to cut that fruit. So she made sure that everyone had to use a knife. They understand the kind of food she served, she made sure that everyone had to use a knife no one could do with just a fork or with justice. Like for example, if you serve steak to someone, can they make do with a spoon or a fork? No, they have to use a knife. So similarly, the kind of food she served, she ensured that everybody has to use a knife.

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And for that reason, what added and she also gave cola headed him in hoonah. Each and every one of them, every single woman was given sukeena a knife.

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It wasn't that there were just a few knives that people could take up their food and put it back. No, every single person was given a knife to hold in their hand to cut their food with it.

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And to be able to eat. So she gave every single person and I and then when everyone was holding their knives, and they were trying to cut the fruit got that particular food or pilot and she said to who the use of insulin would

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come out upon the meaning come out in front of them come out right before them. Now just imagine they're holding their knives, and they have the fruit in their hand and they're trying to cut the fruit and all of a sudden use of insulin comes before them.

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Just imagine you and your friends you're sitting and you're eating and all of a sudden a man walks in

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what would be your reaction?

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What would be your reaction? All of a sudden, you'd be surprised. You know, where do you come from? And where's my hijab and what's going on? Sometimes women start screaming, sometimes they gasp sometimes they react very loudly. And sometimes what is in their hands it falls.

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Now it wasn't just that any ordinary man walked in. This man was who luciferase

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and he was extremely handsome. And these women obviously they have no higher so when he came in, they looked at him and they were shocked fellow Marina who then when they saw him when they saw use of Elisa Lam a cabana who they considered him very great. They greatly admired him they greatly admired him a Kabbalah is from the roof letters cap borrow from the word cover which means to be great to be big. And borrow.

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Borrow This is a fairly

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This is not a fun. This is not isn't of the that's Allahu Akbar.

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This is a Kabbalah. You could be a cabal. And from a Kabbalah there's a noon which is our feminine.

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So Atma is a verb, it's a fairy.

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And Kabbalah is to regard someone to consider someone very great

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to greatly admire someone

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to greatly admire someone.

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So a cabana who they greatly admired him. They were very impressed by his beauty. By his good looks, they were shocked. They were amazed.

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You know, they said, frightfully beautiful and very handsome.

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So a cabana who

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Well, Katerina, and as a result, they got Athena, from the roof address of Bahrain, Qatar, Qatar, you top tier top tier all of them, they got idea hoonah their hands.

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They're holding their knives and the pieces of food. And their eyes were fixed on use of our hair salon, and they didn't realize where the knife was going. And they ended up cutting their heads. And just imagine in that shock, they didn't even feel the pain didn't even realize that they were actually cutting their hands.

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Like, for example, if you are doing something with your hands, and all of a sudden somebody comes in and they start talking to you, you don't realize, for example, you're typing, you don't realize you're typing completely wrong. Or perhaps you have, by mistake, click the mouse at the wrong place, and all of a sudden, you're typing completely somewhere else and you've deleted all of your notes. It's possible it happens sometimes. When you're not looking at what you're doing. You end up making big mistakes, that they had a knife. And with that knife, they were cutting a fruit.

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And in that process, they didn't realize as they were staring at him, that they got their hands and then that shock and that amazement, they didn't even feel the pain. Athena athiya hoonah, Bakula and they said, how should they learn?

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How perfect is Allah? perfection is for Allah? Or May Allah preserve us. Hi, Shannon. Hi, Shannon is a Kalamata meaning it's an expression of amazement of surprise. It's an expression of what amazement and surprise, which is why it cannot be translated. You have to understand it in Arabic.

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When it's translated as God preserve us, or production is for Allah. This is not really the literal translation.

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Hasha is from the root letters, how well she

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and Hashem is actually hasha with an Elif at the end. That's the actual word with an olive at the end. And hasha is actually a help job. And what does it do?

00:22:13--> 00:22:29

It gives the customer to the noun that comes after just two grammar points. And this word, it comes in place of Tansy and Bara What does it mean by Bara, to be immune to be free from to declare freedom from

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so but all over here gives meaning of perfection, meaning one who is perfect and free from any faults, any blemishes, any shortcomings, any errors, any mistakes.

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So, Harsha comes in place of what, Baraka which gives the meaning of perfection, and lilla This land is far beyond what is by me its explanatory, meaning this lamb explains for who is Bara for who is perfection, it is for who hasha Li lilla. So how shall we learn together gives the meaning of Allah is perfect, how perfect is Allah? That How beautiful, he has made this creation? And this kind of an expression is uttered in a state of shock, in a state of amazement. by for example, you say Subhanallah, when

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every time you see something beautiful, also sometimes when something shocking happens, when you hear somebody said something very negative, you're like,

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How could you say such a thing? It's Panama, the cemetery hash and in this is a very more of our job of amazement, that how perfect is and sometimes is also translated as God preserves May Allah preserve us. May Allah forbid,

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so harshly left Mahuta by Sharon, this is not a man.

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They say that this man this person use of artists around he is not a bishop. He cannot be a human being. It's not possible that he would be a human being because of his beauty, because of his extremely good looks. Then who is he? They say in her there. This is not Illa except Malecon Kareem

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a very noble Angel. He cannot be a human being he must be a very noble Angel. Karim is one who is very noble.

00:24:37--> 00:24:48

One who is also very generous, because basically Calum gives the meaning of nobility of high quality and it also gives a meaning of generosity.

00:24:49--> 00:24:56

So manneken Kareem meaning he is very, very beautiful, extremely noble Angel.

00:24:57--> 00:25:00

Why did he say this because of his argument.

00:25:00--> 00:25:16

Beauty, which is a characteristic not usually found in human beings. People think that angels are very beautiful, because they're made of light. So they're very beautiful. Which is why if people see someone who's very nice, very pious, very beautiful, what do they say? An angel?

00:25:17--> 00:25:21

So similarly, the women said that he is a normal engineer.

00:25:22--> 00:25:23

Why did they say this?

00:25:24--> 00:25:30

Basically, what they're trying to say over here to the wife of Aziz, we don't love you anymore.

00:25:31--> 00:25:40

She's not at fault for liking him. You're not at fault for falling in love with him. Because they had never seen someone as beautiful as useful.

00:25:42--> 00:25:43

as handsome as him.

00:25:44--> 00:25:50

So when they see him, there are in other words, saying you're not at fault. We believe you.

00:25:52--> 00:26:13

And the beauty of use of ready sit on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that at Mirage, he passed by use of nslm, during the night of Israel, in the third heaven. And he commented that for either who appeared to European Shepherd, that it is as though he was given half of all beauty.

00:26:15--> 00:26:26

It was as though use of our hair salon was given half of all beauty. He was that handsome, that this is what the profits are alone, so I don't have to say about him. These are his words describing him.

00:26:28--> 00:26:57

So what's the response of the wife of Aziz? She says, harlot. She said, for that he couldn't, then that is on your Valley. This isn't mythology referring to his use of our history. Meaning This is the man that you are women. allele The one who meaning the man who uses insulin. He is the one regarding who learned to nanny fi. You all were blaming me concerning him.

00:26:58--> 00:27:01

In other words, you say, so you think I'm really at fault.

00:27:02--> 00:27:18

You think it's really my fault for liking him? He's just so beautiful. How can I not like him? How could you blame me? This is the person about whom you blamed me. How can I ever be at fault look at how she's justifying her crime.

00:27:20--> 00:27:35

Luton Nissan fetters langwell mean from the word loan, and the word loan is used for a blame. So Luton, you all were blaming me, fee concerning him meaning in falling in love with him? Look at yourself. You got your hands?

00:27:36--> 00:27:42

I just looking at him. I imagine I see him every single day. What would be my state?

00:27:43--> 00:27:48

One of our two and certainly I did try to seduce him enough see from himself.

00:27:49--> 00:27:59

I did try to seduce him. She openly declares over here. Yes, I tried to seduce him. But what did he do first? Awesome. But he firmly refused.

00:28:01--> 00:28:07

Is there someone from the veterans? I inside me awesome. You're awesome. Which is to save someone?

00:28:09--> 00:28:12

And is there a song is to resist a temptation.

00:28:14--> 00:28:18

It is to guard oneself, to preserve oneself.

00:28:19--> 00:28:43

I tried to seduce him, but he firmly resisted. He guarded himself. He did not comply. He refused. What are in and surely if lumea foreign, if he does not do my Moodle what I command him, then what's going to happen to him? Let us join and then surely he will definitely be imprisoned.

00:28:44--> 00:28:47

If he doesn't listen to me, then he is going to be sent to jail

00:28:48--> 00:28:51

amaroo from the root letters, Hamza mean,

00:28:52--> 00:28:52

and what is

00:28:54--> 00:28:59

a command and instruction and imperative and Moodle? Why is it

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because there are actually two humps over here. One is of the root and one gives meaning of I. So am I commanded? If he doesn't listen to me, then he is being sent to jail. Yesterday from the ruthless scene, do you know what are your coonan and surely he will be Minar solvating from those people who are beautiful.

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If he doesn't listen to me, then he is going to become of those who are humiliated. The word layer coonan lamb is surely and your coonan is yaku Nana actually, meaning definitely he will be but that is changed into just one a akuna and this is something that is common in the Arabic language that for the ease of pronunciation at times it just change the spelling. It's not that the actual words of the Quran have been changed, but rather these changes are within the language that sometimes if you find it difficult to pronounce a lacuna, you will just say that

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Kuhnen. Okay.

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So by this then when at the end, don't think that this is a known. It's not a noun. What is it? akuna

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It's a fairly it's a verb.

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So we see that this woman she threatens use of penicillin.

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Before she said,

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Come, I'm ready for you. She locked up all the doors, she tried to seduce him day in and day out with her looks by going and coming again and again by walking in front of him. by her words by her speech. She tried to seduce him repeatedly.

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When he refused, look at how she turns against him. That if you don't listen, I am going to send you to the prison.

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Is this love? This is not love.

00:30:47--> 00:30:48

This is lust.

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So if someone threatens you, if you don't do this, then I'm going to do this to you, then is that love? It's not love. It's just lust.

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It's pure lust. But look at use of Edison. What does he do? Does he give up over here? No.

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He still firmly resists