Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L077G

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Allah ma who Allah will say, Heather, this yo Mo, this is the day that young Pharaoh saw the Athena slatercom. This is the day that the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness, which truthful people. Assad Ukraine is a torrent of solid IP, and also the

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one who has set in what in his phone in his Farren in his,

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in his words, statements, in his actions, and also in his beliefs. What does he mean by that, but first of all, his beliefs are in accordance with reality, his beliefs are correct, they are true, they are not false. In statements that whatever he says it is true, it is in accordance with reality. And whatever he says, it is in accordance with what he believes. And what he does. There is no contradiction between his words and his belief between his words and his actions.

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And what is truthfulness and actions, that whatever a person says he does it, wherever he believes, he does it,

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the heart and the tongue, the heart, and the actions, the actions and the words, all of them coincide, none of them contradict one another. So those people who are truthful meaning in the dunya in this world, and those people who are truthful when on the Day of Judgment, meaning when they're asked about what they did, they are truthful.

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Like for example, a person will be called in the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will remind him of all the blessings that he bestowed upon Him, and He will remind him of the sense that that slave committed

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and the slave will continue to confess he will continue to admit until he will think that's it, I'm gone, I'm finished. But Allah subhanaw taala will say that I covered your sins in the dunya. And I will forgive them today.

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Why? Because he was truthful, on the day of judgment, he did not lie that Allah No, I never did something like that. He will not present false justifications false excuses, he will admit.

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So those people who are truthful in this dunya there are no contradictions. And on the day of judgment as well, they'll be truthful. And when can a person be truthful on the Day of Judgment, if he has been truthful in this world?

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In this dunya, we are asked about our mistakes and we don't admit. We give justifications we give excuses. How is it that on the Day of Judgment, if we're held accountable, we will speak the truth? Heather Yo, this is a day that young Pharaoh saw the cleaner say the truthful ones will benefit from their truth. The truthful people will benefit from the truth that they have spoken from the truth that they have believed in from the truth that they have acted out. Lohan gelatin Nigerian tactical and how for them our gardens, underneath which rivers

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and in their Holly Dena fear they will be abiding there in eternity.

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And in general, Ravi Allah,

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Allah will be pleased with them.

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What do I know? And they will be pleased with him. Allah will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with him.

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Allah is happy with them, and they are happy with Allah. And this is the greatest blessing that any person can have. That he is happy with Allah, and Allah is happy with him.

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But only a long line home.

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How? When is Allah subhanaw taala pleased with asleep? How does Allah subhanaw taala become happy with a servant?

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When a servant is truthful, when a servant is obedient, when a servant is happy with Allah?

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And what is a sign that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with the person in this dunya what is the sign of that?

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That first of all, Allah subhanaw taala gives it a fee to a person to do good deeds. This is a sign that Allah is happy with a person when when a person is being given the trophy to do good when a person is given the opportunity to do good things for example, there are many people who hear the other end but not everyone prays. So when a person is given the trophy to prey upon hearing the other end, what is that a sign off? What is that a sign off that ally is happy with him that he was given a trophy to bring similarly many people they wish to go for Hajj. But there are some people who go for Hajj. So it's a sign that a loss or penalty is happy with a person.

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Another sign is that when a person is in the company of the righteous people, that Allah subhanaw taala gives him righteous

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company in this world, because when a person is in righteous company, then what happens? He will increase in his goodness, he will come closer to Allah. When you're happy with someone, don't you want them to come closer to you?

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Similarly, another sign is that a person is given the Tofig to learn and understand that the normals of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, My Uri, the leg will be higher on you for me who fit the whoever Allah intense good for he gives him the understanding of religion.

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Probably a lot more on home ally is pleased with them. What are the one who and they are pleased with him?

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Why are they pleased with the law? Because of the reward that He has given them? And because they're pleased with the decisions of Allah, with the decree of of law, with the commands of Allah.

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When we learn about the commands of Allah subhanaw taala, sometimes what is our reaction? That Oh, this is so difficult. This is so burdensome, this is so challenging, how can I do it? Does an ally Have mercy on us? This is not the one. This is not being happy. Rado and vo they're happy with him Why? They're happy with the commands that He has given them. They're happy with the decree of Allah with the decisions of Allah, and they're happy with the reward of a lesser penalty, finally, on the day of judgment, but all the Allahu anhu what do I know? And Allah says, There likkle foes around me. And that is the greatest success. There is no other achievement that is bigger than this. No

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other achievement that is bigger than this one, Allah is happy with a servant, and a servant is happy with Allah.

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Success is not that you have a lot in your bank account. Success is not that you have a lot of food. Success is not that you have a lot of options open for you. Success is that Allah is happy with you, and you are happy with Allah.

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This is why we learn what you'd want them in a light above the pleasure of Allah, that is a greatest thing that a person can ever have. And this is a title that the Sahaba

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that they're happy with Allah and Allah is happy with them. Every time the name of the hobby is mentioned. What do we say about the Allahu anhu that Allah is happy with him? When when they became happy with the last panel?

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Which is why we see that they were so sincere. They were so loyal. That no matter what challenge no matter what difficulty came, they were firm upon their Deen. They were firm upon their team.

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They didn't make unnecessary demands from the profit side a lot of sudden, like the people off is Allison ended by demanding them either or the people of moosari surrounded by saying you and your Lord go fight. We're not coming. We're sitting right here.

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This is not a sign of HIPAA.

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When a person does not accept the commands of Allah. So Allah says that he confirms or leave that is a greatest achievement.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned about the importance of sake, the importance of truthfulness, of speaking the truth of living by the truth of doing that which is correct. Because truthfulness is something that will make a person successful in the after.

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The prophets are allowed to set himself on a conveyor slip, adhere to the truth for inner circle. Yeah, the edenville for the truth leads to righteousness. We're in Al Bella. Yeah, the Ellen Jenner. And indeed righteousness elites were two gentlemen. So I lay on the set, adhere to truthfulness.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continually said that a person continues to speak the truth until at last His name is written down with a lot as a truthful person.

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So if truth is going to benefit a person on that day, what will false will do? What will lies do to a person on that they are they going to benefit him or they're going to go against him? They're going to go against

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a person who lies his lies are going to go against him.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said what a year come? Well, Khadija and avoid falsehood for in Al Qaeda yesterday in alpha do for falsehood leads to shameful deeds. We're in el futuro de la now, and shameful deeds lead a person to Hellfire when I as I don't want you to get the Boo. And a person continues to tell lies until at last His name is recorded with Allah as a liar.

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So on the Day of Judgment, truth is going to benefit a person and lies are not going to benefit a person at all.

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If we don't get rid of this bad habit

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Today, if we don't get rid of this bad habit today, of lying, of liking lies, some owner didn't care.

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If we don't hate lies today, if we don't hate false today, then how do we think that we will leave it on the Day of Judgment

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lilla human custom out you will have to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth will Murphy hidden and whatever that is within them.

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Allah owns the kingdom, the dominion of the heavens and the earth and everything within them. So whatever commands that He has given, he has the right to give those commands. And on the Day of Judgment, whatever decisions he makes, he has the right to make those decisions. Because to Allah belongs the entire dominion of the heavens and the earth, and everything within what who are the Coalition for the and he is able over every single thing, from rewarding the sodic do punishing the candidate, he is able to do everything.

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So this indicates that he started his salon is not Malik, he started Listen, I'm used to eat used to drink used to sleep and he was lifted up to the heavens, Malik is only a loss painter,

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who is manic, only a loss of penalty. So, whatever decisions that come from him, whether it is cocconi or her come shuttering what should be the response of the servant that I accept. And when a person has this behavior, then in the long run, then Allah will be happy with him. When when a person is happy with the loss of

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well in the long run with

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on a silver

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spoon only li

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li behalf

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just to summarize a little neither.

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So doesn't matter is the fifth surah of the Quran in its order, and it's in fact on the last slides to be revealed. Therefore, the commands that are in the surah all of them are mofcom none of them are abrogated. All of them are final comments. So it is our obligation that we must study this sort of understand the solar and implement the solar because in it are the final commands that were given to the Muslim ummah.

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In Slovakia, we learned about the responsibility of the Muslim ummah. What is the responsibility that you are to convey the message to the people

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in sort of alien con we learned the lesson of

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patience and perseverance. How, from where?

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On the Battle of Baja and insalata nessa we learned about Aladdin and about justice and mercy.

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And over here in sort of America, it summarizes beautifully all that we have learned thus far. This one I begins with yeah are you are Latina Amano, oh COVID erfoud and ends with the only infosight Athena. So you'll go home, you have certain responsibilities, be truthful, be honest, fulfilled and whether those responsibilities are towards Allah or towards people. So basically this sutra, it completes the Sharia. It completes and perfect the law that allows the penalty Allah has given to his servants.

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And as we know that each of the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given to his servants is based on his wisdom,

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the name of Allah subhanaw taala. Ricky comes many, many times in this world, or disease comes many, many times in disorder

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because every commendable loss penalty is based on his wisdom.

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And remember, that there are five mocassin of the Sharia five objectives of the Lord that Allah Subhana Allah has given us meaning every command that Allah subhanaw taala has given it needs one or more of these mocassin of these objectives. The first objective is the preservation of the

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and we learn several commands in this order, which are for the purpose of preserving our the for instance, we learned for hoekman Jamelia to boo, is that the hookah Mangia helia that you want. Woman Arsenal when ally hookman they called me up no

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similarity we learnt many of that domain command Dini for Sofia to be home in your head boom where you hit buena if you leave your religion, Allah doesn't need you.

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So basically in this surah there are many commands that have been given which are for the purpose of preservation of our the

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cemetery the Quran was mentioned that Quran is Mohammed that this is the final law. Now,

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the importance of judging by the book of Allah soprano data was emphasized.

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Similarly, the importance of upholding and establishing the book, then the profits or losses and it was given the command to convey value of mountains data in economic. Similarly, the Muslims have been commanded that latifolia houda nesara earlier don't take them as friends. Why? Because then you will become like them. If you become like them, then your dean will not remain preserved anymore.

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So in the sort of many commands have been given for the preservation of already the People of the Book were mentioned, to show that they did not forbid one another from evil, and therefore they lost their Deen, you don't do the same thing.

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The second knockout of the shittier is the preservation of life and for that purpose, we learned the command that Mankato and Epson be laid in Epson oversized and fill up faster and quieter and less engineer. Then the punishment for those people who wage war against a line is messenger, meaning we disrupt the peace of the society, who spread fear amongst people, their punishment is given. Similarly, we learned pulumi models of a common law eat or what Allah has given you, that is highlight and tell you why to preserve your life. So in this sort of many commands with regards to the protection of life, have been given

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the third macfeather the shittier is preservation of intellect, which is why we learned here you have Medina, Amano enamal, Humberto and Mesa, what are they, they are rich, they're out of shape time, they intoxicate your mind. And if you're intoxicated, then you're not going to be able to use your intellect property.

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Similarly, some marijuana, they've gotta be careful about what you hear. If you're hearing falsehood, if you're listening to false if you're watching false, then you're going to do that falsehood as well. It's going to come in your actions as well.

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Then, the fourth Maxim of the Sharia is the preservation of progeny, which is why we learned more slatina playing almost.

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But when you marry, make sure you come into the marriage contract into the wedlock, why in order to protect the lineage of your progeny.

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Then another most of the shittier is the preservation of wealth, which is why we learnt about what the punishment for theft was Sarika was signed on to. And finally, at the end of the sooner we learned about the Shahada, that is to be taken by two people. When, when a person is near death, while he's traveling to ensure that his property is given to who his heir is because it is their house.

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So we see that all five objectives of the Sharia are fulfilled in the soul. And if you look at it, overall, overall summary that the solar begins with the address here are you and Medina if you are a believer to perfect your email to complete your

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email to improve your email to increase in your email to show your event. Make sure you follow all of these commands. Alpha will fulfill your promises, fulfill your backs, whether they are with Allah or they are with the people

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alphabetically code and at the end, truthfulness and honesty is mentioned.

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That if you are truthful towards others, if you're truthful with yourself, if you're truthful to Allah, then this truthfulness is going to benefit you on the Day of Judgment.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy to be of those people who are scientists

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who what they say they do what they write they do what they believe in they do it because this is what is going to benefit a person on the Day of Judgment.

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May Allah make this quote honor her job for us, not against us after we

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listen to the recitation of these verses.

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me need

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be his me

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to Danny.

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una una la mina shahidi.

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me Follow

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uno de una is any help

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to be him.

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soprano colossal movie humbucker Michelle de la ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca wanted to be Assalamu alaikum

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