Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-050E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 152-153

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the confusion between sh dolls and shavae, with sh dolls being used to slay enemy while shavaes are used to slay enemy. The speakers also discuss the loss of courage and interest from shilts and the history of shilts and the loss of control from shilts. The transcript also touches on the negative impact of fear on one's health and mental health, including the loss of faith and the importance of learning to manage one's anxiety and worry.
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Allah subhanaw taala says, well I could Sadako Allah Who are the who, and Allah had certainly fulfilled his promise to you, of us. pantherella addresses the believers, that one could look at the emphasis over here and surely indeed sadaqa como Allahu Allah proved true to you all were the who his promise Sadako from said to be true, so Allah was true to his promise. And he the promise that he made you which promise did Allah make the believers this is a promise that income sort of La Jolla and circle that if you help the cause of Allah, Allah will help you right? That Allah will help you against alone will caffeine so Allah had certainly fulfilled his promise to you when at the

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beginning of the battle of a herd right so Allah subhanaw taala helped the believers in the beginning of the battle and because of that help what happened is the WHO sooner whom be in the Navy, when you were killing the enemy by his permission is the WHO sooner whom the WHO sooner home is from Haseen seen and has some basically his from the same route. His is sense, any sense of perception, like for example, sight, or hearing, okay, and has stuck someone means to remove their senses. And what does that mean that they're no longer alive? If a person can no longer perceive sound or sight or they're not able to hear see feel? That means they're dead? They're no longer

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alive. So the husana who means you are killing them. Okay, but this is different from cattle. The Hosono home is a cattle Cathy's any to slay in great numbers. Okay, and also quickly, so it is the act of killing quickly in great numbers from the same route has said any hustle Birdo Gerrard the cold killed the locusts. And think about locusts any you don't just find a locust here look as they come in swarms in huge numbers. Right if the cold killed the locusts it means that they were all killed in the in great numbers. So is the her sooner home? You were eradicating them and you were slaying them quickly in large numbers. How was that happening? B isn't he he by his permission and

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he by the permission of Allah, which permission is this? Remember the intern of Allah is shutter E and also other. The shutter II even of Allah is when Allah subhanaw taala allows something for us in the religion by for example, Allah subhanaw taala has allowed us to marry to eat meat. Right? Then other the cottony even is when Allah subhanaw taala allows something to occur in the world in the creation. Like for example, rain falls by the permission of Allah. So is the husana won't be IDNA ye you were eradicating them? Why were you killing them? How could you kill them? Because Allah subhanaw taala allowed you to kill them, he permitted you to kill them in battle. Right? Any in

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general, it is not correct for a Muslim to go and randomly kill non Muslims No, at this occasion. At this instance, in the battle, they were allowed because this is a permission that Allah has given to the Muslims to fight in battle. Right? And then Allah subhanaw taala also enabled them to slay the enemy in large numbers, right is the WHO sunnah homie Ibni. So when you are with Allah, you were loyal to Allah, you were with His messenger. Things were going very well so well that the enemy began to flee. Right? The machine began to fleet then what happened? Why did they lose all that help? Had the either for sheltam What an Azhar Tom Phil Emery was Slayton mimbar Dima, Allah cometa

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boon. Until when you lost courage, and fell to disputing about the order and disobeyed after he had shown you that which you love. So the mistake was on your part, do not blame Allah, the oxyr was yours. This is why you were given the consequences for your actions. Allah helped you he was fulfilling his promise to you until you stop doing your part and you lost the help of Allah. Now, this is all an address to the Romans, the archers who were appointed at the small hill, and they were told to not leave their spots, right, but they left their spots and when they left their spots, then what happened the enemy managed to make a surprise attack on the Muslims coming from the place

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that was now unguarded. So the mistake was yours and this

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This is a very important thing to realize because especially when a person is doing something religious, something for the sake of Allah, something, you know, for the religion of Allah, and then all of a sudden things go haywire. All of a sudden a person suffers some kind of hardship, they wonder what happened, isn't it that when you help the cause of Allah, Allah helps you. So how come I am not receiving the help of Allah? So Allah subhanaw taala tells the believers who were at or heard that Allah's help was there, Allah fulfilled his promise to you, then you did something because of which you lost the help of Allah. So what is it that they did? Three things are mentioned over here

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had that either Fishel term first is for sheltam. Secondly, then Azhar term and then thirdly are SITUM three things for Shenton, you lost courage, then as our tongue you disputed with one another, and our Slayton, you disobeyed. Okay. Now let's look at the first mistake that they made fascism for sheltam is from Fasching lamb, and it's translated as you are lost courage, all right, but fascial fascial means two things. Firstly, fascial means barf, any weak heartedness, so lacking confidence, and this is we learned earlier in verse 122, when Allah subhanaw taala said regarding the two groups of the believers, if him MCLA, if a tiny men come and have Shala, when two groups among you were

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about to lose courage, right, and that is when the hypocrites abandoned the Muslims. So some groups from the unsought they also lost courage and they also thought about leaving but will Allahu Allah you Houma Allah was their ally. And Allah subhanaw taala gave them the courage so they stayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right so this is the first meaning of fashion, week heartedness, lacking confidence, but then fashion also means Castle, it also means laziness. Okay, any basically lacking energy, lacking care or attention to one's duty, okay, where a person does not want to work hard anymore, a person can't be bothered about the work that they're doing. They're

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kind of losing interest. So had that either for Shilton have you think about it earlier, when the two groups were about to lose heart, Allah subhanaw taala save them here. When they became lazy, what happened? They lost the help of Allah. The thing is weak hearted to feel afraid is normal. Right? And when you turn to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives you courage and saves you for when it comes to laziness. When it comes to not caring about one's work, losing interest, not wanting to work hard being inattentive, about one's work on a person is just unbothered, then who can help you if you don't want to help yourself? So Hatha ADA officialdom, you became lazy. You became

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inattentive to your duty. You did not want to work hard anymore. You just wanted victory to come quickly. You just wanted the easy way. And then what happened? What then Azhar Tom, Phil, Amber, you all disputed with one another in regard to the matter than as our tone this is from Vanessa Nunes. I mean, NASA is to pull and to NASA is when two sides are pulling, you know something to themselves. So what's happening? There is an argument over here, there's back and forth. Alright, so you disputed with one another, in regard to the matter which matter in regard to the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had told the

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archers, that you must remain in your positions until I tell you to leave. And you cannot leave, even if you see that our heads are being snatched by birds. And if we are slain, and birds are coming and eating, still, you cannot leave your positions. You have to stay where you are until I order you to leave. But what happened when the archers were on that small hill, and they could see from that place of elevation that the enemy was fleeing? And then they could see that the Muslims were collecting war booty. Some of the archers said, Let's go the battle is over. Others said no. We cannot leave until the prophets of Allah Who said I'm told us to leave. So they began arguing among

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themselves. Right. Then the third mistake was were a slave to him. And you disobeyed mimbar Dima Akuma to hipbone after Allah showed you what you love you

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disobeyed who reigned saw the RSC and his disobedience, you disobeyed your leader of the lab and obeyed. And he the 50 archers who were appointed the Prophet sallallahu, Urdu Sena appointed a leader over them our beloved and debate. So even if they differed among themselves, whether or not they could leave, they should not have left without the permission of Abdullah bin Germain. All right, but they did not accept His authority. Right? They said, No, the battle is over. We go. The Prophet sallallahu audism told us to stay here until he would tell us to move because what he meant is that don't leave until the battle is over. For the battle is over. So let's go. So they disobeyed

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their leader of the labor and job aid, and by disobeying Him, they also disobeyed the Prophet sallallahu early who was settler, but the disobeyed mimbar Dima, after Allah come, he showed you raw Hamza, and he after Allah showed you matter, he Boone, what you love, what is it that you love? victory against the enemy? Right, so you saw the victory? You saw it? Because you saw the enemy fleeing, and you saw the war booty and you saw the dunya. And you saw the people collecting the war booty. So you wanted to share of it and you disobeyed your leader, you disobeyed your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Now, the thing is that the fleeing enemy did not mean that the battle was over. And even if the battle was over, that was still not the time for them to leave their posts. They were supposed to leave their posts when the Prophet sallallahu oralism told them to write, but they had a misunderstanding, they made a mistake. So three mistakes are mentioned over here. You have lost courage as in you became lazy, right? You no longer wanted to work hard, right? You no longer wanted to remain in your positions, you got bored. Right? And you just wanted victory to come easy and quickly. And then you dispute it with one another. And then you disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala says

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men come May you read the dunya. Among you are some who desire the world, women coming up to Africa and among you are some who desire the hereafter. Allahu Akbar, infamously Rudra de la Horne who said that I did not think any of the companions of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam desired the world until this idea was revealed. He thought that all those who went to the Battle of or who were seeking shahada, they were seeking success for Islam. He didn't think that anyone went out seeking dunya. And by dunya, what is meant is warm booty and fame. And the thing is that they were sincere to Allah. Yes, but they also wanted some worldly benefits. And the thing is that intentions can

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change very quickly, a person starts out sincere, expecting no dunya. And then on seeing the dunya mimbar, the Morocco Mata hipbone on seeing what you love, the intention can change. So the archers were afraid that if they did not go themselves to collect the war booty, they would not get any share of it. They never intended to disobey the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or the leader of the love and debate that in our beloved Jabez had them do not go and they said, No, we will go, we're not going to listen to you know, it was just simply an incorrect he had on their part, right? They misunderstood. And they made an error in the decision that they made. And what caused that

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misunderstanding was the desire to get the booty if the booty was not there, they would have remained in their places, right. And sometimes it happens that when you see people enjoying easy benefits while you're sitting and working hard, right? This can really dampen your morale, and it can cause you to become lazy in your work. And then there comes a point where you even begin to dislike your work, it can cause fashion. And this is why it's so important to not let your heart get greedy for the dunya. Now, think about it. This was one mistake on their part. Right? For Shilton within a certain website SITUM and he all this happened, why? Because of a bad decision. Right? And

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they disobeyed out of the Wilhelmine out of confusion, or rather misunderstanding. They didn't disobey the order of the Prophet sallallahu orders them deliberately. Right? But still look at the consequences they got. And these are people who had an excellent record than what about us, if we deliberately openly sin? And then Subhan Allah we have the audacity to say things like why does God not help me? A soffit Allah, men come May God the dunya women coming up to Accra? So who are those who desired the world who left their positions and who were those who desired the hereafter? Those who remain firm? Alright, those who have remained

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in their places who kept doing what they were commanded to do, and look at their examples, we learn about an s been another. Okay this is reported in Sarajevo hottie and Sol de la hora and who reported that my uncle Anas Ibn another was absent from the battle of butter. Okay, and he said O Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I was absent from the first battle you fought against the pagans by Allah. If Allah gives me a chance to fight the pagans, no doubt Allah will see how bravely I will fight. Meaning I will fight very bravely if I get a chance to participate in a battle against the machine. So what happened on the devil hood when the Muslims turned their backs and fled

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on a spin another said, Oh Allah, I apologize to you for what these people have done. And I denounce what these have done, meaning what the pagans have done. And then he went forth in order to fight the machine. And Sodom and Murad radula horn who met him and he said all Sauron by the Lord of another paradise I'm smelling its aroma coming from before the mountain.

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And he was fighting so courageously and Sodre de la Mourinho later on said that Allah's Messenger, I cannot do what he did. I would never be able to do what an aspirin Nutter was doing and he was fighting so bravely so courageously and Anasazi, Lauren, who said that we found more than 80 wounds by swords and arrows on his body, stuff it Allah, any Can you imagine? At wounds, he this means that he got injured and he didn't stop. He kept going. He got injured again. And he didn't stop. He kept going, kept going, kept going, kept going until he fell. And it was only his sister who managed to recognize him by his fingers, because his body was mutilated, and his body was covered in wounds and

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injuries. So they weren't even able to recognize him. Men come May you read the dunya woman combat unit will actually look at how hard he worked, how much he strove that if all of a sudden the enemy has attacked again. And imagine the scene the Muslims are fleeing. They're running away from the battle. And what is an Hasib not doing going into the battle. As people are escaping, he is going into the battle. Men coming up the dunya woman coming up to Africa. Then we see the example of a brutal hora de la Horn. Again, Anissa de la Mora who reported that when it was the day of or hurt, the people left the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it because people were running away. And the

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Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was calling them but they weren't paying any attention. They were just running away to save their lives. And as people were running away, and everyone left the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, I will tell her was with the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam and what was able to her doing, he was actually shielding the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam with his shield, and I will tell her was actually a skillful Archer. Alright, and on that day, he broke two or three bulls Subhanallah and if a man carrying a quiver full of arrows passed by the prophets of Allah who were in his in would say to him, but any scatter the arrows for a bottle has the avatar

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who can use them. And whenever the prophets of Allah who are listening would raise his head to look at the enemy. I will tell how would say that my mother and father we sacrifice for you do not raise your head less than Arab the enemy should hit you let my neck be struck rather than your neck. Allahu Akbar. Men coming up to dunya women coming up after an Astra de la Mer and who else has said that he saw I shall de la Mourinho and I'm Salim radula Mourinho running with their water skins, okay, on their backs, and taking them to the wounded people and putting water into their mouths. Any for a person to work as a nurse, even in a situation like this is very dangerous. I mean, come on,

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you read the dunya woman come on, you're evil after. So everything was good until you disobeyed. Right? And you know what happened? The Muslims were victorious at the beginning enemy was fleeing. And when the archers left, that is when Khalid bin Walid saw the empty space. And he took that as an opportunity to make a surprise attack on the Muslims. And now the Muslims were trapped between the mountain and the enemy. And then whatever was meant to happen, happened and the trial that Allah subhanaw taala had decreed for the Muslims came about and it was rumored that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam had been killed, and that Abu Bakr had been killed. And shaitan also called out that

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all slaves of Allah behind you, so they turned around, and they began attacking other Muslims Subhan Allah, and he shaitan caused a lot of panic and confusion.

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At this point, so hetta EDA for sheltam with an uncertain Phil Emery Worsley to mimbar Dima Allah cometa he Boone and min coma URI the dunya women coming up to Accra Sol masala for C'mon homely Atelier calm. So then what happened? Allah turned you away from them some Masada coma and home sarafa he turned away calm you all on home from them. What does this mean that he turned you back from the enemy defeated? And you went you for Shilton, Vanessa toma Seiten Allah did not allow you to have victory over the enemy. And this is so painful, that something slips away from your hand after you almost had it. And he the Muslims almost had victory over the enemy. But Allah turned the

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Muslims away from the enemy defeated sort of a C'mon Han Liebe Talia come and sarafa from sada Rafa to turn away and Liam Telia calm in order to test you. And in order to put you to trial, Allahu Akbar, any Allah did not allow you to enjoy victory over here in order to put you to trial if Tila Balamb well, and this if Tila this trial was from who it was from Allah, he think about it if the Muslims only enjoyed victory, right? easy victory, then the rules of the Muslims would never be purified. If the hypocrites everyone would embrace Islam and trial is necessary trial is part of life. So Allah subhanaw taala turn them away from being victorious. Why in order to put them to

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trial, that who will realize their mistake who will learn who will accept their mistake. And if you think about it, this test was huge. This if Tila was huge, the prophets of Allah who are in Islam sustained wounds on his head. Right, the uncle of the Prophet salallahu, Arizona was martyred Hemsedal de la Horne who, in fact, the body of Hemsedal de la Martin, who was even mutilated the mushy Keane were gloating they were, you know, showing off they were glorifying their idols. But look at what Allah subhanaw taala says, While aka the alpha and calm and surely Indeed, Allah has pardoned you Subhan Allah, this is coming after the Muslims suffered the consequences of their

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disobedience. And after Allah subhanaw taala reprimands them, he says, Welcome to our foreign club, and he has surely indeed pardoned you will Allahu fuddling al Momineen and Allah is possessor of great favor upon the believers, meaning He bestows huge favors to the believers. SubhanAllah. We see over here that the Sahaba are informed very clearly about what their mistake was. Right? You need three things specifically are pointed out, this is where you messed up. And this is so important that when someone does something wrong, don't give them the silent treatment. So they don't even know what's happening. No specifically, inform them. This is where you went wrong. Why, so that they

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can correct themselves. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Welcome to our foreign club. And surely, indeed, he has pardoned you know, our full reign farewell rifle over here means two things. First of all, it means that Allah pardoned you. For what for your mistake of fishing. Tom then Azhar Tom, I say to them, alright, Allah has pardoned you because you regretted, alright, they regretted they felt bad, and Allah subhanaw taala pardoned them. And this is such good news. Imagine for the Companions, they knew they messed up, they did something wrong, then Allah subhanaw taala tells them that Allah has pardoned you What beautiful, good news this is. And this Good News is for all those

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who regret their mistake. And they seek forgiveness from Allah in Surah for Kanaya 70 A lemon turbo or Amazon or Amazon Solea. Right. And in so many places in the Quran, this has mentioned except for the one who repents, believes does righteousness, and he's the one who repents, then Allah subhanaw taala will pardon them. And therefore over here also means that Allah subhanaw taala protected you right that he spared you by not allowing the enemy to finish you off completely. And this was truly Allah's favor on them, like I mentioned earlier, that the machine could easily gone searching for the Muslims who were hiding. They could have killed the last of the Muslims. In fact, they could

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have gone from a hood into Medina, and they could have wreaked havoc

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but they didn't, because Allah subhanaw taala protected the believers. Well Allah Who Hublin are the mean, and Allah is possessor of great favor to the believers. Subhan Allah, He shows us that when we suffer because of our own wrongdoing, Allah subhanaw taala still favors us, by protecting us from all the harm that we bring upon ourselves. Any things could be much worse for us, had it not been Allah's favor on us. Subhan Allah, and he, when we get angry, when we, you know, do wrong things, when acting on impulse, we're human, we make mistakes. We think about it when when we do something like that, and we invite so much harm and danger upon ourselves. If we got everything that we

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deserved, we would be finished, we would be ruined. But Allah subhanaw taala favors us by protecting us from the consequences of our own sins. He lets us suffer a little bit so that we wake up we realize we regret Subhan Allah, will Allah Who funnelin Allah I mean, even though they disobeyed, Allah bestowed favor on them is to Surrey Dona Walla Walla Walla Walla ahead in what was saluja de rue confit rock home. Remember when you fled and climbed the mountain without looking aside at anyone, while the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was calling you from behind is to Sedona is connected with Welaka Alpha uncom that he pardoned you when you fled? Anyone you fled from the

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battlefield. And even though that is a major sin, Allah subhanaw taala has pardoned you for that. Or what this means is what could it any remember recall when this happened, that you all were fleeing from the battle, and Doceri donor is from Saudi or Indian and Sarada is to climb. Okay. So in the panic, what happened? The Muslims began to flee. And because they were right at the foot of Mount or hood, they weren't just running away in the open. They were running away on to the mountain, they were climbing hard, and is still Sedona he imagine the panic, they were just running away scattering. They did not glance at anyone. He didn't see who was to their right who was to their

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left who was behind them. Because of the fear because of the shock. They were climbing uphill, and they were climbing hard is just Riona wala Toluna are hidden and you were not looking back at any one blood that guna tell wounds from lamb Well, yeah. And Lola is to twist the neck or the tongue. Okay. And the wound Arla means to turn the neck. Okay, why would you turn the neck while walking? Because you stop and you look behind to let people behind you catch up. Alright, so Latin one Allah hadn't any. You weren't waiting for anyone. You weren't caring about anyone. You weren't waiting for anyone to catch up to you know, you didn't care to see to anyone, let alone or Allah Handan what was

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Sulu here the row comfy Ohakune while the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam was calling you from behind you. You had the rukon dial line while he was calling you. And where was he feet or Cracow? Okra Hamza Hara any behind? He was behind you. And from there he was calling you. What does this mean? This means that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam did not flee as you fled. You fled, but he did not. Because the prophets of Allah who are listening was extremely brave, are leaving a Vitaly rodilla horn who said that can I eat the Dilbert sir? It's the kind of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that during battle when things would get really intense we would actually protect

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ourselves by going behind the Prophet sallallahu Ortiz Subhan Allah anyone they would be afraid they would hide behind him salAllahu alayhi wasallam and Anasazi Allahu Anhu also said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was ash Jarrell Ness, he was the bravest of all people. And this is exactly how a leader is supposed to be firm, strong, brave. And what was soon we had to reconfigure how come he was putting his life at risk by staying where he was. Right. And then secondly, by calling you, you were running away to save your lives. He stayed where he was. Right. And then he was calling you. And by calling you. What was he doing? He was letting the enemy know exactly where

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he was to he was, you know, putting himself in danger. And why was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam calling them he was basically telling them to come back to him to gather

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around him so that they could get reorganized, and then they could fight the enemy like that. And the thing is, that the prophets of Allah who are listening was also calling them because they didn't know what direction they were running in, and what danger they were running in any sometimes it happens in the panic as you run, you don't even see where you're going. Right? You don't even realize where the enemy is coming from, but the prophets that Allah who are listening could see, so he was calling you in order to save you, but you ignored that call, and you did not return to Him. Subhan Allah and a Sudhi said that when the machine attacked the Muslims, some Muslims ran away to

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Medina, while some of them went up Mount or hood, right? So the prophets of Allah who are listening kept calling them that come to me or servants of Allah, come to me later about Allah it drew Ilya, come back to me, come back to me. Any Let's regroup and let's fight the enemy together, but they did not hear Him or they did not respond to him. Subhanallah so what happened for a Thaba como Han mambilla Minh, and this was another huge mistake on their part. So Allah subhanaw taala gave them the consequences of their mistake. How Thaba como Hahnemann Billman. Allah repaid you with distress upon distress, a Thaba calm Theia while ba sab though Ibis Recompense to give someone exactly what

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they deserve, it could be good in the form of reward or it could be bad if it's punishment, so he recompensed you with lum with him any distress with distress. lum is from line Meme Meme and alum is distress, worry sadness, regret, pain, hardship, but Allah subhanaw taala didn't just give them one home. One distress no it was Luhman becoming distress with distress, okay, this means two things. First of all, this means Luhman mo Sulan bilum in any one distress connected with another distress, any one on top of the other, okay. So after this point what happened? They suffered distress upon distress upon distress, how? When they fled, and they ignored the call of the prophets that Allah

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who were to send them, not only did they suffer loss, they were extremely embarrassed. And then what happened to the Muslims who are killed their bodies word mutilated? The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was injured. They had hurt the Prophet sallallahu artisanal by disobeying him, right they had to deal with the aftermath of the battle, not just that the gloating of the machete keen in illumine Billa min one on top of the other. And then a woman Mila min also means lum because of whom in Iran must be sebelum distress because of distress. Any Allah recompense them with distress because of the distress that they caused the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how did they cause distress to

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by disobeying him by not responding to his call. He was calling them to come back to me come back to me and they weren't coming back. They were just running away. Subhan Allah for Atharva como Hahnemann Vela min. Why? Why did Allah subhanaw taala repay them with distress upon distress or distress because of distress because of loss pantalla hates the believers. No, Lee kala has no so that you would not grieve our dilemma fatha come over that which had escaped you, while Amma Asaba calm or for that which had befallen you, he caused you to suffer distress upon distress so that you would no longer grieve. Now if you think about it. Typically,

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when a person is struck by some lung, they're sad. And then when another lung comes, they're even more sad. Right? One distress after another causes a person to increase in their sadness. But here Allah subhanaw taala says, He gave you distress upon distress so that you would not grieve tell me does long after alarm increase sadness or does it decrease it? What happens long after hum does it increase sadness or does it decreases it increases it right? But Allah Subhan with harder says it decreases it li kala doesn't know so that you would no longer grieve. Okay, how does that happen? Let's analyze this. First of all, what was the first harm that the Muslims experienced? The first

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alarm was the loss of Alana M the loss of war booty after having obtained it the loss of lives the loss of victory, right? What was the second one? The second GM was the

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news of the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, okay, when even Camira said I have killed Mohamed Salah who already was imagined, as a Muslims are running away, they realize that oh god, we just lost, and we lost the booty. So many of our people have been killed. And then imagine they heard someone shouting out loud. I have killed Muhammad Sallallahu oralism. This Gump was bigger than any other hum. Right? When they heard that someone had killed the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, nothing else mattered. The first of them felt like nothing. And this is true, right? Bigger worries make you forget about the smaller ones, right? They make you forget about the smaller

00:35:47 --> 00:36:31

ones. Like for example, if you have a cold, right, you have a headache because of that you have a runny nose because of that. Maybe you're feverish. And then what happens, you find out that you have really high fever, right? You are distressed about the fact that skin around your nose is getting in a red and sore. And then you have a fever. May Allah protect you, you find out that you have a serious illness. Are you going to care about the skin around your nose? That's no longer on your radar. Right? May Allah protect you. If it turns into a serious illness and you end up at the hospital? You're not going to care about the runny nose. Right in fact you may not even care about

00:36:31 --> 00:37:18

the fever so bigger worries make you forget about the smaller ones right now let's print right it says over here at Lee kala there is no right now my fat the cool 1am Ah Saba calm. You no longer grieve over what first of all, mathematical, mathematical farewell tap felt to lose something. So what escaped you? What is it that escaped them that day, victory and spoils. Right. And you also no longer grieve over MA Saba calm, what reached you, what hit you? What befell you? And what is it that hit them on the Day of or hurt, injury and death? Right? So you no longer grieve over what you lost, and what you suffered. And, you know, another example that I give that you know how bigger

00:37:18 --> 00:37:24

worries make you forget smaller ones, that if someone said to you, that your house just got burned.

00:37:25 --> 00:38:04

This is something very painful. I need to hear this news that your house just got burned. This is frightening news. And you think about all that was inside your house, you know, your things that are very valuable things that you love, you're very attached to things that you were working on your projects, etc. And you have 1000s of things inside your house, right? So this is very painful. And this news is something that's going to make you worry a lot. But if someone says that your family was in the house, are you going to care about the things inside the house or your family? Your family right? Now imagine after some time you were told Alhamdulillah your family actually escaped

00:38:04 --> 00:38:49

the fire? They're fine. It's just your house that is burned? What will you do? He will say Alhamdulillah you will do such a shocker, right? You're not going to care about the house. You're just happy that your family is safe. So the second lung, what does it do? It overshadows the first right and when the second alarm is lifted with that, the first of them also goes away. Same thing happened with the Muslims on the neighborhood. They were hearing things like Hamza al de la Mourinho has been killed, so and so has been killed. We have lost such and such. And then they heard that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam had been killed. And this news was greater than any other. It was the

00:38:49 --> 00:39:35

greatest alum that overshadowed every other lum that they experienced that day. And when they found out that the prophets of Allah, who were Lucena was well in alive, and Allah subhanaw taala removed that alarm from them, right? What happened? All of their home all of their worries departed. The second one removed the first of them, right. And when they found out that the second one was untrue, they were left free of any Islam. In fact, they were actually rejoicing, when they saw the Prophet sallallahu where it is in a well in the life they were rejoicing. So how merciful is Allah? How merciful is Allah? When Allah subhanaw taala puts you in difficulty after difficulty, hardship after

00:39:35 --> 00:39:59

hardship, this is not to overwhelm you. Okay? This is not because of law hates you, Mao a dark or Bukoba color. It is to help you learn to better manage your worry and anxiety so that you can focus on bigger things in life. Because worrying over every little thing cripples us, right

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

When Allah subhanaw taala puts us in problem after problem and then removes bigger problems from us than what happens by then we have forgotten about the smaller problems. So for Atharva, Mohammed bin Salman, not to destroy you not to ruin you not to make you go numb. No, Allah gave you distress upon distress in order to make you braver in order to make you stronger. Right. And maybe this is something that you've experienced in life yourself. And this is a personal example, a very personal one. But I remember my older son, he has certain food allergies. And when we were told that we should keep epi pens with us, I remember this the sight of an epi pen would scare me any I would

00:40:48 --> 00:41:39

have difficulty holding it. Okay, not using it, just holding it. And the first time we had to give it I remember I had to give it, I couldn't do it myself. I called an ambulance. And I was afraid of even opening the case. Right? Just seeing it would cause me to have chills. And then over time what happened? You know, I had to use it a couple times. And now an EpiPen no longer scares me. Any if I kept thinking about oh my god, my son needs an EpiPen. My son needs an EpiPen. You know, do we have the EpiPen? This is so scary. And it is scary. It is frightening. It is a very, very serious thing. No doubt. No doubt, it is something very serious. But if I kept thinking about it, and this thought

00:41:39 --> 00:42:31

overwhelmed me, then would I be able to focus on other things in life? I'm not saying that his health is unimportant. No, it's extremely important. It's a life and death situation. Right? But over time, Alhamdulillah I find that I have become braver, not that I do not care any less. No, I still care a lot more than ever. But over time, the exposure has made me braver. So this is what happens with difficulty after difficulty. It doesn't cause you to lose feeling, no, it causes you to become braver, right and Allah subhanaw taala once that we should not be imprisoned constantly. Because look, Li kala has. Allah does not want us to be grieving all the time to be worrying all the

00:42:31 --> 00:43:15

time, because grief and worry crippled us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek refuge with Allah Allah in the road to becoming an HMI Well, hasn't that oh Allah I seek refuge with you against worry and grief, while RGZ while castle and weakness and laziness while Jugni will buckle, and cowardice and stinginess, will tolerate Dane and being overwhelmed by debt wahala with regional and being overwhelmed by people, but look at the first two things mean an HMI will hasn't that or love, save me from worry and grief. Because there's always going to be things in life that are going to cause worry, that are going to cause sadness, right? This life is supposed to be a test. But then

00:43:15 --> 00:44:07

when Allah subhanaw taala puts us in hardship upon hardship, then our capacity increases. Right? And also what we see over here li que la that has no so that you do not grieve so that you do not grieve which means that sadness doesn't just disappear. It's a process. Allah subhanaw taala puts us in different situations, sometimes increasing our tests and trials, right to make us get over previous wounds. So Lee Kayla has Allama Fattah calm Well, Emma Asaba calm will Allahu Habib, it'll be my time alone. And Allah is Ever aware of what you do. Allah knows exactly what you're doing in times of hardship, and as the hardships increase and as Allah subhanaw taala removes the difficulty from

00:44:07 --> 00:44:08

you. Allah knows what you're doing.

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