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Al-Maidah 109-120 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 116-118

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I was a bit lame in the shape of a gene.

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That's number 77. I am number 116.

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What is called Allah who you are, he said no mother him. And Beware the day when Allah will say, or Isa, son of Miriam

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and Dakota lenez did you say to the people, that it the he dooney Take me, or omya and my mother, either Haney Min dunlea as deities besides Allah.

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Sorry, sorry, Sam is going to be asked on the Day of Judgment by Allah subhanaw taala if he commanded the people to worship Him, and if he had commanded the people to worship His mother,

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if you notice over here, his color, color is in the past tense, isn't it? And here kulu is, he says, or he will say.

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So why is part of being said for something that is going to happen in the future? Meaning that's going to happen on the Day of Judgment. Why is the verb of past tense being used to show the certainty of this event? That it is as though it has already happened? It is that certain it is that certain.

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So what if Allah and remember what it what God is, remember this day mentioned this day, recall this day, beware of this day, when Allah subhana wa tada is going to ask a solicitor.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala already knows that he said, Listen, I'm never commanded this to the people.

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And instead of asking him, he should be asking the people that did resign, I said, I'm telling you,

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but again, a lot depends on it is not even addressing the people. Why? out of reproach out of being angry with them out of being upset with them.

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You know, how we learn in the Quran and the Sunnah, that some people will not even look at them.

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Now you can Lima Houma, La Jolla will allow will not even speak to them. He will not even directly address them.

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Because it shows how upset he will be with these people.

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So a lot of hunter will ask regardless of them, and the hotel in St. Louis will omit Ella Haney Minh doing Illa

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Allah He will say, he said he said I will respond. So the Hannukah glorified Are you meaning how could I ever say such a thing? Super Hannukah glorified? Are you above? Are you from having any partner

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you are without any partner whatsoever.

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silverhand is a noun, basically Spanish from Simba and Saba is to swim or to fly or to float very quickly.

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And basically, it gives a sense of removing something far away from someone.

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So why don't we use the word super hand for a loss of panel data? When we say to the handler, what does it mean? That we declare that Allah is above he is free and far away from any NOx, any deficiency,

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from any era of any fault? from anything that does not fit him and from any resemblance to the creation?

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So when he says super Hannukah glorified, are you meaning you don't deserve any partner?

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How could I ever command people to worship Me? So Veronica?

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Mayor Connolly, it is not for me, meaning it is not justified for me. It is not permissible for me that I should exceed my limits that I should exalt myself may occasionally

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restart this and will respond. It is not possible for me and akula that I would say Mally Sally we have something for which I have no Huck I have no right to say something like that. So it would be completely unjustified. If I ever said something like that.

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In Kotaku if I ever said it what that oh people were should me for their island, then you would know it.

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Darren mo you know math enough see what is in myself meaning what is in my heart? What is it in in me? You know what intentions I have. You know what desires I have? You know what I like you know what I dislike never for a moment, what are like people worshipping me or worshiping my mother. You know what is in my heart. You know that I am a slave to you. I am a servant to you inside out.

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Whenever I will, and I do not know Murphy enough seeker, what is in yourself meaning the knowledge that you keep with yourself? I have no idea about it.

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In nucca, enter alone with who you are indeed you, you alone are the Knower of the unseen

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and then the statement is being mentioned that Allah alone is the one who knows the unseen

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Notice the word of who you will be supportively and why this the unseen that which is hidden from the people. And remember, there are two types of unseen one is that which is hidden or unknown to only some people.

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Like for example, a las panatela informs some of his angels or some of his people about something, but he doesn't inform everybody you understand, like for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was taken to the Mirage and he saw things that we have not seen,

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it is inlaid from us, but it was not invade from him, those particular things that he was shown

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there is another type of light

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which is light that is Muslim, meaning absolute unseen, meaning those things those matters, about which only a loss penalty is aware, nobody knows about it.

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So in liquor enter allowable, you What does it mean? You are the one you are the only one who is aware of all the unseen

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whether it is unseen, that is misspeak meaning it is laid, misspeak partial unseen, which is known only to some, or it is light book lock, meaning it is known only to you in NACA under an envelope.

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So basically, the statement of is, what it means is that you know what i would hide in my heart, and I do not know of what you know. So in NACA and I learned,

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so we've seen this either, he said, Listen, he will be questioned on the day of judgment in front of all people, in front of all humanity, the first of them, and the last of them. When everybody's going to be gathered in one place, he will be questioned, did you tell the people to worship you? Did you ask the people to worship your mother? Just imagine the state of those people who attribute this lie to a loss of penalty other entities are the center.

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And when they hear this response from this and and that I never said it's a panagia I would never say such a statement. Imagine the humiliation that those people would undergo.

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So what can we learn from this ayah First of all, we learned that

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he was a believer in the oneness of Allah. So

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if he was a believer in the oneness of Allah, then what suits his followers are those people who believe in him, that they must also believe in the oneness of almost predator.

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Secondly, we learn from this idea that those people who believe in the Divinity have recently said that he was either God or Son of God or in any way whatsoever they ascribe some kind of value here to him, then such people will be reproached on the Day of Judgment.

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Certainly, because one is that okay, this person is going to hellfire. That is one thing, but the other is that the Hydra is established against them, they're reproached that is more humiliating.

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We also learn from this either a lesser penalty is above having any partner so the Hannukah he does not need a partner. He is above having any partner he is unique he is

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we also learn from this idea that we should accept and acknowledge our status, meaning we should accept as who we are.

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He says that, um, does not feel any humiliation, any embarrassment in acknowledging who he is. If somebody exalts your status about who you really are, what do we think? Let them think like that, at least are thinking good about me. Let them think like that, even if they have a completely false image of us. But still, what do we think? Let them think of us like this. But rissalah cerami says, No, I am not that. And he doesn't find any humiliation. He doesn't feel any humiliation, any embarrassment in reducing his status to his actual status. So it suits us as well, that we should stay where we are. And if other people have an incorrect image of us, then we should correct that.

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Because it is a monastic who loves to be praised for what he has not done.

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We also learned from this ayah that we should not say anything, which is not appropriate for us to see which is not justified for us to say.

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Whether it is with regards to us or with regards to another person we should only say that which suits us, which we are worthy of saying, Don't make statements that don't suit you.

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We also learned that Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in the hearts of creation. And the creation only knows what Allah subhanaw taala has given knowledge.

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And because Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in our hearts, we should be mindful about what is in our hearts, we should be careful about what we keep in our hearts.

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Another very important lesson that we learn from this is the obligation of horseshoe in Santa.

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Where do we learn that from the obligation of having kosher humility insider? Where do we learn that from? Where do we extract this lesson?

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From okay in Atlanta, l'amour, Allah knows about what is in the unseen meaning what is in my heart. So because of that reason I should make sure that in my heart there is humidity before Allah. Where else do we learn this from

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in Kentucky, to further into Talamo Mo, Murphy nuptse that sometimes we're praying and on the outward, we appear to be very humble. But what is the state of our hearts? Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in our hearts thermal Murphy nuptse

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in Kentucky to further alinta. So, if we are standing before a loss of penalty, then we should remember that whatever is in my heart, meaning what am I feeling? What am I thinking about? Who am I fearing? Who am I thinking about at this time?

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If I'm worshiping Allah subhanaw taala it is a must that I should be focused on him only.

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We also know from this eye that anyone who claims that he knows the unseen or he claims that somebody else knows the unseen, meaning somebody other than Allah subhanaw taala knows the unseen, then such a person is in reality committing check. Why?

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Where do we learn that from that third level morphine FC, while

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morphine apsic will enter and then move and you only are there along with who you are. So nobody else knows about what is in the unseen if anybody claims they know the unseen or if anybody claims that somebody other than Allah knows the unseen and what is that? Should you're associating someone in the attribute of Allah subhanaw taala, which is exclusive to him alone.

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malerkotla whom I said not to them, Elana, Mr. Tony B, except what you commanded me with meaning I did exactly what you told me to do.

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I never added anything to it. I never took anything out of it. malko Tula home illa emmerton eBay? I did only what you commanded me to do, not less, not more. And what was that? A near Buddha law that all of you should worship Allah, Who is Rob, be my Lord, what have become and also your Lord. This is what I said to the people, which people, all those people to whom I was sent to meeting the Bani Israel.

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Welcome to Alisha Eden, and I was a witness upon them. Meaning I was witnessing their words, their statements, their actions, their behavior, their response, madam to as long as I was feeding him in them, don't use from the reflectors, that will mean from the word wham, which means to last or remain. So as long as I remained in them, I was a witness over their actions.

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And what it means by this, that I was a witness over their actions is that I saw what they were doing. And if they were doing anything wrong, I stopped them. I heard what they were saying. And if they said anything wrong, I stopped them.

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But then follow motto of faith, any. But then when you took me meaning when you took me up, when you raised me up, and you saved me from the enemy, counter, you were anti you alone, leave the watcher or lay him upon them. You were the one who was watching over them, I have no idea about what they said about what they did after I was gone.

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And there were faith any over here has been understood in two ways. First of all, when he was raised up for the first time, and secondly, when he will come back to the world again. And he will be given that. So basically, when I was away when I was gone, I have no idea about what they said about what they did. And you or last panel, Carla was over there.

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Who is Rocky is from Ruth fetters la casa. And rocky was one who has a very close observation on someone, meaning someone who watches and observes everything, everything because basically it's from Baraka, which is the neck. So when you have your eyes on someone's neck, what does that mean? That you're watching every single move, where they're going, what they're doing what they're saying. So under providing you alone, we're watching them. Well under their condition in Shahid and you are over everything a witness, meaning you are fully aware and informed of everything. What we learn from this is, first of all, we learned that we started a salon was a messenger, just like other

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messengers of a muscle printer, because he was given the responsibility to convey a message. And he conveyed that. We also learned from this I that every messenger is charged with the responsibility to convey the truth.

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Every messenger is charged with the responsibility to convey the truth.

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Because he says over here, that I did not say to them except what you commanded me with a multani

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What is a murmee a command instruction. So the messengers are instructed, they are obligated that they must convey the message of a lot to the people. So it is not justified for any person to say that the messenger did not fully convey. This is incorrect.

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Every messenger was obligated with this duty, and every messenger carried out this duty.

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We also learn from this either the messengers are only witnesses or their people as long as they are among them. Once the messengers have gone, then they don't know what the people say or do. So it would be incorrect for us, as Omar, Mohammed Salah about Islam to think that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is watching us or that he knows about our actions. No, it's only a loss of panatela who knows about what people are doing?

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into our neighbor whom he silence around will say that if you punish them, who those people who are uncovered, those people who did check with Allah, those people who worship 377, into the home, if you punish them or Allah, for in the home or bad, then indeed they're your servants.

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Meaning you are their master, you are their owner, and you have the right to do whatever you want with your servants

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in the home, or if you punish them, they're your servants. And you are their Malick, you are their master. And whatever you do, there is no objection. There is no objection upon you for that. You are justified in whatever you do with them into our living room, for in the home, or interfere in the home. And if you forgive them, if you forgive them for in NACA, then indeed you and you alone, you are an Aziz, you are the mighty and you're also an Hakeem, you're also the wise, meaning if you punish them, no objection, if you forgive them, no objection.

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Because you are as is your mighty, nobody can stop you from carrying out your decision, your will. If you wish to punish them, no one can stop you if you wish to forgive them. No one can stop you. Why? Because you are Aziz. No one can stop you. No one can create any difficulty for you. No one can object at your decisions. Why? Because you are Hakeem, you are the one who has hokum. You are the one who makes the judgment. And you're the one who carries out his judgment. No one can object and say why for inika antenna or xizor hacking.

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And it is also said that what interfit lahoma inika Antara xizor Hakeem, what this means is that if you forgive them, then it will not reduce your exam.

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It will not reduce your exam. So, basically, it is kind of like a request, that if you forgive them for inika anttila disease, and you're also inhotim.

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What do we learn from this ayah.

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First of all we learned from this is about the obligation of leaving every matter to a loss of power data for decision.

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We are only people, we are only required to do what we can do. And after that, we must leave every matter of hours in the hands of a loss painter, that it's up to him, whatever he does with it.

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If a person makes a draw, he should leave it to a loss of penalty, it's up to him, he has a right to accept it, he has a right to reject it. If a person does something, he should again leave it to a las panatela he has a right to give you the fee to complete it. And he has a right to not give you the fee to complete it.

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We learn about the obligation of leaving every matter to a last panel,

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we see that Aris rsns, he was of those messengers will work as he was of those who had determination. And we think being determined means that whatever you do, it goes how you want it. It happens how you want it to happen. This is what determination is for us. But true determination is that you do whatever you can do, and then you leave the rescue a lot. It's his decision. It's his choice, he will give you the feet to complete it. He will take it this way or he will take it that way. And we have no right to object at the decisions of our last panel.

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We also learned from this idea about the submission of the profits for the decision of a loss apprentice. That how the prophets the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala they submitted and his comments that his decisions that he saw this and I'm saying it's your choice, it's up to you. It's your decision.

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Why is it that if something happens in our lives, we say Oh, why like this, or why like that.

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We should learn from this characteristic of the profits, that when it comes to the decisions of a loss or penalty, they submit wholeheartedly. They don't say why or how come like this or why not like that.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that there are two types of creation.

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One group of creation is of those who will be forgiven them of food,

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who will be forgiven and the other group is of those who will be more other who will be punished.

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May Allah make all of us of those who are more food.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that we must not side with those who are upon false because these are the center is not saying that Oh Allah, they were my people. They love me so much. They loved you so much. It was out of their love that they worshipped me. It was out of your love that they made me or so.

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So it's okay forgive them. They were so sincere, but he knows that what they did was wrong. Therefore he does not support them. He does not side with them in the room for in the home that we're in the fellow for in the antenna disease and and hacking.