Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-050C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 146-148

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of acknowledging and recounting events in Islam is highlighted, including the use of "backfires" and "has been" to describe experiences of injuries and loss of heart. The importance of patient and faith in Islam is emphasized, as it is essential to achieve success in prayer. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and the reward of the Hereafter is discussed, as well as the negative impact of the bubble on people's behavior and relationships. The discussion also touches on hungover and the theory that Islam's decision to kill the Prophet Muhammad binRxed at his death for being killed by the Prophet.
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Then Allah subhanaw taala says worker a human newbiggin Catella Mara would it be unica thede and how many a prophet fought and with him fought many religious scholars? What can a yin K Yin means come? Any? How many it shows that feed? Any abundance? So can a yin? Any how many many? So what can a min Naveen any how many a prophet? There were so many prophets before who were such that God Tara Mara who Katana Mara who they fought who along with him any side by side with the prophet who thought that it'd be Yun large groups of people or it would be your means Rabbani Yun any ones who are devoted to Allah and cathedral and there were many, many how many times it has happened before that

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a prophet of Allah went to war any against the enemy, and who was on the side of the prophet who fought alongside him but it'd be you in a cathedral. Okay, now these verses are about or heard. And in these verses is consolation because the Companions suffered a great deal. There's also advice, alright, there's important instruction, and there's also reprimand for the companions. Why? Because after mistake,

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people need something to pick them up, to console them, to help them realize that, you know, yes, it was a mistake, and you're not a loser. And yes, mistakes happen. But now you need someone to pick you up to console you. But you don't just need someone to console you. You also need someone to help you realize what went wrong, what went right, and what the next steps should be. So for example, if you get burned, right, yes, the wound needs to be soothed. But at the same time, a lesson also needs to be learned. Right? And you can, you know, just say, you know, for example, if someone burned their hand, by handling something in the oven without wearing proper gloves, you can't just say,

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well, this oven is really really bad. It gets so hot, right? You can't blame the oven. You have to take responsibility for not using gloves. So you can't call wrong right just to protect feelings. So in these verses, you will see a combination of consolation advice and reprimand. So in overheard what happened when the archers left their posts, and there was chaos. It was rumored at the time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam had been killed. And when the Companions heard the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam had been killed. You know, people responded in different ways. Many Muslims actually fled from the battlefield. Okay, they fled, they literally started running away. So like,

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okay, the prophets of Allah sent him has been killed. Now, I got to save my life. I don't care about others, or the mission or anything, I'm just gonna go save my life. So Allah subhanaw taala reprimands them that whatever happened to you? Why did you become weak? Why didn't you carry on fighting the enemy? Because you are not the first OMA who went to battle against an enemy Muhammad Sallallahu our listener was not the first messenger who fought an enemy. No, this is not the first time that a disaster of this scale occurred in Battlefield no will cut a human a vegan Katella Mara would it be unica feed many prophets before have been in battled and their companions were with them

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and in battle, things are not always smooth. There are sudden attacks, there are unexpected moves from the enemy. There are mistakes you know, a plan airfields so those before you the Rebbe unica feed who are fighting alongside their prophets. What was their course of action? Allah subhanaw taala says familiar with her No, Lima Asaba, one piece of beat Allah, so they did not lose heart because of what reached them in the way of Allah Wormald sorrowful and they did not become weak, Why must the candle and they did not surrender? Three things Allah subhanaw taala mentions about them, that they did not become weak at heart, they did not show any weakness and they did not surrender.

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So almost sounds What happened to you? Why did you become weak at heart and show weakness and just give up and start running away in order to save your lives? So Allah subhanaw taala is giving us an example over here and people are always in need of good examples. Right that this is how the companions of a prophet are supposed to be in the way of Allah that they don't quit. Now, what is it to be Yun? That would be Yoon is the plural of Ruby.

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Okay, and it means two things. The first interpretation of the balloon is that it means are that any many numbers, large groups of people, large bands, Reba from Robert Reba is Jim Earl Kathy, and a huge gathering of people in the in the 1000s. So ribby Yuna can feed large groups of people, any many large groups of people. So they were great in number. All right, and they fought alongside their prophet. And imagine even though there were so many in number, still they faced hardship. And in the face of that hardship, they did not lose heart. Right, they did not become weak and they did not surrender. And if you think about the story of Duluth, Angelou right, we have learned that

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intuitive Bacara and that was a battle at at a very large scale. And there were many people in that battle. So the companions were 700, right, in the Battle of

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any they were many but not that many. So before you 1000s of people have been to war. All right. And from our hand, Halima Simone, Visa, be Allah one of our foremost accounts, what happened to you?

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Then secondly, about Ruby Yun, it is also said that it means that I've been a human, that's just another spelling of the same word. Okay. And Rabbani Yun, we have studied earlier means those who are pious, and he very devoutly obedient to Allah, they are devoted to their rub. Right, and Rabbani Yun are those who are knowledgeable of the commands of Allah and delta, practice the commands of Allah, so are bad, any devout worshippers thought your own those who are obedient to Allah topia, those who are fearful of ALLAH, any righteous people. So, first of all, they were righteous, devout, and then they were fighting in battle alongside their prophet. So you have to learn a lesson from

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them. In any situation that you find yourself in, you want to see how others have dealt with a similar situation. So when you find out that someone who is very righteous, someone who is very knowledgeable, they went through a similar experience, then you really want to know what they did. Right? So Allah subhanho tells us that rheb Yun, what was their way while facing hardship in battle, so what can a human Naveen cotta tomorrow would it be unica theory? Allah subhanaw taala tells us from our her new Lima Asaba Humphrey subida Allah that they did not lose heart because of what reached them in the way of Allah. Now the word wahan who is from Wow, her noon, okay. And one is

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weakness of heart, okay, it is weakness of heart. He they did not lose heart, they did not lose their morale, their confidence, their motivation, because of what struck them. Lima Asaba home FISA Vida now because of what struck them in the way of Allah, and during battle, you know, you suffer a lot, there's injuries, there's loss of friends, you know, there's fatigue, there's hardship at so many levels. Right. So they did not lose heart, they did not lose courage because of what struck them in the way of Allah. They didn't say, Oh, I have gotten injured so I'm gonna quit or they did not become afraid that you know what, I can't do this. This is too hard. This is too scary. Or if

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they heard, you know, some frightening news, like their prophet had been killed. They didn't say that okay, it's over no from our hand. No, they did not lose heart because of what struck them in the way of Allah. And the fact is that in the way of Allah you will be struck by different things, any different things that will cause you hurt and pain and that should not cause you to become weak at heart. Now barf warm, I'll borrow foo they did not become weak low food this is from blood or infa and darf is weakness of body. So when is weakness of heart when you feel afraid, when you feel like this is too hard when you feel you know, internally weak, and barf is weakness of body because

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of injury or because of fatigue. A person begins to Slack and so we're Medora foo. And when must the candle is the candle is from calf while noon and is Tukana is a duel you need to show humility any to surrender basically. So when must the candle meaning they did not surrender to the enemy? They did not give into the enemy. They did not feel worthless before the enemy. No, they remained firm and strong and courageous against their enemy. Like Allah subhanaw taala says visiting our ol cavity, any they're mighty, they're strong, they're courageous against the nonbelievers. Alright, so when must the can and cannot before the Battle of war

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We learn about up with the General de la hora. And basically the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam gave him a sword and oh the Jana tied, you know a scarf on his head and he had the sword in his hand and he started strutting essentially like he started walking in a very arrogant way. And the prophets of Allah who are named Salim said that this type of walking is hated by Allah except in the situation, except in the situation. So he he showed strength in the way that he was walking, right? So when must the candle now in this is a message for the Companions, that you should be like that it'd be human, because you are the best nation produced for mankind. So you should not weaken

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emotionally, mentally or physically, when you suffer something in the way of Allah, nor should you surrender to the enemy, and you should be strong, you should be firm, you should keep you know going on in the way of Allah and you have to exert every ounce of effort that you can in the way of Allah and he you cannot just quit, right? And Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Allah, you humble savouring, look at other ayah and Allah loves those who are patient, amazing. Allah subhanaw taala tells us to be patient and in the Quran. And then he also tells us that He loves those who are patient, as if to tell us that do you not want that Allah should love you. So have SUBUD and Allah

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will love you Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala wants us to become such people who are loved by Him, and will allow you hibel slavery that shows us that SABR patience is what that you are free off one barf, and St. Ken, this is something that you don't lose heart, because of what you suffer. Alright, you don't become physically weak, meaning you keep striving, and you do not quit, you keep going on to the best of your ability. And when you do that, this is silver. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala loves will love your hibel sovereignty. And when Allah loves you, then what do we learn in Hadith of us parents, Allah says, that when I love him, meaning a slave of mine,

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than I am his hearing with which he hears and his sight with which he sees and his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks, if you were to ask something of me, I would surely give it to him. And if he were to seek refuge with me, I would surely grant him refuge Subhanallah This means that when Allah loves you, then you have the help of Allah, even when you're walking. And even when you're looking at something, even when you're listening to something in the movement of your hand Subhanallah in the work that you do, your DA is accepted. We learned another heavyset one, the last panel Turner loves the slave that Allah subhanaw taala tells Gibreel that I love so and so. So

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you should also love Him. God loves him. And then God allows us to the inhabitants of the heavens that Allah loves so and so you should also love them. So they all love him. And then people on the earth also love him. Now, which one of us who wants to be that person whom Allah loves Gibreel loves the angels love and the people on the earth also love. Everyone wants that right? He we want people to accept us. We want people to care about us. We want people to think about us. Right? So what's the key? become someone whom Allah loves? If Allah loves you, then everything's good. But then how do you can Allah to love you, of us Panthera Tada so Allah who you hippo Savarin Allah love those

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who are patient and solid is neither very easy, nor is it very difficult, because Allah subhanaw taala would never tell us to do something that is impossible for us to do or something that is extremely hard for us to do. And the one who's tribes that Allah subhanaw taala helps him right. So Allah Allah, your humble Sabreen Allah loves those who are patient. So have somebody and ask Allah subhanaw taala for his love also, right like that will literally send out one of his drawers was along the igneous alcohol buck. Oh Allah, I ask you for your love. That that love me. I want you to love me how desperate we are to win the love of people that they should love me. The his daughter

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was Allahumma in the US Alka hubback Subhan Allah and the dog continues. We're hooked by your hip book. And I asked you for the love of those who love you. Well, I'm gonna let you believe when you hook back and I asked you for the ability to do those deeds which will lead me to your love. So for example, cyber, right then Oh ALLAH assist me in being patient so that you will love me Safari.

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Anila now SUBUD is to not show weakness and heart in body and to not quit. Right this is what we learn from this is my wahana Molaro for Mr. Candle, this is summer and summer is required in Farah against Marcia and insha Allah it what is thorough, thorough is obedience, right meaning somebody is required in worshiping Allah. So for example, in order to pray, in order to fast during Hajj during Umrah, in being good to your parents, in being generous to people in speaking nicely to people, right, in reciting Quran, somebody is required in doing good things. Right? And this is actually the hardest and the greatest type of silver in the sight of Allah. Because Allah is Pantone says and

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sort of Medea that what more lack of a swallow it was very early that command your family to pray Salah and was a bit early her and he you should also be patient over it and he patiently consistently performed Salah was a bit earlier. So this shows us that a greater amount of solid is required for Salah right? And Allah subhanaw taala tells us to have a greater amount of sublet for Salah, which means that this is the greatest type of salad in the sight of Allah. Right? It's the best type of salad in the sight of Allah. And it's also the hardest part of this is you know, consider the context of these verses to continue to carry on in the way of Allah in spite of

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hardship. Right Secondly, some results are required against Marcia Marcia is sin any when there's temptation to disobey Allah to do something wrong whether it's a major sin or a minor sin, you keep yourself away from that, that is also subject so for example, you're annoyed at someone and you want to say something, but you bite your lip, you don't say any nasty things right. So this is also subject and the third type of subject is that which is required in Shuddha in any in extreme situations in times of difficulty This is also the type of Summit required in the context of these verses in in battle in the face of the enemy so Wallahi you hippo submarine Allah loves those who

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are patient that allows parenthood says woman cannot call her home and their words were not whose words hola whom they're there this is referring to that it'd be unica thede who were fighting alongside their prophet. Right in the face of hardship. They did not weaken they did not lose heart they did not surrender to the enemy they kept going. And what is it that they were saying? Walmart cannot cola home and their words were not INLA except on Kalu that they said Rob been a fair learner the new banana what astrophotography a marina with a bit Aqua Domina on sadhana en el COVID. Caffeine, Amin, Allah subhanaw taala says warmer Kana warmer can amines or mechanic Illa this means

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that this was the only statement that they kept repeating any This is the only thing that kept coming out of their mouths, nothing else would come out of their mouth. He These are words that they did not leave. So yes, they were patient. And they were also saying this, what were they saying? They were saying oh Allah forgive us for our sins and our excesses in our matters. Secondly, they asked for steadfastness. And thirdly, they asked for help against the enemy. Now, first, they asked for forgiveness. Imagine now they're in the thick of the battle. They're fighting alongside their prophet. And they're facing huge challenges in the battle. All right, they're not losing hearts.

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They're not showing any weakness. They're not quitting. And what's coming out of their mouth, robbing a fiddle another nobuna They're asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness. Amazing. Why are they thinking about forgiveness here? Because sins are a barrier between us and Allah. You see, when you want something from Allah, right? You want the help of Allah. First you have to address the elephant in the room, right? Which are your sins before asking Allah subhanaw taala for help. Think about it whenever you need a last thought has helped and you want to make doll what's the first thing that comes to your mind? For I'm such a bad person. I just made this mistake, and I did that

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wrong thing. And I have done this and I have done that. Why would my dog be accepted? we shy away from asking for help. Why because of our sins. And that's not the right approach. The right approach is that you begin by seeking forgiveness. You invite His mercy and then his help

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So they began with Robina fiddling alumina. And it's only natural that when you are facing some hardship, especially in the way of Allah, alright, when doing something good, you think that maybe I don't have the help of Allah? Or maybe this is getting so hard for me because of my own sins. Right? You wonder what did I do wrong? What mistakes did I make? You ask yourself? Did I pray? All my previous prayers? Yeah. And you're like, Yeah, I did, but and then you're like, did I pray properly? Of course I didn't, right? This is the consequences of my own wrongdoing.

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So, your center there, and you need to get rid of them? How do you get rid of them by becoming a perfect human being by becoming a perfect angel? No, that's not possible by seeking forgiveness from Allah. So this is teaching us a very important lesson that when you are facing hardship, then before asking Allah for help, ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, or benefit Lana, the lubaina What is Serafina fie and Marina, and they're making this dua when when they are in the thick of the battle.

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And that actually is the time off Jabba to drop in he that is a time when doors are accepted. Because in a hadith we learned that da made during the locker itself, any at the time when the rows meet any when the front file of the Army's meet, that Da is not rejected. And also a person who is in battle is a motor, right? Someone who is in difficulty and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran about the one who is matar one in difficulty that when he calls upon Allah, Allah subhanaw taala answers him. So when you are in extreme difficulty, that is the time to call upon Allah. It's a position of nearness to Allah, Allahu Akbar. And he, we think making dua is supposed to be you know,

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just after you press a law or you know, just after you break your fast when you go for Umrah when you're traveling, and yes, these are times when the law should be made and it is accepted, but also in times of hardship, that is also a position of nearness to Allah, when your daughter especially heard, so when you were in extreme difficulty, and that extreme difficulty could be an excruciating headache. All right, you are in a station of curb. Okay, you are in a station of closeness to Allah. And that is a time where you need to take advantage of and you need to make door up or open up for Atlanta don't Obinna and if your sins are haunting you, your mistakes, your foolishness, your

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whatever, begin by seeking forgiveness from Allah, or our Lord, forgive us our sins that I've been off Atlanta the Nirvana, what is Serafina fie a Medina. Now, they combined patients with is the far right in the face of challenges. They were patient in their behavior, right in their actions, and on their tongue was is the fall and they didn't have to ask for forgiveness for sins. Vinoba is a portion of them and them is a sin. Right. They also asked for forgiveness for their is rough. Now is set off excesses. This is also sin. But they mentioned this Rob separately. Why? Because it's rough is hoss. You need something specific and there'll be something general. Okay. So you we should ask

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for forgiveness for our sins in general. And we should also ask for specific sins as well. Like for example, when is that you say a self it'll love a Tobu Ed, I seek forgiveness from Allah and I repent to Him forgiveness for what for all of my sins, this is a general way. Right? But then you specify, right like for example, in a DA we learn Allahumma fiddly then be Kulu the coho Agila who a Willa who are who you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you, all of your sins, the tiniest ones and the biggest ones are asking Allah to forgive you for has li Wahaca a warranty for the sins that you have committed in mockery sins that you have committed by accident sins that you have

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committed intentionally. Right. So you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you in general but then you're also asking Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you for specific sins. Now it's Rauf sin Rafa is the root is rough is it means the jail wasn't had any to overstep.

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The HUD the boundary okay, how that for example what is prohibited is any there's a boundary that Allah's Panther has set, right that you cannot overstep the boundary into haram. Like for example earning money through trade through business is lawful. Right? But then there's a boundary and that is that you cannot earn it through the ABA. So if a person were to earn through the ABA what is that is that off? Okay. So it is to go beyond the boundaries that Allah's pound Tata has said falling into what is haram. Okay? And then it's off is also to leave what is obligatory, okay? So Allah forgive us for all of our sins and also for our Astrov our excesses, and we have fallen into doing

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what is prohibited. And we have left what you commanded us to do. Fee somebody now in our matter which matter in the matter of our deen, honey, oh Allah forgive us all our sins and our excesses. And then they say with a bit Aqua Domina. Now who is dua? Is this this thorough is off Reba Yoon, and who are the be youand one of the interpretations is that they are Rabbani Yun, right that they are knowledgeable and devoted slaves to their Lord. And he these are people of knowledge, people are very Bada, and they also commit sins. They fail to commit itself. Yes, because they're human. And this is why they call upon ALLAH asking ALLAH for forgiveness. So never think yourself as someone

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who is above sin. All right. And also don't bury yourself under the shame of your sins. Any you are not perfect, who is free of sin, nor can you ever be perfect, who is free of sin, you are human. And no matter how righteous you become when or how knowledgeable you are, you will slip you will fall. So you should go to Allah with humility and ask Allah for forgiveness. Then they asked the last panel Tata forth about what's a bit up to them in Tibet from Sebata. And they're asking a lot that Oh Allah, make our feet firm up to them Florida, cudham feet in the make our feet firm, when we meet the enemy, any now that we have met the enemy now that we are standing in front of the enemy, we're

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supposed to be fighting the enemy, make our feet firm. What does that mean? that keep us steadfast that we don't start running away. And why are they asking Allah subhanaw taala fourth of that, because without feedback, there is no success. Many people start, you know something good, but they're not able to continue. They quit, they give up, they become lazy, they become tired, or they become bored. Or they think that it's too much. They don't want to continue. So when they don't continue, they're not successful. And so that is off the feet. All right, and that the bath of the feet is with the thematics of the heart, your feet will remain firm somewhere if your heart is firm.

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So with a bit Aqua Domina one sadhana and l Coleman caffeine and then they ask Allah subhanaw taala for help that you help us against the disbelieving people. Finally they ask Allah subhanaw taala for help, right after asking Allah for forgiveness and asking Allah subhanaw taala for steadfastness. So this is a beautiful Doriath almost permatron is teaching us that you know all believers you should see as they said, and just as Allah's parents are to help them he will also help you. Then Allah subhanaw taala tells us for attom Allah Azza dunya waha sniff though I will ask it will love you have Wilmer sinning, this is the nitida This is the outcome of their suburb and their Daraa that

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ferrata whom Allah so Allah gave them okay. They need they called upon Allah, they did their best and Allah subhanaw taala responded to them. And the response came very quickly ferrata hub for means, then he saw right away, you need the help of Allah came very quickly. The reward came very quickly ferrata whom Allah with Allah dunya, where husana thornbill. Allah given the reward of the world and the good reward the hereafter, when does the reward come reward comes after victory, right. So what this means is that Allah subhanaw taala granted them victory and then Allah subhanaw taala gave them the reward of the world, okay, and what is the reward of the world? It is success.

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It is, you know, having a good outcome, a victory, success, etcetera. And what is the reward of the Hereafter so I will akhira it is Jana. But notice how there is Filipina, duniya reward of the world and there is hosting so I will occur for the reward of the Hereafter almost Prince Ali says her son a good good reward in the hereafter. Because the thing is

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So, that the reward of the Hereafter is for all believers, but the reward is of various levels, right in Jannah, there are many levels. So there is reward in the Hereafter, which is for all believers, but then there is a special reward that is reserved for the Shahadat for the martyrs, right and that reward is far more superior. So that is what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to, we're hosting with a web locker and the reward of the world is good, but the reward of the Hereafter is far better. And then Allah Subhana Allah says that he loves the Morosini know Allah who your hibel Mercy Nene earlier we learned to Allah, your humble slavery. Now we learn Allah loves the

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Mercy need, who are more sinning, more sinning, are those who are son, and heir son is to do something at the level of excellence, to do something in a beautiful way, in a good way. Now, how can you do your son, in Hadith we learned that it is that you worship Allah as though you see him. So you worship Allah as though Allah is in front of you, you see him, and if you cannot bring about that feeling that at least to worship Allah, knowing that Allah is watching you, right? Now, think about it. When you are doing something in front of someone whom you love, you do it in a very good way. Right? And then, if not, that, if you're doing something while you are being watched, again,

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you become very careful, you become very particular, you make sure that you do things properly. So if Sam is to do things very properly, in a way that is pleasing to Allah, and then if Sam is also with the creation, and your sound with the creation is a Tibetan, and Elijah was generosity and pardon, that you are generous to people, and you also forgive them, you don't pick up their fault on their mistakes all the time. And you're generous towards them. You're in your words with your money, et cetera. So we'll all you have when we're singing, now, how worth it Abune, we're singing, how did they do Ersan in there, because they did not weaken? They did not give up. And if you think about

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it, what were their words, their words were of is the far end of the era. So Allah loves such arson. Now, what's amazing about these verses, is that think about the example of the rebellion, right? If they did not suffer any hardship, and victory came to them very quickly, very easily. What would they get? They would get the reward of the world. And yes, they would also get the reward the hereafter, of course, because they are in the way of Allah. But when they suffered hardship in the way of Allah, and they had to exert a lot of effort, they had to be very patient. And then they began calling upon Allah, what did they get? They got way more, they got her sniff 11. So the thing

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is that Allah subhanaw taala wants more for us than we want for ourselves, we aim low, and Allah subhanaw taala wants us to have more, we want ease, just so that, you know things can be good and simple. We want ease for the sake of dunya. But Allah subhanaw taala sometimes puts us in hardship, so that we strive and we draw close to Allah. And by that we gain dunya. And the good reward of the AKA, Allah wants more for us than we want for ourselves. So don't get upset with Allah when Allah puts you in hardship, when Allah puts you in some difficult situation, rather follow the example of that it'd be youand Millis panel throttle grant is autofill. All right, I'm quickly gonna go over

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the questions. So it's rough is more specific than envelope. Okay, because it is doing something haram and I gave you the example, or leaving something that is obligatory. And you see, for example, practically speaking, let's say you're angry. Are you allowed to show your anger at someone? I mean, if you show your anger, you're not doing something that is haram. Right? But if you start cursing them, right, and if you start assaulting them, and if you start verbally abusing them, and then you start saying things which are very, very wrong. That is rough. Right? So the best of people even because they're human, there are times when they fall into a trough, right? Do we know which Prophet

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and people these verses are referring to know we don't know because it's not been specified? And it isn't just one prophet or one people because Allah subhanaw taala says, What can a human Nubian how many a prophet meaning this happened many times before?

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With many prophets, so this is not referring to some specific event. It happened many times before. And by the way, there is another recitation of this idea in a variant reading. It is look at him in Nubian Atilla Mara who would it be eunuch method? And what that means is that how many a profit there was a who was killed in the in the way of Allah and with him were Reba unica thede All right, from our waha no Lima Osama one piece of it Allah, they did not lose heart because of what struck them in the way of Allah what struck them in the way of Allah that their prophet was killed. So, because of their prophet being killed, he they did not stop fighting, they carried on. So almost

00:35:46 --> 00:36:28

since what happened to you when you heard the news of the Prophet sallallahu Addison who had been killed in the Battle of the herd? Why did you start running away? Why did you become weak? Right? So this is another reading of the IEA. And it's not referring to a specific event. This happened many times before. Okay, verse 144, was it revealed before after the Prophet sallallahu organism's death? Come on? The Quran was revealed to the prophets that Allah who ordained Saddam, so of course, it was revealed before the death of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, okay. This ayat is talking about what happened at the rumor. Okay, the false news that spread among people that the Prophet salallahu

00:36:28 --> 00:37:06

Alaihe Salam had been killed, many Muslims stopped fighting, they began running away just to save their lives. So these verses were revealed as a reprimand, okay. And then when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam actually died of a boycott of de la hora and who recited this idea, and the Companions felt as if the I had been revealed on that day, they felt like that, not that the aisle was revealed on that day, but they felt like that, okay, and this is similar to how, you know, for example, you'll be the night of the Quran that's talking about, you know, that's giving you guidance regarding the situation you're in and you're like, This is for me, this is mine. Right? You feel

00:37:06 --> 00:37:51

such a strong personal connection with the idea that you feel like it's for you, and it was especially given to you right, but is that the case? No, it was revealed hundreds of years before but this is the miracle of the book of Allah, the Quran is truly guidance and Allah subhanaw taala guides us over and over again through the Quran. Okay, how do we reconcile with the Ayah or Hadith that says something about keeping contrib will extend Yes, there is a Hadith in which we learned that keeping ties of kinship, this is something that increases you and your wealth and also extends your life term right. So, what that means is, you see there are certain makadi Certain decrees that

00:37:51 --> 00:38:42

are fixed okay. And there are also conditional conditional as in if a person will do this, then this will happen and if he does not do it, then this will not happen. Okay. So certain decrees are conditional. Now think about the whole picture. Allah subhanaw taala knows from before that a person will be good to their relatives, all right, and their term will be extended. Okay. So when they're good to their relative and the term is extended, this is not new information to Allah. This was also decreed from before Allah subhanaw taala knew of it from before Okay, is it is rough when we put people's needs before Allah first and Allah any you give people preference over Allah, of course it

00:38:42 --> 00:39:03

is as long as it is crossing the boundary. You see, caring about people is not wrong, that is something that we should do. And at times, giving them preference over ourselves is also good, but doing that at the cost of your duty to Allah that is wrong. Okay.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:50

Okay, you are internally put down by all the extreme dangers we are likely to face should we just be quiet and just make dua is it called seeking hardship, when you are striving in the way of Allah and you face hardship, it can be very, very discouraging. Okay. And this is exactly what the verse is talking about. From our 100 Lima or Saba Han feasable Allah you will suffer something in the way of Allah, what you suffer will be in the form of illness, it will be in the form of fatigue, it will be in the form of financial loss, it will be in the form of, you know, people hurting you, you will suffer in different ways. All right, but that should not cause you to lose heart, okay. Losing heart

00:39:50 --> 00:40:00

means that you feel discouraged. No, you keep striving in the way of Allah because you're not striving in the way of Allah so that you can secure your dunya you're striving

00:40:00 --> 00:40:53

In the wave of love for the sake of Allah, to please Allah and as long as Allah is there you have to keep striving. Right? So in the face of hardship, what are you supposed to do? You don't lose heart, you don't become weak in your efforts, you don't quit. You keep striving. And you keep talking to Allah. Womack cannot call them any This is the only thing that they kept saying that Robina that our Lord forgive us. Alright so when you go through difficulty, of course complain to Allah. Alright call upon Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah and ask him for help. Right, Mara who in Iowan 46 with him him is referring to the Prophet. So who was along with him who read the unica feed, what

00:40:53 --> 00:41:42

were they doing along with him Katella they were fighting the enemy is rough is also connected to being extravagant. being extravagant as in like for example, a person spends way too much money and spending way too much money in and of itself is not wrong. So for example, if a masjid is let's say it costs you know, $5 million. That's not as rough. Okay? It's rough is for example a person is spending way too much money and then there's spending in Haram. Okay, or they're spending with the intention to show off, they are being wasteful, that is wrong. So for example, a wedding for instance in a wedding, you know, certain expenses are necessary. You have to spend on the food on

00:41:42 --> 00:42:21

you know, the bride looking nice, the groom looking nice people looking nice etcetera. All that is good. But then when it comes to a point where a person is spending on, let's say the perfect sound system so that you know, the musical songs can be played and then there is a stage where people are going to be dancing, that part is hollow, that part is rough. Or a person is making a dress in which they're older is showing that part is how making a dress is not home, but making a dress that will reveal you're older, or that you will wear with the intention to show off to people that becomes this off

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