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Al-Anam 1-19 Translation 1-19

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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hashmatullah when a seller a lot of Sunni and Karim, Allah bad for the below him in a shootout as a GM Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher Ashley surgery were certainly angry. Wash Moeller aka data may listen to who the opponent is.

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Lesson number 78 pseudo to a neuron number one to 1900. To Praise, praise

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the left Mullah he, for Allah

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a movie

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for the one who

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Hanukkah, she created a similarity, the heavens

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and the earth, water and he made a ruling at the darknesses

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and delight. Some then a landowner, those who castle they disbelieved there are be him in the Arab yard alone, they equate they hold as equal or they equalize.

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He emoji is who hola Coco she created you men from training clay

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sama then tada decreed agilan return well, and he didn't return my son one sixth in the near him. So then after you're done, you're out

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and he a level of similarity in the heavens. We're still early and in the earth Jelena chinos silver cone your secret or just welcome and your apparent way earlier and he knows whatever that's even your you'll earn

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aroma and not the when it comes to them from

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any sign verse name from t vs signs or behind the rub in the except there were on her from it Mario been one certain way.

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So, in fact, because there will still be light will help me with the truth lemma when

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it came to them for sofa. So, listen to him, it will come to them or it comes to them and news ma What can you they were busy with it yesterday on the mock lm did not euro they see can have any luck now we destroyed men from wt him before them men from Admin generation mclanahan we settled them with authority say in the earth know what learn did not know what can we settle with authority. Luckily for you, we also know and we sent a center the sky I lay him attendance with rotten one abundantly pouring rain

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or one flowing profusely

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and we made an Hara the rivers tragedy, it flows mentality him from underneath them. So early look now then we destroyed them. They do know him because of their sins are uncertain and we raised them from bury him after them and then a generation of 13 others

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and even if no zelner we sent down we reviewed alayka upon you cater been a book see in courtesan a paper phenom assume then they touched it, the ad him with their hands, the color surely he said alladhina those who disbelieved in not However, this Illa except session, a magic within one clear.

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What are you and they said Lola, why not? Until she was sent down? I lay upon him moluccan an angel.

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Hello, and even if we sat down Millikan, an angel, loco dia surely

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Towards decreed and under the merger, some then not user, they are granted respect WeMo and if

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we made it moluccan an angel, ledger American, surely we would have made him calendula, MN

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and Lola Vesna. Surely we closed, made obscure, made confusing.

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I lay him upon them, whatever will be soon they closed, they cover they confuse

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when uttered and certainly the student he or she was mocked Jerusalem with messengers then publica before you for help when it's surrounded by Medina with those who said the ridiculed the mocked mainhand home from them know what they were busy with it yesterday on the mock

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say zero you will travel so early in the summer then you will look cases how Turner it was activated outcome and result consequence record dB of those who rely

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on say demand for whom whichever similarity in the heavens will be endeared.

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You say the May Allah database she wrote I'ma upon netsy himself a rush matter the mercy layered monochrome surely he will definitely gather you in a to Yomi de LTM a D the standing left not raber any doubt CG in it. And Medina those who cost you the last and foster home themselves for home so they love not me No, they believe whether and for him. Now, whatever Second, it was, slowly in the night, when the hurry and the day was empty. A scenario the always all hearing early move the boulders or knowing say should Hira other than besides Allah He Allah does he do I adopt? I take religion as a guardian faculty, one who splits one who creates a similarity to heavens will already

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and the earth was no empty you to remove the seeds Wallah and not you to our moochie is fed. Don't you say? In may indeed I do. I was commanded, ordered and that akuna ib over the first month, who is lemma he submitted weather and do not the Quran you definitely be men from English speaking those who do shake those who associate partners with Allah

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say, me indeed a a certain I fear in if I say to I disobeyed rugby, my red are there but a punishment German as per day are women most great man, whoever you serve, he is turned away or it is turned away

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from it or from him.

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Even that day, suffered, so in fact, Russia who she was merciful on him was ellika and that are essential to the success and moving to one clear.

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Well in and if you're in Cisco, he touches you, Allahu Allah, that doesn't cause any harm fella. So not pressure for any remover level for it, except for she was in and if Jim seska he touches you, deciding what any good, so who so he Allah upon coldly every che in saying that Iran was all evil.

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And he will tell you the one who subdues the one who overpowers CELTA over above, Abed, he his servants were hello and he and her chemo, they always are wise and Serbian. The elders all aware

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say, Are you rich, shaking thing, UK burden is greatest or greater Shahada than in testimony, you say Allahu Allah shahidul

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Witness veining between me verbena calm and between you. We're all here and it was revealed

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to me, however, this Emperor owner

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so that I won't you busy with it and one home ever vulnerable it reached do in the cold indeed you, Latasha Donna, surely you will bear witness that indeed now with a variety of our early herten God's duties other don't say they're not a show to a bear witness, don't you say? Indeed not but for key 11 a deity God were hidden when we're in the night and indeed a very free of responsibility

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from what

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you will associate partners with

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the recitation of these verses

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makin one of the

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Cody law

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