Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-050D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 149-151

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of hesitation is related to religion and not worldly matters. The hesitation of controller and Muslims is discussed, along with the importance of obeying people and avoiding false assumptions. The speakers stress the danger of harming operations and caution against being too optimistic. The shaping of Islam has affected people, including the use of "word" and "words" to describe actions and events, and the potential for shacks to cover one's body in the future.
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Yeah, uh, you had Lavina Amano, or you who have believed in totally or Latina. cafardo If you obey those who disbelieve your will do Comala or Kobe come, they will turn you back on your heels for 10 Kalibo ha serene, and you will then become losers after a year or you have Lavina Amanu is always a command of something good. Allah subhanaw taala commands us to do something good that increases and perfects our iman, or there is a prohibition of something evil, that if we do would reduce and damage our iman. So Allah subhanaw taala is warning us over here prohibiting us from obeying certain people in certain matters, that all you have believed, if you obey them, then such and such will

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happen meaning do not obey them. So this is a prohibition and a warning. Now, there are two issues over here. First of all, Allah subhanaw taala is prohibiting us from obeying certain people. Right. So the first question is, what kind of obedience is this meaning in which matters? And the second thing we need clarification on are who are Alladhina Cafaro that who are the kuffar who are those who disbelieve Now, the other element that people have knowledge they say that obedience here is in regard to your deen meaning in matters that draw you close to Allah Fie, omo Deen. So if you obey those who disbelieve in regard to your religion, then what's going to happen, these people will turn

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your back on your heels, meaning they will make you leave Islam and then you will end up becoming losers. So in two, three, rule, two, three rule this is from Tao, or in Daraa is obedience. This obedience here is in regard to religious matters. This is not talking about worldly matters, because it is permissible for us to obey the non believers in worldly matters. So for example, if you have a non Muslim professor who tells you to submit your essay, right, you're not going to say that, well, I should not obey those who disbelieve No, you have to obey your professor over there. Right? Likewise, if there's a non Muslim Doctor Who gives you a prescription, the you're not going to say

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that No, I'm not supposed to obey those who disbelieved. So I'm not going to take this medicine. No, in worldly matters. Remember, it is permissible for us to obey those who disbelieve and we must do so especially when there is some kind of agreement. Right? And there is nothing at all that prohibits us from obeying them in worldly matters. What is prohibited is obeying them in regard to religious matters in regard to riba worship Deen. So for example, if you obey them in regard to whether or not you should be Muslim, or whether or not you should pray or fast or eat halal, or earn halal, then if you obey them, you do what they want you to do, then you're going to end up leaving

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Islam. Because how can someone who is not a Muslim tell you what to do in regard to worship? He who is the legislator, it is Allah azza wa jal who commands as to what should be part of his religion. So don't let those who disbelieve make religious choices for you. Now, the second question is, who are Alladhina Cafaro? Who are those who disbelieve? Are they the Jews? Are they the Christians? Are they the hypocrites? Are they the disbelievers only at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or is this you know, referring to all times. So what appears is that this idea is about the hypocrites, the Hoonah FICON, who had abandoned the Muslims at home. And the hypocrites will be

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mentioned in greater detail in the upcoming verses. And they are the ones who basically abandoned the Muslims before the battle. All right, and they went back to Medina, with our beloved and obey the chief hypocrite. And after the Battle of Hood. They said regarding the slain Muslims, that low a bar owner, Malcolm T Liu, this has mentioned in verse 116, that if they had obeyed us they would not have been killed. So the hypocrites began saying very discouraging things to the Muslims, as if you know, they were telling them that you got nothing good from Islam. So you might as well leave Islam, you might as well revert to your old ways. You were better off before Islam. So Allah Subhan

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Karnataka warns the believers here that don't obey such people. Don't let them tell you whether you should adhere to Islam or not. Secondly, it is also said that this idea is about the Jews in Medina who kept breaking the spirits of the Muslims with their mockery, you know, again, discouraging them about being Muslim. Then thirdly, we see that before the Battle of or hurt any before the battle began, the two armies were there, Abu Sufian, from the side of the Mushrikeen, he said to the unsought, okay, he said to the InSAR, that we have nothing against you, we have not come to fight, you just leave us to our cousins, meaning just hand over the MaHA drone to us, and we're not going

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to fight you. So anyway, this was a tactic basically, that I was of Yan was using in order to weaken the files of the Muslims. So the unsalted responded to the Soufiane with very harsh language, basically, that no, we're not going to hand over the muhajir on to you. And then we see that when Abu Sufian got such a response, there was a man who was with him and this man was a war Ahmed Allah him, okay, of war, I'm in a row here was originally from the house. He was originally from the people of Medina, and he was a Christian. And he refused to accept Islam when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam came and he had a special hatred, you can say for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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salam. And after the Battle of brother of war, Ahmed got so angry that he was so upset that he could not bear to live in Medina. He left Medina and he joined the people of Makkah. Okay. And now at the Battle of Ohio, he actually came with the machete keen in order to fight against the Muslims. So when Abu Sufian went and asked the unsought that you can just hand over the module to us and we have nothing against you. We're not here to fight you. And he didn't get a positive response. Abramo said, let me go and talk to my brothers. Right. There are my people, the unsought are my people, my relatives, I'm going to go talk to them. So when he went in order to speak to the insol, as soon as

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they saw him approaching any the unsought began cursing him and you know, saying really harsh things to him. So Abramoff was not even able to open his mouth. Alright. So these people in Abu Sufyan and Abramoff, they tried to, you know, pursue the unsolved to betray the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And at Hamdulillah, the unsolved did not do that. So this was a very good response on the part of the unsought. But on the other hand, the mafia Cohen who were inside Medina, who were pretending to be Muslim, and he their constant negative remarks, were very discouraging. So Allah subhanaw taala warns the believers that if you obey those who disbelieve, then you do Comala are

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kabhi comfort and Kalibo ha serene, they will turn you back on your heels and you will become losers. So even though AlLadhina kifaru is referring to any specific disbelievers I mentioned to you, but they're all of my say that this verse is general, and it is applicable at all times until today that you do not let those who disbelieved tell you whether or not you should be Muslim. Whether or not you should adhere to Islam, whether or not you should be loyal to Islam. No, you don't do that. Because if you do, then yo do Comala are Kaweco they will turn you back on your heels. He will do copies from raw dal dal, Radha is to turn back so they will turn you back Allah

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Our kabhi come our club is a portion of our club Our club is heal. So turn you back upon your heels. This is an expression which means that they will revert you to your former ways, meaning you will no longer be Muslim. And if you are no longer Muslim for them Kalibo ha serene you will become losers for 10 Kalibo tan Kalibo is from PAF Lambert in prelab. And inquiry lab is when something changes from its manner of being. So you will end up becoming costs it in losers floral of the word costs it costs in raw, anyone who suffers loss. So if you obey them, then their obedience is going to cause you to end up leaving Islam and if you leave Islam, then you're going to be losers. obeying them

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will not cause you progress. Right? obeying them will not lead you to progress in your worldly matters. In your religious matters. No, you will actually regress you will go backwards but then Kalibo Hassanein because if you

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Pay them when they you know Mark your religion when they discourage you from being Muslim when they make you feel bad about being Muslim all the time and you basically listen to them, then you will have disobeyed Allah. And if you have disobeyed Allah then that is clear loss. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and Sultan Nisa, I have 14 that will may Yaroslav Lucha Sula who were to add the Huda who you will who now that Whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger and transgressors his limits, then such a person will be admitted into the fire in total Zab Ayah 36 When my era c'est la hora, sullo fuckable La Perla Medina, Whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then such a person has clearly

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gone astray. So basically, in this ayah we're being taught that or hope was not really a defeat, okay? And you should not think of it as a defeat that you know, now, your condition is so miserable and in order to survive, you must obey the disbelievers that, you know, their obedience will save you. No, it's not going to save you. Why? Because when your religion is not their priority, and this is general that for the disbelievers, your religion is not a priority. So if you keep obeying them in religious matters, they will inadvertently turn you away from your religion. And of course, there are some people who maliciously intend that you leave Islam as Allah subhanaw taala tells us in

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Surah Nisa 89 That what do lotek For una cama Cafaro for the kupuna salah. They want that you disbelieve just as they have disbelieved so that all of you would be the same in total Bukhara I have 120 Allah subhanaw taala mentioned regarding the Jews and the Christians that they will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion. So there are some people who maliciously want that you leave Islam, and they try overt and covert ways to dissuade you to discourage you somehow turn you away from Islam, so don't fall into their traps. Then Allah subhanaw taala says belly Lahoma Allah, rather, Allah is your li Allah is your guardian your helper will who have hired

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honestly Dean and he is the best of helpers, Allah Akbar. But Allah Who Mola Kamau Bell Valley, this is a way of basically saying that no, don't do this rather instead, you should do this. So don't obey the disbelievers rather Hola, como la comme meaning belterra to La Hui Mola, Ko ne it means that obey Allah. Rather, it is Allah who you should aware because he is your Mona, you should be showing obedience to Allah because he is your Mola they are not your molar. The disbelievers are not your Mola it is Allah who is your Mola and who is Mola Mola is from the root letters Wow. Lam Yeah. Wali is friend protector. And Mola is more than just Willie and Imola is guardian. So Allah is your

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molar. And there is a message over here that if you obey the disbelievers, even if you obey them, they're not going to protect you. They're not going to help you, they will actually abandon you, and they will cause you to suffer because such people abandon one another. Right, those who disbelieve those who assist each other, or those who cooperate with each other in doing wrong things, then what happens, their friendship is not going to last forever. Even in this world, we see how such people abandon one another. And then on the day of judgment, especially in the Hereafter, they will abandon each other look at how shaitan will abandon all the people who will beat him. And when people will

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be crying and wailing. Shaitan will basically tell them that I cannot help you and take your pain away and respond to your wailing and crying. And he will say that don't blame me blame yourselves. So these people are not your true helpers. They're not your true friends. Their friendship will not be of any use. So do not seek their approval. Instead, you should obey Allah because Allah is your protector. He wants the best for you do not obey the disbelievers out of fear. Right meaning out of fear of them. Do not obey them in order to seek their help. No, stay away from them, especially in regard to you know your religious choices. Any when they say discouraging things about Islam, when

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they make you feel bad about being Muslim, then don't listen to them. And don't befriend them because they will never help you. You must obey Allah who is your true friend who helps you who gives you success? Who gives you Tofik and who is

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is able to bring you victory. In through the shura is number nine, Allah subhanaw taala says a mythical woman Dooney Alia phala who who will well He is Allah who is the true friend in total Bukhara I have 107 one Allah come in don't allow him in Bali you will aniseed you have besides Allah no friend protector, no guardian and no helper intuitive Nisa I have 45 worker Fabula he will iya sufficient is Allah as widely as friend. So don't listen to these people, especially when they are oppressors when they're doing wrong things. Don't listen to them, don't obey them thinking that victory and success will come through them that they will at some point come and help you know, into

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the hood i 113. Allah subhanaw taala says Well, I thought Colonel Illa Latina wala mu Fatah, Masako Muna, do not incline toward those who do wrong lest you should be touched by the fire. If you didn't, when you know that someone is on the wrong and you still obey them, you cooperate with them, you listen to them. Why because you expect you hope that perhaps they will help you they will be of benefit to you. And this is actually very dangerous for you. lest you be touched by the fire. Allahu Akbar. So Barilla Humala calm, it is Allah who helps not these people and will who will hide on gasoline and he is the best of the helpers, a NurseLine, plural of Nasod noon Sodre so when these

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people tell you to do something that clearly contradicts your religion, then do not obey them. And instead you should obey Allah because it is Allah who helps Intuit Mohammed is number seven, Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, are you Alladhina Amma no in consort, Allah Yun sortcl Where you a bit academical or you have believed if you help Allah Allah will help you and he will make your feet firm will who will hire on NurseLine and we learned that after the battle, when the Muslims had taken shelter in different crevices of Mount Hood, Abu Soufiane he called out loud that in mellonella, Rosa Willa Rosanna calm he was gloating, basically that we have a Rosa the idol and you

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almost have no Rosa, meaning because we worship the idle Rosa. That's why we have been victorious today, and you will have no reserve on your side and this is why you're suffering. So the companions were quiet. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said to them, that aren't you going to respond to him? So the companion said that what should we say on Messenger of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Say, Allah humo Lana, well mo Allah, Allah Karim. Allah is our helper, and you have no helper. The fact is that Allah is our helper and you have no helper. So no matter what you experience, you know what kind of hardship no matter what kind of difficulty we experience, we

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lose pounds, how to protect all of us. Remember that Allah is your Mola belly la Humala calm, who were who were played on nursling, and he is the best of helpers. Any, you know, sometimes people blame Islam, for what you know someone is suffering from. Like, for example, if a woman has lived a very difficult life, she's experiencing a lot of hardship in her personal life, let's say from her abusive spouse or children who are also abusive financial crisis, etc. And she is someone who wears hijab, someone who prays Salah someone who makes a lot of vicar, someone who gives a lot of sadaqa you know, people say things like, what benefit did you get out of all your ibadah.

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So, you know, people say things like, You should do this, instead, you should do that, instead, see, nothing, nothing can match the help that Allah subhanaw taala gives to his slaves. And the fact is that every hardship every period of difficulty, has a limit. It comes to an end, as we will see in the upcoming verses. So, while you are experiencing hardship, it's very easy to, you know, think negatively about Allah or about Islam. But remind yourself at that time that Allah is my protector. Allah is my guardian, will who will hide on nursling and he is the best of the helpers. Hold on to Allah. Have faith in Allah expect the best from Allah. And Allah will help. Well, who will hide on

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Nestle? Because the creation, honey, yes, they try to help maybe they offer their help, but there comes a point where they reach their limit. They are not able to give you the support that you need. They're not able to cure the disease that you have or remove all of your problems. They cannot. So why do

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is pleased the creator in pleasing the creation, expecting that perhaps maybe at some point the creation will come to your aid they might they might not. And eventually, if you have displeased the Creator, than the help of the entire world will not be enough but Allahu Mola come well who hide on nursling other people may pity you but never pity yourself that Oh poor me. No, no poor you. You are rich, you are strong. You have the best helper on your site. But Allah Homolka you're not alone. Hua Hua hydro nasality Allah subhanaw taala says Samuel P field global Latina Kofoed a rubber we shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve why Bhima a Shaku Billahi mallam Yuna ZIL be

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soltana because they have associated with Allah of which he had not sent down any authority. Well, my well who will now and their refuge will be the fire will be semeth will Lolly mean and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers. Now this ayah is referring to the time after or hood, meaning in the aftermath of the battle. What happened Allah subhanaw taala cast fear into the hearts of the enemy. So the enemy was afraid of the Muslims. Now remember that hearts are between the fingers of Allah. And when Allah casts fear into the hearts of people, then they are terrified. They lose courage, they cannot proceed. They give up. We learn in two places in the Quran regarding the People

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of the Book, in total AXA verse 26. And into the hasher I remember to Allah subhanaw taala says about them, we'll call them I feel Kulu behemoth verb that Allah cast terror into their hearts. And the people of the Book who lived in Medina, they had strong fortresses, strong fortresses, they had weapons, they had many men who could fight, they had arrows, they had swords, they had food, they had supplies, they had money, but still what happened they became filled with terror, and they surrendered and the battle was over like that. So here also after what happened Allah subhanaw taala cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve and noodle pee This is from lamb off here it is

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to cast to Thoreau and Samuel P we shall cast feel Kulu ballerina Cafaro colobus a total of 12 heart and what is it that we shall cast into the hearts of those who disbelieve a Rob Rob is from raw inva and Rob is a loafer shredded, it is extreme fear and it is such fear that basically Fildes the heart okay, it is such terror that filled the heart because originally the word Rob means and Mel you need to fill something up. So sailor Our job is such flood that filled the valley, okay. So what this means is that we shall cast such fear into their hearts that will fill their hearts any in other words we shall fill their hearts with fear, we shall fill their hearts with terror. And look at the

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verb Samuel P not so old t. So old T means I shall cast Sanofi means we shall cast any the plural is used for royalty you need there is there Aleem over here we shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve and this is something that Allah subhanaw taala ated His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with at multiple occasions. I mentioned two times when the Prophet SAW Allah who are listening was fighting the People of the Book, Allah subhanaw taala class terror into their hearts. And so they surrendered. And the prophets of Allah who lives in a multiset that I was aided with fear the distance of one month, the hitting his enemies at such fear of Him that even if they

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were a month distance away from him, they still feared him sallallahu alayhi wasallam and think about the Romans at the book, the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said in March there he went to the book with the army, but the Romans never showed up to fight Subhan Allah. Now this is about the Battle of St. Louis few Peruvian Latina Cafaro Lorber right now technically it should have been the opposite. That since the machine caused great harm to the Muslims at 100 They should no longer have been afraid of the Muslims. They should have been more brave to fight the Muslims in the future. But no they were afraid because Allah subhanaw taala filled their hearts with terror. So connect this with

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the previous saya the help that Allah subhanaw taala gives is not just momentary. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just go

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Give you you know, some help some relief that helps you just for a moment or to know the help that Allah subhanaw taala gives you is complete. So Allah subhanaw taala didn't just help the Muslims that are heard, he also protected them in the future, especially in the hours after the battle have heard and in the days after the Battle of or heard that Allah subhanaw taala cast such terror into the hearts of the disbelievers that they did not come back to fight the Muslims Subhan Allah, we learned about how when the Muslims were taking shelter in the crevices of Mount or Abu Sufyan ascended a high place was a few and from the side of the machine, he ascended the high place. And he

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said out loud, is Mohammed present amongst the people, meaning Izzy alive, said Allah who already has said, so the Companions who were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam at the time, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said to them, don't say anything. Then Abu Sufian said, is the son of Abu Hanifa present among the people meaning Abu Bakr, again, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, don't say anything. Then Abu Sufian said is the son of Al hottub, meaning Omar Abdullah Mourinho among the people. And then again, the prophets Allah who already said I'm told them don't say anything. And then when there was silence of Lucifer Yan said, All these people have been killed.

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Because if they were alive, they would have replied, so I'm one of the Longhorn who he was listening and he could not control himself. He said, You are a liar. Oh enemy of Allah, Allah has kept what will make you unhappy? Meaning the prophets of Allah word Islam is alive aboubaker is alive, I am alive. So it was Sofian then you know he had to boast, right? So he said, orlu been superior, maybe hooba hooba was their idol. So the prophets of Allah who are losing himself to the companions that answer him, they asked, What should we say? He said, Say Allah who are allowed a gel, Allah is more elevated and more majestic. So they said that, so it was of Yan said Lana, La Rosa. Willa Rosella

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come we have the idol Rosa and you have no reserve. The Prophet sallallahu oralism said Say something. They asked what should we say? The Prophet said, Allah who are listening said say Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola is our helper and you have no helper. So then I also have Yan said this day compensates for our loss at butter. And in battle is always the NEA. He basically said that victory is by turns.

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And then he said that you will see some of your dead men mutilated. But I neither commanded this. Nor am I sorry for it. This is reported in cerebral hottie have you think about it? A Luciferian at this point, knew that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was alive. Right. And he knew that Abu Bakar was alive, Omar was alive. And he also knew that many of the Muslims were wounded. And he knew that they knew he had seen so many Muslims killed in the battlefield their bodies had been mutilated. But Abu Sufian did not go on looking and searching for the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam or Abu Bakr or other Muslims in order to find them and kill them. And could he have done that very

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easily, very easily he could have done that there were so many Mushrikeen with him, who are now celebrating their so called victory. So, why is it that the machine did not do that? Because Sanofi feel colluvial Latina kufr rubber, Allah subhanaw taala cast terror into their hearts Subhan Allah and so they did not think about even coming and finding you know the prophets of Allah who are listening and the other Muslims and kill them. How the reason why Allah subhanaw taala would cast terror into their hearts is Bhima a Shaku Billahi Min Am Yuna Zippy soltana Because they have associated partners with Allah and Schilke is something for which Allah has not sent down any Symfon

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any authoritative evidence. May Allah Muna zill ne Allah did not send down as an Allah did not reveal Until Dawn is evidence a clear strong evidence for something. So this Rorem will be cast in their hearts. Why? On account of them being mushy Kuhn, because they associate partners with Allah, Allah never allowed them to associate those partners. So these people stand upon lies, their foundation is weak. And people have always been commanded to worship Allah alone. Right Schick is an invention. It is a lie. And we see from this, that schicke means two things that first of all, a person does not receive the help of Allah. No. In fact, the plan of Allah works against the machete

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Cain. Right the mushrik is an enemy

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to Allah. And then secondly, we see that Schick is something that brings fear into people's lives. How schicke means that a person worships multiple gods, which means that a person fears multiple beings, right? A person fears that harm will reach them from somewhere or the other. All right? In contrast, what does the Hades do, though he brings courage and strength, because you know, that nothing can reach you except by the permission of Allah. Right? You know, that nothing can reach you except what Allah subhanaw taala has already ordained for you. And you know, that anything that you fear, anything that you find dangerous, any it is not difficult for Allah to remove it to finish it.

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So though he does a source of strength and shake is actually a source of fear. Walmart well, who now and their refuges the fire will be some mythical Lolly mean, and how evil is the residence of those who do wrong? Who are the volley mean? It is the Mushrikeen those who associate partners with Allah and remember that in the Shipka Laguna Aleem schicke is a great injustice, right? It is a form of loom. Now look at these two words. Were and Metho there. What is the fire? And what a terrible Muthiah it is for the lolly mean? Now my word is from Hamza Well, yeah, and what basically means mudgear Any the place of return? It's a place where one takes shelter or a place where one returns.

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Okay, and Muthiah on the other hand is from Thau Wailea and Martha is the place where a person remains any it is their abode, the place where they reside. So they will end up in the fire and that is where they will remain StuffIt Allah and this place the fire is so terrible as a place of residence, but they have chosen this for themselves through their shake through their lung and he no one is wronging them by putting them in the fire in the Smith wha No, they chose this for themselves with their zone will be some muscle Lolly mean

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