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02 Intellectual And Emotional Importance Of Aqeedah

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So I'm really cold I have to lie here but I gotta go

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get him uh, my birth for the biller him in a shape line of hygiene Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Riley acidity were silly emri workload iraq data melissani Cali probenecid nerima. So arcada What is the meaning of the word? urquiza? It's not a rhetorical question. I'm seeking an answer. A firmly tied knot. So you're talking about the linguistic meaning? What's the grammatical structure of the word leader? For ILA? And what meaning does that give off my rule of object? So, what does that mean? That which is died, that which is believed in circley, that is, the doctrines of faith, the creed, the faith of a person, what he firmly believes in to be true and accurate, and is the

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foundation of his being. It is said that our VEDA is mega Dino bill insan, that which a person adopts as his Dean meaning on which the structure of his religion is based upon. So that is Arpita. Somebody asked a question that we learned about the fact that Arpita has to be correct, because there's only one correct Okay, the one solid arcada and anything that contradicts or Peter saleha is a cleaner, faster. And this shows us that we have to have the correct repeater, which is based on what the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And we have to believe in all of it without any doubt. And in all of its entirety. There's somebody asked a question, that there are

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many differences amongst the scholars of Islam. So does that mean that this is different than Arpita?

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And there's only one email that we should follow?

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The thing is that there are two types of differences that the scholars could have. One is difference in difference in how to pray, for instance, or whether, let's say, niqab is wider or not. Okay? Likewise, how long should a man's beard be? So these are what a few key differences, scholars have different opinions concerning these issues. And then there are differences in arcada.

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So for example, you will find scholars who are Muslim, and who say that, for instance, in order to make dua to Allah, in order to ask a last panel data for something, firstly, you have to approach someone who is very pious and righteous. So one scholar says this, one person says this. And then there's another person who says no, if you do that, that is Schick. So yes, you will find differences in urquiza as well. And this is the reason why we are learning about our data.

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So that we know that if somebody says something about Allah soprano data, something about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, something about the Day of Judgment, are we to believe in that? Or are we to refuse that?

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So remember, the differences amongst people of knowledge amongst Muslim scholars, there could be differences in faith and there could be differences in our favor. When it comes to the matters of appeal, they have to be taken very seriously. Because this could be a matter of ship and tohave. When it comes to faith, there's a lot of room for difference of opinion. But when it comes to matters of al Qaeda, you have to be very clear. And you have to be according to the Quran and Sunnah you cannot use your own mind and logic and interpretation not at all you have to adhere to the Quran and Sunnah. And this is why it is essential for us to be very, very clear on the matters of Plato,

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because there are many people out there who say that if you want to be you know closer to a loss of penalty, then you have to, you know adhere to the teachings of a particular scholar or teacher and Imam who is present at this time. You have to spend time with them, you have to give back to them. Where is this in the Quran and Sunnah? Is there evidence for that? We have to see if there is evidence we accept it, but if there is not evidence behind it, we will not accept it at all. So this is the reason why when it comes to our PETA and travel, we will be going in a lot of detail with regards to some matters, because literally there are a difference between the hate and check and we

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have to be clear about them.

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Another thing that we learned in our previous lesson was about the fact that if a person has correctly that the no matter what sin they have committed insha Allah, they will be saved in the hereafter. So this is the benefit of the correctly

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And the evidence that was given for that was the fact that there was a man who had not committed any good thing except for the heat. And when he was about to pass away, he advised his children, burn me, burn my body, until I'm turned to ashes and blow those ashes because I don't want to face a loss of power. So what happened? is Allah subhanaw taala brought his body together. And he asked him, Why did you do this? And the man said, out of your fear, so ALLAH forgive him. Now, there are many questions that come to our mind. That first of all, is it even correct to have such extreme fear of Allah?

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Is it correct to have such fear? No, because a believer should be between fear and hope.

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Then, are we allowed to tell someone to burn our body like that? No, we're not allowed to do that. So why is it that Allah subhanaw taala? Forgive him? Why? If you think about it, there could have been a problem with this Akita over here with regards to Allah, that Allah will not forgive me. But still, why is it that Allah forgive him? Because the basic acleda was correct. And what is that basic aqeedah that I have a lord Allah, who has ultimate power to punish me to forgive me, it's up to him. So I am afraid of him. And it's up to Allah. Allah subhana wa tada accepted his explanation, and Allah forgive him for that. So the main thing that we learned over here is that a person who has

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correct or plida will eventually inshallah be saved. And that is what we don't understand as well, that from the Hellfire, eventually everyone will be taken out even that person who has how much even the weight of a mustard seed. So this is how important that is correct. Arpita.

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So let's begin our next lesson, which is the intellectual and emotional importance of Arpita. What does it mean by this? The intellectual and emotional importance of urquiza?

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Meaning what role does aqeedah play in the intellectual mind of a person, the emotional heart of a person? So in other words, how important is Arpita? For your mind, for your intellect? How necessary is the Akita for your heart? And mind you this is correct, either, not just any art either.

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So in other words, you could phrase this into a question that can a person survive without correct Akita? Can a person live a happy and contented life without a leader? Can he make it through life's challenges ups and downs without the correct Akita? No, will his heart be satisfied without the correct Arpita? Know, will he have big questions answered without the correct data? Now?

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Why? Because first of all, the human heart and intellect it yearns for purpose, the human heart and intellect it yearns for purpose. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we're jerilyn aacomas, summer will Uppsala will have either he has made for you hearing and sight as well as heart. So where you have so many different organs in your body, that play different roles that perform various functions, you also have a heart in your body, a very, very important organ of your body. And just like your ears, they have needs, your eyes, they have needs, your hands, your stomach, right, your skin, every part of your body has certain needs. Just like that the heart also

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has its needs.

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For example, the stomach What is the need of the stomach? Food? lungs? What is the need of lungs? air? If that need is not met? If it's not fulfilled? Will you be able to function properly? No. Will your stomach let you work? No, the hunger pangs will stop you. They will not let you focus, they will make you sleepy, they will make you move and search for something that you can put into your stomach. All right. So this is true with every organ of the body that if its needs are not met, it will not let a person be comfortable. It will not let a person focus on anything that is necessary. And when it comes to the needs of the heart, the needs of the heart. They are such that if they are

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not met, if they're not fulfilled, then even if every physical need is fulfilled, a person can never be satisfied.

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Have you ever experienced that? That if you are craving something, it's a desire, right? You're not hungry. You just had your dinner

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Then what will happen? Will you be able to read something? Will you be able to listen to someone? Will you be able to have a conversation? Will you be able to sleep? If you're craving, and if you don't try to control that craving, what will happen? It will make you get out of bed, get into your car, and go buy what you want to eat. Why? Because it's the craving of the heart, the desire of the heart,

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like that, if you wish to speak to someone about something, you want to send an email, you want to have a conversation with them. And you're at school, will you be able to focus in class? No, what will happen? You will look for seconds and minutes where you can quickly pick up your phone and type in even half of a text message. Correct? Why? Because it's that desire that you have to communicate with them, you have to speak to them. Right? So this is the reality of the heart, that it seeks it desires it yearns, it's constantly yearning. And the thing is that it's yearning for a greater purpose, which is why many times it happens with people that they will spend years and years

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studying a particular subject, preparing themselves for a particular career, but what will happen, they are not satisfied. So even after three or four years of study, what will they do, they will leave it, they will sit at home, they will take a break for a year. Right? They will go you know somewhere else, and take a vacation a very long break from everything, so that they can rediscover what they want. So this is the reality of the heart, that you cannot got off the emotional state of your heart from the rest of your life.

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You cannot ignore what's going on in your heart, it's always attached to you. Correct, it's playing a very, very important role in your life. If you're sad, you cannot focus on your work. If you're heartbroken, you won't be able to do your work. Right? If you're anxious, again, you cannot focus. So this is a reality of the heart and the heart it yearns for a purpose always. And it better get attached to the right purpose, it better have the correct Arpita in it the stability the not the firm, not why, because if that is missing, then it will get attached to something else. And when it will get attached to something else something other than the correct or feeder, then what will

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happen, that is from where loss will begin, that is from where a person will head towards this failure. So this is the reason why correctly that is essential. Secondly, answers to difficult questions in life. There are many, many questions that people have that people have asked in the past. And they asked today, and perhaps every individual asks those questions. For example, little children. Just yesterday, I was studying my son, that long time ago, I was playing in the snow with my brother and I did this and this. And he said, I did that too. I said no, you weren't there yet. Said where was I? Where was a he could not understand where he was how come he was not there. So I

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explained to him that look, Allah subhanaw taala meet everyone. And then when it is their time to come in the earth, then Allah sends people, and then when it is time for them to go, then Allah sends His angels to take the person away. So then he kind of got it. But this is curiosity, right? People always wonder, where was I? Why did I come now? Where am I going? Why am I living? Why am I living? Why is this happening to me? Why did such and such person die? Why did my parents have to die when I was so young? Why did this evil thing have to happen to me? So these are questions that come to our mind every now and then. And it's not just when a person is not a Muslim, then he has

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these questions, even as Muslims we have these questions, isn't it? Like for example, if there's a young woman and her husband passes away, she will question Why did this happen to me? Why, where did he go? Where is he? I wonder what happened to him. So where do you get the answers from? From the arcada. So for example, when a person realizes that it is a love decision, it is His will. And Allah is Al Hakim, when he learns about Alice names and attributes, when he learns about the matters of the Hereafter, then what happens? He gets satisfaction, then his questions are answered. And when he learns that there is a hereafter and Allah subhanaw taala will call people to account that what

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happens there is reassurance you know, if there's any injustice

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that a person faces in life. There's always this anger, this feeling of wanting to take revenge, but you find yourself help us. But when you have the correct arcada, that there is a Lord, who is fair, there is a Lord, who will establish Judgment Day, who will requite every person for what he has brought, that what happens, he gets reassured. So, learning the correct Arpita is essential for every person, whether they are Muslim, or they are not Muslim, whether they have studied the Quran or not, regardless of who a person is, learning about the correct data, and reviewing the correct data is essential for every person, because otherwise, we will have doubts. Otherwise, we will not

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be able to accept a less decree. Otherwise, we will not be able to deal with life's difficulties and challenges. Otherwise, we will not have hope. We will not have confidence, otherwise we will be miserable people. So what is it that makes a person happy and content, despite difficulties that he faces in life? It's the correct Akita.

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Just think about the companions of the Prophet SAW what difficulties they endured. But what is it that kept them going? what it was the sound, or pizza, it was the belief in Allah, the trust in Allah, that kept them going. So there are many matters that we experienced that we come across, and we cannot find their answers just based on our intellect. Just based in our mind, we need the way we need the correct copy that to answer those questions for us.

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Take the example of Africa.

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Can people understand the matter of aphylla? Just based on their mind and reasoning? No. What does the last panel try to say about that, but it does

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feel after their knowledge concerning the Hereafter is arrested, meaning they cannot figure it out themselves. They cannot figure it out themselves by whom Fisher came in her bedroom in her mood, they're in doubt about it. They're blind to it. So there are many matters about which we cannot have the correct answers. Without the help of correct. So correct or Theda is as essential for us as water and air. It's as essential for us as the water we drink and the air that we breathe, because without it, we would be lost without it, we would be confused without it, we would be frustrated. And the fact is that there is no religion except Islam. There's no arcada except the correct acleda

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which answers your questions in the most correct way in the most convincing way. Just yesterday, I was at home and somebody knocked at the door and when I opened up, they gave me this brochure. Can the dead really live again?

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My children kind of ruined it. But I brought it anyway to show you. So it's about afterlife. That is it possible. And they've mentioned certain proofs and evidences. And I thought, okay, but the proofs that a lot gives us in the Quran. They're far more convincing.

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For example, it says God is a creator of life. God has resurrected humans in the past. God is eager to do it again. Yes, there are convincing proofs. But there are many, many proofs that we learned from the Quran that prove to us that yes, resurrection will definitely take place. It is only reasonable It is only logical that there be an afterlife. So where do you find the most convincing answers from the corrector of the Quran and Sunnah?

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And if a person has corrected it, the missing from his life, then his life would be full of hope and hers. In the Quran, what does Allah say about those who believe that law How can I lay him whenever we are known, they will have no fear, nor will they have regret. So when this has happened when a person has a man, when a person has correct faith, and when that is missing, then hope and Herzen anxiety at every step. So the correct acleda is the answer. Because it gives you peace of mind. It gives you reassurance, it does away with anxiety with uncertainty, the way nothing else does. For example, believe in the angels.

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We believe that Allah subhanaw taala has angels that are appointed as half Allah, what are half of our guardian angels who are the first of all those who preserve our deeds, so they record everything now, ours and these of other people? And secondly, guardian angels who watch us, right? So for example, they're angels.

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have been appointed to protect our very eyes. When a person recites I could see when a person recites the Quran, then what happens Allah subhanaw taala sends angels to guard him protect him. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to battle against the enemy, what happened? Allah sent angels to defend him to fight the enemy. So when a person has this belief that Allah has his angels

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who make to offer me when I'm sitting after solid they made to offer me who wish the best for me, then what happens? He has this confidence, even if he is alone. He doesn't feel alone. Because what do we learn in the Quran? that inner ladina carlu Robin Allah so Mr. Como, that unnecessarily him Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala know that don't fear and don't grieve? Recently, somebody was telling me about this organization by the name of Baca, bikers against child abuse. It's a very interesting organization or initiative you can say, and basically, think about bikers, okay, huge tall men, with tattoos. anyone sees them? What happens? They get afraid. So these bikers, they go and support who

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children who have suffered abuse? Where do they support them? in their neighborhood, in court, or in wherever the child needs their support? What do they do they come and hug the child in the common hole, the child No, they just come and stand, for example, they just come and visit his house. When they come and visit him in his house, the whole neighborhood knows, there is a gang of bikers in this child's house, and they're this child's friends, we better not do anything to this child.

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In court, when that little child is so small that he can barely reach up high in order to give his testimony, what happens, bikers are there in front of him. So he has this confidence, my big friends are here, and I can speak. No one can harm me. And as they were telling me, I was thinking that you know what, when a person has this belief that Allah has his angels around me, who are writing down what I'm saying, what other people are saying that I don't need to worry at all?

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Correct. So when somebody verbally abusing you,

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they're bashing you out, then what will help you remain calm and confident, the fact that Allah angels have heard and they have recorded everything, and they will be witnesses in Sharla on the Day of Judgment, so a p the correct data, it gives you confidence, it gives you reassurance, it gives you peace of mind. So correct Akita is the answer. But when it comes to correct arcada, we see that it is based on what belief in the unseen we learned this earlier as well that our theta is what believe in the unseen. This is why in the Quran, what do we learn at the beginning? Who are the most alladhina? You know, those who believe in the unseen because belief in the angels belief in the

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hereafter belief in the last panel data? All of that is what unseen, you can't see it. So what happens schezwan puts doubts in the heart of a person or other people, they come and question you, how can you believe in the angels? Okay, what if they're not there? What if there's no Day of Judgment? What if this God you believe in is not true? Because you can't see? You can't see you can't hear them? So what if they're not true? So, we have to understand certain principles, we have to reflect on certain points before we reach our conclusion. And what is that? That first of all, we have to realize that human senses and perception, they have limited capacity.

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Humans senses and perception, they have limited capacity. What does that mean? That your senses, what are they? Your eyes, your ears, okay, for instance, your skin with which you touch your tongue with which you taste your nose with which you smell. All of these senses are what they are windows, to the heart, and to the mind. So for example, you see something and then you understand it in your mind. You hear something, and then you understand it in your mind. Now, this is a very important principle that we have to remember that human perception, human senses are limited in their capacity. How that for instance, you see something with your own eyes. So for example, your sister,

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you don't have any doubt in their existence. True. But you can't say that just because I don't see God. I'm not going to believe in him. Why? Because yes, what you see with your eyes, it is true. But there are many other things out

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Which are beyond your senses. And they are also true. And it's quite possible that you see something with your eyes, but you don't see correctly rather you don't understand correctly. Is it possible? Yes. So for example, if a person is walking down steps, which are really shiny, he might think that there is actually water on those steps. But when he steps on it, he realizes that they are dry. Right. So it wasn't that the stairs were wet, it was just that they were very clean and shiny. Alright. Likewise, a person driving on a highway, he might think that there's a pool of water ahead. He's seeing with his eyes. But when he reaches there, there is no pool of water. You put a spoon in

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a glass of water. And from the side, it looks dented, or it looks much bigger. But in reality, it's not that big. In reality, it is not dented. So you see things, you hear things, you taste things, you smell things. And yes, majority of the time they are accurate, but it's not necessary that what you've seen what you've understood is correct. Because your eyes can deceive you, your ears can deceive you. So what does this teach us? That you cannot rely only on your senses only on human perception, in order to believe in something in order for something to be true? If you rely only on your senses, then you are doing yourself a disservice. You're not being fair with yourself. In the

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Quran, Allah says about lookman that he said to his child yevgeniya in the intercom is all a hub. But the main hurdle in photography so hot in office MLS overleg yet DB holla that Oh, my son, indeed, if there should be something the weight of a mustard seed, and should be within a rock or anywhere in the heavens or the earth, Allah will bring it forth. But can we see that the mustard seed which is hidden inside Iraq, can we see it? No, we cannot.

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We cannot see it. And you know, children, they only believe what they see. Right? Many times it happens that you try to tell them things, but they don't get it, they will not believe you, they will not accept what you're telling them. So for instance, if you tell a two year old child, a three year old child about germs, they might not understand. But if you tell a child who's slightly older, and you tell them that, look, there are these things like little worms, and you can't really see them, okay, but they're actually there. So, if you eat with hands are not clean, then they can get inside you and they can make you sick, then what will happen he will believe in you. Because he is

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gradually understanding that just because I cannot see something, it doesn't mean that it's not there.

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So this is something that we need to understand as well. Secondly, there are many things in our known world, which are still unknown to us.

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So human beings have not learned about everything. So just because Socrates has not said something. Just because Darwin did not say something. It doesn't mean that it's not true. No, it can still be true. discoveries are being made till today. researches are being conducted today as well. There were things that were discovered 300 years ago, there were things that were discovered 100 years ago, and there are things that are discovered today, and allow arland what may be discovered in the future. So there are many things in our known world still unknown to us. So there's a short video clip that I'd like you to watch and then inshallah we can discuss it. Keeping this principle in mind

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that there are many things in our known world, still unknown to us.

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Recently, I visited Beloit, Wisconsin, and I was there to honor a great 20th century Explorer, Roy Chapman Andrews. During his time at the American Museum of Natural History, Andrews led a range of expeditions to uncharted regions, like here in the Gobi Desert. He was quite a figure. He was later it said, the basis of the Indiana Jones character. And when I was in Beloit, Wisconsin, I gave a public lecture to a group of middle school students. And I'm here to tell you if there's anything more intimidating than talking here at TED, there'll be trying to hold the attention of a group of 1012 year olds for a 45 minute lecture. Don't try that one.

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At the end of the lecture, they asked a number of questions, but there was one that's really stuck with me since then there was a young girl who stood up and she asked the question, Where should we

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

Explore, I think there's a sense that many of us have that the great Age of Exploration on earth is over, that for the next generation, they're going to have to go to outer space or the deepest oceans in order to find something significant to explore. But is that really the case? Is there really nowhere significant for us to explore left here on Earth, sort of made me think back to one of my favorite explorers in the history of biology. This is an explorer of the unseen world, Martin is by rank. So Byron set out to discover the cause of tobacco mosaic disease. What he did is he took the infected juice from tobacco plants, and he would filter it through smaller and smaller filters. And

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he reached the point where he felt that there must be something out there that was smaller than the smallest forms of life that were ever known bacteria at the time, he came up with IRS, mountain for poison. And in sort of uncovering viruses bioink really opened this entire new world for us. We now know that viruses make up the majority of the genetic information on our planet more than the genetic information, all other forms of life combined. And obviously, there's been tremendous practical applications associated with this world things like the eradication of smallpox.

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The advent of a vaccine against cervical cancer, which we now know is mostly caused by human papilloma virus, and mostly caused by human papilloma virus. And Byron's discovery, this was not something that occurred 500 years ago, a little it was little over 100 years ago that Byron discovered viruses. So basically, we had automobiles, but we were unaware of the forms of life that make up most of the genetic information on our planet. We now have these amazing tools to allow us to explore the unseen world, things like deep sequencing, which allow us to do much more than just sort of skim the surface and look at individual genomes from a particular species, but to look at

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entire meta genomes, the communities of teeming micro organisms in on and around us, and to document all of the genetic information in the species, we can apply these techniques to thing in my organization, we now do this on a regular basis to identify the causes of outbreaks that are sort of unclear exactly what causes them. And just to give you a sense of how this works, imagine that we took a nasal swab from every single one of you. And this is something we commonly do to look for respiratory viruses like influenza, the first thing that we would see is a tremendous amount of genetic information. And if we started looking into that genetic information, we'd see a number of

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Usual Suspects out there, of course, a lot of human genetic information, but also bacterial and viral information, mostly from things that are completely harmless within your nose. But we'd also see something very, very surprising. As we started to look at this information, we would see that about 20% of the genetic information in your nose doesn't match anything that we've ever seen before. No plant, animal, fungus, virus or bacteria. Basically, we have no clue what this is. And for this must have actually begun to call this information, biological dark matter. We know it's not anything that we've seen before, it's sort of the equivalent of an uncharted continent rate within

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our own genetic information. And there's a lot of it. If you think 20% of genetic information, your nose is a lot. Biological dark matter if we looked at your gut up to 40, or 50% of that information is biological dark matter. And even in the relatively sterile blood, around one to 2% of this information is dark matter can't be classified can't be taught, none of this information is dark matter can't be

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channeled, we'll stop here. But basically, what do we learn, there's so much out there that we have no clue about no clue about

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just within the example that is just in your saliva. And even in your blood, there are so many things that they have no idea about. We think that we need to dig up the earth and go, you know, out on the moon or Mars or something, to do more research to discover more things. But if you think about it within our own bodies, there is so much that we have no clue about. So this is an established fact that no matter what we learn and discover about there will always be things

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that we cannot reach with our senses rather that we are ignorant. So when we accept this about our saliva, when we accept this about our blood, when we accept this about our planet, that there are many things there there. We believe in them. It's biological dark matter, but I don't know what it is. So why can we have the same kind of attitude towards what Allah has revealed? That we say, Yes, I cannot see it. I cannot hear it. I don't fully comprehend it. But

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I know that it is there. Just because I don't know what it is. I don't know how it is, it doesn't mean that it is non existent. It doesn't mean that it is not true. So when we have this kind of attitude with physics, with science, we need to have this kind of attitude with Dean as well, because many times it happens that people come across certain texts of the Quran and Sunnah and they cannot fully comprehend them. And just because they cannot fully comprehend them, they say, I don't take I don't buy it. I don't believe in that. But this kind of attitude is incorrect. Allah, Allah says when my ears were becoming miscarried that what infill ugly while emphysema, well I also am

00:35:42--> 00:36:23

Exotica, Willa acaba lfv, kita, we will be not absent from your Lord is any part of an atom's weight within the earth or within the heaven or anything smaller than that or greater than that, but it isn't clear register? And how much have we discovered just a little bit when it comes to the law also, there's so much to learn, we only know a little bit. So when we acknowledge our ignorance, in the matters of this world, because of our limited capacity, because of our limited knowledge, then we should also acknowledge our ignorance concerning the matters of Akita in the sense that we will believe in it, even if we don't fully understand it. So for example, about Allah subhanaw taala, we

00:36:23--> 00:37:09

learned that he has a hand, right? He has a head. Now, a person starts imagining that but how is it possible for a lot to have a hand? And what kind of a hand and how many fingers and what size? No. And at the end, the person says, I just don't get it. I just don't understand. Okay, even if you don't understand you believe in it, as Allah has told you, as his messenger sallallahu Sallam has informed us. Another important thing that we need to understand is that some matters can be grasped by human imagination, but there are others which cannot be grasped. Meaning, if there's something that you cannot see, with your eyes, you can imagine it in your head. Right? But remember that you

00:37:09--> 00:37:50

can only imagine something based on your past experience based on your knowledge. So a person might say, I cannot imagine how the Day of Judgment can happen. How is it possible like in the Quran, Allah says it a shampoo will not when the sun will be wrapped up? I can't imagine how this will be wrapped up. Because you haven't seen anything like that. Jenna, a person says, How is it possible? I cannot imagine how we can eat and drink anything, but we'll never have to use the washroom. Right? A person might say, I can't imagine that. I can't understand that. Why? Because there's nothing like that, that you've experienced in this world. So you cannot fully comprehend it about Jenna, Allah

00:37:50--> 00:38:28

subhanaw. taala says in Hades bootsy, we learned that I have prepared for my buyer servants, which no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no human heart has ever perceived. And this is the case with many matters of the unseen. So for example, the person says, I don't believe in the angels, I can't even imagine them. There are some things that you can imagine, based on your past experience your past knowledge. But there are many other matters, which are beyond your imagination, also, you know, we talk a lot about creativity. But creativity is anchored in what past knowledge, past experience what you saw what you heard what you learned, you can't come up with new things

00:38:28--> 00:39:19

always. Whatever new thing you come up with, it's always based on what you knew from before. So this is a reason why, what do we need? We need to believe in the unseen, right in order to have correct data. This means that we cannot rely only on our senses, only on our knowledge only on our imagination. There's something else that we need in order to have the correct data. And what is that? The way the revelation, even though there might be parts which we cannot see, cannot understand fully, but still, we accept it because we accept our limited capacities. And in order to understand this better, there's two more things that we need to discuss First of all, it will our

00:39:19--> 00:40:00

slide deck and it will arc a thief What are they reliable? What does it mean by this pillar, slide deck it pillar is when a person is informed of something. So a piece of information some news, when in esodoc, meaning when it is true. So in other words, if there's a truthful person, a trustworthy person, if they tell you about something, are they reliable? Would you accept it? Yes, it will our Kathy's cathedra What does cathedra mean a lot, meaning if something is narrated a lot, if something is spoken off a lot, you know, mentioned a lot then what happens it becomes law

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

effect. So for example, historical facts, the Great Wall of China, for instance, have you seen it? Who has seen it? Okay, one person has seen it, Mashallah. But the rest of us, we do believe that there is a Great Wall of China. And it was built at a certain point of time, for a certain reason. We believe in that, but we didn't see it. Why do we believe in it? Because somebody who is reliable, who is trustworthy, informed us like that World War Two, World War One, did you see it? Were you there? No. But why do you accept it as a fact? Because trustworthy people have informed you about it. And it has been mentioned so many times that there is no doubt about it. Right? It's taken as a

00:40:51--> 00:41:42

fact, take the example of evolution. It's what a theory, but because it is mentioned so often, it is written everywhere, it is taught everywhere, people believe in it as if it were a fact. Right, as if it were a fact something that started off as a theory is now accepted as a fact. So this shows to us that if there's something that you have not seen yourself, you don't understand yourself, your senses did not perceive them. Yet, you believe in it? You accept it. Why? Because someone reliable told you, because everyone says such is the case. For example, you're taught as a child that you have a heart in your body. But did your mom cut you open and see it? Did your dad See it? Did you

00:41:42--> 00:42:27

see it? No, but you accept that you have a heart? Right? Why do you accept it? Because that's what everyone says, you know, they tell you about oxygen that you need it that tell you about the seven continents that tell you about moon, about Mars about the fact that the Earth, you know rotates? Why do you accept all of this? Because everyone says it. Right? Everyone says, Did you conduct the research yourself? Did you go in a rocket ship yourself out to the moon and see how it was? No, you didn't. So the thing is that you cannot you're only one person, and you cannot get everywhere you cannot see everything. So you need others from where you will take information from. So just like

00:42:27--> 00:42:37

that, your body is very limited, it cannot see your Lord, it cannot see Allah subhanaw taala. So you need the help of a prophet

00:42:38--> 00:42:52

who will tell you about the attributes of Allah, you need the help of revelation that will tell you about the actions of Allah. So for example, germs, you can't see them, but you need the aid of a microscope.

00:42:53--> 00:43:41

Because your eyes are limited. If I'm talking right now, if and if I were to speak without the help of this microphone, people at the back won't be able to hear me. Right, they won't be able to hear me so I need this microphone for my voice to be amplified, right. So just like that, there are many things in life which we cannot reach which we cannot understand ourselves, we need the aid of others. So when it comes to the matters of Akita, we need the aid of Revelation, we need the aid of war he, we cannot understand everything with our limited knowledge with our limited minds. Secondly, human fitrah the human intuition, what is the innate nature, how Allah subhanaw taala has created us

00:43:41--> 00:44:20

being there something that Allah has put in the heart of every person and what is that? The natural inclination to submit into Allah. This is something that Allah has placed in every individual, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No one is born, except that they are upon natural instinct that his parents turned him into a Jew or Christian, or imagine, as animals produce their young with perfect limbs. Do you see anything defective? No, you don't. But what do people do? They will slip the ears, right? And they will cut off an ear completely, or they will put a mark on the animal so it becomes defective. It wasn't born like that it was made defective. So just like that every person is born

00:44:20--> 00:44:59

upon fitrah this natural inclination to submit to Allah. It's inbuilt in every person. And Allah says in the Quran, Allah tala he, Letty, Fatah, nessa Are they the Fatah of Allah upon which he has created all people? And this is the reason why, when people are in difficulty, no matter how much they reject God, no matter how much they refuse, resurrection, what happens to them at the time of difficulty and great distress. They turn to prayer. They turn to some greater being out there. Imagine for their own. What happened to him when he was going into Quran What do we learn

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

To reduce i 90, the hat in America Hello, Rocco. Paula m into unknown hula Illa Illa de minute we even saw a million Muslim. He said, Now I believe the same God that the money is why I believe and I believe. Why? Because he knew that now he needs help of God did his heart told him you better submit now, but it didn't help him because it was too late. So, this fatal alasa penalty is placed in the heart of every person. And this is a reason why the human heart seeks a purpose seek something great, but if he relies only on his perception, only on his imagination, then he will get nowhere he needs the aid of the one who created him, the one who created him the one who provided him nutrition

00:45:47--> 00:46:15

for the rest of the body, he has also sent nutrition for his heart. So this is the reason why you have to take your Akita from where from what Allah has revealed from the Quran and Sunnah from the revelation that Allah said. So Is this clear? Any questions about this? If you have any questions you can always give them in writing afterwards inshallah. Okay, so panicle locomobi, handing the Chateau La Ilaha Illa. anta Mustapha Rocha wanted to be like a cinema recorder.