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An-Nisa 135-147 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 141

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Who are the men after cleaning the caffeine and the DNA uttara persona become those who wait and watch, you don't have to clean and the caffeine are those people who get out of Barcelona become your persona is from the newsletters, or all that sort. rubs elbows,

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which has to lie in wait for something to happen for someone to come to wait and watch and see what happens.

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It's like if you want to do something, you don't do it immediately. But you wait. And you see, let me see what happens. And then based on that, I will decide as to what I want to do.

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So I let the natural persona become those who watch for you. What does it mean by this? That the disbelievers and hypocrites they want for you. They wait that calamities and difficulties and misfortunes they befall you. So they're waiting for difficulties to come to you. So in other words, they don't want good for you. They wait for something harmful to happen to you. They wait for some calamity, for some severity for some difficulty, do harm you. And it has also been said that in the context of the hypocrites, in particular, the retro persona because they're watching you, meaning they're just watching from behind and waiting to see what happens that today Muslims are victorious

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tomorrow they suffer defeat. Let's see what happens. And whenever the Muslims are going to be victorious, then we're going to go ask for benefit.

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So Allah Dina Thomas wanna become for in Canada converter, then if there is further for you in a law from a law, meaning if you are victorious, and as a result of that victory, you gain a lot of booty call? Do they say mean the hypocrites say to you or believers and have no commerical? were we not with you? And why did they say that? Why did they say that? To have a share in the benefit that the Muslims have gained.

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So basically, they're only watching. They're not doing anything, yet or sooner. They're only watching, they're not doing anything, and they're lying in wait for something harmful to befall you. And they're just waiting and watching, seeing what happens to you. Whether you suffer a loss or you gain some benefit. And if you do gain some benefit, they come to you saying why are we not with you? meaning in religion in jihad, and basically why they're saying this is so that they can prove that they also have a share in the booty. So basically give us our share.

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One in Canada, and if there is little capitolina for the disbelievers and asleep one or share a portion. What does that mean, right is that if the disbelievers have a share of some benefit over the Muslims, causing the Muslim some harm, if the disbelievers have a turn in their favor, then what happens? Or do they say meaning the hypocrites they say to the disbelievers alumnus with aliko, did we not have mastery over you? When I'm narco minute Mini, and we saved you, we prevented you from the Muslims from the believers.

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So if the disbelievers have a share, they go to the disbelievers that, you know we have a huge favor upon you You owe it to us You owe it to us so you better give us some benefit. Because we did you a good thing how that we had mastery over you but still we didn't come to fight you

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when America minute meaning that we saved you from the Muslims by telling you about their secrets

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to words have been used over here, first of all, and that's the master when it's from the roof letters how well that how well that house

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and house is to urge on it is to earn something to spur and establish whether is to have complete control and dominance over something. It is to have complete control and dominance over someone from all sides. There isn't one has complete power over something that one is on top of the other. And the one that is below cannot escape. The one that is underneath is completely in control of the one who is above.

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So let's start with our legal meaning. We had mastery over you we had complete power over you. Meaning we had the power to defeat you. We had the power to harm you. We were capable of capturing you have slaying you off killing you. But look we're so nice. We didn't come to fight against you. But we had the power to harm you. What American and instead what did we do? We saved you know American from money meme noon and what does money

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mean to stop. And when it's followed by an it means to protect, to defend. So we defended you, we guarded you from the believers, that we secretly helped you and protected you from being harmed by them. We did not let them be victorious over you, we tried our best to confuse them to weaken their resolve, and therefore it is our favor upon you, that you are victorious. So as a result, give us something you owe to us.

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For Lahu jacobina kamiyama tm, Allah is going to judge between you all on the Day of Judgment between who you are Muslims and hypocrites.

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Well, and never yadgir Allahu Allah will ever make milk atherina for the disbelievers are that meaning against the believer Sabina away. Allah will never give a way to the disbelievers over the believers, he will never let them have the upper hand over the believers.

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What does I mean by this, that Allah will never provide a way to the disbelievers over the believers.

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This has been understood in several ways.

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First of all, it is said that the disbelievers will never have any victory, any dominance over the believers. But a person may wonder that

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I mean, even at the time of the Prophet subtle notice and the Muslims lost or hurt. But if you notice, Now see, the word leave has been used for the victory of disbelievers that they only have a share. They will never be able to completely vanquish the believers,

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they will never be able to completely dominate over the believers. So what this means is that Allah will never allow the disbelievers to completely dominate the believers.

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Others have said that the Sabine this way, it refers to her evidence, that in terms of evidence, in terms of argument, who is always going to be victorious, the believers why because they have the half. And we know about this incident in which a man came too early to learn who and he said that Allah subhanaw taala says we're lineage Allah who did Catherine Arlen, moodiness Avila, and they fight us. And sometimes they're victorious over us, sometimes they kill our people to help them. What does this mean that? So I need to learn who said that we're lineage Allah who didn't care felina yomo pmet meaning a subpoena, that Allah will never make them victorious over the believers

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on the day of judgment?

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Because if you notice the previous clause of the ayah, what does it say that Allah will judge between you on the Day of Judgment, the day of judgment is being mentioned. So on the Day of Judgment, the believers are going to be victorious, meaning they will have the help, they will be victorious. What do we learn from this i? First of all, we learned that the hypocrite is not sincere to anyone. The hypocrite is not sincere to anyone, he is only concerned about himself. He's neither sincere to the Muslims, nor is he sincere to the non Muslims. He shows that he's very sincere, but actually he's not. He's not because a person who can deceive the people of his religion be

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unfaithful to them, then how can he be faithful towards those people who are not of his religion, he will not be faithful. So never be impressed by these people, people who claim to be Muslims, but in the eyes of the disbelievers are very honorable, or they have a lot of status, they have a lot of money. They have high positions, never be impressed by them. Why? Because such a person has no friends, such a person is not sincere to anyone. He's not being sincere to you. He's not even sincere to your enemy. He's not even sincere to your enemy. Remember that?

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Also, we learn from this ayah that it is of hypocrisy to remind the other of the favor that you have done to them. Because the hypocrites they go to the disbelievers and say, we had power to harm you, but we didn't harm you. We saved you, we prevented you from harm. So what is this man, man? So it is of hypocrisy to remind the other of the favor that one has done to him.

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We also learned that it is of hypocrisy to take credit for what a person has not done when you hit boonah and your model B man let me if I do they love to be praised for what they have not done. When the believers they have fun. They go to them saying that alumna commerical. Were we not with you, meaning give us a share, whereas actually they were not.

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We also learned from this either a loss of panto will never give triumph to disbelievers will never give success to disbelievers to the hypocrites or with the believers.

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Because in this case, you know when you see that there's somebody who pretends that he's a Muslim, he comes and he takes advantage from you. He doesn't support you doesn't help you and then he goes, and he cooperates with the enemy. How do you feel? How do you feel very vulnerable, that they can attack you. They can harm you. They can really bring harm to you that they come and say one thing to you, they go to the enemy, they say something else to them. They come to the video where they say alumna, kumarakom and to the disbelievers I say, and I'm nasty with our Lake when America so when you find out that there are some people like this, who say one thing do you say nothing to the

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enemy? You feel at loss? What does Allah say? You would never be at a loss. What's the condition? What's the condition that you have to be meaning me no believe prove your email show your email.

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Co Op howdini.

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On Oh,

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If you look at the words that have been used for victory of Muslims and victory of the disbelievers, for victory of Muslims, the word fat has been used. And fat is from fatter, which means to open something. So one victory which could lead to many, many more victories.

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And on the other hand, for this video is the word no sleep has been used. It's only a portion. It's never complete. It's only partial. We need to be very careful that are we doing something like this, that in a very diplomatic way we go to someone and try to take benefit from them, we go to another we try to take benefit from them. We see the statement of a loss of Pantone and so truthful that we're lineage Allah who did Catalina Island with meaningless Aveda that throughout history, so many attempts have been made to finish the Quran to show doubt in the Quran to show contradiction to the Quran to harm the Muslims to finish the Muslims to change the Muslims. However, none of those

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attempts have been completely successful. Maybe they have been partially successful, but never completely.

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We see that in hypocrisy. If you look at both the statements, who are they highlighting? We myself? Weren't we with you? Did we not save you? Did we not protect you? We could harm you. But we didn't warn you. We could say this to you. But we didn't say this to you. So we see that it is of hypocrisy to constantly try to highlight yourself and never admitting your mistake. Never admitting your fault. So we see that of hypocrisy is man reminding the other person of the favor that you've done on them. Why? Because you want to show that you're very nice. And proving yourself to be right, even though you've done something wrong. Even when you don't deserve something, you want some benefit.

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Why? Because it's again about me. So we really need to check the kind of words that we use, the kind of expressions that we have in our conversations that Who are they highlighting Is it just me, me me? We should always remember that if we get any fat. It is mean of law from a loss of penalty. It's not our achievement. It's the favor of Allah.

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Are you

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In Canada,

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in Canada,

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one American

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