Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L258D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Allah subhanaw taala says yeah Eva the all my servants Lao Hoff en la como Leona, no fear upon you this day what a until noon, and you will not agree by their who does this refer to my servants the Mottaki. Those who love each other for the sake of Allah, those who befriended each other for the sake of Allah, those who helped each other in the deen of Allah Yari birdie. On the day of judgment, Allah will address them no fear on you, and you will have no regrets either. What is fear, fear about some harm, that a person may suffer in the future. Some harm some loss that he may suffer in the future. And Herzen is the sadness and grief in one's heart when he remembers the difficulties

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that he suffered in the past.

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So now hopefully not a Coloma one uncom taxon when you have no fears, you will not suffer from anything.

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And whatever has happened in the past will not grieve you anymore. Well,

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who has regrets? Who has regrets? Those who have made mistakes and many times people end up making mistakes because of who? Their friends. So if you want to be of those people who don't have Herzen in the Hereafter, then then avoid making mistakes now, choose your friends carefully.

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So we see that all the grief all the fears of the people after they will be removed. They will have no fear no grief incident Yunus is 62 we learn in the earlier Allahu la Hoefler alayhi wa homea has no unquestionably the allies of Allah, the friends of Allah, there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve, and who are the earlier have a look? Over there we learned into Tunis alladhina amanu wakanow. Yet, those who believe and they also have fear of Allah. Over here, Allah says alladhina amanu will be a Latina, those who believe in our eye at what kind of Muslim mean, and they were Muslims. They believed in the Ayat of Allah, and they were Muslims, meaning they submitted

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to Allah.

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They didn't follow their own desires, but they submitted their will to Allah. And in order for a person to do that, what does he need? support? The right friends, the right company? What can a Muslim in all of them together or Muslim?

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Or the whole janitor enter Paradise unto you? What as Where'd you come and your spouse's balloon, you will be delighted. Notice over here, who has been mentioned, you and your spouse's, like I mentioned earlier, that friendship is not just between two people who are not related to each other, but it's also between spouses between parents and children, between siblings.

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So when the relationships that we have with other people are also founded on the quad and this is friendship for the sake of Allah, then this relationship will not just finish in the dunya but rather it will continue in the hereafter. Because we see that Allah will tell them to enter in gender along with their spouses. And don't what as Why'd you come you and your spouses

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around you'll be made happy, and the word as well as also understood as your kinds because that is also kind. So you and your kinds, meaning those who are like you, so in other words, you and your friends, those whom you love for the sake of Allah? Oh, the whole jannetty anthem was Where'd you come? The maroon and Maroon is from the letters have that have is to beautify to adorn. So you will be adorned and how it is also when the signs of happiness are visible on a person.

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A person may put a lot of makeup, wearing the best clothes.

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But if they're sad, if they're angry, do they look beautiful?

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No, they don't. What is it that brings beauty to a person's face? The smile that he is what is it that makes a person look very beautiful? The happiness that they're experiencing?

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So the balloon you'll be glad and you'll be made happy.

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And the balloon is also from the word How about and how about is to mark something so different on you'll be adorned, beautified, decorated made joyful made happy honored. Insert ERC 955 56 we learned in the US have a genitive yom officially, faqih hoon. home was word you can feel

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icky with Turkey

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Turkey balloon you'll be made happy.

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You fall for I lay him circulated among them from their newsletters for welfare for life.

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tawaf has to go around to circulate. So you thought for him it will be passed around them, it will be circulated among them, what will be circulated among them basically have been with trays with platters means there have been of gold will acquire been and also cups acquired with the plural of qub and cooled is used for a cup that does not have a handle

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a cup that does not have a handle and it is wide the mouth is not small but rather it's wide and it's also deep

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and it's a round container as well.

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Why is it that it doesn't have a handle so that you can drink from any side but when a cup has a handle then you are limited isn't it it's difficult for you to drink because you have to hold it from that particular handle and sometimes a handle is not that comfortable so a club or what cops that do not have handles on them

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so you thought for I lay him basically half him in the hub and say half is a poor enough suffer suffer from the better side however, and sapphires used for a dish a bowl or a huge plate that serves five people

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serves How many? At least five

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so what will be circulated among the

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dishes with delicious food honor, and also cups with delicious drinks in them.

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And these dishes and these cups they will be off gold when I mentioned the explanation of the word cool some of you said glass

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glass is made of glass or plastic or steel. You don't find gold glasses. But we see that in general they will be made of gold mean they haven't. And Utah food What does you have to show that they will be served from all around?

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You know, sometimes you're sitting somewhere you want perhaps at a restaurant and somebody serving you Are you wondering where they are, you're looking for them to have eye contact with you and then eventually you call them and they'll come to you but this is Utah who constantly being circulated.

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constantly being brought to them being served from all around

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Utah for LA him basically half him into heaven we're acquainted with fee her and engender his marriage to heal and force what else whatever that the soul desire.

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Because if you think about it, every person's desire, his wishes, his likes, his dislikes are the different

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are the different? Yes, they're different. every person's choice is different. One person likes sweet stuff, the other person like salty stuff, even between spouses, people who are best friends, sometimes each person has a unique taste.

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And we see that in Jenna Wolfie Hama, Tasha he unforce in general is whatever the soul desire, whatever this whole desire in throat facilite i a 31 when I configure my destiny and full circle, what a configure method there.

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So, in general is what will satisfy the soul of every person satisfy the desire of every person,

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what are you and also the delight of the eyes? The lead do from the root letter is less than that and that is to be pleasant. And when something is pleasant, you enjoy it, you find a pleasant you find it delicious.

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So tell us who are you the enjoyment of the eyes even? What does it mean by this? Meaning that which people have general will look at and just by looking at it, they'll become happy.

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You see, there are two things there are two types of delight. One is of the knifes and the others of the eyes, isn't it so

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before you eat with your mouth, what do you eat with your eyes.

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Before you wear something on your body, you appreciate it, you have to appreciate it with your eyes first. If you don't like it, you're not going to put it on. If you don't like how it looks, you're not going to eat it. And we see that in general both the pleasure combined together

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matters the heel unforce and also what Allah will argue both will be there. Good to look at beautiful scenes, beautiful food, and also amazing in its experience. Because sometimes all the emphasis is laid on presentation. And when you put the food in your mouth, it's not as impressive.

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But in general there's both methods to heal and first when a person will eat it. He will be happy it will satisfy his desire and it will bring him to light of the eyes as well.

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And to feed her Holly Dune and you will be in it for eternity.

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When you're at a beautiful place, you're having a good time, eventually, you have to go, isn't it? And that kills it. Eventually when you have to go, it kills the experience. But we see that in general, it's not just some time, but it is for eternity. Well until via Holly Dune, in total in Chicago, I have 25 Allah says agilon lado mamnoon for them is a reward that will be uninterrupted, eternal into rock solid, I have 54 in the head, Allah is gonna man whom in Nevada, this is our provision for it, there is no depletion, it will never come to an end.

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What is congenital and that is paradise allottee. All is to her, which you are made to inherit, why women content arm alone because of what you used to do. You did something, then just sit on your hands, but you did something.

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So what do we see that in order to get to Jenna, what does a person need to do something he needs to do the right kind of actions. He can't just sit around wasting his time. That one day comes, one day begins it comes to an end and a person has not accomplished anything.

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A week comes in a week comes to an end and a person doesn't have anything to show anything that he has gained. No, he has gained something he has done something he has produced some benefit with our content, our meluna ama is necessary. Because this life Allah subhanaw taala has not given to us just so that we pass our times. Just so that we kill the time. No, this life Allah has given to us that we do something

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and not just that we follow our desires, that we do whatever we want to, but we do the right type of action. And it requires effort it requires sacrifice. This is why there is reward in general.

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That in dunia a person has to control his desire he wants to sleep but he controlled his desire.

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So for all the sacrifice, this is why there is so much reward what they'll call janitor allottee or is the devil contempt term alone, inserted arafa 43 also Allah, Allah says what to do until Komal Jenna to reach the whoo ha Bhima contemptor Malone and they will be called This is paradise, which you have been made to inherit for what you used to do. Let comfy have faqih hatom kathira minha Taku cologne for you there is much fruit from what you eat. In general there is for you a lot of fruit from which you can eat. What does it mean by this men have that cologne does mean mean only some you can eat. When means whatever you desire.

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You understand? whatever you desire min hatha Quran, some of it you eat avete you eat whatever a person desires he will eat. And it's quite possible that a person loves one type of fruit and he doesn't like another

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so whatever he likes, because it is malatesta he'll enforce whatever he likes, whatever he enjoys the best manetho Kowloon avit you eat

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and throttle Walker i a 32 to 33 well fact he has inkaterra llama cateura What am your many fruit abundant fruit? Neither limited nor forbidden.

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And insert the search that is 17 Allah says fella thoroughly moon Epsom ofri Allah human quality Are you that Unbeknown can we are these are just glimpses, just glimpses the reality no person knows how much it is how it is, unless he gets there.

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two more as

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you pour

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what in Kelvin? It is to move Bhima

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Kenya to Casio.

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Do you think

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that sometimes it happens that because of our

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Friends for the sake of our friends, we don't want to give up certain things. We don't want to give up certain activities, certain things that we do together. But remember that if you don't give that up now, then this is the reward that you will have to give up. Understand

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that either person has to give up now, or he has to give up later. Either he has to sacrifice now be deprived now or he has to be deprived later. Choose that which is best.

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Do you ever get bored of enjoying tell me?

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Honestly Tell me do you ever get bored of enjoying?

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What do you tell somebody? You have two days off? What do they want three days off. You tell somebody you have one week off? What do they want two weeks or two weeks come two weeks ago. And it says though you have done nothing. It says oh, you haven't enjoyed a lot. You go stay at a place to have some fun. You go for a few hours you feel as though you haven't had enough. And in general, the capacity to enjoy will also be increased. So when a person has worshipped, aligned to dunia, he has been controlling himself in Jannah, Allah will reward him with increased capacity to enjoy. So the enjoyment will never come to an end.

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And just think about so many righteous people of the past you think you won't want to ask them what what they did and how they feel and ask them about their favorite stuff. Of course.

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A person will remember his life in the dunya however, there'll be no fears, no regrets. Because in general, there is no feeling of sadness, because of this feeling of sadness, then that destroys the pleasure.

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If you think about it, the Nia is so small. And Indonesia also there is so much beauty, so much beauty that if you go to certain places, once, twice, thrice, you never feel that you've had enough of it. Every time you go, you could spend hours over there, hours over there literally. There's so much to explore. Because this dunya even Allah has made so beautiful, the sky Allah has made so beautiful you keep looking at the sky, there's so much beauty in different places of the different parts of the earth. You look up at the sky, beautiful different times of the day and night beautiful and gender out of the house and

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its width is like the width of the heavens and the earth combined together. And gender is so beautiful.

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As we see over here, that our last panelist is the convener fatty Hatton, catarratto minetta, Kowloon, uncomfy, Holly Dune, you'll be abiding, utterly enjoying herself.

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Very beautiful example, that it's just like explaining to a child who is in the womb, that the mother tell the child that when you will come out there's so many colors and so many things and so much food and so much variety, and so many people, so many things, to see so many things to do so many things to learn. But the child who does you know, what does he understand what you know, he's comfortable, happy, satisfied with whatever small dark world he has. But when he comes out, there's so much similarly, for lateral movement of some of the other home in karate or union, America and yet one person cannot imagine what's out there in general, you have to trust Allah.

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Allah is saying there will be a lot of enjoyment. So there is enjoyment.

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What is one I mean, Allahu Akbar, it's the greatest, being able to see Allah. So we'll see how much the heat will enforce what Allah will argue. And if you think about it, people there is no limit to their desire. they desire one thing they enjoy one thing, no limit to enjoyment. So in general, Allah subhanaw taala has satisfied that desire. But when can a person get it? When a person works for it?

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So our focus should not be on? Okay. What exactly will be in general? What will people eat? How will they eat? What will this be? How will that be? What are we going to do? Are we not going to get bored? No, our focus should be on working for a gym. Because what's the other option?

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Anything that a person likes, likes to do likes to feel likes to experience likes to see that his agenda, but when can a person get it when he has done something when his friends are those who are not those friends who are taking him away from what Allah likes?

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recitation, yeah.

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to look

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for him

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that's number 258. So we'll begin from number 74.

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In no more demeanor fear there be Johanna mahali. Dune indeed the criminals will be in the punishment of * abiding eternally. And this punishment law you factor on home while home fi mobility soon it will not be allowed to subside for them and they they're in will be in despair. Where am I am now home what I can can know who masala mean. And we did not run them. But it was there who were the wrongdoers they brought this upon themselves. In the previous ayat we learned about two types of friends. One are those who befriend one another for the sake of Allah, in their friendship is a fear of Allah, because of which they are concerned about their duties and

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obligations towards one another and also they're concerned about their duties and obligations towards Allah subhanaw taala. So it is such a friendship which is based on taqwa.

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And the other type of friendship is that which is based on some worldly desires, some worldly objective, some worldly benefit. But what do we learn that all such friendships, meaning, those that are based on worldly desires, worldly objectives, what will they turn into, into enmity, because when a person has such friends, what do they lead him to? Towards the dunya, not towards Allah subhanaw taala which is why he ends up preferring this dunya over the hill.

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And then those whose friendship is based on the core, that friendship is eternal, it will be also there in the hereafter. In fact, it will be a source of great reward for the people in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment, and even afterwards. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the result of the two groups of people, the result of who those whose friendship is based on the core, that how they will be rewarded in the hereafter. And then on the other hand, alongside mentioned the recompense of Ruth the result of all the criminals.

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So the criminals Where will they be, fear their vija hannema in the punishment of Hellfire Holly doon abiding eternally,

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first of all, their friendship will turn into enmity, they will hate one another. And on top of that, the punishment that they will be in will be eternal, never coming to an end, such that let you factor on whom it will not be allowed to subside for them, you've had total factor.

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The word of it is when something becomes less, it lightens, it is reduced, and it's from the word fat or fat of federa. To Ye, what is it the gap between where he write the interval? So when something is going on when something is happening, and there's a gap in the middle, and factor Are you effective at what is it when something lightens when something reduces when it comes to an end. So now you factor on whom it will not be lightened for them. Not even for one moment, they will not be a gap of even a second, a minute, a day, an hour, not even a little bit, the punishment will be eternal, the intensity of the punishment will be eternal, the flames will not subside, the intensity

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will not reduce, and there will be no break in that punishment. Either layer you factor on home, we're home fee mobility soon and because of that, they will be in the punishment. ones who are in despair, meaning they will completely give up of relief, they will completely give up hope of ever coming out of that punishment.

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If you think about it, in dunya, no matter how great of an affectionate person is suffering from at least he has this hope that eventually this will come to an end that this too will pass no matter what suffering no matter what affliction a person is going through. This whole lightens the intensity of the suffering, which hope that eventually it will come to an end. Eventually, this will be over. If a person is extremely ill, if a person is suffering from some emotional loss, some emotional pain even

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That he feels that eventually it will be over.

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Indonesia person does not despair. And if anything, what is the person think eventually I'll die and this will be over. But we see that in the Hereafter, the punishment will never come to an end and the criminals will give up hope, of any relief even.

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And when a person feels that eventually this punishment will come to an end, then at least it lightens the intensity, doesn't it? It makes it easier to bear the pain. But if a person knows it will never come to an end, then what does it do? Each and every second is painful. Each and every moment is painful, it intensifies the agony. So now you flatiron home or home fi mobile is soon and they will be despaired of getting any relief, any mercy from Allah.

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And is it because Allah is being aggressive towards them? No. Allah says well Muslim now home when I can can hoo hoo masala mean we did not run them. But it was there who were the wrongdoers they brought this punishment upon themselves by the wrong actions, because Allah He is not unjust to his servants at all.

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So in that eternal punishment, what will they do whenever though and they will call out Jamar Li qu o Malik Lee, aka Elena Rob book, let your Lord put an end to us. Carla in nicomachea. Soon he will say indeed you will remain.

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As you know the punishment of hellfire. It is such that lay a movie here. When I hear that a person will not die they're in nor will he be able to live. That it says though he is at the point of death about to die, but death will not come to Him He will not die. He will not cease to exist. in Surat Ibrahim is 17 we learn where D Hill modem in Colima Canyon, Omar, who will be my head in the Hellfire death will come to him from everywhere, but he will not die. He's not going to die. So because of this intense punishment, which is such that it almost kills a person, but it doesn't kill a person. The person will not die because he is hotter than hellfire. What will they do? They will

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request the keepers of Hellfire saying when? addo Yeah. moloko who does Malik refer to?

00:27:21 --> 00:27:31

Malik is the name of the keeper of alpha. It's the name of the angel. It's the name of the angel who is the keeper of Hellfire in charge of hellfire.

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So they will call out to Malik and they will say yeah, Malika Leah Kalia Elena book, your Lord meaning Allah, he should put an end to us that this punishment is such that it almost kills us. We're at the verge of dying, but we do not die. So lecture Lord put an end to us, Leah COVID. Elena book, Jacobi from the EU countries after the from the word Cuba and Cuba is to make a judgment, to pass a judgement and also to execute it. Which is why the word coda is not just used for passing a judgement but to execute something and to finish something to conclude a matter. So the aka Dr. Elena notebook, he should finish us off mean you should make us dye

00:28:18 --> 00:28:25

color he will say in the komaki zone, indeed, you're staying here. You're not going to die. You're not coming out of here.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:57

If you think about it in normal circumstances, who asked for that? No one does. Even a person is suffering from extreme pain and agony. But we see that in hospitals, what are they struggling for? Life, isn't it, fighting for their life, struggling to live on trying one treatment after the other. This is the state in dystonia. That no matter how ill a person is no matter how old the person is, he thinks he hasn't lived enough. He wants to continue living

00:28:58 --> 00:29:15

even though life becomes very painful for him. But we see that in Hellfire what will the people wish that an end is put to them that they are finished? Their life is concluded they are put to an end completely. Yeah. Malika Leah COVID Elena book

00:29:17 --> 00:29:29

and why is it that they will call upon the keeper of Hellfire because first they will make their themselves but what will they be told that don't even speak to Allah? Allah subhanaw taala will say to them Latika limani don't even speak to me.

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And then they will request the husband, the keepers of Hellfire and this has mentioned in sort of Lafayette as well. I have 49 to 50 that will call alladhina fanatee. He has an Atty. Johanna odor or bircham you have Ivana yoma Miller the that request your Lord to just light and the punishment for us for one day Balu. They will say our lamb Tikka Tikka Masala compelled by unity, that the messenger has not come to you with their signs

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ALU they will say but of course ALU further they will say then go ahead and pray ourselves, but when I do our own Katharina elaphe you're gonna run

00:30:10 --> 00:30:57

into the father i a 36 Allah subhanaw taala says when Medina cafaro lavon narrow Johanna la Yoko de la in favor Muto. When are you hopeful for unhuman other be her, that as for those who disbelieve, they will be the fire of *. Death will not be decreed for them so that they may die, nor will its punishment be lightened for them. Death will not be decreed and punishment will not be lightened either, it will not be reduced either. Instead of the natural I 85 we learn what either alladhina vadoma either fillet you have foreign home, what or whom you don't it will not be reduced and they will not be given any rest bite. Insert never i a 34 Dooku felon azido illa either internal virkon

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is 65 in

00:30:59 --> 00:31:02

Ghana orama ever adhering

00:31:03 --> 00:31:17

Institute of ICANN is 77 foccacia debitum for Sofia kuno lizama it will be adhered never separating into little jatiya 35 folio Malaya for Juna minha they will not be taken out of it.

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Instead of arella. So Malaya motivate her when I hear. This is a punishment of *. Eternal, never ending, never reducing, never reducing in its intensity. Never will a person receive a break from it. Never will he emerged from it. Lakota jigna calm will help. We have certainly brought to you the truth when I can axacon will help you carry home. But most of you to the truth were averse. It wasn't that you were unaware. No, we told you about the truth. But most of the people, what is their problem? They don't like the truth.

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They know what the truth is, but they don't like it. And when they don't like it. They don't accept it. They don't follow it. They don't live by it. They don't observe it. And this is what will take many people into Hellfire in the hereafter. What? dislike for the truth? Because dislike for the truth? What does it lead to? What does it lead to? What is it a result of First of all, it's the result of arrogance, pride.

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And then what does it lead to misguidance disobedience neglect. So a lack in a thorough covenant healthy carry on.

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In through the Shura, I 13 we learn Kabbalah Ll machinima to the Roman era, that what you call people to what you call them, which you can do, which is the heat, this is very, very difficult for them, meaning they cannot tolerate it. They hate it, they dislike it.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:01

And if you think about it, there are so many parts of this religion, so many parts of the Quran, which many people raise objections to, isn't it?

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Why would a person who has objection to something when he doesn't like it, when he doesn't agree with it? Whereas Who are we? We are human beings. And what benefits us is submission, acceptance.

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But we see that despite the fact that we are human and what if it says that we should accept and submit many people have the guts to speak out against the ayatollah against the truth when I came across a covenant happy carrying on.

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And this is something very, very dangerous because this leads to hellfire. And remember, that we as Muslims, we are not just to do things that Allah Subhana Allah has commanded, but we're also required to be happy with them. This is why we required to Sara Lee to be layerable obile Islam Idina Wahby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Abuja, Roby today that I am happy, I am satisfied. Whatever online is messenger say, I accept it. So when I can accommodate happy carry who most of you do not like the truth

00:34:08 --> 00:34:45

about Rome or Milan, for in them over the moon, or have the device some affair, but indeed, we are devising a plan. Meeting This is a consequence of the people in the hereafter. And when people dislike the truth when they're averse to it, when they don't accept it, when they don't follow it, then do they have some way of escape? Some plan through which they can avoid the punishment of Hellfire? abramo Amman abramo from their newsletters, Bera me bottom and bottom is to twist, twist What? Something like a rope. And what's the purpose of twisting a rope

00:34:47 --> 00:34:54

to make it stronger to tie a knot. And similarly your hair. Why do you twist them into a braid? Why?

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

So that they're together. So a blonde is to consider

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

validate something together, to put together to consolidate together. And Abraham when the word is used for a plan a plot, then what does it mean to consolidate a plan to put together a plan?

00:35:15 --> 00:35:30

So I'm ever on will Amman? Have they plotted have they devised? Have they consolidated some plan? What kind of plan? What kind of plot? What kind of a plan to save themselves from the punishment in hellfire.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:38

Because the reality is very obvious. If a person dislikes the truth if a person does not live by the truth and the consequences are mentioned over here,

00:35:40 --> 00:36:22

but we see that still there are many people who dislike the truth who are averse to the truth, who don't accept the truth, don't follow it. So what option Do they have then? What have they done? Do they have some kind of plan to save themselves in the hereafter and move on? Do they have some kind of plan to avoid the punishment in the hereafter? Have they consolidated a very firm strong plan? That's definitely going to be executed. For enamel Berryman Allah subhanaw taala says that we do our consolidating our plan, why? To destroy them. Secondly, I'm available Amazon has also been understood as that have they consolidated a plan against the profits are loaded against the truth in

00:36:22 --> 00:36:53

order to harm him to oppose him. If they have a plan. Then we do have a plan to protect to preserve our profit. Until I have 42. We learned a mutyh Duna kaidan fillerina cafardo Humala keadaan that do they intend a plan, but those people who disbelieve they are the object of a plan. They think they have huge plans through which they can escape. But in reality, they are the object of a plan, meaning a loss plan will be executed against them.

00:36:54 --> 00:37:05

instead of the normal if we learn well, Mercado Macron Weimer, Governor Macron, well whom lay assured, and they plan a plan and we plan a plan while they perceive not

00:37:06 --> 00:37:16

as a boon or do they think an Lana's myrcella home that we do not hear their secrets, one or two at home? And their private conversations,

00:37:17 --> 00:37:58

their secrets, what they secretly communicate with others? And what I do at home, what they secretly talk amongst themselves as well, what they keep very, very confidential amongst themselves. So do they think that we do not hear their secrets and their private conversations? Of course, we know about their secrets, which they conceal in their hearts and their private conversations in which they converse with one another, plotting against the messenger, planning against the truth. Allah says Bella, why not meaning of course we do here. Well also Luna and our messengers, meaning the angels, lead at him are with them yet to Boone, they write.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:13

Just like in a meeting, there is a person who is required to take the minutes down. He's there, whatever is being said, Whatever is being discussed, that person is writing everything down, each and everything, each and every point, not leaving anything out.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:51

Similarly, in their very gatherings, in their very secret, meeting secret councils in which they are planning to harm the truth to harm the messenger. Our Messengers are sitting right there, taking notes yet to warn. So first of all, Allah hears about everything that they say and secondly, the angels are recording everything. Because in truth cough 18 we learn male film in Conan Illallah de la qivana. It man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer who is prepared to record immediately into the Zohar fy 19. Earlier we learned to Dr. Boucher to whatever they say it will be written.

00:38:52 --> 00:39:04

So how can they think that they can escape the punishment? Do they have a plan, they do not have a plan. And even if they do have a plan, they cannot execute it because a loss plan, it prevails over them

00:39:05 --> 00:39:20

and do the thing that Allah does not know about their plans. He knows about them very well, because he hears the private conversations, he hears their secrets which they don't even utter. And on top of that, the angels are writing everything. So how can they escape Allah? How can they hide from him?

00:39:22 --> 00:39:24

Can we listen to the recitation and will continue

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Az-Zukhruf 57-89 Tafsir 68-80

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