Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L006B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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shavon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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let's go over the word breakup.

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Yeah. Are you her? Oh?

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Yeah. Are you her?

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is three words? Actually? It is. Yeah.

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Uh, you and her.

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And when you put them together, they give the meaning of all

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right? Sometimes you see Yeah, on its own, isn't it? You say yeah, Allah. And sometimes you see the word Yeah. You have, like over here. Yeah. evenness. Yeah. Are you Muslim? Yeah, you have to be you. Right? So sometimes it comes with a you have and other times it comes, yeah, just comes on its own. What additional meaning does, uh, you and I give inshallah we'll look at that later on. So yeah, you heard together means or, and NASA, the people all meaning the NASA meaning people, mankind, or boo, do you all worship, this is a command. It's an imperative. You know, the root letters signed by that give the meaning of rabada worship, the while at the end indicates plural. So it is you all worship,

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all of you should worship all of you should obey. Who Rob back home your Lord. This is Rob meaning Lord, Rob, and co meaning yo. So worship your Lord, who is your Lord and Lady, the one who now at this time when I go over the word breakup, I don't want you to just listen. Okay, be active. What are you going to do some of you write the explanation, you connect the Arabic with the English as I go along, do that

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there is a reason behind doing this in class, or there's a reason behind doing this at this time. Okay, I could have just not done it and gone straight to the lesson. But this is important for you to be able to understand the transition understand the Arabic words okay. So be active, all right. So, a lady who caulerpa comb He created you holla cocom is halaqaat meaning he created and come meaning you Kanaka he created there, however, he went there, aka he left. And if you look at all of these words that sound very similar on the Hubba taraka they all sound very similar. How are they similar? three letters with the fat head on all three letters, right. So holla cough he created.

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So hello Chaka Khan, He created you what and alladhina alladhina is a florala

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Allah v very good Allah v. One who and levena those who so while Athena and those who meaning he created you, and he also created those people who mean from a Billiken before you can become his other and come we have done the word cover before as well.

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are Latina you mean una Bhima Juan de la la la la de la Min oberliga right. So cobbly come before you now notice comb

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comb, this is coming several times in this lesson, what does it mean? You all so we see that comb is floral floral of what

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can we learned earlier he lay towards you. So care is you one person and comb is you all it's plural.

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Okay, so holla cocoon, He created you on.

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So, Allah de holla calm, while Edina makaveli calm and he also created those before you Why should you worship him La La calm so that you are this is also not Allah and Allah Allah means so that perhaps and co means you. So that you all that the horn you will safeguard yourself we have done the word 13 earlier, right. With the Queen was announced that the honeymoon is over.

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I told you before that when a word begins with Yeah, what does it mean? It gives them meaning of a verb, right? When it begins with a that also is a sign off.

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So one new thing that you are learning. When a verb begins with that, that also is a sign of a verb.

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When it begins with Yeah, then what's the meaning? He did the action right? Or they did the action. And when it begins with death, then what does it mean? You

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die with a photon data? What does it mean? You right? So if the verb

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begins with the year, then it's going to be third person, those of you who know a little bit of grammar, he, she, they, okay, what's first person? i? We? What second person? You? What's third person? They he she right? So yeah, is a sign of third person and that is a sign of second person. Yeah means he or they're their means you.

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So the word is that the code it ends with well known what does that means it's going to be thorough, so that the qun means

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you all safeguard yourselves, if the word was yet the code.

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They all say Allah, Allah contacta con so that you all can save yourselves or data who also means you all become righteous. So worship your Lord, the one who created you, and the one who also created those people who were before you. Why? So that you can save yourselves or so that you can become righteous?

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Who is your Lord and Lady The one who gyla he made? We have done the word Gianna earlier is what Dr. Lu wasabia whom they put their fingers in their ears, right? So Jana means to me, so Allah de jure Allah notice the word gr Allah The Raka holla right, the Hubba gyla he made right. So ellonija the one who made let go for you all Lacombe is a combination of LA and La means for and COO means you are so the one who made for you, meaning the one who made for your benefit for your use what

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the earth and other is and meaning the and are the meaning.

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So he made the earth for you as a field as a bed. We have not done this word before. And shall we'll do the details later on. So flash is a bit

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so he made the earth for you a bed and he made was summer and the sky what and the summer sky and he made the sky Bina a canopy. This is a word on its own. So the one who made the earth for you as a floor and he made the sky for you as a canopy as a ceiling. Moreover, what unzila and he sent down and zillah we did the word own Zilla before, right? My own Zilla alayka right? what has been revealed to you so unzila he sent him

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men from a summer the sky he sent down from the sky man water he sent down water from the sky and as a result for a holiday then he brought out for a project is two words for meaning then and Roger he brought out

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a project from Colorado for a project and he brought out B with it he What does he mean?

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What does he mean? It and B means with so be with it mean from a thermal a lot the fruits a thermal rocks is meaning the and thermal rot meaning fruits. Remember I told you about that at the end that I left it? What is that a sign up? plural? feminine plural. Just as a word Lulu max mina carnita Muslim at Okay, so similarly some odd is fruit or you may wonder fruits How can you be female

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in Arabic all nouns have a gender okay. Either they're referred to with the masculine gender or they're referred to with the feminine gender.

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It is common to some other languages as well. I have not studied French nor do I know French but somebody told me that this exists in French and it also exists in

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so Melissa Murat from the fruits risk on as provision we have done the word Rosa Kona before was Akana we provided risk provision lecan for you la comis for less meaning for and co meaning you are Fela so do not find meaning so law meaning do not third your eye Lou, you all make notice the word Dodger I do it begins with that. So what does it mean you and it has to be plural. Why? Because it ends with a well. So let that your Aloo do not make you all do not make lillahi for Allah we did an hamdu Lillah all praises for

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have over here read les les for Allah and Allah. So do not set for Allah and then any rivals any equals any partners. This is a word on its own, you cannot break this down. Okay? Well while notice what gives me any guff while over here

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and doom, you all

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anthem is also a pronoun

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What are pronouns

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words that give the meaning of you, I she

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pronouns, they come either attached to a word or they come on their own

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in Arabic either they come attached to a word or they come on their own.

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So, for example,

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in whatever that we have studied so far, we have seen that some pronouns are attached to a word.

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For example, Rosa Kona, we provided What does we mean? It's a pronoun, right? And it's attached to the word local for you comm is a pronoun it is attached to learn, right? It is attached with no. So some pronouns they come attached to words and other pronouns, they come by themselves, I'm done is a pronoun on its own. It's a separate word, and it is not attached to any other word. What does unto me you all earlier, we read the word home remember, Allah in a home, home or sofa? The second home is on its own. Similarly, we have done the word national What does national mean? We write national boosters the national week comes on its own. And we also comes attached to words for example was a

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corner. Alright, so anthem is a pronoun that comes on its own. So anthem and you all while you all Darla moon, you all know now can you see Darla, would you? Okay, if the word was here on the moon, what would the meaning be? They know if it was here a normal

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Yala move

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Yeah, no move.

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Yeah, love move. Analyze the word It begins with yet third person there's no wound at the end. So what is it? He knows if it was yellow moon, then it would be they know if it's yellow moon then the meaning is he knows if the word is thoroughly Muna as you see, what does that mean? You all know if it was thurlow move

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Darla move

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you know one person there is no she over here. Okay. It's either you or he? So Darla, Mona you all know remove the wound owner of the sign of the Florida What do you have left? Talamo singular, you know, okay, so Anthony, meanwhile, you know, what in and if, what meaning and an end meaning if this is a new word in F don't confuse this with inner

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inner means indeed with the shutdown on the noon and in is F over here. So we're in the end if quantum you were Why is it you

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because of the tone okay. So, for you we have seen the word and tone we have also seen the word comb comb also means you are right. So tone and comb both mean you are

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So quantum you all were fee in for even a doubt we have done the word right before mimma from what mimma is a combination of men and men meaning from and many more. So, if you are in doubt concerning what zelner we have gradually sent down Why is it we

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because of the net which know the first one or the

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at the end very good why not the first one

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because the root is known Xay them okay. Remember that if there is a letter which is part of the root it cannot be a pronoun of the word. Okay. So Nazzal now we gradually sent them

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where does the gradual come from? inshallah we will learn that but for now, from the chapter.

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It's nice zelner it's not Angela. Angela, we learned it just means we sat down. And Nasrallah is to grab

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Allah upon Aberdeen are our servants. You see now means our right it's a pronoun and it is attached to a word. I've mean servant Albertina our servant for do then you all come Why is it you all

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while at the end

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okay? It's not because of the only okay, because it's stolen right? If that was to be plural then it would be to

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this is fat Do you all come? And also that is part of the route. We haven't wrote letters yet, but inshallah in the lesson you will see that the root letters of this word are Hamza Yeah, okay. So far meaning then for the dual then you all come be super rotten with a surah be meaning with sorani surah chapter main from myth Li it's like we did the word method What does matter mean? example and I told you over there Mithra means like, similar to submit Li similar to it like it what the EU and EU all invite what means and and older rule? What does it mean?

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What does it mean?

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What does the translation say? You all invite Why is it you all because of the well so what the rule and your invite you had a comb your witnesses to her that means witnesses come means your men from dooney other than besides this is a new word. Allahu Allah in if Gundam you were we did this word already in the same lesson right. Gundam you were for the teen ones who are truthful Why is it ones

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because of the young methine That's right saw the Who is the one who speaks the truth right. If you notice saw the one who speaks the truth care fifth one who this believes

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so saw the one who is truthful saw the ones who are truthful for in then if this is first meaning then in meaning if for instance if Lum did not law means not so far we have done the word left for not isn't it? Now we do another word for not which is Lum okay lamb also means not to follow you all do the fire Lu Why is it you all

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because of the tear at the beginning which gives meaning of you and the while at the end which gives the meaning of plural so if you have an feral you know that it means actions that are new you only one learn and never now you see another word for negation. We have been left not Lum not learn never will and never deaf or Lou you will do for the coup then you all Save yourselves

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fermions then so and it duck Ooh, you all Save yourselves. Okay? The tab at the beginning gives the meaning of you and while it began.

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And now the fire allottee which this is a new word.

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Instead it's a new word. We have done the word Allah v.

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And now we're doing the word allottee to the sounds similar, do they look similar?

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Yeah, I love the allottee The only difference is the Valletta. So they are similar right. And if you look at the meaning and the V means who and allottee is translated as which, so the meaning is also similar, isn't it? Who which okay. So allele

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is used for masculine and allottee is used for feminine,

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okay. And the V is used for masculine for a male and allotey is used for feminine It is used for female.

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So fear the fire allottee which worku do her it's few workers is stone cutter. What does estacada mean? to kindle a fire or to ask that a fire should be lit. And from the same route I told you about the word workload which means few so who do have its few? Another pronoun? Her What is her mean? If she waku her, it's

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Few anassa the people were and Elijah the stones, you have heard of the huddle as well. Right? hedger hedger, hedger had a similar genre explorer already that it was prepared. Why is it it

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because of the third at the end any other words that we did that has a tie at the end, Robbie hats will read that it was prepared for who lil caffeine for the disbelievers it is leave meaning for L meaning the and caffeine, disbelievers. What and Bashir give good news Bashir. This is also a command. Okay, it is an imperative

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but should give good news to who alladhina those who por la

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la Vina has a parallel? And the what's the feminine of Allah v? And the T very good. Specially Latina. Manu, they believe. Why is it they believe? Because of the while with him, it gives me a floor. If the meme had a cursor under it.

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If the word was amino, then what would the meaning be? You all believe very good. Or either appeal Allahu amino karma ama nurse, you all believe just as the people have believed. Right? So I'm a new you all believe I'm a new they believed were army Lu. And they did.

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Why is it plural? Because of the war army Lu and they did a soil they had the the righteous deeds. Why is it plural? Because of the app? Because it does sound a theme. And that indeed, you see it is that indeed,

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we read the word inner before What does inner mean? In The Now we're looking at the word Unknown.

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Unknown no means that indeed, India is only indeed under is that indeed.

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So give them good news that indeed law home for them, there are genetic gardens, that Judy it flows, she flows. Now, you may wonder that we learned the term means

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that means

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you, isn't it? There are no moon that are loo that the moon that at the beginning means you, but not always. Okay? That will either mean you or she

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will either mean you or she now how do you figure out if it's you or she and remember, wherever it's she, if it's a person, then she will be used? If it's something that is later offered? Meaning it's not something that is alive, like for example, a river or a rock or something like that, then how is it going to be translated? it? Okay, so 38 flows, if you look at the context, is there a person who's been talking about No, that doesn't make sense to transfer as you will flow therapy dangerous, right. So tragedy means it flows. So, whenever you see these differences, or this word means this meaning you know, in one context or other meaning it gives us another meaning, don't get scared,

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okay. When you read the ayah inshallah, you will know, especially when you study the iron, okay, just be open, just be aware of the different meanings and each other you will know. So, thirdly, it flows main from the T have under it, we did the word above. That means, before direction, right? That is another direction, what does it mean? below? underneath, so that the hair underneath it means it? Did we do the word hair before?

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we're cool, do hair, it's few, right? waku hair, it's few dirty hair underneath it, and how the reverse and how it is and how meaning rivers good llama whenever

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we did the word Colombia earlier as well. colonna Otto at lahoma Sophie, every time it illuminated for them they walked so called llama whenever Rosie a coup they were provided. Why is it they

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because of the wild Lucy who is from risk, you know the meaning of risk is provision to the whole they were provided. Men have from it. What does Hemi

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mean from

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Some rotten fruit respond as provision for Lu de ser her there this is this a new word?

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Yes it is. We haven't done it before. We did the word vaniqa before Delica means that okay, Heather means this vatika is used to point out to something that is for her that is used to point out to something that is new. So Danica, that Heather this so Heather, this lady is that which ruzicka. Now, we were provided Why is it we because of the NA men from fabuleux before what and EU two they are given Why is it they Why is it plural? Because of the well. So do they are given bt with it with a share behalf resembling similar and notice with a sharpie hair, the hair at the end does not mean it.

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Okay? The hair at the end doesn't mean it. Why?

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Because first of all, the hair is part of the route. It cannot be a pronoun. Another way of recognizing it is the two foot hub on the hub.

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Okay, you see him with a shabby hand with a shabby head. Do you see the two footer on the hub?

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Do you see them? Yes. On a pronoun you will not see two footer. Okay, so Martha shabby her her Is it one a home and for them fee her in it sefa does it have double fatahna it doesn't it only has one

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one of them for them he had in it as well. And spouses. This is one word. Multiple hora toon completely pure. We're home and then fee her in it. Holly Dune once overbite eternity. See Khalid saw the saw

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one who does something so hard to do once obeyed eternity.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Hola punku.

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allele, Gianna, como.

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kombu to be

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whoopee for you.

Al-Baqarah 21-25 Word Breakup

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