Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-044C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 52-54

Taimiyyah Zubair
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We'll begin from verse number 52 of surah. Al Imran will begin to tap seed, Allah subhanaw taala tells us fellow man or herself or ISA men whom will COFRA kala man, Ansari, illa Allah. So when rissalah His Salam felt persistence in disbelief from them, he said, Who are my supporters for the cause of Allah. In the previous verses we learn about how Allah subhanaw taala sent a Sarnia Salam with many clear proofs, clear miracles, and even before those miracles recited his Salam, as a child as a baby as an infant, he spoke to the people, and before that, even the fact that His birth was miraculous, and then he was the son of Madame Madame who was known for her piety, Madame who was the

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daughter of Imran Madame who had been raised by under the guardianship of profits or Korea already has Sinha Meriam, whose piety even inspired a prophet of Allah. So this is recited his Salam. And yet, when he advised the Bani Israel eel, they did not like his advice when he corrected them. They did not like the fact that he was correcting them. When he pointed out their hypocrisy and their faults. They did not like that at all. So resorted to his Salam. He felt persistent disbelief from the Bani Israel eel, Allah subhanaw taala says philam a hacer ESA the word hussar is from the root letters has seen seen and his is one's sense. And with your senses, you perceive so your SAS is to

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perceive a sound or to perceive something that is seen in it is to see to hear to feel and the word if SAS is also used for reading and would you would you need to know of something and the existence of something. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Timonium, verse 98, that helped to his Sumin whom in a hidden Do you feel any one of them meaning do you find any one of them so when reciting his sunnah felt the disbelief from them, and by felt what is meant is he knew that they were disbelieving, and he found disbelief on their part. And this word a hustler shows us that the bunny is slightly ill did not openly disbelieve in him, rather they were hiding it in their hearts. But disbelief is

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something that cannot be hidden in the heart. It is something that will become apparent through one's statements and through one's actions. So their activities and their words clearly showed that they did not believe in reciting his sin. So reciting his sin I'm felt their Cofer very strongly. And how is that so that first of all, they called him a magician, any this has mentioned in the Quran that they called him a magician. You know, when he showed all of these miracles to them, they called him a magician. And not only that, they also personally attacked him by accusing him of being what to do Zina, the child born through fornication. They accused his mother mme, who was so

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righteous of fornication and then they killed the curiosity Salam they killed Yeah, hey, Ali Salam yeah, here Ali Salam is the one who had anointed reciting his sunnah. And he had done his this leak, as we learned earlier, that he was to confirm the truthfulness of a Saturday his Salam. So it was very obvious that now they were coming after a Saturday his Salam also. So when they showed Cofer, you need not openly but through their actions and through their words, indirectly they revealed their confidence is our lesson and felt that Allah is Ali Salam said Man, Ansari, Illa Allah, man on Saudi, who are my helpers, who are my supporters, Illa Allah, two words Allah, any reciting his

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sunnah openly asked for supporters, when those who disbelieved group against him. Why? Because he wanted to distinguish clearly between those who believed in him and those who did not those who were honest with him, and those who were not. So he asked that man on Saudi Illa Allah and by asking, he was urging people to support him, and he was also distinguishing clearly between those who believed and those who did not, and the word unsought remember it is the plural of the word nosebleed or nasally. And it's from the root letters known Sodre and NESARA. Is to help to support and Ansari il Allah. He said, who are my helpers, two words, Allah. This means two things. First of all, on Saudi

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Illa Allah there is something that is implied over here.

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You're okay meaning there is another word that is implied over here and what is that word? That word um, I have suggested different words such as men and Saudi, any who are my helpers that I am that Hebron Illa Allah, I am going to Allah, so who is going to help me on my way to Allah and he on my way to convey the message of Allah, I direct myself to Allah I seek refuge in Allah and I am conveying the message of Allah. So who is going to help me convey the message of Allah? Who are my supporters in the Cause of Allah? Okay, for Sabine Illa, Allah, any who are my helpers in the Cause of Allah, or in my way of conveying the message of Allah. And the word ILA has been used to show

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Leia Leia is eventual goal, and it's being highlighted over here because the ultimate goal of you know helping a messenger of Allah is to reach Allah, it is to reach the approval of Allah that is the ultimate goal. So, there is an indication that Eclass must be here and you help me purely for the sake of Allah. Okay, when on Saudi Illa Allah Secondly, this has been understood as ILA meaning Mara, Isla, meaning Ma, as in who will help me along with the help of Allah that I receive man and Saudi Marilla Ne i have the help of Allah but who is also going to help me along with the help of Allah that I receive. This is similar to how in Surah two Nyssa verse number two Allah subhanaw

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taala says what Kulu am Wallah home Isla unworldly calm do not consume the wealth of the orphans, either and Wiley comm meaning along with your wealth, okay, that you are consuming your wealth and you also end up consuming various this is not correct. So ILA also gives the meaning of alongwith. So, who is going to help me along with Allah, meaning, along with the help of Allah that I receive, so who are on Saudi who are my helpers and who are my enemies? How we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something similar during the HUD season before the hijra, we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would go in Mina. And he would say that who will

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give me protection so that I can convey the message of my Lord, because the Quraysh have prevented me from conveying the message of my Lord. And he kept asking different people until he found the unsought who not only believed in him, but who also supported him and who invited him to be with him in Medina. So essentially, his Salam said, Man, I'm sorry, in Allah, who are my helpers along with Allah, or who are my helpers to words, Allah, any, so that I can convey the word of Allah. Now, this teaches us something very important, we see that the prophets of Allah asked people for help, right, not only asked, they urged, and they encouraged people to support them. And this shows us that it is

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completely permissible to ask people to give their support in the Cause of Allah. Because when you're asking people to help you in the Cause of Allah, this is not so that they can help you get richer, they can help you, you know, live a more comfortable life, they can help you relax and take it easy. No, they're helping you. So that together, you can better serve the religion of Allah, because a person on their own is not able to do much. But when you have the help of others, when others join hands with you, then you're able to accomplish so much more. And it doesn't mean that you have hundreds of supporters, sometimes the support of a few individuals is sufficient. And this

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is any asking people to help you in the Cause of Allah for the religion of Allah. This is a part of adopting means, okay, this is a part of adopting the ASVAB necessary means that are needed in order to accomplish a goal. And it does not contradict what ya can explain. It does not contradict the fact that we seek help only from Allah because it recyling Salam did not say, Man, I'm sorry, who are my helpers? Rather, he specified men and Saudi Illa Allah, who are my helpers along with Allah, or who are my helpers in the Cause of Allah. So you only ask people to do what they're capable of doing. You don't ask them to do what is beyond their ability, you know that if they help you,

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they're only able to help you with the amount of help that Allah will give them the ability to give you you know, that if they do anything for you, they are doing what is possible for human beings. Right. So you ask people to help you in ways

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is that they are capable of helping you with and when you know that you're not alone, then this is a source of consolation. Alright in sort of the 30 Am I in number four? Allah subhanaw taala told us about his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that for in Allahu wa Mola, who that indeed Allah is his protector and yes, Allah is our protector. Now, along with that Allah subhanaw taala says Would you believe you and Gibreel is also his protector will slightly homework meaning and the righteous of the believers are also his protector, while Mala Iike to bar the valley Koba heed and the angels meaning the rest of the angels, moreover, are also his assistants Subhan Allah Henney the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course, Allah was his protector, Allah is his protector, but to console the messengers of Allah Who are those that Allah mentions that you breathe is also with you, the righteous believers are also with you, and the rest of the angels are also your assistance. So when you are, you know, striving in the way of Allah, yes, you know, that Allah's help is with you. Right, you know, that Allah is sufficient for you has been Allah, but as human beings, we need that constellation, that we are not alone, and that we have others with us. Not that they are the source of help, but that they are with us, they're standing with us. And this is a source of great courage

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for a person and it also, you know, takes the loneliness away. So recently he Salam asked that man on Saudi Illa Allah, Allah al Hawa Yun now and as I listen, I'm asked such a question, and he urged them so open the man on Saudi Illa than what happened on Al Hawa Yun, the disciples said, national unsought Allah, we are the helpers of Allah. And Nabila, we have believed in Allah wash had to be anomalously, moon and you bear witness that indeed, we are one to submit to Allah. So the Hawaii Yun responded positively and they said we are the helpers of Allah. Now the question is, who are the Hawaii Yun Hua Yoon is the plural of the word Hawaii. And Hawaii is from the root letters how wild

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Ah, okay. And the Hawaii Yun are the supporters of esala husana. And they were 12 in number and the word Hawaii it means now slip buddy Mohib mouthless. Hawaii means now slip helper, buddy, someone who is very close to you, more him, someone who loves you, and Mukhlas someone who is sincere to you. And to have all of these qualities combined within a person is rare. Alright? Sometimes what happens is that there are people who are very sincere to you, but they don't necessarily love you or support you. Right? They're sincere to you in the sense that they will come to you and they will say, you know, this is my sincere advice, please do this. And you're like, Sure, let's do it. Will

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you help me? They're like, No, no, I'm not here. I can't help you. But this is my advice to you. So there are some people who will advise but they will not necessarily help. Then there are others who are helping you who are working for you, but they're not necessarily sincere to you. Right? They're not necessarily sincere to you. Then there are some people who are working with you, they're supporting you, but you feel so distant from them. They're not close to you. And then it's possible that someone is you know, close to you but you don't feel that they love you. Subhanallah you see, someone can be a Hawaii when Allah subhanaw taala inspires them to be Hawaii. And every Saturday his

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salon was given such supporters by Allah we earn in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says in total man ADA I 111 What if a hateful ill howdy Hina and Amina will be will be Rizzoli and when I inspired to the disciples, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who inspired to them that believe in me and also believe in my messengers, Carlo Amana, they said we believe wish had be anonymously more and you bear witness that indeed we are those who submit Allahu Akbar. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used this word Hawaii to refer to as obaidul de la Mourinho when he said that in Nikolina be in Hawaii when we're in Hawaii, he's obeyed, that indeed every prophet has Hawaii and my Hawaii is a

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zubaid Rhodiola horn. And this is when Zubaydah de la Horne who came forward with his sword in the way of Allah. And he he was there to you know, defend the prophets of Allah who are the who was salam, and fight for the cause of Allah. So this is

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Howdy, ne Zubaydah Dulong, where and who came forward in order to defend the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to support him, because he truly cared about him. He truly loved him. He truly was sincere to him. Now, the word Hawaii like I mentioned is from how Allah right and how, what is whiteness? And how to thobe is to wash a cloth so that it becomes extremely white. So why are the whiter Yun called Harada Yun? Because somewhere in the mindset that you know there were people whose profession was to wash clothes. All right, so that's why they were called her by to you or that their skin was like that they were extremely fair. Or they're called her whatta Yun because

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they were very clean and pure in their heart. They were sincere in their faith sincere in their love in their support. And this seems, you know the most reasonable explanation, so call it however Yun ne they were sincere in their commitment in their intention in their faith. So they said that national unsalted Allah, we are the helpers of Allah. Now notice they did not say we are your helpers it Allah. No, they said national Onsala we are the helpers of Allah because they knew that helping reciting his sunnah meant that they were actually helping Allah. Right? So we will help you we will cooperate with you in raising in conveying the word of Allah. And when the said no, no

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unsought Allah, we are the helpers of Allah. They're basically saying that we're not waiting for anyone else. We're going to do this, no unsalted Allah. And this shows us that when someone is supporting, helping someone in the cause of Allah's religion, they're not actually supporting that individual. They're supporting the cause. And this is so important to remember. Sometimes we are, you know, working with other people for the deen of Allah. And we need to move past those people. And we must remember that we are helping them we are working with them, we are cooperating with them for the sake of Allah and working for the religion of Allah is actually working for Allah. Okay,

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unsought Allah helpers of Allah, Allah does not need our help. So why are those who help the cause of Allah called the helpers of Allah? This is an attribution of Honor. Okay? That Allah subhanaw taala honors them by saying that you are my helpers, like in sutra, how should I number eight? Allah subhanaw taala praises the hygiene when he says when saloon Allahu wa Sula who they help Allah and His Messenger, ne they help the religion of Allah and they help the Messenger of Allah. But Allah subhanaw taala says they help Allah and he What an honor. So when we do something for the deen of Allah, whether it is that we're making a donation, or we are volunteering in some capacity, or even

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if we're working in any capacity, we are working for the religion of Allah. This is a huge privilege, a huge honor. In sort of stuff. I number 14, Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu or you have believed Kuno unsought. Allah be the helpers of Allah cannot Pilar E sub pneumonia model Hawaii Jean, just as Risa Imodium set to the Hawaii Yean that man on Saudi Illa Allah God el Hawa Yuna national unsought Allah so Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah to serve that we should follow the footsteps of the Hawaii Yun, who responded to recite his sunnah and the set that nano unsalted Allah. We learned in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that the prophets of Allah who

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earlier Salam said that there was no prophet whom Allah Who raised among his people, except that he had from among his people her why to Yun, however, Yun in his sincere disciples and companions who held to his sunnah and followed what He commanded. So this is who her why it is where he is the follower of the Prophet and the follower of the command of the Prophet as well. So the Herati Yun said we are the helpers of Allah and the said Amma Nebula was had to be anomalously moon. We believe in Allah, meaning we believe in His Oneness and wash had you bear witness be anomalously moon that indeed we are ones who submit wash head, this is from sheen Hodel. You bear witness. Now who are

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they saying this to the disciples, the Hawaii Yun, who did they say this to wash had to be anomalously moon they said this to me Sorry husana that or is it is Santa. We believe in Allah. So you bear witness that we are

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Are those who submit to Allah and you testify again you bear witness for us now that we are Muslim, so you should know that we are Muslim, we submit to Allah and also on the Day of Judgment at the meeting with Allah, on that day also testify in our favor, that we are Muslims. We are those who surrender to Allah alone. We worship Him. We associate no partner with him. So they're saying this to Italia salaam that you should know now that we are Muslim and tomorrow, please testify in our favor. In Surah Nisa, I have 41 We learned that Allah subhanaw taala says that on the day of judgment for K for either Nam in Cali omitting be Shahidan that from every OMA a witness will be

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brought out and who is that witness? It is the messenger of that OMA who will testify either for or against his Oma. So the Hawaii Yun are saying to rissani Salam that please, on the Day of Judgment testify in our favor, that we are ones who submit to Allah. Another understanding is that wish had they're saying this to Allah, okay? That I'm a Nebula or Allah we have believed in you wish had be anomalously moon and you were witness that we are want to surrender to you. And you know, or Allah, that we surrender to you. And this is similar to how the prophets Allahu alayhi wa sallam asked the people at the Farewell Pilgrimage that you know, have I conveyed, have I conveyed? And they said

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yes, and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah Houma fish had that, Oh Allah, you bear witness that I have conveyed, and the people have also witnessed, so you also bear witness that I have conveyed, so they said Emma Nabila wash had been a non Muslim moon, we have believed in Allah, and you bear witness that indeed we are ones who submit to Allah. Now this statement of the Hawaii Yun makes it very clear that they understood the teachings of SRT his salaam, and bizarrely his salaam taught them to believe in Allah, His Oneness and to surrender to Allah. Then the Harada Yun said love bene men now Bhima and delta our Lord we have believed in what you have revealed what

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Tovar not was soon and we have followed the messenger for October now Marcia headin, so register us among the witnesses to the truth. Now the Hawaii Yun turn towards Allah and they say that we have believed Rob banana, and now Bhima and Zelda, Allah subhanaw taala already knows that they have believed, but still they're talking to Allah. You know, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said that Dora is worship, this is worship that you are talking to Allah, you are calling upon Allah, you are expressing yourself before Allah Robina Amana Bhima and Zelda. Of course, Allah already knows what you are in need of Allah already knows what your struggles are. Allah already knows what you have

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been trying to do and what you have been trying to avoid. Right? He knows what your fears are. He knows what your wishes are, he knows what you want, what you're gonna get what you're not gonna get, he knows everything about you. He knows you better than you, then you know yourself. But if that was all than what we would not have to worship Allah, we have to worship Allah, because this life is about showing servitude to Allah, coming to Allah as a beggar as one who is in need, showing that we are His slaves. And a major part of that is expressing our needs before Allah calling upon him when we are in need, and also talking to Allah. So they say Robina, Amana, Bhima and delta. So they turn

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towards Allah. And they say, Oh our Lord, we have believed in what you have sent down, and Bhima and delta in what you have sent down. This includes all of the scriptures, right? They believed in the Torah, they believed, even the Injeel which was given to resign to his Sudan. And Bina and delta doesn't just include scripture. It also includes the miracles that recited a Saddam was given the evidences that he showed, so we believe in whatever that you have sent down, or Allah, what the Varna was sold, and we have followed the messenger and this messenger here is reciting his sunnah. And the shows is that the Hawala Yun recognized SRT Salam as the Rasul of Allah, not as the Son of

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God or God Himself know what the version of Rasul the word of the disciples are very clear, we follow the messenger for October now Marcia he then Now this shows us that they believed in Allah and they followed the messenger and these two things are extremely important with Eman in Allah there must also be it debarred Rasul following of the messenger

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Are they is Santa and both of these things come together Eman and etbr. In fact, as one goes up the other also goes up which means that the stronger ones Eman is in Allah the stronger their etbr is of the messenger as well. And if a person's Eman is weak, then of course the way that the follow the messenger will also be weak. And if you want to know how strong your faith is in Allah, check yourself how strongly do you follow the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam so they said Robina Amma Nabeshima and delta with the run of Rasul, and then they said facto buena, Marcia headin. So you write us, meaning you register us you count us you write our names in the same group of people

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who are Ushahidi in a Shailene is a Florida Shahid from sheen, her doll and Shahid is someone who is a witness to something right, or someone who testifies to something. So who are the Shaheen Shah had been here refers to the witnesses to the truth and remember that there have always been people who witness to the truth meaning those who testify to Allah's oneness and the truthfulness of His messengers. Think about no Herlihy Sena. Were there people who were Ushahidi at that time, yes, there were a few but there were those people who believed in new holy Sinha, meaning they believed that no holy sinner was true, what he was saying was true. And what was he saying that God is one,

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right? So they bore witness to the fact that Allah is one and that the messengers of Allah are true. That knew how they said I was a messenger of Allah. Right? After New Hardy Sinha, every messenger every prophet that came, there were people who believed in that Prophet, right. Even though there were few, for some prophets, there were many, many followers and for others that were very few followers, but the followers of the prophets they are basically a Shia headin, okay. So, right now, presently, who are the Shahidi, the OMA of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because they bear witness, right? They declare the shahada very witness that there is no God worthy of worship but

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Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is the messenger of Allah. So they say fucked up nama Ushahidi, meaning the Shah, he didn't before us and after us, and this is why some of us Iran said that the Shah had been is referring to the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But that is a limited interpretation shady, doesn't just refer to the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it includes the shading before as well. And he from the beginning of time, those who testify to Allah's oneness, and the truthfulness of His messengers, Suffolk Teubner Mara Shahidi. Now this is a beautiful way of calling upon Allah. Okay, well at first they say that, Oh

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Allah, we believe in you, and we have followed the messenger. Therefore, you write us along with those who bear witness in you count us among those who believe and this is a beautiful way of calling upon Allah. In fact, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to make a similar drop and this is the door off the hook in which he said along with a cut handle and the neuro similarity will waggle hand and the famous Marathi will will have her hand and throw bousema T will. And in some versions we have woman fee him and then he said until health you are the truth. Well why'd you call health and your promises Truth will go local health and Your Word is true. When

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you call Oka Huck and your meeting is true will Jana to Hacohen now to help us out or to help the Paradise is true the fire is true the hour is true meaning I believe in all of that alone. mulika a slum to all Allah I surrender to you will be cut I'm going to I believe in you. When I look at our culture, and I put my trust in you where Elijah and Oba to and I turn to you will be kaha some tools and I argue any with my opponents with your help. We're a Laker How come to and to you I bring my case for judgment fool fiddly muck a dumb to a hurt to wear a slur to Ireland to so forgive me whatever I have done and whatever I have delayed whatever I have concealed and whatever I have done

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openly. Unter Isla, he, you are Oh my god, La ilaha illa and there is no God worthy of worship but you know making dua talk to Allah. Don't just say Oh Allah, give me this. Oh Allah please give me this. Say, Oh Allah, I believe that you forgive sins, so forgive me. Oh Allah, I believe that you conceal sins, so conceal my sins today and can

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To my sins on the Day of Judgment, oh Allah I believe that you are a Jabbar you mend so mend my broken heart, man my broken messed up affairs, oh Allah I believe that you are a HELOC. You are the supreme creator. So grant me good health. Oh Allah I believe that you are a Shafi so give me healing that I desperately need. This is how we should call upon Allah by His names. This is how we should call upon Allah to say that oh Allah I believe I believe in you. I follow the messengers of Allah who are Leos the Hawaii Yun say that Robina Amma Nandi man's Delta, we believe in what you have sent down. We follow reciting his sunnah FAAC tube nama Ushahidi. So you write us along with those who

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bear witness. Now what happened? He started his salaam, he perceived he sensed that the Bani Israel were in clear opposition to him they were not believing and he called the Bani Israel that who is going to be my helpers. And a few people responded the Hawaii Yun. Now what happened? Allah subhanaw taala says well, McHale rule Womack that Allah will low high and we make it in warmer Kuru and they plotted one marker Allah and Allah also plotted in return will Allahu Hiral mascarene and Allah is the Best of those who plot. Now the word macaque is from the root letters, meme, Kavre and mucker is to make a secret plot, okay to devise a secret plot in order to harm someone or in order to divert

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them from their goal. And in order to cause them failure basically, okay, to not let them succeed in their plan. And it is a secret plot, okay? Meaning you work it out in such a way that the other person does not even realize when they don't even realize this means that you will be able to succeed. Right? So this is mucker. Now, before we talk about this idea, a lot of people use this verse they say, and they plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of the planners. Okay? And yes, I mean, the translation is correct. Mockery is a kind of a plan. But mucker is a secret plot in order to cause harm to someone, or in order to inhibit them from achieving their goal. All right,

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and look at the context, this is being said regarding the enemies of reciting Salam. So, it is not correct to use this verse for saying that, you know, I plan to do something but it didn't work out and they plan and God plans and God is the best of planners. Yes, God's plan is the best. But here, this is mucker which is in order to harm someone in order to cause them failure. Okay, so Wilma Corolla Corolla. Now who plotted. This is the Bani Israel, those who disbelieved among them, they plotted against reciting his sunnah and Wanaka Allah, Allah plotted against them in return. Now this is the cover that a Saudi Salam felt from them. And when he saw the salam remember that when he

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pointed out their faults he exposed their hypocrisy is and the bunny is slightly will became very irritated by him they did not want him anymore. Remember that the bunny is right you wanted a savior they knew that a Savior was coming because your hairline his salon, was supposed to be Musa decon be Kalamata Minh, he was someone who was going to confirm the word coming from Allah meaning a sorry, his sunnah. So they were expecting a great prophet who would also be a savior, right? But they wanted this prophet to help them politically. And he sadly is Salam instead of helping them politically. He asked them to reform morally, and they did not like that. The Bani Israel did not

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want to reform themselves morally. They just wanted to regain political strength. And so restart his salon was not of any help to them. And so they wanted to get rid of him. So they plotted against reciting his sunnah. All right, even though he said his Salam came to them with clear signs, yet they plotted against him. Now what was their plot, the Bani Israel eel accused recited his Sadam of being a political agitator in order to have him killed. And for this, they basically solicited the help of the Romans, because how could they the money is sought to kill one of their own. They couldn't write this would be very, very wrong. How could they kill one of their own, especially

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someone who is supposed to be so righteous and someone who you know speaks so good, someone whose life has been miraculous from the very big

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anything, so they wouldn't come openly and kill at Sally's salon? How could they do that? So they had to get someone else involved so that someone else would be the bad guy. All right, and they could save their own face. So they didn't want to be of those who killed resolve a sinner. So what did they do? They solicited the help of the Romans, because remember, a company is slightly lived under Roman rule, essentially. Right? And the Romans were pagans at the time, and they accused resigning son of being a political agitator and a political agitator at the time would be killed. Right? And specifically, such people would be crucified. So the Romans are the ones who decided that

00:35:41 --> 00:36:27

reciting Saddam should be crucified. Alright. And these ignorant people, these Jehan they forgot that Allah subhanaw taala knew their plot very well. And he they were pretending on the outward that they were quiet that they weren't, you know, opposing a Saudi Salam, but they were hiding their COVID and secretly they were plotting to kill it recited Sinha, this is like someone hiring a hitman to kill someone. So they went and plotted with the you know amongst themselves and had the Romans go after a Saturday center and Allah subhanaw taala knew about their plot. Allah's parents already knew about their lives, their sin an alpha, right. So what happened? Wilma cut Allah, Allah, flooded in

00:36:27 --> 00:37:11

return. Allah subhanaw taala countered this plot and this word mucker when it's being used for Allah azza wa jal, you need this strength. Okay? Because mucker in and of itself is not evil. All right? If it is used in a good way, then it's not something evil. Like we learned about our little doula horn who that had one occasion he was, you know, facing an opponent in a battle. And as that man came forward in order to fight with our little Deal or No Deal Deal or no set, I did not come to fight two men, right? This is supposed to be a one on one. This is not supposed to be two against one. So his opponent turned around in order to see who had come behind him. And when he turned

00:37:11 --> 00:37:59

around, or you know, de la Mourinho struck him, okay. So this is a mocker and this was a good mucker Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala, plotted in return, and he basically turned their plot against them, them as in the Bani Israel, who disbelieved and resigned a Saddam who were hiding their disbelief, and he not openly showing their disbelief, but they solicited the help of the Romans in order to kill reciting his sunnah. So Makara Allah and this is similar to how Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah Allah who yes the hizzy it will be him, Allah marks at them. Or in Surah Nisa, wha hoo, ha dear, that he deceives them meaning the hypocrites. So what was the plot of Allah? There is

00:37:59 --> 00:38:45

different opinions about this. Okay. One opinion is that Sid, his son said to his disciples, that who will take my place in order to be my companion in Jannah, any who is going to go in my place, and suffer what the Romans want to inflict on me? And guess such a person will suffer in the world but in paradise, this person will be my companion. So one of the Hawaii Yun volunteered, he said, I will be. And so what happened is that that Hawaii now began to look like a starless and I'm almost praying with her that made that her Whitey, look like a Sardis Allah. So when the Romans came to arrest resiny Salam, they were apparently arresting a starless and um, but they weren't actually

00:38:45 --> 00:39:29

arresting him. Who were they arresting the disciple of reciting his sunnah. So they took him and they killed him thinking that they had killed reciting his sunnah. So this was the mecca of Allah that Romans took the disciple thinking that they were taking resources and I mean, they killed him thinking that they had killed reciting his sunnah and the Bani Israel were very happy that Oh, finally a Saudi Salim has been killed, whereas in fact, he had not been killed. So this was the mecca of Allah. Another interpretation is that one of the Roman guards actually, who came to arrest restart A salaam he began to look like recited meaning a loss primarily made his face look like that

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

up resigning center, or that one of the disciples who was not sincere, who was a traitor is that his name was Judas, he betrayed resign SLM and he's the one who basically, you know, got the guards to him. So he was made to look like a Saudi Salaam. And so he was arrested, and he was crucified. He was killed, and the people thought that they had killed or a scientist and and whereas in reality, they had killed the traitor Judas. Okay, so

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

They're plotted to kill these artists. And Allah subhanaw taala made the one who plotted against a Saudi Sudan look like he's only Sudan. So that man was killed. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Hiral mascarene Allah is the Best of those who plot meaning Allah's plot is the strongest, strongest and it is the most effective, it is the one that works. And so, these people failed miserably, because Allah subhanaw taala is plot cannot be escaped. And all those Panterra told us in Surah to Nyssa verse number 157 That warm up but the loo that they did not kill him were masala boo and they did not crucify him. Well, that can shouldn't be held at home, but should be held at home, it was made to

00:40:49 --> 00:41:32

appear to them, meaning it was made to appear to them that something like that had happened. So they thought that they had killed him and that they had crucified Him, whereas in reality, they had not killed him. They had killed someone else. But the situation appeared to them as if they had killed a Silas and as if they had crucified Him, whereas in reality they had not killed him or crucified him. Right when I put the logo on our Salah boo, well, I can should be hella home and what I can should be Hello home is also understood as but he was made to look, you know, like a sign in Sudan for them. Okay, and the ayah continues that we're in the medina tele fulfill official caminho that

00:41:32 --> 00:42:16

indeed those people who differ regarding him are surely in doubt about it. Man, I won't be human or Illman Illa tuber of one they have no knowledge about this meaning about the end of ESRD center except some assumption warm up at the loo Yeah, Tina, and therefore effect did not kill him. Or for certainty, they did not kill him. So what is certain is that they did not kill resign? He said um, they did not crucify him, something else happened. Now what exactly happened? They themselves don't know. And really, in Christianity, even there are so many different theories about the so called crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. There are so many different hypotheses. There is vision

00:42:16 --> 00:43:03

hypothesis, sworn hypothesis, substitution hypothesis, stolen body hypothesis, lost body hypothesis, any there's so many different hypotheses about what happened to rissani Hassan, because the Gospels vary in their accounts, right as to what happened. And the fact is that they don't know what happened. Exactly. Because think about it is Ali salaam only had 12 disciples, one of them betrayed, and if one of them volunteered, there were 10 Left, right, and those 10 Imagine if the Roman soldiers were coming to arrest to return to his center, where the father is off recited Sudan would go in, what were they supposed to do? Where would they be, they had to go and hide. They had to go

00:43:03 --> 00:43:44

and flee. Because if they stayed with him, they too would be killed. So the followers of the scientists and the true followers, they were not able to witness and narrate what happened to resign a sinner. And if they told people about what happened to Asante sana, then the people will turn against them. So first of all, they were not a witness to the actual events of what happened to these artists. And then secondly, even if they knew what happened to his artist, they were not in a position to tell people and the followers of these artists that were severely oppressed. So the Christians, they don't know what happened to resign a sinner and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us in

00:43:44 --> 00:44:09

the Quran, that WOMAC Cthulhu masala Boo is that Islam was not killed. It was someone else who was killed. And the Quran is very clear about this. So what exactly happened to restart a Salam? It is mentioned in the next idea that Allah subhanaw taala took resign his salaam away before the Bani Israel could harm him. And before taking the starless and I'm away Allah subhanaw taala informed him

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