Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 233A Translation Ya-Sin 33-47

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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tashmoo under Sunday Allah Allah Saleh al Karim a Mother Earth for Earth bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim for Bish lushly Saudi UAE Sidley, only wash dollar of data melissani of coho coli have been as

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lesson number 234 So that you are seen and number 33 to 47

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What are you done and assign LA home for them? I'll herbal the earth and Mater to the dead. As she I know her, we gave life to it. What a whole Arjuna and we brought out mean her from it have been grains, seeds, so men who suffer from it yet karoun They eat? What's your Allah and we made fee her in it. Jana 10 Gardens, men from the healing date bombs. What are an urban and grapes or grape vines? Well, if I jump in there, and we cause to gush forth, see her in it. Men from Allah or Yun the springs

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Lea Kulu so that they eat men from February he it's fruit it's produced.

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Warmer, and that which or warmer and not are Mila to it did it ad in their hands, a fella do the not the ash guru, they are grateful

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Subhana glorified, exalted, a lady is who halacha he created as word the pair's kala all of it Midmar from what to be to it grows above the Earth, women and from and foresee him themselves well Mima and from what lair not yard the moon they know

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what I don't and assign the home for them and Leila the night NASA who we will out men who from it and now however the day for either then instantly whom they moodily Moon once in darkness was Shamsul and the sun tragedy it runs it flows Lima stalker rain for a resting place for a fixed course

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Lucha for it

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there Lika that Dr. de rue decree al Aziz of the always Almighty Allah or the the always all knowing

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welcome era and the moon or domna we have determined for it Manaslu stages Hepta until either it returned girl or June

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like the Wizard date stock.

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I'll Kadeem the old law not a sham suit the sun, you humbly it is possible Lucha for it and that to the rica it overtakes al Kamara, the moon Wallah and Nora and Leila the night Serbia one that outstrips and the * the day what cologne and all fee in falak in an orbit yes balloon they float

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what a atone and assign the home for them and know that indeed we hamona we have carried the Yetta home their offspring Phil Falk in the chips and mushroom the one laden

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wahala cleaner and we created the home for them made from Miss Lee it's like ma what Yakubu they write they embark

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we're in and if Nisha we will know Rick home we drown them further than not sorry.

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Anyone who responds to cry

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sorry, anyone who responds to a cry

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or slit ease any crying

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law home for them

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wala and nor whom they Yun CARDONE they are rescued. They are saved

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in law except rush Merton a mercy Mina from us wama Darren and a benefit Isla del Chien in a time where either and when Taylor it was said LA home for them. It taco you all fear ma what Boehner is between AD calm your hands warmer and what call for calm is behind you. law law calm so that you all to her own. You all are showing mercy

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Former and not that de when it comes to them, men from if science or behave of their Illa except ganhou they were on her from it more of you lean one to turn away.

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What either and when feeler it was said Lahoma to them and physical you all spend me man from what? Rosa kakum He provided you all Allahu Allah. Allah He said Alladhina those who go for rue de disbelieved. Linda Medina for those who are new they believed shall not every move we feed man who low if the Usher He wills Allahu Allah uttama who he fed him in not unto you all Illa except fee in Berlin and error Mubin one clear

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what else Lagina I mean

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I mean

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to add him

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so that

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he got up on ha

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I mean who seems well I mean

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who me

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the moon was Shamu Teddy Mustafar.

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was easy learning one

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Lokhande lessions vallila

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to the Regal upon Allah Allah Lagos

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Anki us back home why Wi

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Fi at home feeling full mesh

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meetly Here

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we're in Russia.

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Sorry Paul.

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mean well, either a dealer or a homeowner owner at

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Hameln 180.

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mean to not be him or

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her more or the lien or either?

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Alto in

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