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Al-Maidah 27-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 33-a

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Then it was apparently it says intimate, indeed not but meaning the only jezza recommends the only recompense of who

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and levena you hurry buena la hora solo of those people who wage war against Allah and His Messenger

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The only punishment of those people who wage war against Allah and His messenger. What else do they do way Asana fill out the facade, and they strive upon the earth to cause corruption.

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What is their punishment?

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And you've gotta know that they should be killed. Oh, you sound noble, or that they should be crucified. Oh to Katara a D word of Judah woman harassing or that their hands and feet must be cut off from opposite sides of a uniform in and out, or that they should be exiled from the land. Why? Because Allah says that he could have his unit dounia that for them is discussed in this world. Welcome, Phil fltr 1111 for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.

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Over here we see that punishment for waging war against a lion is messenger.

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And creating facade on the earth is mentioned.

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And this punishment is also very severe, that either the person is killed or he's crucified, or his hands and feet are amputated or he's exiled from the earth.

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That is a punishment.

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Now, what is this crime?

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First of all, Allah says, you had Ebola you had Ebola is from hell. But how? What has helped me war, and how other you had evil is to wage war against someone.

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How literally means to be angry, to be furious, to snatch away somebody else's property,

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to commit injustice, outrage against someone.

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So basically, we see that how is the opposite of peace?

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It's the opposite of peace. What is how war in which people are unjust towards one another?

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They're furious with one another. They snatch away each other's rights.

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This is the literal meaning of the word. So those who wage war against Allah and His messenger.

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Now, is it ever possible to go to battle against Allah?

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to wage war against Allah? Can Allah be fought against? No, it's not possible. So what is meant by waging war against a line is messenger is, first of all, waging war against the friends of Allah, against the servants of Allah? For no reason, for no cause.

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There is a person who is innocent. He is living peacefully in his house, he hasn't harmed you at all whatsoever. And there is a person who is coming in waging war against him remember the meaning of

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taking the piece away?

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committing injustice against the other,

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snatching with their property.

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So you had Gunilla, what a solo? What does it mean, waging war against the servants of Allah for no just reason.

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harming the believers harming innocent people,

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harming innocent people, for no crime that they have committed, spreading insecurity, fear amongst people.

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Second, he said that you had even a load of sudo. What this means is

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that a person arrogantly defies and disobeys the commands of Allah,

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the commands and prohibitions that Allah and His Messenger have given,

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he turns hostile against them. So it is as though he is waging war against them.

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Because in war, what happens? propaganda reviling the other saying negative things about the other,

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opposing the other's interests. So this is what waging war, so waging war against a line the messenger means, first of all, waging war, against who, against the servants of Allah for no just cause.

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Secondly, waging war against Allah and His Messenger means defying and opposing the commands and prohibitions that Allah and His Messenger have given with arrogance that a person does

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Except instead he opposes.

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So those people who wage war against Allah and His Messenger was the owner of the facade.

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And they strive in the earth to create mischief. Yes, I was wondering, Fletcher senior is sorry. And Sarah used to move quickly,

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do strive to do something to endeavor to do something.

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So they're striving, they're moving very quickly. They're very active. Why in order to create facade in the air?

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Now, what does it mean by the CSR benefit of the facade?

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First of all, the Asana, it gives the meaning of quickly.

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Because it gives me an illusory setting is what to walk fast, to go fast, very quickly.

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And speedily. They spread quickly because of their influence and their power.

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Like, for example, they just throw one bomb.

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And as a result, who are they killing? One person? No. They're killing many people. They're injuring many people, and at the same time, they're causing loss to the property of people.

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So yes, I want to fill out the facade very quickly, within minutes, within seconds, within moments, they create facade on the earth.

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You understand? He is the owner, it gives a sense of very quickly.

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They're very speedy and doing it the activities that they do very quickly, the Create facade.

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And secondly, it also gives a sense of persistence. Because when a person is doing something quickly, what does it mean that he's doing a lot? Like, for example, it very quickly you clean the house? What does it mean?

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That you did many things in order to clean the house, you did a lot.

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So similarly, is the owner of the facade. First of all, it shows the speed and secondly, it shows the persistence, that persistently constantly one after the other, they create facade on the

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house. How because of their influence, because their power because of the actions that they do.

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And what does it mean by this facade thing of this facade fell out, as I mentioned to you earlier, it includes destroying the earth physically, and secondly, harming the people of the earth harming the island.

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So for instance, getting people this is what is our level of deficit?

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similarity, taking their wealth?

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This is what Yes, rnfl of the facade

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any question particular, the scholars have said that this actually refers to Qatar.

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Qatar is from God. And what does it mean,

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to cut

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and tell us way, back road.

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So basically, this is frightening, scaring posing a threat to those people who are traveling

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to travelers, wailing.

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This is highway robbery. This is what caught our 30th that a person frightens them, he scares them so much. He poses a threat to them, that they're so fearful when they're traveling.

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They're scared for their lives when they're traveling.

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So what does it include them.

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For example, if a person is driving in his hometown, and all of a sudden he enters into a street or entering into the driveway of his house, and there are people who come right behind him, and they pull them out of the car, and they're like, give us everything you have.

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And this has happened many times, many, many times, in certain countries is something so common, that people cannot even drive out of their homes with a sense of security.

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If they leave, they have to leave with a guard in the car who has a gun.

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Or there's a security people behind and in front. Why because it's so dangerous for people to go from even one street to the other Street, that people are so insecure. They're so frightened, they're so scared, that if we go somebody's going to come stop us take this jewelry away from me, take my money, take my wallet, take my car. This is what cutter 30 this is facade, Phil.

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Appropriate. This is in particular, where people are traveling, whether in their house or outside, and somebody is threatening the security of their lives of their property of their children. And because of that, either they lose their money or they lose their family members or they lose their own lives. Even. This is not just a threat that Oh, I'm scared. I'm going somebody might hurt me. No, this is something

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that if a person leaves, either his wealth will go, or his children will go or his life will go the same.

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So basically over here, yes owner will have the facade. What this is referring to is authoritarian, meaning posing a threat to travelers, threat to their lives, threat to their property threat to their security.

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So this is traveling travelers, blocking roads, spreading fear in the highways, scaring people hijacking planes, or throwing bombs, kidnapping, this is all included in this life. For example, the person is traveling, and he doesn't know why he's being stopped, why he's being caught?

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What crime did he commit, and he's being tasered. And then he's being taken to the jail. For instance, some people they come, they don't speak English, they don't speak the language of that country. And they don't know what's going on. And their editors are waiting outside, they have no idea and they're taken from the airport to jail. And then

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you know, people go through so much trouble, then there are many incidents that have happened in the past that you may have heard of, similarly, Robin,

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this is also including yours, rnfl, of the Poseidon, robbing a place,

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spreading insecurity amongst people destroying the peace in the society.

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So, yes, there are only a few of the facade that they strive to create facade on the earth.

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So such people,

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what's their punishment?

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What's the crime? First of all,

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the first crime is waging war against Allah and His messenger. What does that mean?

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waging war against the servants of Allah for no reason, people are living in peace, they haven't committed any crime, and they're being killed for a crime they haven't committed.

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And here's the owner of the facade very quickly, they're spreading corruption, they're taking the piece of the earth away.

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How by destroying lands, by destroying buildings, by destroying the peace of the people, if people are traveling, creating so much difficulty for them, that they don't know if they'll be able to go home alive, or they will be able to reach home with their family and with their property.

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So such people who do this, their punishment is a new pattern

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that they should be killed,

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you got to do is from the federal staff diner. And this is not the word ducktail. Notice it's not from cotton, you know, we'll be there should be killed, but you do with the shutter on the tab, what does it show mubadala interfere in the action

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that they should be killed severely they should be killed immediately, no mercy should be shown to such people each and every single one of them should be punished each and every single one of them who participates in this activity of taking the piece of other people away spreading such fear and terror

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then these people they should be killed each and every single one of them

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oh who's on level or they should be crucified

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you saw numbers on the routers saw lamb bear and asleep is to their vehicle insane meaning to hang a person in the sense that for example on a cross or something like that, with their hands nailed why so that they die

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sometimes it is done so that a person dies while he's being crucified

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and other times it is done after killing the person that a person is killed and then he is crucified.

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So Oh your son level or that they should be crucified Oh to a de la jolla home infidel or their hands and feet should be cut from opposite sides

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to Katara is from Catherine Katara and what does that mean to cut something

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so their hands and feet should be cut from opposite sides. Why opposite sides? Why alternately? Like for example, right hand and left foot or left hand and right foot why opposite sides

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to keep their balance because if the hand and foot of the same side is cut, that may even lead to death and the person who cannot function anymore. So to Katara ID you will have gentlemen laughing

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and also to distinguish that there is a person who used to commit suicide in the earth because the punishment for theft is cutting off the hand but this is hand and foot to distinguish between the person who is punished for theft and a person who has committed suicide.

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If you see over here, the Oh that is mentioned.

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And you've got the new oh you fundable. Oh Takata ad

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Oh uniform minute up.

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This Oh

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What does it show?

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There are two opinions about this. First of all, it has been said that the O indicates a separate application of each case.

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So for instance, if a person is a highway robber,

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and there was a person who was traveling, and he pulled him out of his car, and he just killed him, and he runs away, so he only managed to kill the person.

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In that case, he will be killed,

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he will only be you know.

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And then if he kills the person, and he also steal his property, then in that case, the person will not just be killed, but he will be crucified as well. double punishment.

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And if a person only steals the property, but doesn't kill them, then in that case, the author ID will ultraluminous 11. So you understand this, oh, what does it indicate

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that depending on the case, one of these punishments will be applied, depending on what crime they have committed.

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And I'm going to say, crime of terrorism, but don't understand terrorism as how it is used today. Because this is what actually terrorism is what

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this is creating terror, that people cannot travel safely. People cannot live in their houses safely. They know that if they step out, something might happen, and they might be killed.

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something might happen if they don't have an alarm system in their house, somebody might just come in, kill everybody and take their wealth away. This is terrorism.

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So what's the punishment for that?

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Depending on the crime that they have committed, they will be given one of these punishments, others have said that all of this will be done,

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that they'll be killed, then there'll be crucified and their hands and feet will also be amputated.

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So, depending on the crime, the punishment will be given a uniform in a law or they should be exiled from the earth uniform from their infectious noon fair. Yeah.

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Which is to banish to exile to deport someone

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or they will be deported they'll be exiled from the land which land which Earth

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they should be sent to Mars

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uniformly out which land is this

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the land in which they are creating facade.

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So, they will be exiled.

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Some scholars have actually said that uniform Middle Earth What this means is that they are exiled from their hometown,

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from their hometown, where they did facade and they will go elsewhere. Others have said that they will not be allowed to live in any place.

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That each time this person he comes to a particular city to live there. He is rejected.

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He comes to a place and he says May I be allowed to live here. He is rejected. He's not given the visa. He's not given the residency

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and he's rejected he sent to me, he goes to another country he sent away he goes to another place he sent away

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until he dies like this.

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So basically, he is not allowed to live anywhere.

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He's not to be given residency anywhere.

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Obviously, this will be applied in a Muslim man. So ultimately where will a person go to live

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in anonymous and then right. So basically such a person will not be given any benefits, any benefits whatsoever. In a Muslim then

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thirdly, it is said that oh uniform in and out what this means is imprisonment.

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Because a person who is imprisoned It is as though he is exiled from the land because he doesn't have freedom. You cannot go around. He cannot see people he cannot meet people he cannot go wherever he wishes to know he's got off from that land. He is exiled from that line from that city because he is contained he is imprisoned in one place.

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So Oh uniform in a lot

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vaniqa that meaning this punishment that is mentioned over here. This is for them humiliation, physio and fidelia this is humiliation for them and this worldwide because they have spread terror because they have taken the piece away. They have opened the doors to facade in the earth.

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Well, I won't feel guilty or they have been earlier and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.