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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 20-21

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I was a bit lame in a ship I never GMC

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lesson number 70 sort of either will be in from a number 20

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what do you call a musala? Call me

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and mentioned, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when moosari salam said to his people, what is Carla? Meaning what God is calling and mentioned, when Pilar Musa Musa ceram said to his people who are his people, the Bani Israel?

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So he said to them, yeah, call me all my people. Was guru near Mata la herrlichen. Remember, recall the blessing of Allah upon you.

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Notice how he addresses them. Yeah, call me all my people with so much love. And they are over here. They have no doubt over here it shows the importance of what he is telling them.

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Because whenever someone commands someone, or someone tell somebody about something, and they call them with the with the health, no doubt, what does it show? The importance of what they're going to mention?

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Yeah, call me all my people, oh, Guru near mattala. Here are they equal? The word nirma is understood as blessing. However, it gives a sense of blessings as well. It gives a sense of his engines. So apparently, it seems to be singular. But it is actually many blessings as we will learn in the ayah that he is not reminding them of just one blessing of Allah upon them, but many, many blessings.

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So remember the blessings of Allah upon you. Now, what does it mean by remembering the blessings of Allah doesn't mean that a person should just think about them. He should just talk about them. What does he mean by

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that a person should express gratitude. When he's mentioning them, when he's talking about them, he should express gratitude. And when he remembers them in his heart, even he should have feelings of gratitude in his heart. And as a result, he should do such actions that are acceptable to a las panatela that he would be pleased with.

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So all Colonia amatola here are laico meaning, be grateful for the blessings of Allah upon you.

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Because of these blessings of Allah upon you do what you are required to do.

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One of the blessings in particular that he mentioned here is when Darla feeco when he made in you, meaning when Allah made among you, unlike other people, who did he sent among you, and the prophets,

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meaning many people, many individuals from the Bani Israel were made on via and the word MBA is a plural of nebby.

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And remember the difference between navy and also

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what's the difference?

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My soul is one who is given a new law, a new Sharia, and the Navy is someone who just re emphasizes the previous law.

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So when he sent amongst you, many prophets ambia notice floral has been used that not just one Nabhi but many MBA

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that you have the same sherea however, every now and then profits have been sent to you. Why to revive the law that you were given?

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So is john if he come on via when he made amongst you profits, unlike other people,

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and when are people when they have profits among them? What does that show religious supremacy, religious leadership?

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So when he made amongst you profits, what Jarl Kumu Lucan and he also made you kings. The word mu Luke is the plural of medic. And the word medic is used for a king or owner or someone of high status, someone who has authority over others, it's basically from the word min pedia and milkier means possession.

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So ematic is someone who owns something, someone who owns something, whether it is a land or a country meaning he has some position of authority over that land that people that nation.

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So we're Jelena como Lucan and he made you wahluke

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What does it mean by this doesn't mean that every single individual from the Bani Israel was a medic, he was a king.

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If that was the case, and it would be difficult. Just imagine one country one people and everybody's King, how difficult it would be to run the affairs of that place of that nation.

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What does it mean by this era como Luca? First of all, it means that jharna FICO that

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Just as john f MBs similarity jharna FICO moluccas it's implied it's understood by the context that he made amongst you, Kings as well.

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And we learned that the bunny is like you, they did not just enjoy religious supremacy but also worldly supremacy in the sense that they had a kingdom. They had a whole nation, and they had leadership, they had kings, like, for instance, so they man, or he said, I'm in the wilderness, and they were also kings. So, what Giada caloocan, meaning withdrawal of fecal maloca

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others have said that what it means by moluccas, not that every single person was a king. But what it means is that every single person enjoyed the benefits of a Malik enjoyed the benefits of Mr. Nicola King.

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You see a king, he has freedom. And he has wealth at his disposal. He has servants, he has a mansion, a house of his own. Similarly, every single Islamic elite, he had a house of his own family servants, he had freedom, and especially after being slaves, this was as though they had become kings now.

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Because as slaves, they had nothing. They had control over nothing, not even themselves. Now, once they were freed, it was as though they had become kings. Why? Because they were free. They could own they had the right of ownership. They had servants. They had houses, they had their own place. So what was this? That each and every single person enjoyed the benefits of being a medic.

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So a john aka Moroccan and he made you kings.

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And he gave you, man, that which Lemieux he did not give meaning Allah gave you or Bani Israel that which he did not give, do who hadn't to anyone mean and it mean from the people that the words, meaning he gave you that which was exclusive to you it was not given to anyone else.

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And what was it that was given only to Bani Israel and not anybody else.

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Like for example, manansala, they were given Manitoba. Similarly, the whole sea was parted for them, the whole sea was partially for them so that they could cross. Similarly, when they were in the desert, they had the home and the cloud shading, the hajer, from which the 12 Springs erupted. So all of this has won, blessings, favors that were given exclusively to the bunnies swimming.

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So we see over here, that musala Sam says, He gave you that which he did not give to anyone from the worlds meaning any other people from the worlds and especially mineralium universe to people of that time, people of that time in particular.

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So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we see that musala Salah, as a Marlin, as a teacher, as a prophet, as emotion, as a guide, as a leader of the bunny is for you, he is instilling positive thinking, in the Bundesliga.

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He is reminding them of the many blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon them, so that they have this sense of pride and not arrogance, but the fact that they have so much. And all of this is from a loss of friends either.

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So basically instills positive thinking in them. Because when people have this sense of you know, I don't have anything, then what happens, they become weak. And when they realize that they have so much, then they feel powerful. They feel they can do something.

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Like for example, if you know of a child who's not being able to do his work properly, what do you tell them? Oh, look, you did so well in your previous test, and hamdulillah your marks and you're doing your homework every day, your teachers are very happy with you. So this is a means of encouraging the student.

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He thinks positive. And he thinks that he can do what he's supposed to do.

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Whereas if he's just talking on his own that, Oh, I can't even do this. And I can't even do that. And I don't even have this. I don't even have that. Then what happens? this negativity does not let him move on.

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So Musan, Islam as a Muslim, what is he doing? He is making them think positive. Why? Because they're supposed to do something very important. In the following, as we will learn about something very difficult, that they're going to be commanded to do.

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So before being able to do that, you have to have the confidence. How will you have

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Confidence. When you think positive about yourself,

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when you think positive about what you have about the fact that Allah has always been on your side, how he has helped you. And if he has helped you in the past, he will help you in the future as well.

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Another lesson that we learned from this ayah is that a person who has been given blessings by our last panel Taya is obligated to obey the commands of Allah. Because why is he telling them that remember these blessings of Allah when Allah gave you such and such and such? Why is he mentioning that to make them realize that they have to do something.

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So when a person has been given some blessings by our last panel data, then he is obligated to show gratitude? And how will you show gratitude by doing that, which Allah subhanaw taala likes.

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Now, every single person has been given blessings. Every single person, nobody can say I don't have anything, every single person has something or the other. And therefore, it is a responsibility of every person to avail most.

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Because if he does not obey, then what is that in gratitude? That is in gratitude. If someone has done a sign up on you, and in return you disobey them, they don't even acknowledge the fact that they have given you something, this is occurring gratitude. So when Allah is giving you every single thing that you have, what is required from you, you do something that Allah likes. Old Caronia Matala here and Aiko, meaning be grateful.

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We also learned a very important lesson from this ayah that masala Sana, in his statement, the prophets are mentioned first. The prophets are mentioned first, that is Jara, the fecal ambia rajala como Luca,

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the prophet are mentioned first and then the kings are mentioned.

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What does this show to us?

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This indicates that the prophets their rank is higher than the rank of kings.

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And from this, we learn that the rank of a scholar, the rank or the position, that should be given to a scholar is definitely higher than that of an image, like a governor, a ruler. Yes, he does have a high rank, but whose rank is higher that off the morning, that off the scholar,

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which is why we see that the scholars of the past that people would go to them and they would listen to them, even if they're kings, even if their leaders said something that was contrary. Why, because the position of someone who is learning is more than someone who is in a position of authority.

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We also learn from this that the person who is free meaning who enjoys freedom,

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and his needs are met, meaning all of his needs are fulfilled. Then he is like a king.

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Because musala salam says wa Jalla como Lucan and he made you look meaning you are free. You were previously slaves, but now you enjoy freedom.

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Previously, you had no possession, and now you have possessions. What does that show?

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that a person who enjoys freedom, a person who has a right of ownership, it is as though he's a king.

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And there's a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when asked by Herman Kumar often fee just said he am in an fi sir be in the hoopoe to yummy. Forget a NEMA. He's at LaHood dunya. Be her they are feeding her. He among you who wakes up while healthy in his body. You wake up in the morning, and your body is fine. You're not suffering from a disease, you're not suffering from an ailment. You don't need someone to come and help you get out of bed, you are able to get out of bed yourself. This is what more often you just have the person is safe and sound and healthy in his body. He is safe in his family. He is safe in his family, meaning nobody's coming to kill him.

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Nobody's coming to harass him. He has a sense of security. He has a sense of freedom. And he has provision for that day. He has provision for that day is as if the world and all that was in it were collected for

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a person who wakes up in the morning in this state. It is as though the entire world and everything in the world has been collected for him. It is at his disposal. Meaning he is that rich. He is that rich. And we think if we don't have a few $1,000 in our bank, we're four we're below poverty line

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or we think that

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If we're suffering from a slight ailment, and we have everything, you know, we're the most distressed people of the world, no, who is like a king, the person who wakes up healthy, he is safe in his family. And he has food for the day. Notice it hasn't had food for the day. And most of us have food for months. You know, sometimes when you haven't done the grocery, and you're like, Oh my god, what do I cook? You open up your cupboards and you always find something or the answer which you can make a whole meal for the entire family. You go to your pantry, you open up your freezer, you can find so much food. And the Hadees mentions only what food for the day. And still we think

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that we are for still we think we cannot give sadaqa still we think that we have the right to not do something for the deen

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or we have the right to stay back. No. A person who has even this much It is as though he's a mechanic is as though he's a king.

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We all learn from this idea that the bunny is right you. They were the most honorable among the people of their time. The bunny is like you. They were the most honorable people of their time.

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As musallam said, that was a Malamute. there hadn't been in Ireland mean what the sexual that you're the most honorable people.

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And we also learn that a lot of hands on says what are the attain Ebony is law, LL kita, will help me when the Buddha was a phenomena for you back home on an island.

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And indeed, we gave the children of Israel, the Scripture and the understanding of the Scripture and its laws and the Prophet hood and provided them with good things and preferred them above the nations.

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And if you look at it, the running Israel, they were given so many blessings, so many miracles that even the Muslim woman was not given. Isn't it amazing. So really, they were special people, they had been chosen by a las panatela. And they weren't just chosen so that they would enjoy that high status. But because something was required of them, they were supposed to do something.

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We also learned from this I that it is an obligation upon each person to remember and realize the special needs of Allah upon him near mutton hasa because this is a special exclusive blessing of Allah on the money is right that he gave you what he didn't give to anyone else. And every person has been given something that has not been given to other people. Every person has been given some special quality, some special blessing, it could be a family, it could be a talent, it could be time, it could be a skill, it could be where a person lives, it could be the manner that he speaks or the manner that he interacts with people. Every person has been given some quality, some

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characteristic that is exclusive to him, that is exclusive to him.

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So it is an obligation upon every person to realize that blessing First of all, that what is it that Allah has given me? What is the special skill that Allah has given me and abundance, the person should not become proud, but what should he do? He should use that to do what to attain the pleasure of a loss penta. Manitoba whiner who civil asylum there are many civil, many, many civil. So find the skill that Allah has given you. and use that to gain the pleasure of a loss.

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And really thank Allah subhanaw taala for these exclusive and special favorites that he has bestowed upon you.

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Sometimes we just keep comparing ourselves with other people. We say Oh, she has that I don't have it. He has I don't have it. Don't compare yourself. Just look at yourself. And if you do have to compare yourself with someone, compare yourself with someone who is lesser than you.

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Because then you will realize that what you have is really special.

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And no human being has been created perfect.

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If you find someone who is perfect in almost every way, you will still find something that they lack. You will still find something that they like it's possible that someone is extremely beautiful, but they're just not happy.

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It's possible that a person is extremely happy. But they're not that good looking. It's possible that a person has a lot of skills, but they don't know how to manage their time. It's possible that a person was really well how to manage their time but they do know how to use their skills.

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Every person has been given some exclusive blessing. Focus on that. Don't focus on things that you don't have. And don't compare yourself with other people. Focus on what you have been given and use that to please our last presenter.

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Because certainly Allah has given you something that he hasn't given to other people. He has given it to you

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exclusively find out what it is and use it to please Allah because Allah didn't give it to you for no reason. He gave it to you for a special reason.

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Then Hassan said yeah call me oh my people. Oh the whole herbal mocha deserta

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enter the Holy Land, enter

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the land which is a look at this.

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What is the Holy Land? It is the beta mostess and its surrounding area. So basically, Bateson and present day Doosan present in Jerusalem.

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And basically it is the area of a sham, which includes Palestine and Jerusalem have been mapa de Busan said to them that enter the Holy Land. Enter this holy land and this only end allottee that which katham Allahu Allah, Allah has ordained for you cateva is under Petrus gaff that and what is keytab amin to write and Kava is understood in two ways. When it gives us a sense of ordaining something. First of all keytab that is fidelity. What does it mean by that? That when Allah has decreed something for someone, when Allah has decreed something for someone, like for example, everyone's risk, it's written. What do we mean it's written? That it's fixed, it has been decreed?

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Yes, it is written in the low humor folder as well. However, what that implies is that it is decreed to first of all kitakata D. And secondly keytab sialorrhea. What does it mean by that? The commands the laws that Allah soprano doctor has prescribed, he has made obligatory in the show you.

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Like for example, Allah says quotevalet como cm, what does it mean by that it has been made obligatory upon you.

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So unless he cut along with a comb, this keytab over here is kitara. For the year, that Allah has ordained this for you, he has written this in your decree, that this is your land, this is your land, this is your place, this is your home. So if Allah has decreed this for you, how can you stay outside, you have to go enter this land. This is your home. This is where you're meant to be. This is an end that Allah has written for you and Latika tala, hula calm. So enter this name.

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Others have said that what it means by Allah tala will come is that he has commanded you do enter it. So it gives a sense of whatever shirt Are you

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that American with a hoodie that Allah has commanded you that you must enter. It's a shutter a law, just as you've been commanded to pray, similarly, you've been commanded, you've been ordered that you must enter this city.

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Well, I thought that do and do not retreat, either at the Vatican upon your backs that do it from their own factories, or that that what does that mean? apostasy that a person was a Muslim, and then he turned back. So if the dad is to return to retreat, so let's have the doula at radical, don't turn away, don't retreat on your backs. Meaning, enter the city, and don't refuse to enter.

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And once you've gone forth to enter the city, then don't retreat. Don't come back out of the fear of the enemy. So Natasha do Allah at the Vatican. And this Allah has Qatar welcome. Allah has commanded you to enter the city. So don't refuse the command of Allah and go towards this massive

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photon quality we'll pass it in because then you will return as losers fell over here gives incentive, consequently, that if you don't obey this command of Allah, if you don't enter the city, then consequently what's going to happen. You are going to return you're going to end up as losers meaning you're going to become losers and dunia and FL

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Indonesia you will suffer loss because you're not in your home. And secondly, in the effort of how will you suffer loss because you're not obeying the command of Allah soprano.

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So we're hearing this I receive that massage Listen, I'm told the bunny is right that they must enter of the mocha and that they have no choice with regards to that that is their home and they must go there.

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We learned that Ibrahim our listener he was in an urban look at this and it's called an urban Nakata because it is the home It is the habitat of many prophets. Because aside from the real fetters of that see

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these national

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Behind the hem deca Wanaka de sola sonepat diesel truck this What does it mean literally to cleanse to purify

00:25:08--> 00:25:55

so much adesa is that which is pure that which has been cleansed. Why is it called mocha de? Because first of all, it is pure from Schick. It is cleaned from ship. It is cleaned from ship. And we see that, for instance, in Makkah after Ibrahim and Islam, yes, there was shipped. And after the prophets are about a certain game, that ship was abolished. And even in this holy land, there was no ship up until Christianity came about. But up until then, there was no ship. It was a place that is free from ship. And it's also called a desert because it is the habitat of prophets. Many prophets came there. Many prophets were born there, and many prophets died there, and they were buried over

00:25:55--> 00:26:01

there. This is why that land is called the sacred land, the Holy Land, the clean land.

00:26:02--> 00:26:30

So we see that Ibrahim Hassan, he was there initially. And then he went from there to where Makkah, where he built the cargo with his son is married and he left his son is married over there, where was his son his help in an urban McCarthyism 40 years after the construction of the Kaaba 40 years after the construction of the cover, because the first house to be built was which one and let it be Becca, meaning the house and

00:26:31--> 00:26:41

so 40 years after the construction of garba is how are you CNN, he made a Masjid in Jerusalem. He built a Masjid in Jerusalem, which is known as much.

00:26:43--> 00:26:58

And yaku Bredesen. He lived in that area, and he worshiped over there along with his family and along with the people who have bought it in the same land. But what happened very soon jacoba Sam and his children, where did they go? They migrated to Egypt.

00:27:00--> 00:27:19

So money is fine. They were in Egypt and they lived there for many years with on and back in Jerusalem. There were some people over there still because it was only the Bani Israel that came meaning it was only his family who migrated from Jerusalem to Egypt and the rest of the people they live there. The rest of the people they continue to live there.

00:27:20--> 00:27:40

Now in Egypt, what happened with the Bani Israel, they lived with a lot of honor. But when they left the teachings of the dean, their nation faced a whole lot of decline. And they were enslaved. And the Messiah s&m was sent to freedom from slavery. So most artists now be freed them. The bunny is filed. They left Egypt across the sea, and they entered the desert.

00:27:41--> 00:27:51

Now when they entered the desert, what were they supposed to do? cross the desert and enter Jerusalem, the Holy Land. But what happened?

00:27:53--> 00:28:03

Mossad s&m He told them over here, as we see in these ayah that he commanded them that let's go You have to enter the Holy Land. But we see that the bunny is trial they refused. They refused.

00:28:05--> 00:28:51

And while they were in the desert, they were shaded with the clouds and they were given munden. Salwa, they were commanded to enter the city, but they refused. And what happened then? They were do wander about in the desert for 40 years. Because they refused. And then a lot of deprive them of the blessing for 40 years. Until that entire generation it was wiped off musasa and passed away. And after him, his student you share a balloon. It is said that under his leadership, the Bani Israel, they entered the city. And when they did enter the city, how do they enter? How do they enter? They were commanded that enter so gentlemen, but they didn't say Hitler instead they said hinfo and

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instead of entering with humidity, they entered with a lot of Americans. So this is because we read some of the stories inside of the law. So this is the connection between all of these events.

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So in this I in particular, Masada Islam said to them that enter the holy day. What does this ayah show it was first of all, it shows us the virtue of this whole didn't have a lot of McCarthyism. And over here, it has been described as an oven mocha de intrabony Islam. Allah subhanaw taala says a lot about aachener hola who, that whose surrounding area we have bless it. So this land is a holy land and the Bani Israel the chosen people. This was their home originally. That is where they were when they migrated to Egypt. And when they were freed from Egypt, they were supposed to go back home.

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Secondly, we also learned from this is that this land, the Holy Land, Allah subhanaw taala ordained it for who he prescribed it for who whose right, was it? The money is for you. It was written for them and they were the most deserving

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Have this land and other people when when they were believers now Don't misunderstand this I am say that look Allah says Allah ticket of a long time so even today, they have the most right to it. No, this is not the case. They had the most right to it when they were believers when they were believers now that they're not believers they're not worthy of it no matter how much they say. It is not written for them anymore It was written for them it was decreed for them when they were believers but when they left belief, it is not their right anymore.

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Allah Subhana Allah says and so little MBI 105 while a katana feasible remember that victory an array? So here are the ideas slowly whom slowly hoon.

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And we have already written in the book, that after the previous mention that the land is inherited by who my righteous servants, the land is going to be inherited by whom my righteous servants who are right to servants, what's the first condition that they're supposed to be believers