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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 22-24

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Call the set, meaning the money is fine. The second was Alison yamasa amasa in fee her calm and Japan indeed in it, meaning in this album Contessa. There is a common Jabarin people who are very tyrannical people who are very powerful, very strong, and we have no strength to face them. They're very mighty, very strong people and we don't have the strength to face them.

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Notice the way they address Masada Samia Musa How did he address them? He called me. He said my people. He didn't say any is for you. What did he say? Yeah, call me and what do they say yeah Musa, not even Yasuda Allah. They don't use a lockout. They don't use a title nothing just his name.

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So yeah Moosa in common Japan, the word Japan is a Florida bell. And Tibet is under roof address gene that jab.

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Jab, literally means to force to compel someone to do something that somebody does not wish to do it but Java is that you force them, you enforce your will, and your way on them. You tell them to do what you want them to do, even if they don't want to do it. And you force them to do it the way you want to done even if they have a different way. This is what Java is to force someone to compel someone.

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It is also the job is to restore something to fix something.

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Which is why when the named about is used for a loss of penalty, what does it mean? Yes, it gives a sense of the competitive meaning man can resist him. But at the same time, it also gives a center restore meaning one who fixes things. So when you have a problem, when you feel yourself broken up, when you can't get your life together, then who do you need to call upon algebra, the one who fixes problems for you, the one who fixes things for you.

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Nothing Jabara Nadella is a data. So nothing Java is a palm tree. A dead tree that is very tall and strong, and also gives a lot of fruit also gives a lot of fruit. But the name jab It is also from the same root, who is Javid one who is strong, tall. He's forceful, he fixes things. And over here, omen. jeberti is understood as people who are very strong, very mighty, very doll, huge, have immense power. So they're huge in their bill. And they also have a lot of power, just like a knucklehead in Java. Just imagine a tall palm tree, it's tall, it's huge. And it's also very strong that it produces a lot of fruit.

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So what do they mean by this, that, in that city, there are common jhaveri, meaning there are people who are very strong, very tall, very huge. And they're also very powerful. And we don't have the strength to face them. It is at that this moment of betting refers to the amount of

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our medical and it is at that armonica, where those remaining of the people of

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those remaining of the people are, and they were very tall, they're very mighty. And they were also very strong, powerful. And is also said that they were very mighty in battle, very forceful in battle. So especially they had a lot of attacking power. So is that these people don't mean they're so strong, they're huge. We don't have the strength to face them at all. So they said, we're in there and indeed, we land the hula, we're never going to enter it. Meaning we're never going to enter the city. Notice land, not land but land never ever there's no way we're going to enter that city. Absolutely not.

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had that until Yeah, who do you mean? Have they come out of it? Once these people they leave? Then we'll go into the city.

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Then what's the challenge? What's the challenge? How to hold human hand they should go out themselves. And then we're going to enter the city

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for fo Dominica, then if they get go out of it for another hidden then indeed, we are going to enter then we have no problem entering the city, then we will willingly enter but what is this one of a Lost Planet on

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that you have to struggle yourself for what you want to attain? You see the Bani Israel because they had been given so many blessings, so many favorites, they kind of got you can say spoiled, that fit our own, and his people they were drowned. So they wanted the same thing over here as well that we don't have to do anything. We just sit here and these people they leave and we will enter the city. That's what we want. However, it's so novela that you have to do something like for example, the bunny is right they want to speak up from Egypt.

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brought out of Egypt. No, they had to leave secretly. They had to travel. They had to walk a long distance. They had to feel a lot of fear, threat from fear.

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And even in Egypt, they had to suffer a lot of difficulty because for their own, when we started, saddam said to him that Let my people go, what did he do? He increased in his tyranny against them. He was more oppressive. So the valley is right in order to get out of Egypt as well, they had to go through a lot. So now they were demanding that we're not going to do anything, these people should leave and then we're going to enter.

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We also seen this about the extreme cowardice of the Bani Israel, that they're so cowardly, that they don't even want to face these people. And the prophets are allowed his enemies sought refuge against what? against jubin against jubin as well as castle what is castle laziness and juveniles What a coward is that a person does not have any courage to face anything. Because you see over here, they're not even taking a step. They're not even taking the step. They're being told, enter, just enter and everything will be fine. But they don't even want to take that step. And what sir novela debacle is one that you take the first step, you try, and then Allah will make you

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Oliver Delaney, two men said fraudulent is a dual of Roger, not religion, psychology lanie. Two men said and these two men Allah says they were Amina leadin, and your halfmoon. They were from those people who feared do men who are these two men?

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These two men are obviously from the bunny is for you. There are believers.

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It is that that they were yuusha even knew and can you share a balloon and Kelly, Joshua and Caleb.

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And these two people, it is said that Mozart is around he had sent them to other Macaca to elk woods to find out and investigate about the America about the debate on the common job ready to find out about how they were what they were like, how we could find them. Basically what the state is of affairs so that we know as to what steps we should take.

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And it's also thought that these two were off the 12 nakaba, the 12 Nikita, that had been appointed by almost a panel data over the Benita slave.

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However, we see over here that their names have not been mentioned, they have not been described to me as to who exactly these two men were.

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So yes, when we look at other traditions, we do find out that it was these two people. However, if it was really necessary to mention these two people's names, and to mention who they were a loss of control would have mentioned a lot would have mentioned because every single thing that is important for us to know Allah has mentioned that in the Quran, you begun alone until the loo. So this is not really that important for us, which is why he hasn't mentioned it.

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So Colorado Bananaman alladhina Hakuna and these two men, Allah describes them as what's their characteristic and Medina Maha phone. They used to fear what did they fear? They feared only Allah Subhana time. And they feared that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us that we have to enter the city. So no matter what we have to do it, we don't have a choice. And this is the quality that every believer must develop in himself.

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That the fear of Allah is more than anyone else's fear. It's the fear of a loss of panels. Allah made them so courageous, that gave them so much courage that they wanted to obey the commands of Allah, even though it seemed to be very difficult.

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It is offset that Mina Medina Hakuna what it means is that they were of those people who actually feared the common jeopardy. Because imagine if you see these people, obviously you're going to have fear in your heart. Just imagine someone's huge giant, he's tall, very strong, and you're being told to fight them. And you've just come out of slavery. And you're being told to fight home and you're buried, obviously, you're going to have fear. So yes, they were of those people who fear the common jabeen. However, this fear did not prevent them from that which Allah had commanded them to do. Because fear is natural, isn't it? It's natural. However, it should not stop a person should not

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prevent the person from doing what he's supposed to do.

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So these two men, another characteristic Allah subhanaw taala mentions over here are these two men that Anam Allahu

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Allah has blessed them to. Allah had bestowed a huge favor upon these two. What was the

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nirma What was his blessing that Allah had bestowed upon them? The fear of Allah, the hug Allah, the guidance, the quality of piety, the quality of obedience. This is the huge blessing of Allah.

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And secondly, they said that a normal love on a human, that Allah had bestowed a huge favor upon them How? By saving them, by saving them. How were they saved? That everybody else they said, No, we're not entering. But these two people, Allah saved them from even seeing this negative statement.

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Allah save them from even saying this negative statement. Everybody else said, No, we're not going. But these two people Allah bless them, meaning of us save them from saying such a negative statement.

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So these two people, these two men, what did they say?

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Oh, the Hulu array him they said to the people that enter upon them? What does it mean by otaku? Are they human babba enter upon them from the gate, meaning just attack at once. Just go and enter the city without warning the people just otaku la himal Babbitt enter from the gate upon them, meaning don't tell them you're coming. Don't show them you're coming. Just go and enter the gate. That's it. And once you will enter the gate for either the hukou, once you enter the next level, then you will be victorious.

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And we see that the profits are about the same as well, at the conquest of Makkah. What did he do? Did he send a warning from before they were coming to attack, you know, he just went, he secretly prepared. And he went, and he entered Makkah, because of holy land, if the people of the city are warned from before that there is going to be a battle, then it could lead to a lot of bloodshed, a lot of bloodshed in the Holy Land.

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But when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he entered the city, the Michigan market, they didn't have time to prepare, they didn't have time to prepare, or to do anything to defend themselves. When the Muslims came, they just gave in, they just gave up. So seminary, they're telling them just enter the gate, without any warning without informing your enemy. Because if you enter otherwise, then you have to be prepared to fight them. And you don't have the strength to do that. And secondly, it's going to lead a lot of bloodshed and this is a holy land. We're not supposed to do that. So, although Noir, animal bad, which valve which gate, the gate of the city, for either the hot move in

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volleyball, and once you will enter the city, through the gate, then you will be victorious. How will you be victorious? That they will not fight against you. And even if they do resist a little bit, because you're so many and you're prepared from before you will be able to be victorious over them.

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We're an ally effetto of Kullu. And upon Allah, should all of you trust in continued Meaning, if you are believers.

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This ayah tells us about what real telecon is. What it means by

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using the Walker, it is set that includes four things.

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First of all, what is simple arithmetic out of

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true trust upon who upon Allah subhanaw taala? What does he mean by simple the argument? The person is truly honestly relying upon Allah in the sense that he's not doubtful. He's not doubtful. He knows that he's relying upon Allah and he's relying upon him. 100% he's trusting upon him 100% not that he's trusting upon his people upon his friends. And at the same time, he says, okay, fine, 20% interest upon Allah. No. 100% he's trusting Allah 100%.

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Secondly, he said that the vocal influence Marcio Khatibi, that a person holds on to him. A person relies upon him, and he holds on to him that if he wishes to gain strength, how does he gain strength?

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By for instance, making the right to a loss.

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So first of all, in your heart, you know that you're trusting only on him? Yes, you've done your work, but you know that you're trusting only on him 100%. Secondly, the strength that you need, how are you getting that by holding on to him by holding on to a loss of panel data by making the right to a loss of data, like for instance, at the Battle of the prophets or about Islam. He had done whatever he was supposed to do. But at the same time, he was relying upon a loss of 100% and the strength he was gaining from

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a loss of hands on as well.

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Thirdly, debacle includes personal one

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about, about almost,

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that threw out your task, whatever you're doing constantly, you're thinking positively about almost

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not even for a moment you think, what if Allah doesn't help me?

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What if this doesn't work out? Not even for a moment? Does a person have negative thoughts?

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And, yes, it's possible that what you're doing, you have this feeling that what if it doesn't work out, but you're not doubting that Allah will not help you. But you think that if, if I should suffer loss, then this is what Allah wants for me, and there is benefit in this. And if I do gain victory, then this is also on the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And fourthly, the local includes federal ASVAB. Meaning to adopt means to accomplish the task to adopt means in order to accomplish the task. What does that mean? That you do what you're supposed to do? You don't just sit there and think that everything's going to happen, I trust upon 100% and I'm praying to Allah and I'm holding on to him. And I'm very positive that Allah Subhana Allah will help me, but I'm not going to do anything. No, all four things are required. When all these four aspects are there, then this is called the law.

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So they say wire the life at our Caruso upon Allah, all of you should trust in continued meaning if you're truly believers, meaning if you're truly believers, then you must rely upon Allah spenta.

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What do we learn from this? I first of all, we see sometimes out of a huge group of people, a huge group of people. There are only one or two individuals who are their true believers. They're honest. They're you can say, not just greatness, but they have some sense. Rajan Rashid

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Rashid, like Luther Allison, is la some incorrigible Rashid, is there not even one person amongst you was rightly guided, who has some sense, who has some intellect.

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So sometimes you have a huge group of people. But there are only one or two people who are actually using their mind who are doing what they're supposed to with consciousness with consciousness because we see that the entire people were told, enter the city musasa encouraged them. He made them feel positive, but still they said no. And there were two men who understood, do men who are willing to do what they were supposed to do.

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We also learn from this ayah that of the great blessings of Allah soprano. Darla is the fear of Allah. Because Allah says, a normal, overly human, you have phone they have fear of Allah, and Allah has blessed them. So of the great blessings that a person could be given is the fear of a loss.

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that things are not just money, children property, but it is also to have the fear of a loss of parental authority because it's the fear of Allah, that motivates a person to do what he's supposed to and stay away from what he's not supposed to do.

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And how does a person develop the sphere, knowledge? Like Allah subhanaw taala says, and sort of fat that is number 28. In the miosha, luminary bed unit Roma, Indeed Allah, who hears him from his lives, it is His servants who are knowledgeable ones, is a knowledgeable servants, from Allah slaves, who actually fear Him. And we see that it is said that these two men who are they usually be known in Cali.

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So usually pannonian has also said that he was the one who had accompanied musasa and musallam went to meet father. So it was his knowledge, that develop that fear in him, that consciousness of Allah in him that ability to realize what he was supposed to do in a particular situation.

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We also learn from this I that though, is that a person does what he's supposed to do. He marches forward, he enters a city, and then Allah will make him victorious. You see over here, they're saying, Just enter the city through the gate.

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Once you enter, then don't worry, then you'll definitely be victorious. Because Allah has commanded you to enter. The Prophet told you musalla San Antonio, Oh, hello, enter. So you do what you're supposed to do and the rest Allah will help you. So just enter the city and then you will be victorious. So what is the work

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that you do what you're supposed to do? You play your part, and then from there, a loss of penalty will take you.

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We also learned from this idea that the people who are attacked in their homes they are

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defeated and humiliated because over here they're saying just enter the city, and then you will be victorious. So if people are attacked in their homes, then they will be defeated, which is why we see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what did he do at the Battle of weather and heard both times he went out. And at the Battle of Honda, they made sure that they had taken their precaution really well in order to secure themselves.

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We also learned from this idea that a person must adopt means in order to be successful, a person must adopt means in order to be successful. And adopting means is not going against the worker, because the profit sort of audited himself is RMA and folk. be greedy for that which benefits you. So if you know that something's going to benefit, you don't think that's going against the worker? No, it doesn't go against the worker. It doesn't contradict the worker.

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Color they said meaning the Bani Israel they said yamasa almost in lemna, the hula

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we are never ever going to enter the city. Previously, the site landed hula until they leave. Now they're saying Len meadow. Hola, Abaddon. What does that mean? Ever? when it's used with some negative word and it gives a meaning but never ever. So we're never ever going to enter the city, Madame Wolfie here as long as they remain in it. Then who is from the infectious dal well meme? And what does the word mean? to last to continue?

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So as long as the last meaning as long as they continue to be in the city, who does they refer to? There are Mallika who come and Jabari. So as long as they continue to be in the city, we're never going to enter. We're never going to enter. So, Allah subhanaw taala dealt with her own and his people, and we want him to deal with these people as well. We don't want to deal with it. Further. So you go. Meaning almost like you go until you were a Buddha and your Lord,

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you and your Lord meaning Allah, both of you, you go for kata, then you to fight, or the legendary fetters beaten and what does that mean? To fight? And party laughs It ends with an Elif What does it mean destiny a duel?

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that both of you fight you and your Lord, fight, fight to the common diberi in Buena Park, indeed, we are sitting right here. We're not moving from here. You go and fight and ask Allah to help you. And once you've become victorious, and these people have loved them, call us and we will come until then we're sitting right here.

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The word hamona. Her is Michelle curry. It gives a sense of here at this place. And hoonah indicates time. hoonah indicates time as well as place that is near.

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So have hoonah right here in this very place. We're sitting here, we're not going we're not moving. Clary Dune is a Florida card.

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So we see that the Bani Israel, there were so disobedient, that they didn't just refuse to obey the orders of their prophet. But they even asked him to go with his arm to fight the enemy. And they said we're not moving from here, you go and do the job.

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On the other hand, we saw in the same lesson about the one who pursues the pleasure of Manitoba with one

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that the one who pursues the pleasure of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala guides him yet even though

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Allah Subhana Allah guides and Allah shows him the way he teaches him as to what to do, and he gives him that elfia to do what he's supposed to do as well.

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But if a person's objective, something else, worldly fame, worthy comfort, just comfort of this dunya and his objective is not to earn the pleasure of Allah, then he develops jubin he develops cowardice in his heart, then he doesn't have the courage to face reality, he doesn't have the courage to do anything in order to be successful.

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And on the other hand, a person whose goal is the pleasure of Allah, then he becomes fearless. Then a loss of penalty gives him the nirma off what no fear of people and fear of Allah only, no fear of people and the fear of Allah only. So, we think that positive thinking is something very important. And do have your objective in mind in front of you is also very important to have your vision clear before you is very important, because otherwise the person will say no, I cannot do this, I cannot do this is not possible. Then if a person has this behavior of negativity that I cannot do this and this is too difficult then you

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will really not be able to do anything. Like, for example, if you get up some morning and you're supposed to do something like I can't do this, I can't do this, are you going to be able to do it, you can't do it. Even if the whole day you don't do anything else, you won't be able to do it. Why? Because of your negativity. And if you have this, you have your objective in front of you that I cannot go to sleep without doing something for a loss of penalty, then you will really not be able to sleep until you actually do something. And you will find out about what you can do, and you will get the opportunity to do that action as well. Whereas if a person is negative, I can't do this, I

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can't do this, then he will really not be able to do anything. So what is needed is positive thinking, and that we should be focused on our goals. We should have a clear vision that I want the pleasure of Allah.

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We see that at the Battle of weather as well. Those However, they were also very few in number. And the army that they were supposed to face was huge, very powerful, very well equipped, and does have on the other hand, they hardly had any weapon. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was speaking to the Sahaba any informing them of the seriousness of the situation and ask them for their advice. He asked him Okay, what would you say what should we do?

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And he was the first one who spoke up on that occasion and he assured the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the unreserved obedience to His command is that I'm going to be in matter what you think I'm here.

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I'm one of the learner also, he stood up, and he supported the views expressed by his noble friend aboubaker.

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And then we learned that, that even armor, he got up and he said, O Messenger of Allah, proceed, where a lot directs you. For we are with you. We are with you. And we will go with you. Wherever you tell us to

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we will not say as a Bani Israel said to Musa go You and your Lord and fight and we will stay here. Rather we will say go You and your Lord and fight and we will fight along with you. We will fight along with you.

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The bunny is right, what did they say? That is have Antara bukata in na hoona carried on they said, We will say you and your Lord you go fight meaning you go fight and you ask your Lord for help and we will stay here.

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And then he said, By Allah, if you were to take us Dubuc a limit, we will still fight resolutely with you against its defenders until you gained it.

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And we also turn the tide of Mr. oz. He stood up and he said it looks like you mean us because everybody was standing up and they were saying words of support the profits of others and have entirely been while he was from the answer.

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So he got up and he said O Messenger of Allah, by He who has sent you with the truth. If you seek to cross the sea and went in it, we will follow you and none among us will remain behind.

00:28:07--> 00:28:10

We would not hate for you to lead us to meet our enemy tomorrow.

00:28:11--> 00:28:36

We are patient and war, vicious and battle. May Allah allow you to witness from our efforts. What comfort your eyes. Look at the statement. May Allah allow you to witness from our efforts, what comfort your eyes, therefore, march forward with the blessing of Allah, we are with you. We are going to support you we're not going to abandon you.

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And the Bani Israel, what was their reaction? We're sitting right here, we're not moving. So this is a clear difference between a people who has faced decline and the people who has the strength of

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the Sahaba. What was it that they had Eman? And what was the problem with the bunny inside were suffering from decline?

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So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we see that about the ignorance or you can say the arrogance, the rudeness the crudeness of the Bani Israel.

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And this is reflected by the way that they address their Prophet

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and the kind of words that they say to him, that we're not going we're sitting you on your dog go fight. This is arrogance is crudeness extreme rudeness.

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We also learned over here about the great betrayal of the Bani Israel to their prophet. treachery that their Prophet, save them and they're saying you go and fight. We're not coming